Best Chair Covers

Nothing adds a touch of style to your rooms like elegant chair covers! Let’s find out together the top 5 best sellers of 2023, in our guide full of ideas and tips.

Chairs are certainly the most used piece of furniture in our homes. From studying to DIY, to moments of leisure in general, without obviously forgetting meals with our loved ones, we spend most of our time seated.

Precisely because they are so useful and functional, these objects fully deserve our care and attention. Since they are present in practically every room, even if in different patterns and shapes, they can really make a difference in the style of the environments in which we live. A chair alone is often worth the whole decor of an entire room and all the experts in the sector pay a lot of attention to this object.

Obviously, it is not always possible to change chairs every time you want to add or remove a touch of a certain style to your home, but there is a faster and cheaper change, and certainly less invasive, which will allow you to achieve the same. result.

In fact, it is enough to add a dresser to your chairs to immediately obtain a different environment and to personalize any room in your home. It is therefore no coincidence that there are so many different styles and colors on the market, just to match all the needs and looks of consumers and their homes. Not to mention the restaurants or places open to the general public, for which style is the very heart of the business.

But these covers are not only beautiful and trendy. In fact, they have a much more functional and often underestimated purpose. With a pillowcase, in fact, it will be much easier to safeguard the life of your chairs, thanks to this special cover designed just for them. Sometimes we don’t realize it, but also certain clothes, such as jeans, belts or metal buttons applied to clothes, can ruin our chairs every time we use them. This also happens simply due to rubbing and wear.

The criteria for choosing must therefore be the look, but also the resistance and sturdiness of the materials. Anyone who owns dogs or cats will know what we are talking about! There is no other solution so economical and aesthetically beautiful to cover or prevent scratches and bites caused in a moment of play by our four-legged friends.

We will analyze different selection criteria in our guide, also explaining the differences between the fabrics on the market. Cotton and linen, for example, will be more resistant and also suitable for outdoor environments; silk and satin are certainly more elegant, but also fragile and expensive. Even the choice of colors has its own importance, and can greatly influence the performance of the environment, transforming it completely!

Let’s go into this world of style and elegance together, and find out how to give a new and original look to our dear but often boring and banal chairs! You will soon become a true pillowcase expert and you will always know how to make all your chairs look great!

Advantages of a chair cover

Choosing chair covers means completely customizing certain environments, making them more akin to your style and taste. This also allows you to create a certain continuity between the different rooms of your home, adding the right details to match the rest of the furniture.

In the case of sparse environments, these furnishing accessories will add a touch of color and different motifs that will immediately illuminate the room, bringing joy or elegance according to your taste. Not to mention their ability to protect our favorite chairs from wear, scratches and stains!

In many environments, the right chair can make a real difference. In the case of particular furnishing themes, such as country, shabby-chic or other more modern ones, this accessory is seriously able to change the cards on the table.

Furthermore, should you feel like changing your home’s style, you won’t need to buy new furniture or completely repaint the walls! You will soon realize that it will be enough to change the dressing chair to immediately get a new atmosphere, and it will immediately be like being in a different room or house! Seeing is believing, all the best interior designers recommend just that!

How to choose the right chair covers for you

The most commonly sold are the universal chair covers. They are compatible with almost all types of chairs, and it will therefore be easy to adapt them to your needs. At the same time, however, not all these accessories are the same, and the choice depends a lot on your taste. But how to choose the best ones, which are really right for you? Let’s find out together in our guide!

The main criterion for your choice should obviously be to select only models in line with your style. With all the models on the market, it will be really difficult not to find something that makes you fall in love from the first moment and seems designed just for your chairs!

On the market, there is really everything: from elegant chair covers to the more frivolous ones with checkered or floral motifs. If your preference is for more elegant or essential models, surely you will find the right chair covers in plain fabric or raw cotton, perhaps in shades of beige or gray.

For outdoor environments, such as the veranda or terrace, we recommend fabric chair covers, perhaps they are weatherproof but still comfortable to enjoy a nice outdoor dinner with loved ones! The color obviously varies according to your taste, but for outdoor use, you can easily dare even with more lively and particular nuances, as well as with cheerful and whimsical patterns.

Speaking of materials, the myth that cheap chair covers cannot be of good quality must be dispelled. Obviously, there may be fabrics more easily subject to wear, but it depends on how much you will use these products and often also on the hardness of the clothes you will wear more frequently. Belts, buttons, and other metal inserts are sworn enemies of the fabric, which will contribute exponentially to normal wear and tear!

Of course, you don’t want to find yourself ironing chair covers all the time, so you might as well choose a good quality, durable double cotton or linen fabric. They can also be easily washed in the washing machine, without the risk of fraying or being damaged too much. The quality of the workmanship is therefore important and even exceeds the aesthetic factor. Don’t forget that many liners are heat sensitive, so ironing them, in general, may not be a good idea. Always consult the appropriate label to know how to best take care of your cover!

If you are aiming for a hand-sewn product, it is always better to rely on a professional, who is careful to avoid errors and exposed threads. A badly sewn seat cover, in addition to not being aesthetically pleasing, is easy to slip every time you sit down. For advice in this regard, it is always good to consult in advance the reviews of other users, which will testify to the quality of the chair covers you have taken into consideration.

If you are still looking to save money, you will surely be able to find offers to win very beautiful chair covers too. The important thing remains to aim for universal models, otherwise, there is a risk that they will not fit perfectly on your chair.

If, on the other hand, you have an eye for details, you could choose stretch chair covers, which will therefore adapt to any type of chair. The eventual presence of ribbons to tie, instead of the elastic, can certainly be more elegant, but it is not compatible with all chairs.

The sponge inside the cover is also very important, as it makes the seat more comfortable and certainly gives an added value to the cover you have chosen.

Recommendations for use

As we have already seen, a chair pillowcase is an ideal solution for several reasons, all equally valid and aimed at functionality and style. They give color and fantasy, immediately making each environment unique and varied, but without forgetting elegance and sobriety. At the same time, they also protect the seats from bumps, scratches even from pets and other damages, including stains.

For greater elegance or for more special occasions, experts recommend a lining in organic cotton fabric, perhaps in a soft and candid color. A linen model is also fine, which will add an even more dramatic effect! Stronger colors could make the rooms darker, but in large rooms, they immediately make it more alive.

Not surprisingly, the advantage of these products lies in being able to choose a look that is always new, easy, and quick to revolutionize.

Almost all the covers on the market are machine washable at 30 degrees, therefore with a program for delicate garments. Given the nature of their material, they dry easily without the use of a dryer, and some do not require an iron. Some models, on the contrary, could even be damaged by the strong heat!

If you are in doubt about how to clean your cover, you will find all the information on the inside tag. If it is still not clear to you, surely a laundry expert will be happy to advise and help you!


Scheffler represents all the German genius, at the service of furnishing accessories and household linen. Always present on the market and appreciated by thousands of consumers, its products never disappoint and always have an edge.

It is no coincidence that these Scheffler chair covers are now the queens in online sales in this sector, among the best-selling products of this year and beyond. Let’s find out more now, it could be the model for you!

They are definitely distinguished by their practicality of use, which makes them the best stretch chair covers on the market. They dress and undress any chair in the blink of an eye, easily and quickly. The measurements of these universal seat covers are between 35 cm and 48 cm, for a back height between 50 cm and 65 cm.

The price among other things is very competitive, especially if you think that it is two pieces. Obviously, different colors are available, all monochromatic, to ensure sobriety and elegance.

Also very important is the fact that they are machine washable even at 40 degrees. This is a big difference from other models, which often barely tolerate maximum temperatures of 30 degrees. With 40 degrees, however, you will be really sure to remove all traces of dirt. Obviously, the materials are totally non-toxic and hypoallergenic: they are 95% polyester and 5% elastane.

It is therefore a very modern model, but one that will also easily adapt to more classic styles. It will protect your kitchen or dining room furniture from scratches, bumps, damages, and stains of any kind at all times.

Given the sobriety of the fabric, you can also use them for weddings, events, parties, birthdays, banquets, restaurants, and hotels. In short, a 360-degree product, which will always be able to give its best!


  • Available in diverse colors
  • elegant design
  • Machine washable


  • The fabric may be too thin
  • They do not fit much on chairs that are too small

Ballad Chair Cover Review

Ballad is one of the best-known companies in the household linen sector. From the curtains to the sheets, without obviously forgetting the cover for the chairs, there is really nothing missing in the brand’s catalog! A company very focused on customer care even after purchase, which remains one of our favorites in this sector.

So if you are looking for a very elegant and refined fabric chair cover, this Ballad model will surely be right for you. The kit consists of two pieces, one for the backrest and one for the seat, divided in order to make it easier to dress the chair. The dimensions are 40cm – 50cm by 40cm – 50cm, by 40cm – 60cm height of the backrest.

The material is resistant not only to stains but also to dents and scratches. It is 95% microfiber with 5% spandex. It is machine washable at 40 degrees, so as to be able to eliminate all stains and sanitize the fabric. Among other things, it will absolutely not lose color during washing, and you can therefore add it to the washing machine together with other delicate items, thus saving time and money, but also less polluting.

Overall, his style is elegant and refined, truly timeless, thanks also to the monochromatic patterns. Various colors are available, adaptable to any environment, from the most classic to contemporary. For this reason, it is also possible to use it for ceremonies, but also to welcome your guests in your restaurant or club, and make them feel at home.

These are cheap chair covers but they do their job very well, without ever missing a beat. Definitely, to try, you will fall in love with it from the first use. They will surely find a place in any home, adding a touch of style and renovating any room. Run to try it!


  • Elegant and refined style
  • Easy to clean
  • Practice to place on the chair


  • Not suitable for low-backed chairs
  • Label not in Italian

Home Textile 4654 # 400001: 82 Revision

Casatessile is a European brand, belonging to the Webtex group. This company was initially born as a small family-run business, active in Italy but also in the rest of Europe since 1980, and today it has become one of the largest companies specialized in the production of domestic linen… chair covers included!

These pillowcases represent one of the prides of Made in Italy, bringing up the tricolor with pride and the high quality that has always described our products, in every sector. Let’s take a look at the characteristics of these products, among the best sellers of this brand’s catalog.

They consist of stain-resistant fabric. They are really easy to insert and remove from chairs, and they adapt perfectly to the main types of seating. The composition of the material is 95% polyester and 5% Elastomer. It is therefore completely machine washable at 30 degrees maximum and will dry in no time.

They have a sober, simple, and therefore elegant style, with a monochromatic velvet-like fabric. It is bi-elastic, so it will bind your chair and stay taut and firm. You will therefore not have any need to iron it.

It is a really comfortable but also complete product, thanks to the elastic band with which it is supplied, which faithfully follows the edge of the seat. There is a second band, which will block the pillowcase near the back, thus offering an extendable cover from 35 cm up to a maximum of 50 cm. A third tongue of fabric will then be folded between the seat and the back of your chair to make the result more uniform, and give a touch of elegance and style to any environment.

Trust in the made-in Italy quality and immediately take home these chair covers, with attention to every detail of style but also of functionality. A perfect choice for every environment and every situation, that all your guests will envy you!


  • Made in Italy quality
  • Stain-resistant fabric
  • Available in numerous colors


  • Not very resistant fabric

CARILLO 9605_1-218 Revision

If you are looking for a pillowcase that is not only beautiful, but that has style and character to sell, the best and most obvious solution can only be a Carillo product. In general, all the products in the range of this band deserve a lot, but one of the best sellers ever, especially this year, is this model.

The pattern, printed on a fabric present in many colors, recalls the hearts that have now become a trademark. There are so many colors available, even the most particular ones such as strawberry. It will therefore be impossible not to find anything that inspires you or that matches your decor!

However, this does not detract from the elegance of these pillowcases, which will perfectly cover any chair thanks also to their stretch fabric. It is made up of 97% polyester and 3% elastomer, so you can wash it in the washing machine. It will dry in a short time and does not require ironing. The fabric, as well as the entire lining, are entirely made in Italy, with non-toxic and hypoallergenic materials. They are therefore also perfect for chairs in a dining room, in the kitchen, but also in a room or in a reception room!

Thanks to their original style, they will adapt to any use and any environment with extreme simplicity. The only limit is your imagination … or the actual number of chairs you own at home or that you are willing to buy and cover with these pillowcases!

The kit, therefore, contains two pieces, very easy to dress on any seat. From the first moment, you cannot fail to notice the attention to every detail, which will make each pillowcase absolutely perfect. A style accessory, in short, absolutely indispensable, perfect for every home and for every detail lover … even the most demanding.

Try these pillowcases now, and your chairs will be reborn immediately. It will be a bit like suddenly moving house!


  • Available in anti flashy colors
  • Adaptable to any session
  • Easy to rewash


  • Not excellent quality fabric

CARILLO 9596_1-215 Revision

Established in 1972, the Carillo Linen company specializes in the production and sale of household linen. Its vast catalog includes various products, including curtains, carpets, and of course chair covers, all with more than competitive prices. An all-made in Italy pride, which every year conquers more and more consumers throughout Europe!

Surely this Carillo model represents one of the most convenient offers on the web, and obviously also the most popular with consumers. It is a set of two chair covers, which earns with flying colors the title of bestseller online in the category. The price is certainly its strong point, especially since it is two pieces.

The product comes in stretch cotton and is available in various colors. In any case, the denominator of each variant is the heart pattern, Carillo’s trademark. It is also a very strategic fantasy, as it disguises any stains well.
In any case, it is possible to wash the fabric in the washing machine at 30 degrees, without any risk of altering its color and quality.

The shape of the product is slightly shaped, so as to better adhere to any type of chair. Furthermore, in this way it is very easy to apply and remove, between one wash and another.

Definitely an excellent product, which represents all the attention to detail of Made in Italy. It is no coincidence that Italians are the true masters of fashion, even in the world of home accessories and linen! Each product is made with scrupulous care by Carillo experts, and the high quality of the selected raw materials is undeniable. It is in fact a 97% ottoman and 3% polyester fabric, which is therefore resistant but also elastic. Obviously, all the materials are absolutely hypoallergenic, and the fabric is non-iron, to be always practical in every situation.


  • Available in different colors and patterns
  • Other matching accessories are available
  • Machine washable


  • Not quite a universal shape