Buy a weighted blanket? How does it work? What are the best tested heaviness blankets in 2023?

Weighted blankets have become increasingly popular in recent years and for good reason. Who wouldn’t want to enjoy a good night’s sleep and be cuddled while you sleep? A weighted blanket really feels like that.

Research shows that weighted blankets can be beneficial for people with stress, anxiety disorders, ADHD, autism, insomnia and many other health problems. In this article we are going to explore how they work and what the advantages and disadvantages are. We have also made a selection of the best weighted blankets of the moment. In addition, we also give you advice on what to look for when buying a blanket.

1. What is a weighted blanket and does it really work?

A weighted blanket is a lot heavier than a normal blanket and that is precisely the intention. The blanket is filled with very small beads that make the blanket feel heavy. Weighted blankets weigh between 3 and 15 kilos.

The pressure that a weighted blanket puts on your body makes you feel as if you are being hugged by someone . It gives a sense of security, stability and relaxation.

There are many pressure points on your body . They are also called nerve points . These pressure points are stimulated by the pressure therapy that a weighted blanket exerts on your body. The effect of this is that your brain starts to produce serotonin hormones. This neurotransmitter is also called “the happiness substance” because this hormone induces a feeling of calm and well-being. The overstimulated nervous system is also calmed by the production of this hormone and in this way it also helps to reduce muscle tension . In this way, a weighted blanket works very well in reducing stress, depression and it promotes concentration.

The conclusion is that these blankets can be very effective for various mental and physical health problems such as:

  • Reducing stress
  • Anxiety and Panic Attacks
  • Improving concentration
  • A much better night’s sleep
  • In children with autism
  • Lowering blood pressure.

1.1 Research whether weighted blankets work in reducing anxiety

A study was conducted in a psychiatric clinic in England into the effects of weighted blankets in reducing anxiety. The study was conducted between June 10, 2019 and November 7, 2019. The study involved 200 participants suffering from anxiety disorders. The participants had to use both a weighted blanket and a normal blanket for 20 minutes a day so that a good comparison could be made. The result of the study was that 70% of the participants had a 30% reduction in anxiety . The participants had used the weighted blanket for a month.

1.2 Research it influences a better night’s sleep in children with autism

In addition, a study has been conducted into the effects on their sleep in children with autism. 100 participants took part in the study. The participants were between 5 and 16 years old. They are children who experienced many sleeping problems. For the study, the children had to sleep under a weighted blanket for 14 days.

The results of the study were quite positive. The weighted blanket no longer helped the children sleep. On the other hand, the children fell asleep much fasterand as a result, their sleep improved, but also the mental peace in their heads. They were less anxious about going to sleep because they knew they would fall asleep more easily. In addition, the children also felt more comfortable because it feels like they are being hugged.

2. A number of tips to keep in mind when buying a weighted blanket?

  1. Choose the right weight . It is best to choose a blanket that is 10 to 12 percent of your body weight.
  2. Determine the dimensions of the blanket? Do you want to lie under it alone or with your partner?
  3. Do you want an airy blanket that feels good in terms of temperature in both summer and winter? Then choose a heavy blanket with bamboo fibers or cotton .
  4. Choose a weighted blanket with glass pearls as filling. These blankets ensure that the weight is nicely evenly distributed over the body.

3. Reviews of the best weighted blankets

We have made a selection of the best weighted blankets of the moment. For each product we briefly discuss the different properties. We indicate per product for whom it is intended.

3.1 Sleep city blanket 7 kilos

The most comfortable and best-rated weighted blanket on

  • It is available in different weights: 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 kilos
  • The fabric is 100% breathable polyester. It adapts easily to the temperature and thus is ideal for summer as well as winter.
  • The filling is made of micro glass beads, so that the weighted blanket is distributed evenly over the body.
  • The best rated weighted blanket on (168 reviews | 4.8 stars)
  • Works very well in reducing stress, anxiety and encouraging a good night’s sleep.
  • 30 day money back guarantee even if you have used the Sleep City weighted blanket every day.

The best rated weighted blanket on
Are you looking for a super comfortable weighted blanket ? The heavy blanket from Sleep City is a very good one. People who bought this blanket are super excited. It is the most positively rated heaviness blanket on In total 168 people wrote a review . The blanket from Slaapcity has a rating of 4.8 stars, which is very good.

The material
It has 100% breathable polyester fabric and that ensures that the blanket is nice and airy and adapts to the temperature. The heaviness blanket has micro glass beads as filling and it is nicely evenly distributed over the entire blanket.
The weight is therefore nicely and evenly distributed over your entire body. It ensures optimal relaxation and sleep. Thanks to the micro glass beads , the blanket is also a lot thinner, making it easier to fold and move.

The blanket feels like you are receiving a real hug through pressure therapy . The pressure that the Sleep City blanket provides ensures relaxation , takes away stress and improves concentration . The nervous system is brought into balance by the production of serotonin and endorphins. It ensures that you feel calmer and therefore you fall asleep more easily and improve the concentration ability (less stimuli).

Choose the right weight
The sleeping city heating blanket is offered in different weights, namely 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 kilos. You determine the correct weight by choosing a blanket that is 10% to 12% of your body weight.

For more information about the Slaapcity weighted blanket, I would also like to refer you to the review I wrote about this product.

3.2 Luna blanket (150 x 200 cm)

The best heavy blanket that you can use all year round thanks to the bamboo fiber material.

  • Bamboo fibers provide cooling in the summer and warmth in the winter.
  • Improves sleep, helps with stress, anxiety and concentration problems.
  • Available in four weights, namely 3, 6, 8, 12 and 16 kilos.
  • It comes with a handy bag. Ideal for traveling
  • Suitable for both adults and children (different sizes)
  • The filling is made of glass pearls and is perfectly distributed over the weighted blanket. The blanket therefore fits well around your body.

Perfect for both summer and winter
Are you looking for a weighted blanket that adapts to the temperature and that you can use all year round? The Luna blanket is then a very good choice. It is designed from wonderfully soft bamboo fiber material . The advantage of the bamboo fibers is that it acts as a thermal insulator , separating warm and cold air from each other. The bamboo fiber in this blanket will keep your body cool when it’s hot outside. When it’s cold outside, the bamboo fiber will help you stay warm.

glass beads
The filling of the blanket contains glass beads and these are perfectly distributed over the entire surface. The luna blanket will therefore also be very well distributed over your body in terms of weight. It will really feel like you are being hugged.

The Luna weighted blanket has a size of 150 x 200 cm and is therefore perfect for adults in terms of length. The therapeutic weighted blanket is available in many different weights, ranging from 4 kilos to 15 kilos.

Unfortunately, no cover is included, but you can buy it separately.

3.3 Ella ex weighted blanket for two persons

Do you want to lie comfortably under the weighted blanket with your loved one? The Ella XL blanket is the right choice because it is specially made for two people.

  • It is made of organic cotton, which makes it wonderfully soft and breathable.
  • The best rated weighted blanket on for two people
  • It comes with a nice storage bag.
  • Ideal to unwind from busy stressful days.
  • It is made of 100% eco-friendly polyester

Weighted blanket for two people
Do you want to lie with your loved one under a lovely weighted blanket and enjoy a wonderful deep night’s sleep? The Ella XL is the right choice because the blanket is specially made for two people. It has a size of 200cm x 200cm and it weighs 13.5 kilos . The blanket weighs a lot more because the weight must be divided between two people.

Materials: 100% certified organic cotton
The cover and blanket are made of 100% certified organic cotton. It therefore feels wonderfully comfortable but also airy from the inside.

100% money back guarantee
If for whatever reason you are not happy with your purchase, you can simply return the product within 30 days without any questions. Ella XL doesn’t mind if you’ve already used the blanket. Providing good customer service is very important to them.

3.4 Novaline Weighted blanket for children.

The blanket made especially for children.

  • It is specially made for children.
  • It helps your kids sleep better.
  • It comes in three different designs (boy, girls and neutral)
  • It improves concentration through the production of serotonin hormones. The pressure therapy stabilizes the nervous system and that results in fewer impulses.
  • The top layer is made of 100% soft and airy cotton.
  • The bottom layer is made of luxurious polyester material and therefore the cuddly effect is extra enhanced.

Are you looking for a weighted blanket for your child? The Rest Easy weighted blanket is specially made for children . It has a size of 110 x 170 cm and it weighs 3 kilos. It is available in different colors and two weights namely 3 and 5 kilos.

Why use a weighted blanket for your child?
Does your child suffer from sleeping problems or is he/she having trouble concentrating? A weighted blanket can help with these problems. It does this by giving pressure therapy. The pressure of the blanket makes it feel like your baby is constantly being cuddled. It gives the child a very safe and relaxed feeling.

The pressure also stimulates the important nerve points of the body. The effect of this is that the body starts to produce serotonin and endorphins. The effect of this is that the nervous system becomes less excitable and comes into balance. This will make the baby feel calmer. Your child will therefore fall asleep much more easily and can alsoconcentrate better at school. A weighted blanket is therefore a very good solution for children with ADHD and sleeping problems .

3.5 Kustaa Deken

The best affordable calming blanket you can buy. It is available at for a price of 49 euros.

  • Very affordable (49 euros)
  • High value for money and it has many good reviews
  • The weighted blanket weighs 6.8 kilos
  • It is made of breathable cotton.
  • The bottom layer is made of luxurious polyester material and therefore the cuddly effect is extra enhanced.
  • It comes with a handy carrying case. Ideal for holidays.

Cheap rooming blanket
The Kustaa weighting blanket is by far the most affordable blanket you can buy on It is offered at a price of 49 euros and it is therefore a lot cheaper than other models. The most calming blankets cost between 80 and 150 euros. In addition, many customers who have bought this blanket are also super enthusiastic. It has a rating of 4.8 stars out of 17 reviews. So it certainly says something about the good price-quality ratio.

What customers say about the Kustaa weighted blanket:

Ellen | 39 years
I had to get used to it the first night because it really feels a lot heavier. The second night was really great and I slept much deeper. I feel much more rested when I wake up. I am really happy with this purchase!

bass | 52 years old
I slept very restlessly before I bought this blanket. That’s why I decided to buy this weighted blanket and I really didn’t regret it. I wake up much less often at night and during the day I feel much more energetic.

For more reviews about weighted blankets, I would also like to refer you to this page. On this page you will find an overview of all weighted blankets. Below you will also find an overview of other weighted blankets about which we have written a review

4. How do you buy the right weighted blanket?

How do I choose the best weighted blanket that best suits my needs? In this part of the article, we will discuss the most important points to consider when buying a weighted blanket. In this way you avoid a bad buy and you make the right choice.

4.1 How heavy should the weighted blanket be?

The first step when buying a weighted blanket is to determine what the right weight is for you. These blankets are in weight between 3 and 15 kilos.

The general rule is to choose a blanket that is between 10% and 12% of your body weight. For example, if you weigh 80 kilos, you choose a weighted blanket that weighs around 8 kilos. If your weight falls somewhere between two sizes, I advise you to go for a larger weight. Suppose you weigh, for example, 65 kilos, then the calculation is 65 * 0.10 = 6.5. In this case, opt for a 7 kg calming blanket.

4.3 How wide and how long should the weighted blanket be?

Do you want to lie under the weighted blanket alone or also with your partner? In the latter case, you choose a weighted blanket for two people with a size of 200 cm x 200 cm. An important rule of thumb is to always check the length of the blanket. It is important that you are up to your neck under it.

The most common size is 150 x 200 cm. It is the best size for 1 person.

We recommend a smaller size for children. In this case, we recommend choosing a blanket that has a size of 100 * 150 cm.

4.4 The filling of the blanket

Weighted blankets can be provided with two different types of fillings, namely plastic beads and glass beads.
The glass beads are very small and they are the same size as grains of sand. The big advantage of a glass bead filling is that they are a lot heavier than plastic beads. In addition, they take up less space and are therefore a lot thinner than weighted blankets with plastic beads. The advantage is of course that you can transport the blanket more easily.

However, the heavy blankets with glass beads are a bit more expensive. The prices of these blankets are usually above 100 euros. The weighted blankets with plastic beads are often less than 100 euros in price.

4.5 Do you buy a removable cover with it?

An important question you should ask yourself is whether you should buy a removable cover. Weighted blankets are themselves difficult to wash in the washing machine. I therefore recommend that you buy a cover, because you can wash it.

If you would like to wash the weighted blanket and also want to sleep well in the winter and summer, I recommend that you buy two separate covers. For example, buy a bamboo cover for the summer. This cover is nice and airy. For the winter it is best to use a Minky fleece polyester cover.

The price of a cover is between 30 and 60 euros and strongly depends on the length and material of the cover.

4.6 Choosing the right weighted blanket material

Most weighted blankets are made of cotton, polyester and bamboo fibers . Below we briefly discuss the different materials.


I advise you to opt for the cotton fabric if you quickly get too hot in bed. It is a breathable fabric and it regulates the heat better. It is a durable and sturdy fabric and also lasts longer than, for example, polyester.

Bamboo fiber

Nowadays, more and more weighted blankets are made of bamboo fiber material. Bamboo is the fastest growing of all plants. It is precisely because of the rapid growth of this plant that it is considered the most durable material for weighted blankets. Bamboo is also the most breathable material and therefore even more like cotton. If you are really a warm sleeper, bamboo is the best choice.


Heavy blankets made of polyester material are the cheapest. The downside is that they are not as breathable as cotton and bamboo. So I do not recommend using this blanket during a warm summer night. Fortunately, it is almost never really warm in the Netherlands, so you can opt for a blanket made of polyester. In addition, the polyester weight blankets feel wonderful in the winter during the cold winter nights.

4.7 Price

The prices of weighted blankets range from 50 to 200 euros. The price strongly depends on the material and the size of the blanket. The double blankets in particular are a lot more expensive.

5. What are the health benefits of a weighted blanket?

A weighted blanket helps with many mental health complaints such as anxiety, stress, concentration and a better night’s sleep. Below I will discuss the main health benefits.

5.1 It reduces stress

It stabilizes the nervous system and that reduces a feeling of
tension. Weighted blankets work because of the pressure that comes on your body. When we are stressed and tense, our nervous system is much more active and that also leads to tense muscles and stress.

The pressure of a weighted blanket brings the nervous system back into balance. A weighted blanket feels like you’re getting a hug. In response to this, the brain produces endorphins and serotonin hormones. They are hormones that make you calmer. In addition, hormones ensure that negative stress hormones are removed from the body. The effect of this is that you become calmer and the feeling of tension decreases sharply. The nervous system comes back into balance and you feel less overstimulated. In this way, a weighted blanket helps to reduce stress.

It helps children with ADHD

A weighted blanket can help children who have ADHD and autism. The pressure that the blanket puts on the body calms the nervous system. It ensures that the nervous system is less overstimulated and this leads to children with ADHD being able to concentrate better.

A study has been conducted on the effects of using a weighted blanket on children with ADHD. The study was conducted on 21 children. The study showed that all 21 children were able to fall asleep faster than usual. In addition, the study showed that the children could concentrate 10% better in class.

You sleep better because of the production of melatonin hormones

The pressure of a weighted blanket on the body promotes the production of melatonin hormones. The hormone is produced in the pineal gland. The hormone makes you sleepier and so you fall asleep better. As we mentioned earlier, the pressure of the pillow also causes the nervous system to become less overactive. All these developments have a beneficial effect on sleep.

Deeper sleep:
If you toss and turn at night, a weighted blanket can help. Because of the pressure of the blanket you move much less. It leads to a much better night’s sleep, which means you sleep much deeper. You will notice that you wake up much more rested.

It reduces fears

A weighted blanket can be used to treat anxiety. It can help with symptoms of anxiety such as a fast heartbeat. In this study , the researchers concluded that using a weighted blanket reduced anxiety in about 33% of the people who participated. This suggests that using a weighted blanket while lying down may further reduce anxiety.

It lowers blood pressure and helps with shortness of breath.

When the autonomic nervous system is overactive, it can lead to anxiety and fatigue . Due to the pressure of a weighted blanket, the body comes to rest. The blanket puts pressure on the important nerve points of the body. Weighted blankets put your nervous system into “ rest mode ” and reduce symptoms such as shortness of breath or an accelerated heart rate. In this way, a blanket also has an indirect effect on lowering blood pressure.

It helps people who suffer from chronic pain

One of the treatments for chronic pain is by applying pressure therapy. In this study into the effects of pressure therapy on chronic pain, it was found that pain reflexes were less strong by giving a massage. This suggests that a weighted blanket can help reduce chronic pain.

Frequently asked questions about weighted blankets

Below we briefly discuss the most frequently asked questions about weighted blankets. I try to give a short and concise answer to this.

Can I put a weighted blanket in the washing machine?

We do not recommend washing a weighted blanket that weighs more than 7 kilos. You must therefore wash these blankets by hand.

However, you can put a blanket under 7 kilos in the washing machine. It is important that you set a temperature of 30 degrees. Dry the blanket flat after washing. So don’t hang the blanket.

Who better not to use a weighted blanket?

Children who weigh less than 26 kilos and under 4 years of age cannot use a weighted blanket . There is a chance that they will get under the blanket and suffocate.

In addition, I do not recommend a weighted blanket for people who suffer from asthma and chronic lung diseases such as COPD.

How do you use a weighted blanket?

Make sure you are completely covered from your neck to your feet. It is best to lie on your back. The blanket then falls perfectly around you in terms of weight and it therefore feels like you are being hugged.

How does a weighted blanket work?

A weighted blanket works by giving pressure therapy. The pressure placed on the body stimulates the pressure points of the nervous system. In response to this, the brain produces endorphins and serotonin hormones. These hormones ensure that you become calmer and therefore fall asleep more easily. In addition, the nervous system is calmed and that ensures that the tense feeling disappears.

What is the best weighted blanket to buy for a child?

It is best to buy a weighted blanket for a child between 2 and 6 kilos. You can find the correct weight for your child by dividing the body weight by 10%. So if your child weighs 40 kilos, you choose a blanket of 40 kilos.

Is a heavy blanket reimbursed by the insurer?

Weighted blankets are not reimbursed by health insurance. The reason is because it is not registered as an official medicine.,