Best exercise bike of 2023

Do you want to be sporty at home? Then an exercise bike comes in handy. With this fitness bike, you train your condition and get in better shape. The great advantages of cycling on an exercise bike: never suffer from bad weather conditions and get on and off whenever you want!

So, do you like such a device, and are you looking for the best fitness bike at the moment? Then you are in the right place in this article. We present you with the 5 best exercise bikes. A varied offer for every type of user.

Read the advantages and disadvantages of the different exercise bikes and find out which one suits you best. We conclude with a number of useful tips about what to look for when buying an exercise bike.

Buy Exercise Bike: Fitbike Ride 5

If you are looking for an exercise bike at the best price-quality ratio, this Fitbike Ride 5 is an absolute contender. A solid device at an attractive price. A good entry-level model for anyone who wants to work actively at home.

He has 18 programs and 16 training levels. The maximum loadable weight is 150 kilos, and the device itself weighs 38 kilos. The dimensions are 112x56x140 centimeters. It is suitable for users with a maximum height of 1.95 meters.
You can read all the important results on this exercise bike with a screen. Optionally, you can place a tablet in the holder. The gel saddle provides high seating comfort. It can also be adjusted both vertically and horizontally. Train where you want without anyone being bothered, because it is whisper quiet. Do you want to know more about this device? Check out our extensiveFitbike Ride 5 review.


ConclusionStable, durable and comfortable, that’s how we can briefly describe the Fitbike Ride 5. It offers many possibilities to achieve your personal training goals. It is not for nothing that this exercise bike has already won the ‘Best Reviewed’ award from five times. The fine design in combination with many functions for an interesting purchase price makes this the best buy exercise bike!

  • 18 programs, 16 training levels
  • Comfortable gel saddle
  • Bright LCD color screen
  • Whisper quiet during use
  • Excellent value for money
  • No bottle cage
  • No BlueTooth pairing

Best Exercise Bike for Elderly: VirtuFit Low Entry 1.2i Exercise Bike

Elderly people will certainly be happy with the VirtuFit Low Entry 1.2i exercise bike. As the name implies, this exercise bike has a low entry , making it easy to get on and off. In addition, it can be set to no less than 16 resistance levels and 21 programs.

Both the height of the saddle and the handlebars are easily adjustable. The display is also easy to operate. All in all an exercise bike without too many bells and whistles, but one with easy settings. This makes it very accessible. Optionally, you can connect it via Bluetooth with the FitShow app to keep track of your training results.

The weight is 22.6 kilos. The dimensions are 99x63x133 centimeters. The maximum loadable weight is 140 kilos, the maximum length of users is 2 meters. It works on mains power. You get a 3-year warranty on this best exercise bike for the elderly. Would you like to know more about this exercise bike? Then read our extensive VirtuFit Low Entry 1.2i review.


ConclusionThis VirtuFit exercise bike is a great choice for anyone looking for an easy-to-setup device. No complicated technical settings, but an exercise bike that does what it has to do. Optionally, you can connect it with BlueTooth, for example, where you place your tablet in the tablet holder. This way you keep track of results and you can, for example, watch a series in the meantime.

  • Location instep, ergonomic design
  • 16 resistance levels and 21 programs
  • Easy adjustment of handlebar and seat height
  • Option to connect via Bluetooth
  • 3-year warranty
  • No ergometer

Best Exercise Bike for Home: VirtuFit HTR 2.1 Exercise Bike

Are you looking for a premium exercise bike for home use? One that’s as professional as it is in the gym? With this VirtuFit HTR 2.1 you like to get started at home. It has no less than 32 resistance levels and 24 programs. The ideal purchase for the serious home athlete.

It is easily adjustable to the desired height. You can also move the saddle so that you choose a nice position for your back (angle). You can connect it with Bluetooth and place your tablet in the holder to watch a series, for example. Prefer sports in front of the TV? Then you can easily and quickly move this 31-kilo VirtuFit. It is equipped with transport wheels.
With the built-in ergometer, you train based on heart rate, so that you reach your goals more easily. Heart rate measurement is possible via the handles, but you can also optionally connect a heart rate belt. The loadable weight is 150 kilos. The measurements are80x52x146 centimeters. Will this be your new home trainer for home use? If you want to know more about this exercise bike, read our VirtuFit HTR 2.1 Review.


the conclusion actually has nothing to say about the VirtuFit HTR 2.1 exercise bike. It is a nice bike that is comparable to a professional fitness device but for home use. You have many setting options and tailor your training exactly to your wishes. Pair it with the Kinomap app to take virtual routes with the best views, or use the included fitness DVD for spinning training. All in all a top device that is sturdy and that you can use for a long time. You get a 3-year warranty!

  • 32 resistance levels, 24 programs
  • Ergometer, training on heart rate
  • Pairing with Bluetooth
  • Mobile, equipped with transport wheels
  • 3-year warranty
  • None, but there are cheaper alternatives

Best Exercise Bike for Weight Loss: Exercise Bike and Mini-Bike in One Gymstick

This Gymstick Exercise Bike and Mini-Bike in One from Gymstick deserve extra attention when it comes to the best exercise bike for weight loss. In addition to a bicycle function, it also has hand pedals. This means that you can also move your arms while cycling. And more exercise means burning more calories!

This multifunctional exercise bike is suitable for people with a height of up to 1.90 meters. In addition, it is a light device of 27.7 kilos. It can be loaded up to 125 kilos. The Finnish Gymstick brand is known for quality, ease of use, and effectiveness, and that is certainly what you can expect from this device.
It has two separate displays, one with the results of the cycling and one with the results of the arm area. This way you can see how many kcal you burn per part. This device also works on batteries, so you don’t necessarily have to place the exercise bike near a socket.


ConclusionThe Gymstick Exercise Bike and Mini-Bike in One is the ideal choice for anyone who wants to quickly build up fitness and exercise a lot. Move your arms and legs, because losing weight with this exercise bike is a piece of cake! It is a relatively small device measuring 90x53x148 centimeters. This ensures that it does not take up much space, but that it is also less suitable for tall people. Are you under 1.90 and do you want to lose your kilos quickly? Then choose this multifunctional exercise bike!

  • Foot and hand pedals on one device
  • Separate displays for separate results
  • Works on battery (no cord burden)
  • Anti-slip handles on hand pedal
  • Burn a lot of calories relatively quickly
  • Suitable up to max. 1.90 m and 125 kilo
  • Heart rate sensor only works when you hold the handlebars (so not when using a hand pedal)

Best Exercise Bike for Rehabilitation: FitBike Senator iPlus – Ergometer

If you are looking for the best exercise bike for rehabilitation, this Fitbit Senator iPlus is one of the favorites. That starts with comfort when you get in the car. It has a low entry, which makes it easier to get on and off. Ideal if you have some difficulty walking.

Another big advantage is that it is equipped with an ergometer. This adjusts the resistance to your personal use so that you are less likely to overload yourself. Anyone with a weight of up to 180 kilograms and a height of up to 2 meters can use this FitBike Senator iPlus. The dimensions are 96x56x143 centimeters.
Last but not least, this rehabilitation exercise bike is equipped with Bluetooth. You connect your smartphone or tablet to your fitness device via the iPlus module. This way you have a personal training application with numerous tuned programs. In addition, your results are automatically saved. If you want to know more about this device, you can also read our extensive Fitbike Senator iPlus Ergometer review.


ConclusionThe ergonomic design and the EMS resistance system (ergometer) make this exercise bike the best for rehabilitation. Use the 16 pre-programmed programs for (heart rate) training. Or get started with the wattage program. This is freely adjustable from 5 to 700 watts. Based on your settings, you cycle with the perfect resistance based on your personal results, so that you train effectively without overloading yourself.

  • Location install, ergonomic design
  • Can be loaded extra heavy
  • Bluetooth connection for pairing iPlus module
  • Ergometer: train based on automatic resistance
  • Anti-overload, so perfect for rehabilitation
  • Heavy device (47 kilos), difficult to move
  • Smart device pairing is necessary for optimal use

Buying guide: comparing exercise bike tips

In our top 5, you discovered different types of exercise bikes. From best buy to specific recommendations for weight loss and rehabilitation. Would you like to take a closer look at the huge offer? In this buying guide, we give you a number of useful tips about what to look for when comparing exercise bikes.

Why an exercise bike?

There is various fitness equipment for home use on the market, including an exercise bike, treadmill, cross trainer, spinning bikes, and rowing machine. An exercise bike is a smart choice for anyone who wants to train the legs without putting an extreme strain on them. The sitting position makes it a great device for anyone with weaker weights.

You can set this device as heavy as you want, making it a solution for beginners as well as avid athletes. The exercise bike is ideal for training fitness and improving general physical condition.

Note the design

When buying an exercise bike, it is first important to pay attention to the design. Can you adjust the device based on your height? Is the carrying capacity sufficient? Most exercise bikes are suitable for an average physique, but there are also models that can handle the extra weight (more than 150 kilos).

You also look at the pedals and sitting position. With an exercise bike, you generally sit upright and slide your feet into the straps of the pedals. However, there are also specific fitness bikes where you sit more forward (cycling position). Here you click special running shoes on the pedals, making it easier to train at high speed.

You also have the exercise bike recumbent bike, where your legs make a more vertical line. Some find this very comfortable, but relatively speaking you burn fewer calories with this.

Exercise bikes for the elderly are characterized by a lower entry position. They have an ergonomic design with a focus on comfort. These devices are perfect for anyone who wants to train at a lower level.

Do you have little space for an exercise bike? Then consider a collapsible exercise bike. Foldable after every use! This way you can easily store it and save a lot of space.

Ergometer on an exercise bike

Some exercise bikes are equipped with an ergometer function. You train based on the power you deliver at that moment. The exercise bike automatically adjusts the resistance. The big advantage is that you train perfectly according to your personal needs. This prevents overload. An exercise bike with an ergometer is therefore recommended for rehabilitation.

If an exercise bike does not contain an ergometer, it is still an excellent device. Here you set the resistance manually. This is perfect for anyone who wants to improve their condition and who wants to push themselves to the limit. Exercise bikes without an ergometer are often cheaper.

The functions of the display

Every exercise bike contains a display on which information can be read. Basically, these are time, distance, speed, beats per minute (RPM), and calorie consumption. In addition, most devices are equipped with a heart rate monitor. By gripping the handles on the sensors, the heart rate is automatically measured.

With modern exercise bikes, you can even connect the device to your smartphone or tablet. This allows you to automatically sync the results with your favorite fitness app.

You can also activate a preset program via the display. You can think of virtually climbing and descending mountains or cycling a certain distance with increasing difficulty. One exercise bike obviously has more pre-programmed options, so if this is a plus for you, then this is definitely something to look out for when purchasing.

Do you like multitasking? Then choose an exercise bike that gives you the option of linking movies, series, and music to the display. An exercise bike with a tablet holder also offers a solution. This way you can enjoy your favorite TV program while you are working out, ideal!

What does an exercise bike cost?

In your search for the best exercise bike, you soon find out that the prices vary widely. For example, you already have a nice device for a few hundred euros, but you can also pay a thousand euros for a premium exercise bike.

It just depends on what your wishes are and how fanatically you use it. We would therefore always recommend that you make your choice based on the purpose of use and the design. After all, it is a shame to pay for functions that you do not use (think of compatibility with a smartphone or an ergometer, for example).

Buy the best exercise bike

You now know more about what to look for when finding the best exercise bike. Browse through our top 5 to find the best exercise bike deals of the moment. You are in the right place with brands such as VirtuFit, Fitbike, Gymstick, and Tunturi. We wish you a lot of cycling fun!