Best cross trainer of 2023

Cross trainers are among the most popular fitness equipment for the home. And that’s not for nothing, because with this handy device you train your entire body. Fitness, muscle building, weight loss, with the best cross trainers in this top 5 you will achieve your personal goals. The range of cross trainers is large and that is why we have made a varied selection for you in which you will find the best cross trainer that suits you as a user. Discover your favorite and finally read our handy buying guide with tips on what to look for when buying an elliptical cross-trainer.


Best Buy Crosstrainer: Focus Fitness Senator

As the best buy crosstrainer we choose the Focus Fitness Senator. This front driven model is perfect for building fitness, burning calories and training muscles. A multifunctional device with extra handles next to the display , so you can choose whether you move your hands or focus on leg training. It has 12 training programs and 32 training levels . The ergonomic design ensures that you are burdened as little as possible. It is powered by a V-belt, which ensures that this device is whisper-quiet . The dimensions are 149x42x88 cm . That is relatively small, so that it also fits in somewhat narrower spaces. The maximum loadable weight is 150 kilos . With this Focus Fitness Senator you choose an excellent price-quality ratio .

ConclusionThis Focus Fitness elliptical cross trainer is easy to operate. With great ease of use and many choices in terms of settings, you can adapt your training perfectly to your wishes and goals. You can also train on wattage, so you can also use it for rehabilitation. The cross trainer automatically sets the resistance for you, so that you never go over your limits.
  • 12 training programs + 32 training levels
  • Ergonomic design with extra handles
  • Whisper quiet
  • Training on wattage
  • The ideal value for money
  • Not collapsible

Best elliptical cross trainer for pros: Bowflex Max Trainer M8i

The best professional cross trainer in our opinion is the Bowflex Max Trainer M8i. A clear winner that offers everything you could wish for. It has a whopping 20 resistance levels . The maximum user weight is 136 kilos , the user length is 210 centimeters . It is equipped with a second pair of handles . It is a front-driven cross-trainer that is suitable for both standard cardio training and high intensity interval training. With this you burn calories extra quickly and give your condition a boost. Transport this 68 kg elliptical cross trainer via transport wheels . You can read the most important data on the display, as well as the heart rate and number of beats per minute. Optionally, you can use a Bowflex heart rate belt. And not only you, because no less than 4 people can connect to the Max Trainer app via Bluetooth. In short, a professional fitness equipment for the whole family, with a 3-year warranty ! If you want to know more about this cross-trainer.

ConclusionWith this Bowflex elliptical cross trainer you get the most out of your workouts. Train slowly or at high speed, the choice is yours. Based on previous results, you can set up your workouts perfectly. You can also train on heart rate zones to achieve specific goals. With the many options and resistance levels you can certainly move forward with this top model!
  • 20 resistance levels
  • Also for high intensity interval training
  • Training with heart rate belt
  • Connectable to training app for 4 people
  • 3-year warranty
  • Not collapsible
  • Pricey

Best Foldable Crosstrainer: VirtuFit iConsole FDR 2.1

Little space but still training with your own cross trainer? Then choose the VirtuFit iConsole FDR 2.1. This model is foldable ! In addition, it is easy to assemble, so you can quickly start your workouts. With this VirtuFit cross-trainer you get access to 12 pre-programmed programs, 4 user programs, 4 heart rate programs, wattage program, body fat program and a recovery test. So you can go ahead with that! In addition, you can also manually set it to as many as 32 resistance levels . As if all this wasn’t enough, you can also connect it to the free Kinomap app . This is an application that shows landscapes when you are busy. So you have the idea that you are in the mountains, or perhaps in a forest. At which virtual beautiful location do you conduct your training?

ConclusionWhat do you look for in an elliptical cross trainer? Foldable, many programs and a feeling where you are working out in a beautiful environment? Then this VirtuFit iConsole FDR 2.1 is the perfect model for you. Whether you want to burn fat, improve fitness or train for recovery, you can adjust your workouts completely to your liking. You can easily store it after use.
  • 32 resistance levels
  • Extremely many workout options
  • Connect to Kinomap for landscapes on display
  • Foldable model
  • 3 year warranty

Best home elliptical trainer: VirtuFit CTR 3.0i

If you are looking for a basic model cross trainer for home use, the VirtuFit CTR 3.0i is one of the best purchases. With a competitive purchase price for numerous functions, you can make your training sessions a great success. The maximum loadable weight is 150 kilos , the maximum user length is 205 cm . The stride length is 43.5 cm . It is equipped with non-slip pedals and adjustable footrests . This is how you set it up for you as a user. Do you want to move it? This is easily done via the transport wheels . You can also read all important information on the display. With 32 resistance levels, you can set it to your liking. In addition, it has 12 programs . Heart rate can be measured via hand sensors or via a chest strap. It is compatible with your smartphone via Bluetooth. This is how you connect a fitness app or the Kinomap app for beautiful landscapes on the display. You get a 3-year warranty on this VirtuFit.

ConclusionAfter buying an elliptical trainer, you may want to get started quickly. This VirtuFit CTR 3.0i is at your service. In about 45 minutes you have it ready to work-out! You stand firmly on this device and adjust it completely based on your body. Place your bottle in the bottle cage, connect Bluetooth and go home for the most effective training.
  • 32 resistance levels + 12 programs
  • Pairing with BlueTooth
  • Adjustable anti-slip pedals
  • Great ease of use, both in terms of installation and setup
  • 3-year warranty
  • Not foldable
  • No adjustable stride length

Best elliptical cross trainer for beginners: VirtuFit CTR 2.1

Are you looking for a user-friendly fitness device that allows you to train your entire body, without having to do all kinds of difficult settings ? Consider the VirtuFit CTR 2.1. After installation, press start, set the resistance and you can get started right away! Train hard or slow? You can do both. You have 32 levels and 24 programs at your disposal . Optionally, you can opt for a tailored fitness training or focus on calorie burning. You connect the Fit Hi Way app to keep track of your training data. The dimensions are 133x61x165 cm . The loadable weight is 150 kilos , the device itself weighs only 41 kilos . A nice side effect of this crosstrainer is the sleek design with bright yellow finishes. This way you immediately add some more color to your fitness room. You receive a 3-year warranty on this fine elliptical cross trainer. Do you want to know more about this cross trainer?

ConclusionThis elliptical cross trainer for beginners excels in ease of use. We recommend that you record all your data in the user program the first time you use it, such as weight and height. You save this information, so that you can immediately load your data the next time you start training. In this way, the crosstrainer automatically calculates how many calories you burn based on your body. By linking the training app you always have insight into your results. Will this be your new cross trainer?
  • 32 resistance levels, 24 programs
  • Capture user profile and load with 1 push of a button
  • Pair with Fit Hi Way app
  • Loadable weight up to 150 kilos
  • Great ease of use
  • Not foldable
  • No wattage training

Buying guide: Compare cross trainers

In our top 5 you discovered a varied range of cross trainers for different types of users. Would you like to know more about what to look out for when comparing elliptical cross trainers? We give you a number of valuable tips to help you make your choice.

Rear has driven of front-driven crosstrainer

One of the most important choices when choosing the best elliptical cross trainer for you is whether you choose a rear driven or front driven model.

Rear driven crosstrainer:

The flywheel is at the back. With this model you make more vertical movements, most similar to running or walking. This is the best choice for anyone who wants to train at a relaxed level or when you want to recover from an injury or have problems with your joints.

Front driven crosstrainer:

The flywheel is at the front. These models are often a bit heavier and the stride length is a bit longer, making the movement more vertical. This can best be compared to climbing stairs. Training with front driven cross trainers is therefore somewhat heavier and is the best choice for anyone who wants to burn as many calories as possible in the shortest possible time. In addition, there are more choices to make in terms of model. For example, if you choose an ergometer crosstrainer (usually rear-driven), you can set the wattage very accurately. This makes them perfect for rehabilitation, because you never go beyond your limits. The crosstrainer automatically adjusts the resistance to your results. An elliptical cross trainer has a second pair of handles next to the display, so you can focus more on training your legs alone.

Resistance Levels and Programs

Every crosstrainer is equipped with resistance levels, with which you adjust the intensity of your training. The higher the levels, the better you can adapt the training to your needs. Also, they usually have preset programs. This allows you to follow a specific workout. Handy, because then you no longer have to think about how you organize your training.

Crosstrainer display

Every crosstrainer is equipped with a display, some more luxurious than others. For example, one has a touchscreen while you operate the other with separate buttons. It just depends on what you prefer here. By default, you can read distance, speed, time and calories on the display, but you often also have an option for heart rate measurement. For this, the handles must be equipped with built-in heart rate monitors. We recommend this feature because it makes it easier to train on heart rate zones.

Smartphone compatibility

Nowadays you can connect most cross trainers with your smartphone. That way you can have results automatically tracked in a fitness app. With some luxury cross trainers you can even play movies and series on the display. This can be an advantage, especially if you use the crosstrainer a lot, but not everyone needs this of course.

Dimensions and capacity

On the one hand, it is important to pay attention to the maximum user height with regard to the dimensions. Most cross trainers are suitable for people up to 2 meters. Are you taller? Then make sure that the device is sufficient for you. This also applies to weight, with more than 100 kilos we advise you to pay attention to the maximum user weight. In addition, you naturally look at the overall dimensions. Does the crosstrainer fit where you want to put it? If you have limited space, we recommend that you take a look at the collapsible elliptical cross trainers. You can easily store this after use.

Buy the best elliptical cross trainer

When buying an elliptical cross trainer, you soon find out that the prices vary considerably. There are models from €300 to €800 on the market, but also professional models that go towards €2500. Ultimately, it is a matter of finding the best crosstrainer that meets your wishes, goals and level of use. Take another look through our top 5, with the best elliptical cross trainers you can be sure that you are opting for excellent quality. Are you considering choosing a different fitness device, or do you want to purchase several and install a complete cardio home gym? Be sure to read our articles about the best treadmill , best rowing machine , best spinning bikes and best exercise bike .