Best rowing machine of 2023

Do you want to buy a rowing machine and are you curious about the best rowing machine that suits your sports style? Then you are in the right place in this article. Discover the top 5 best rowing machines and finally read our buying guide. Here we give you a number of tips about what you should pay attention to when choosing your new fitness equipment.

Best buy rowing trainer: Senz Sports R5000

We name the Senz Sports R5000 as the best buy rowing machine. It works on the basis of air resistance. By means of a special technique, you experience an optimal rowing experience in which the resistance builds as you put more force. You can also adjust the resistance yourself in 10 positions by means of a lever with which you increase or decrease the windcatchers.

It can be loaded up to 150 kilos. It does not have double rails, but the single rail is thick and sturdy so that users can move comfortably and stably on it. In addition, the handle is ergonomic and coated, which ensures a good grip. The dimensions are 244x77x103 cm. It is, therefore, suitable for persons up to 2 meters.

Move it easily via the transport wheels. It is not necessary to place it close to a socket, because it does not have to be connected to the mains. You can read training time, strokes, calories, and distance on the display. You can also connect a chest strap that connects to the display. This Senz Sports R5000 is a good choice with excellent value for money.


ConclusionThe Senz Sports R5000 is a good choice for both novice and advanced rowers. You can adjust it to your liking and it is very comfortable to use. The handles are comfortable to hold. You can read the most important data on the display. An additional advantage is that you can connect a chest strap so that you can also train on heart rate zones. Will this be your new rowing machine?

  • Set to 10 resistors
  • Ergonomic handles
  • For persons up to 150 kilos & 2 meters
  • Optionally connect with chest strap
  • Excellent value for money
  • Single rails (a very sturdy one)
  • Not linkable with the app

Best Rowing Machine for Home: VirtuFit Row 450

Are you looking for a nice rowing machine for your home that has excellent quality, but also a competitive price? Then consider the VirtuFit Row 450. With this, you can quickly build up your fitness and burn calories. With 10 resistance levels, you can set it to your liking. The loadable weight is 130 kilos, the dimensions are 175×51.5×50 cm.

An additional advantage is that you can fold up the rails and the seat after use to free up more space. You can possibly move it via the transport wheels. Continue with training? Fold it out and start your workout. You will find all relevant training information on the display.

This VirtuFit Row 450 is equipped with ‘silent magnetic’ technology. That means it hardly makes any noise. How about a workout in front of the TV? You don’t have to worry about not being able to hear the sound. Slide your feet into the anti-slip pedals and you’re good to go!


ConclusionThis VirtuFit Row 450 is the ideal purchase for anyone who wants to get started with training the whole body. No complicated settings or extra training programs and app connection, just go up and down. You can, however, adjust the resistance. Handy to put it a bit heavier as your training skills progress. The attractive price makes this an interesting purchase for occasional athletes.

  • 10 resistance levels
  • Collapsible + transport wheels
  • Super quiet in use
  • Attractive price
  • 3-year warranty
  • No training programs
  • No connection with the app
  • Single rail (maybe less comfortable for wide people)

Best Air Resistance Rowing Machine: VirtuFit Ultimate Pro 2

This premium VirtuFit Ultimate Pro 2 has everything you can expect from a high-quality rowing machine. Ergonomic, strong, and collapsible, with of course a lot of freedom in setting this cardio machine. It has 10 different training programs and resistance levels. The total dimensions are 254x53x115 cm.

The ergometer is an absolute advantage because it allows you to train on wattage. That makes this VirtuFit Ultimate Pro 2 also very suitable for people who quickly suffer from joints and injuries. Because of the air resistance, you have the idea that you are really sailing over the waves, without exceeding your own limits and strength.
It is made of heavy materials so that it will wear out less quickly. Also, a very good choice if you are a bit bigger and/or heavier. The loadable weight is 230 kilos, the maximum usable length is 2.20 meters. In addition, you receive a 3-year warranty on this top device. Do you add these to your home gym?


ConclusionThis Ultimate Pro 2 is also seen as the most qualitative rowing machine model of the VirtuFit brand. That’s because it has many training options and is great to use for almost any physique. The screen is tiltable, which is very handy to always be able to read the desired results. Optionally, you can connect a heart rate monitor.

  • 10 resistance levels and training programs
  • High-quality, sturdy design that is collapsible
  • With ergometer: also suitable for recovery injuries
  • For everybody: up to 230 kilos and 2.20 meters
  • 3-year warranty
  • Due to its sturdiness, it is a bit heavier to move (50 kilos)
  • Not linkable with the app
  • Premium investment

Best Folding Rowing Machine: Sole Fitness SR500

Do you have limited space at home and are you looking for a collapsible rowing machine? Then the Sole Fitness SR500 is a smart purchase. A reliable, comfortable, and convenient device with an ergonomic design. It is designed in such a way that the impact on joints and bones is minimal. The dimensions are 246x46x96 cm, and the maximum loadable weight is 150 kilos. The aluminum rails are adjustable to body length.

It works on a combination of air resistance and magnetic resistance. You can set this to no less than 16 levels. With this, you train perfectly on improving endurance. You can also choose from numerous training programs. The statistics such as time, distance, calories, heart rate, beats per minute, and wattage can be read on the display.

The Sole Fitness RS500 is a device that you can enjoy for a long time. You get a standard 2-year warranty but on the frame no less than 10 years! So you don’t have to worry about your rowing machine going backward by folding and unfolding. You will enjoy this sturdy model for a long time.


ConclusionThis collapsible rowing machine is ideal for anyone who wants to improve fitness and general health. Because of the many positions, you train completely according to your wishes and you ensure that your muscle strength is increased. After use, you fold it and put it in place via the transport wheels. Very handy if you have limited space!

  • 16 resistance levels, 13 training programs
  • Ergonomic design
  • Training on heart rate or wattage
  • 10-year warranty on frame
  • Collapsible rowing machine
  • Not linkable with the app
  • Fairly pricey

Beste waterweerstand roeitrainer: Senz Sports R4000

If you really want to feel like you’re rowing through water, the Senz Sports R4000 is an ideal choice. This rowing machine on water resistance is filled with water so that you determine the resistance based on the content of the water reservoir. The paddles go through the water, making your rowing experience complete in terms of sound.

You can read training time, distance, speed, calories, and number of rowing strokes on the training computer. Optionally, you can connect it with a chest strap. If you want to train harder, you don’t have to adjust the resistance, because that is automatically done by rowing harder.

It has a comfortable seat and handles made of foam leather, which also provides a pleasant grip. The dimensions are 198x58x50 cm, and the weight is 44 kilos. The maximum loadable weight is 120 kilos. Add an attractive price to all specifications and you have a solid rowing machine with which you can make your workouts a success!


ConclusionThe Senz Sports R4000 is a challenging device for both novice and experienced athletes. The best purchase for anyone who wants to feel like they’re rowing through real water at home, whatever you do thanks to the paddles in the water tank. You will not be bothered by adjusting the resistance in the meantime, because you determine this yourself by rowing harder or softer. That is the great advantage of a water resistance rowing machine.

  • Works on water resistance
  • The feeling of real rowing (including sound)
  • Link optional chest strap to display
  • Foam leather handle and seat
  • Attractive price
  • Not collapsible, moving is difficult due to the water tank
  • Maximum load of 120 kilos (are stronger alternatives)

Buying guide: Tips for comparing rowing machines

In our top 5, you discovered the best rowing machines of the moment. From collapsible models to rowing machines for the active athlete. Do you want to compare rowing machines and are you not sure which model suits you best? We’ll give you some useful tips below.

Resistor type

An important factor to consider when buying a rowing machine is the type of resistance. These determine the feeling of the training and the effectiveness and possibilities of the workout.

Rowing machine water resistance

It is most like real rowing because you have to fill a water tank. The more water in the tank, the more force you have to put in.

Rowing machine air resistance

With rowing machines with air resistance, the resistance is determined by the force you exert on the device. Similar to the resistance you would really have in the water.

Rowing machine magnetic resistance

By adjusting the magnet at the flywheel, you can make the training lighter and heavier with one hand movement.

Rowing machine elastic resistance

Often little choice in tuning the resistance. A relatively simple model with few training programs.

Rowing trainer that suits your body

When training on a rowing machine, you always make a movement from front to back and back. It is important that you are stable. The more luxurious rowing machines are usually equipped with a double rail system, which is a plus. We would recommend a double rail system, especially if you are a bit wider at the seat.

In addition, you also pay attention to the maximum portable weight and the appropriate length. In general, almost all rowing machines are suitable for an average body height and weight, but if you are, for example, very tall, you should make sure that the distance between the foot pedal and the seat is large enough. To do this, you must be able to fully extend your legs while sitting.


If you just want to ‘have a good row’ then you don’t have to pay attention to extra training functions. In other cases it may be interesting to see if the rowing machine has one or more of the following functions:

  • Built-in training programs: to achieve certain goals or get more fun out of your training.
  • Ergometer: to train on wattage so that you do not exceed your physical limits. Also useful when you are recovering from injuries.
  • Heart rate measurement: to train on heart rate zones, so that you can focus specifically on fitness training or weight loss, for example.
  • Can be connected to an app: to keep track of your results at all times via a fitness app on your smartphone or tablet.

Do you have little space at home? Then you can also check whether the rowing machine is collapsible. That way you can easily store it after use.

Buy the best rowing machine online

When comparing rowing machines, you soon find out that the prices vary widely. There are budget models from around €200 to premium models that rise towards €2000. Ultimately, it is important that you choose a rowing machine that suits your use. After all, we can imagine that as an occasional athlete you want to invest less than when you are an active user.

With the best rowing machines from our top 5, you are certainly in the right place. Are you considering purchasing other fitness equipment for the home in addition to a rowing machine? Then read our articles about the best treadmill, best cross trainer, best spinning bikes, and best exercise bike.