Buy the best EMS and TENS device of 2023? Which electro stimulation device is the best?

We have researched the best EMS and TENS devices. Based on our research, we have selected the best TENS and EMS devices and we discuss them in this article. We hope to give you good advice.

Almost everyone suffers from sore muscles at some point. A TENS device can help to greatly reduce muscle pain by giving an electrostimulation treatment. We therefore call a TENS device an electrostimulation device. Did you know that a TENS device also helps with the pain relief of many complaints such as menstrual pain, sciatica, back pain, nerve pain, hernia and so on. A TENS device helps with pain relief by sending small currents that are sent through the electrodes on the body to the nerves. These currents disrupt the pain signals, so that the signals do not reach the brain. The effect is that the pain is greatly reduced. In addition, a TENS treatment also has a relaxing effect.

In the first part of this buying guide we have made a selection of the best TENS and EMS devices of the moment. We also briefly explain the difference between EMS and TENS. This way you can better determine which type of device suits you best. In addition, some electrostimulation devices can provide both TENS and EMS treatments. In the second part of this buying guide we provide a lot of useful general information about TENS devices. Among other things, we discuss the most important features that you should pay attention to when buying a TENS device. If you would like to know more about other massage equipment, we would like to refer you to this page .

Reviews of the five best EMS and TENS devices of 2023

In this comprehensive buying guide we have made a special selection for you of the best TENS and EMS devices of the moment. For each device, we will discuss the most striking features. In addition, we will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the device. Before reading the reviews, it is important to know the difference between TENS and EMS:

  • TENS treatment: during a TENS treatment, the nerves are stimulated by sending electrical currents. This treatment is very effective for the pain relief of various complaints such as back pain and menstrual pain,
  • EMS treatment: with this treatment the currents stimulate the nerve fibers and as a result the muscles contract. An EMS treatment, for example, is aimed at strengthening the muscles, muscle recovery and remedying muscle cramps.

Many electrostimulation devices can provide both TENS and EMS treatments. We hope you enjoy reading the reviews.

1. Bluetens electric spar stimulator (EMS en TENS)

The best device that can give both TENS and EMS treatments.

  • It can give both a TENS and EMS treatment
  • It comes with four electrodes so you can massage two parts of your body at the same time.
  • Bluetents offers 100 different treatment programs.
  • It offers 100 intensity settings.
  • You control the EMS / TENS device via your phone thanks to the user-friendly application
  • The muscle stimulation device is perfect for the relief of muscle pain. It can also provide a relaxing massage.
  • Unfortunately, you can only use the device with an Android or Apple device.

It can give both EMS and TENS treatments.
Do you know that feeling that you have pain in the muscles after exercise? Of course you want the painful feeling in the muscles to disappear as quickly as possible. The Bluetents electric muscle stimulator can then be a very good solution. In addition to giving TENS treatments, this device also provides EMS treatments. An EMS therapy is specifically aimed at repairing and training the muscles by sending electrical currents to the nerve fiber, causing the muscles to contract. We think it is a great advantage that the Bluetenscan give both TENS and EMS treatments. The electrostimulation device can therefore be used both for pain relief (TENS) and for training and repairing the muscles (EMS). The electrostimulation device is perfect for use in the following situations:

  • Resolving chronic muscle pain (EMS)
  • Muscle training and recovery (EMS)
  • Reducing Menstrual Pain (TENS)
  • Reducing Nerve Pain (TENS)
  • Reducing Back Pain (TENS)

How does the muscle stimulation device work?
To use the EMS and TENS device you need to install the bluetents APP on your mobile phone. Then start the APP and connect via bluetooth. The application is very user-friendly and via the APP you can easily control the bluetents muscle stimulator. For example, in the APP you have the following options:

  • Select body part : choose the body part you want to massage and you can choose from 15 parts of your body.
  • Choose from 100 treatment programs: in the APP you can choose from 100 different treatment programs and in this way you can massage your body in a very effective way. With each massage program you can choose from 30 different intensity levels. It is very important to find the right intensity level that suits your body situation. We recommend starting the massage program with the lowest intensity level. Then increase this level until you notice your muscles start to contract (EMS). When this is the case, the treatment is carried out in an effective manner.

2. Ecofriend EMS abdominal muscle trainer

The best and most affordable abdominal muscle trainer EMS device

  • The abdominal muscle trainer has 23 different intensity settings
  • It comes with rechargeable batteries.
  • The electrodes are wireless no other model in this price range offers that.
  • In addition to your abs, you can also train the arms, legs and shoulders with this muscle trainer.
  • When you use this electro muscle stimulation device for 10 to 15 minutes every day, your muscles will be trained efficiently.
  • You get a free Tuto sports Ebook with this product. In this they explain how you can get the maximum result from the EMS training.
  • The device has a bit of a cheap look to it.

Imagine yourself watching your favorite series on Netflix and training your abs at the same time? It sounds like a dream, but nothing could be further from the truth. With an EMS device you can train the muscles intensively by means of light currents. One of the best and most economical EMS devices is the Ecofriend muscle trainer. The EMS device is offered at and is highly appreciated by customers. The product has 10 customer reviews and the average rating is 5 stars.

Extra hygienic: 12 extra gel patches
What a huge plus is that the Ecofriend EMS comes with 12 extra patches. You stick these gel patches on the electrodes. When you notice that the plasters need to be replaced, you have enough plasters. The big advantage is that you have more than enough plasters for the coming years.

You can actually train any body part.
The device comes with an electrode pad that is specially made for the abdominal muscles. In addition, it comes with two electrode pads that you can tie around your arms. The EMS device is actually specially intended to train the abdominal muscles effectively. However, it is also possible to train other body parts such as the arms, shoulders and legs. You place the electrodes on the body part you want to train.

It comes with 10 different training programs.
It is a uni sex EMS device and that means that both men and women can use this device. The device comes standard with 10 different types of programs that aim to:

  • Train your muscles so that they become stronger and grow.
  • Muscles recover faster.
  • Reducing muscle soreness after an intense workout.
  • Improving blood circulation. Due to the training, the blood vessels open up and therefore more nutrients can be transported. The effect is that the blood circulation in the body increases.

3. The Beurer EM49 electrostimulation device

The most economical TENS and EMS device 

  • No device in this price range is capable of providing both an EMS and TENS treatment.
  • The Beurer EM49 has 20 intensity settings.
  • The duration of the TENS and EMS treatment can be set between 5 and 100 minutes.
  • The device comes with 64 treatment programs (for each body part)
  • The device works on AA batteries

The most popular and affordable TENS and EMS device
The Beurer EM 49 is one of the most popular and affordable TENS and EMS devices in the Netherlands and Belgium. It is evident from the fact that the device is the most sold at and has the best average rating. The electrostimulation device is so popular in the Netherlands and Belgium because it has a very good price-quality ratio. The Beurer EM49 is offered at at a competitive price of 59,-. The Beurer EM49 clearly distinguishes itself in this price range because it can provide both TENS and EMS treatments. Other electrostimulation devices in the same price range do not provide both treatments. In this respect, this electrostimulation device clearly distinguishes itself from other models in this price range.

The electrostimulation device with 64 treatment programs specially made for a specific body part.
The most unique feature of this device is that it is able to massage your entire body. The electrostimulation device features 64 TENS and EMS massage programs designed for each specific part of the body. The Beurer EM49 helps to treat various physical and mental health problems such as:

  • Migraine (TENS)
  • Back Pain (TENS)
  • Stress (TENS in EMS)
  • Tension headache (TENS)
  • Nerve pain (TENS)
  • Muscle recovery and training (EMS)
  • Promoting Blood Circulation (EMS)

Two pairs of electrodes and 20 intensity settings
The Beurer EM49 comes with 2 pairs of electrodes so that you can treat two parts of the body at the same time. You place the electrode patches on your body and then the device sends the currents to the nerve pathways via the electrodes. With the Beurer EM49 you can also easily adjust the intensity and duration of the massage treatment via the large buttons and the clear screen. The Beurer EM 49 is equipped with 20 different intensity settings. The timer function is adjustable between 5 and 100 minutes.

4. Compex SP 8.0: wireless EMS and TENS device for athletes

The most luxurious TENS and EMS device specially made for the avid athlete 

  • The device analyzes your muscle build-up and on the basis of this it composes the personal training program.
  • The electrodes are wireless, so you can now exercise much more pleasantly with electrodes (no hassle with wires)
  • Two rechargeable batteries are included (they last for 10 hours).
  • It comes with a storage case
  • It comes with 4 pairs of electrodes of a smaller size (5 * 5 cm). In addition, 4 pairs of electrodes are supplied with a larger size (5 * 10 cm)
  • The device is quite pricey but for that you get a very professional EMS and TENS device in return.

The most professional TENS and EMS device specially made for the avid athlete.
The Compex SP 8.0 is a wireless TENS and EMS device specially designed for people who exercise daily. The device aims to improve your endurance and strength by giving electro muscle stimulation strength training. By using the Compex SP 8.0 regularly before and after exercise, you also prevent injuries and injuries recover faster. As a professional athlete, you naturally want to recover from injuries as quickly and effectively as possible. The Compex SP 8.0 is a lot more professional than other EMS and TENS devices and clearly distinguishes itself from other electrostimulation devices.

The unique features of the Compex SP 8.0:

  • It prepares a personal training program (muscle analysis): Compex has developed a unique technology, the “muscle intelligence technology”. The TENS / EMS device extensively analyzes your muscles. Based on the results, the device draws up the training treatment program. The aim of the program is to train the muscles as effectively as possible. In addition, it automatically determines the intensity based on the analysis. In this way, your muscles are automatically trained perfectly.
  • Exercising with electrodes is no problem: most TENS devices come with cables that are connected to the electrodes. Unfortunately, that just doesn’t feel good when you’re surrounded by cables during exercise. The major advantage of the Compex SP 8.0 is that the electrodes work completely wirelessly. This makes exercising with electrodes a lot more comfortable. We find this really useful.
  • Rechargeable batteries : the Compex SP 8.0 is supplied with two rechargeable batteries. You can therefore ideally use the device in the gym. A rechargeable battery lasts up to 10 hours.
  • TENS treatments: in addition to EMS muscle training, the Compex SP 8.0 also performs TENS treatments. This TENS treatment ensures that the physical pain symptoms decrease quickly.

5. Omron TENS E3 Intense (TENS treatment)

The most economical TENS device 

  • The device promotes blood circulation and therefore it helps, for example, with muscle cramps and tired feet.
  • The device gives kneading, tapping and rubbing massage.
  • It features 15 different intensity levels
  • The device comes with 2 pairs of electrodes so that you can massage two body parts at the same time.
  • The TENS device can massage five different parts of your body, namely the arms, legs, lower back, shoulders and feet.
  • Unfortunately it does not give EMS treatment.

What makes the Omron E3 Intense unique in its price range?
The Omron e3 intense is one of the most affordable TENS devices on the market. At Coolblue you can already buy this device for 70 euros. The price-quality ratio of this product is very good. Below we will discuss the functionalities that stand out most for a product that is offered in this price range:

  • Different body parts: the Omron E3 intense can treat 5 parts of your body through a TENS treatment, namely your arms, legs, lower back, shoulders, neck and feet. For 70 euros you buy a very multifunctional TENS massage device that can treat different parts of your body in an effective way.
  • Effectively combat pain: the device has 15 intensity levels. The advantage of this is that you can determine the intensity of the TENS treatment. When you increase the intensity, the electrical stimuli that the device sends to your body become more intense. Depending on where you have pain and how bad the pain is, you can set the perfect intensity. In this way, the pain complaints are treated in an effective way.
  • Different massages: The device offers different massages such as kneading, tapping and rubbing massage.
  • Two pairs of electrodes: the device comes with two pairs of electrodes that allow you to massage two parts of the body at the same time.

Small and light
Do you also want to use the device during your holiday? This is no problem at all with the Omron E3 intense, because the device is very light and compact. It therefore fits very easily in your backpack. However, make sure you protect the electrodes well.

Conclusion: how do you find the best electrostimulation device? 

We hope that reading the reviews has given you a good idea of ​​TENS devices. When you are looking for a TENS device that suits you best, it is important to ask yourself a number of questions:

  • How often will I use it?
  • What pain do I want to reduce and what exactly are my complaints? It is important to find a good answer to this because there are other types of massage devices on the market that can work more effectively. For example, if you suffer from bunions, it is smarter to buy a foot massager.
  • When you know which problems you want to treat, it is important to ask yourself which type of electrodes best suit your situation? For example, if you want to treat the pain in a very targeted way, it is better to buy smaller or electrodes.
  • How much money do I want to spend on a TENS device?
  • Do you also find it important that the muscles are massaged? It is then recommended to purchase a device that supports EMS therapy.

By answering these types of questions, you get a good idea of ​​which TENS devices best suit your situation. Every situation is unique, which is why we cannot recommend a specific product. We hope you make a good purchase and that you will be happy with your decision.

What are the most important functionalities you should pay attention to when buying an electrostimulation device

What should you pay attention to when buying an EMS and TENS device

As you have read from our product reviews, TENS devices have different functionalities. Below we describe the most important features. In addition, we will discuss how these functionalities affect the performance of the muscle stimulation device and the complete massage experience. Based on this, you can better determine which functionalities are important to you so that you make a good purchase. We hope you enjoy reading this buying guide.

1. Do you choose a TENS or EMS device? What are the differences?

The very first question you should ask yourself is whether you choose a TENS or EMS device. It also happens that a device can give both treatments. In general, these models are a bit more expensive. We therefore advise you to think carefully about this. Below we will discuss the differences between a TENS and EMS treatment.

1.1 What is a TENS device (Transcutaneous Electrical neurostimulation)

TENS is an abbreviation for Transcutaneous Electrical Neurostimulation. TENS devices are used to treat nerve-related or chronic pain. To better understand how TENS devices work in pain relief, it is first important that we briefly explain what the ” gate theory ” isAccording to this theory, a nerve mechanism in our spinal cord works like a gate. The gate determines whether the painful signals reach the brain. When the gate opens and the signals reach the brain, the pain becomes palpable. A TENS device sends light electrical currents to the electrodes placed on the body.Then the currents are sent via the electrodes to the nerves.In a TENS treatment, the electrical signals disrupt the natural signals in the nerves.The effect is that the gate reacts to the signals of the TENS device because the natural painful signals no longer come through.These natural signals do not reach the brain so that the pain decreases or is even gone.. Even if the natural signals are still being produced.

In addition, the TENS currents ensure that endorphins are produced. Many endorphins actually work as a natural pain reliever and therefore the pain is also greatly reduced. Endorphins actually have the same effect as drugs such as paracetamol. The big advantage is that endorphins have no side effects. In this way, a TENS device helps with pain relief.

TENS therapy can be used to reduce or remedy many different medical complaints such as:

  • nerve pain
  • Sciatica
  • Menstrual cramps
  • Hernia
  • muscle strain

The main goal of this therapy is to greatly reduce the pain. TENS treatments often do not feel intense as is the case with EMS therapy. This treatment focuses on the nerves instead of the muscles. During a TENS treatment you feel a tingling sensation, but it is not a strong feeling as is the case with electro muscle stimulation.

1.2 What is an EMS device (electric muscle stimulator)?

EMS is an abbreviation for electrical muscle stimulation. EMS devices are specially designed to stimulate your muscles through electrical stimulation and prevent muscle atrophy. These massage devices are also called electrical muscle stimulatorscalled. The EMS device generates electrical currents that go through the electrodes to the nerve fibers. These then conduct to the muscles, causing them to contract. In this way the muscles are trained by means of electrostimulation. When your muscles contract as a result of the EMS therapy, they receive more blood and nutrients. This will increase the strength in the muscles and flexibility of the muscles. With most EMS devices you can also adjust the intensity. It means that the currents have a higher intensity, which makes the contractions of the muscles stronger. Below is a brief overview of the benefits of an EMS treatment:

  • It ensures that the muscles recover faster.
  • The muscles are intensely trained, making them stronger.
  • After an injury, the muscles are a lot weaker. With electrostimulation therapy the muscles can be made stronger again.
  • It helps prevent sports injuries.
  • It helps in reducing muscle soreness as more nutrients are delivered to the muscles. The effect is that the muscles loosen up, so that the muscle pain disappears.

2. Pay close attention to which electrodes (TENS patches) are supplied with the TENS device?

When you plan to buy a TENS device, it is always important to check which type of electrodes are supplied with the electrostimulation device. We also call the electrodes TENS patches or TENS patches. From the TENS device the electrical stimuli go via the cables to the electrode pads and from there the currents are conducted to the nerve pathways. The TENS plasters are offered in different sizes:

  • Large electrodes: with large muscle electrodes you can treat a larger area. It is especially useful when you want to effectively treat larger muscle groups. Due to the larger surface area, the TENS treatment takes less time. Tens electrodes made specifically for back pain relief often come with larger muscle electrodes. Unfortunately, these electrodes are not really suitable for treating sore muscles or muscle lumps because the electrodes focus on too large an area.
  • Small electrodes: if you suffer from muscle lumps, or muscle and joint pain, we recommend small electrodes. These electrodes do not cover a large area so it takes much more time to treat your entire body. However, the advantage is that it is more effective and easier to treat specific muscles.

TENS plasters can be reused, but it also strongly depends on the quality of the adhesive plasters. For example, some TENS patches can be used 50 times and other patches, for example, 300 times. Fortunately, many manufacturers supply extra TENS patches so you don’t have to buy new ones. We always recommend buying a TENS device that comes with extra electrodes. Fortunately, it is always possible to purchase additional electrodes. As already indicated, these are available in different sizes. Our advice is to always have different electrode sizes available. Fortunately, these are included as standard with most devices.


The electrodes connected with cables vs wireless electrodes?

Wireless electrodes are really only really useful when you want to exercise during the EMS / TENS treatment.

An important question you should ask yourself is whether you choose a TENS device with wireless electrodes or a model where the electrodes are connected with cables. Below we specifically discuss both options and we try to advise you as best as possible:

  • Wireless electrodes: with a TENS device with wireless electrodes you will of course not be bothered by cables. The downside is that it comes with a higher price tag. Wireless EMS and TENS devices are often several hundred euros more expensive. We recommend an EMS / TENS device with wireless electrodes in case you want to exercise during an EMS treatment. Wireless electrodes are actually only really useful for an EMS treatment. With an EMS treatment you are training your muscles and many people also do this during exercise. In that case it is therefore useful to have wireless electrodes.
  • TENS device where the current goes through the cables to the electrodes: before you buy this type of TENS device, it is important to check the length of the cables. We recommend choosing a TENS device where the cables are long enough so that you can treat every part of the body. In addition, it is important that the cables between the electrode pairs (electrodes) are also long enough. It is especially important that there is enough space between the electrodes. When the cable is too short, it feels less pleasant and the treatment is often less effective. So if you want to enjoy the best TENS therapy, the cables must be long enough. The advice also applies if you are planning to buy an EMS device.

2. Pay close attention to the different types of treatment programs

Our advice: buy an electrostimulation device that has special treatment programs for a specific body part.

Tens and EMS devices come with different massage programs for you to choose from. Some only offer predefined massage programs. However, the more expensive and professional EMS and TENS devices offer the possibility to create your own massage program:

  • The ability to select and combine different programs.
  • Set the intensity so that it increases, for example, during the massage.
  • Be able to set the length of the treatment.

With most electrostimulation devices there are programs that are specifically made for a certain body part. This way you can massage specific parts of your body in the most effective way. We recommend buying an electrostimulation device that supports different massage programs for specific parts of your body.

3. Check how many intensity settings the device has

We always recommend that you buy a TENS or EMS device that has at least 10 to 20 positions. 

Most EMS and TENS devices have multiple intensity settings, which is a very big advantage. Because you can adjust the intensity yourself, you can personalize the treatment experience and adapt it to your wishes. At times you want a relaxing massage and at other days you need a harder massage that stimulates the muscles more. The number of intensity settings also differs greatly per electrostimulation device. Some devices are equipped with 10 positions and others with 100 positions. We never recommend buying a device with 100 settings. For example, if you increase the intensity level from 20 to 21, you will not feel this. We see this as a big disadvantage because it makes it difficult for some people to adjust the intensity quickly and easily. It takes a lot of time to find the right position. It also makes the TENS device just less user-friendly. We recommend buying a device with 10 to 20 intensity settings.

4. Automatic shutdown function of an electrostimulation device

Our advice is to choose a device with a large screen. 

When you plan to buy an electrostimulation device, it is important to check whether it has an automatic switch-off function. Fortunately, most TENS devices have an automatic switch-off function. For example, if you forget to switch off the device, the device will automatically shut itself off. Thanks to the automatic switch-off function, electrostimulation devices last longer and are less likely to break.

5. The screen of an electrostimulation device

The device generally lasts a lot longer because people sometimes forget to turn the device off.

When choosing the best professional TENS device, the quality of the screen also plays an important role. On the screen you get a quick overview of the current settings and you can also adjust them:

  • The intensity of the TENS treatment.
  • Select the treatment program.
  • Set the duration of the TENS treatment.
  • Enabling the EMS function

We recommend choosing a TENS device with a large screen because it is more user-friendly. This is especially important for elderly people and people with less good eyesight. The TENS devices with a larger screen are generally a bit more expensive. So it is a consideration that you have to make yourself.

6. Battery of the TENS device

Do you choose a TENS device with AA batteries or rechargeable batteries?

You can actually use all TENS devices anywhere because they all work on batteries. The cheaper TENS devices often work with AA batteries. If you use the device daily, you should place new AA batteries in the TENS device every week. If you choose a cheaper model, it is wise to buy a large amount of AA batteries.

The more expensive and professional TENS electro stimulation devices are often equipped with rechargeable batteries. Often the device comes with a set of two rechargeable batteries. If one battery is empty, you can use the second battery. You charge the rechargeable batteries via the power network or via a USB cable. The battery life of a rechargeable battery varies greatly, but often they last up to 12 hours on average.

Can you easily store the TENS device?

We recommend choosing a TENS device that comes standard with a small storage case. 

The big advantage of EMS and TENS devices is that they are a lot more compact and portable than other massage devices. A TENS device fits easily in your backpack and these are therefore ideal to take with you to the gym or on holiday. The big question, however, is how do you store the device neatly and how do you ensure that it is not damaged. We therefore always recommend that you choose a TENS device that comes with a small storage case. In this small case you can safely store the TENS, device, cables and electrodes.
The cheaper electro stimulation devices often do not come with a case. It is therefore important that you store the device yourself properly. It is therefore important to pay close attention to this.

The number of channels

Always choose an EMS / TENS device that is equipped with 2 channels so that you can use two electrode pairs.

The big advantage of EMS and TENS devices is that they are a lot more compact and portable than other massage devices. A TENS device fits easily in your backpack and these are therefore ideal to take with you to the gym or on holiday. The big question, however, is how do you store the device neatly and how do you ensure that it is not damaged. We therefore always recommend that you choose a TENS device that comes with a small storage case. In this small case you can safely store the TENS, device, cables and electrodes.
The cheaper electro stimulation devices often do not come with a case. It is therefore important that you store the device yourself properly. It is therefore important to pay close attention to this.

With which health problems does TENS therapy (neurostimulation) help?

TENS therapy is a very effective means of greatly reducing pain. In this part of this extensive information guide we will discuss which health problems TENS therapy can help.


People who suffer from sciatica have a very painful feeling in the buttocks and legs. Sciatica often occurs because the nerve roots are inflamed. The inflammation is often caused by too much pressure on the nerve. A TENS device can help reduce pain. It ensures that the pain signals no longer reach the brain. In addition, the TENS signals cause the brain to produce endorphins. These endorphins act as natural painkillers.

Menstrual pain

As a woman, you know that menstruation can sometimes feel extremely painful. For some women, the pain is so severe that they cannot get out of bed. The menstrual pain is often the most severe in the first 48 hours. Fortunately, TENS therapy can help with menstrual cramps. The currents disrupt the painful signals, so that they do not reach the brain and the pain is greatly reduced. In addition, endorphins are also produced during the treatment and these also act as natural painkillers.

Plantar fasciitis

The pain caused by plantar fasciitis can be greatly reduced when you place the self-adhesive electrode pads on your feet. It is best to enable the EMS function of the TENS device. The electrical signals cause the muscles in your feet to contract and relax. The electrical signals will also suppress the pain signals so that the brain will not register the pain.


In the event of a tendon injury, there is a chance that inflammation will develop in the tendon muscles. With TENS therapy, the pain of tendonitis can be greatly reduced. The electrical impulses block the painful signal so that this signal never reaches the brain. This will greatly reduce the pain caused by the tendonitis.


The pain in a herniated disc is caused by the intervertebral disc putting pressure on the welcome or against the nerves. The pain caused by hernia can be immense. A TENS device can help with hernia pain relief . The advice is to place the TENS electrodes around the welcome area of ​​the lower back. The tens device then sends light electronic signals to the electrodes, which then go to the nerves. By disrupting the nerve pathways around the welcome, the hernia pain decreases.

TENS device for nerve pain

A neurostimulation device helps to reduce nerve pain and we call this neuropathic pain. Thanks to the electronic stimuli that the TENS device sends to the body via the electrodes, the nerves are stimulated. Nerves are disrupted by these stimuli, which greatly reduces the pain in the nerves. In this way, a TENS device helps to reduce neuropathic pain.

Reducing muscle soreness

TENS therapy in combination with EMS therapy can greatly help reduce severe muscle pain. Because the muscles are contracted during the EMS treatment, they become looser and the pain decreases. The TENS therapy then ensures that the pain decreases even more because far fewer pain signals reach the brain.

It reduces contractions pain during childbirth

A TENS device can help reduce the pain of contractions. You can therefore use a TENS device during childbirth. By sending light electrical stimuli to the nerves, the labor pain is reduced and, in particular, the contractions pain decreases. TENS therapy is a very effective and safe method to reduce labor pain. A big advantage is that some TENS delivery devices are reimbursed by the health insurance. However, it is important to check this carefully. In addition, it is important to know which devices are reimbursed by your health insurance. The TENS device can be used both at home and in the hospital. We always recommend that you contact your doctor first.

Frequently asked questions about TENS and EMS equipment

Below is an overview of the most frequently asked questions regarding TENS and EMS equipment.

Are TENS devices reimbursed by health insurance?

Most health insurance policies reimburse TENS devices. However, it is important to first check whether your health insurance reimburses a TENS device and which specific models they reimburse.

For how much money can I buy a TENS device?

The prices of a TENS device vary widely. You can buy the cheaper TENS devices for about 60 euros. The prices of the professional models that athletes use are a lot higher. The prices of professional TENS devices vary between 300 and 600 euros. The costs of a TENS device therefore differ a lot from each other.

Do TENS devices have side effects?

For most people, TENS devices have no side effects. However, we do not recommend it for the following group of people:

  • People who suffer from cardiovascular disease
  • Women who have just become pregnant.
  • Epelepsy patients
  • People with a pacemaker

Can I lose weight with EMS electrodes by means of electric shocks?

If you use a muscle stimulation device on a daily basis, it is certainly possible to lose weight through electrostimulation. By using EMS electrodes, muscles are trained intensively and this ensures that you lose body fat and therefore lose weight. It thus also serves as a fat burning device.

Where can you place / stick the TENS electrodes on your body?

You stick the TENS electrodes on the body parts that hurt. You can stick the electrodes on almost any part of your body. Never stick the TENS electrodes on the following body parts:

  • Hart
  • Eyes
  • Sight
  • your sleep
  • The throat
  • around the mouth

In which case is it better to go to a physiotherapist for a TENS treatment?

If you have bought a TENS device yourself but the pain still remains severe after a number of treatments, it is better in this case to visit a general practitioner or physiotherapy company. They are the specialist and know better how to treat the severe pain. Some physiotherapists also offer special TENS treatments.

Where can I order an EMS or TENS device and electrodes?

Nowadays there are many shops where you can buy a TENS device. Below is an overview of the web shops where you can order a tens device:

  • offers a very wide range of different TENS and EMS devices. When you order an EMS / TENS device at, you usually receive it the next day.
  • Coolblue: as you probably already know, Cooblue is also one of the largest webshops in the Netherlands. Coolblue also offers various TENS and EMS devices at a competitive price.
  • Mediamarkt: the Mediamarkt also offers muscle stimulator devices. The big advantage is of course that you can also visit one of the many shops so that you can view the muscle stimulator. This way you can be sure that you buy the right muscle stimulator.

If you have a TENS / EMS device, you can also buy extra TENS electrodes. You can also order the TENS patches via the above websites.