Buy the best leg and calf massager?

Buy the best leg and calf massager?

You know that feeling when your legs are tired after a long day at work? One cause is that you have been in the same position for a long time. The effect of this is that your leg muscles receive much less oxygen, which makes your legs feel tired. Did you know that a leg and calf massager can help enormously in relieving tired legs and feet? Because the device effectively massages your legs, the blood circulation is started. The effect is that nutrients and oxygen can reach your legs again. After a leg massage, you will notice that your lower body has renewed energy.

Best tested calf and leg massagers?

Below we have prepared an overview of the best tested leg and calf massagers. We have neatly put the specifications in a table so that you can compare the devices with each other.

What exactly is a leg and calf massager?

A leg and calf massager can relieve sore, tired muscles. By massaging the calf muscles, muscle tension is reduced, which reduces pain. A calf massage also stimulates the nervous system and blood circulation. Most calf and leg massagers perform an air compression massage. You place your legs in the cuffs of the device. There are air cushions in the cuffs. When you switch on the device, air is blown in and out of the cushions. In this way, a leg and calf massager performs an air compression treatment.

Which health problems can a leg and calf massager help with?

Almost all calf massagers perform a compression massage to effectively massage the calves. The main purpose of a calf and leg massage is to get the blood circulation going in the lower body. When blood circulation and lymph flow increases, more oxygen and nutrients are transported through the bloodstream to the muscles in the calves, ankles and feet. Because the blood circulation is effectively stimulated, a leg and calf compression massage has the following health benefits:

  • Reduction of swelling and inflammation
  • It helps to get rid of swollen feet and legs.
  • It gives your feet and legs a lot of extra energy. To get the maximum result it is important
  • Accelerate muscle recovery
  • It helps your body to relax and is therefore effective in reducing stress.
  • Preventing muscle soreness
  • One is very helpful in eliminating muscle pain in your lower body.
  • Improving sporting performance . A leg and calf massage will make your muscles stronger and more flexible.
  • Increase flexibility and range of motion
  • Removing related wastes, such as lactic acid.
  • Decreasing muscle fatigue

As you can see, a leg and calf massage can help with many health problems. Would you like to learn more about other massage devices? Take a look at this page where I go on the different types of massage devices.

What is the difference between a calf and leg massager?

The operation of both devices is exactly the same. Both models perform a compression massage by means of machetes. The difference, however, is that a leg massage massages both the lower legs and the upper legs. A calf massager is limited to massaging the lower legs. With both models, the feet are often massaged as well. In addition, a calf massager is cheaper than a leg massager.

Reviews of the best leg and calf massagers.

We have selected the best leg and calf massagers especially for you. We have tested the devices and based on the test results we have selected the best leg compression devices. In this part of this buying guide, we cover the best three leg and calf massagers. We discuss the unique functionalities for each device. In addition, we also discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the calf massage device and for whom the device is suitable. We hope you enjoy reading the reviews.

Cincom calf compression massage device

Choose this calf compression massager if you suffer from tired muscles. Thanks to the leg compression massage, your muscles get renewed energy.

  • You will never suffer from tired legs again thanks to the effective compression massage. 
  • It features 10 different massage programs
  • It helps very effectively with varicose veins, muscle pain, tired muscles, muscle recovery and leg injuries.
  • It features three different intensity settings. 
  • It is very low in consumption (12w)  
  • The calf massager comes with a storage bag so you can easily take it with you wherever you go.

Effective calf and leg compression massage
Do you sometimes suffer from tired legs? With the leg massager from Cincom, that is a thing of the past. The device performs an extremely effective air compression massage. It works very simply: you place your legs in the machetes of the device. The device contains air cushion. When you start the leg massager, air is blown in and out. It ensures that your leg muscles are massaged extremely effectively. Thanks to the massage, the blood circulation increases. The effect of this is that more nutrients reach your muscles. Because the leg muscles are supplied with nutrients and oxygen during the massage, you will notice that your legs have much more energy after the leg massage.

Which health problems does the Cincom calf massage device help with.
In addition to improving blood circulation, the Cincom leg massage device also helps with the following health problems:

  • Relieving muscle pain.
  • Allow the leg muscles to recover faster after intensive sports training.
  • Faster recovery from leg injuries.
  • It is effective for treating varicose veins.

It comes with a remote control : easily adjust the settings
What I like about this leg and calf massager is that it comes with a remote control. With this you can easily make the following adjustments:

  • Intensity: with this you can easily set the intensity of the compression treatment. You can choose from three different intensity settings.
  • Adjust body part: in addition to giving a full lower leg massage, you can also very specifically massage one specific area of ​​your leg. For example, with the remote control you can set to specifically massage your calves, shin muscles or feet.
  • Massage programs: you can choose from up to 10 different treatment programs with the remote control.

Adjustable Velcro strap so that it fits every leg.
What is very handy about the Cincom is that the machetes fit around every leg. It is equipped with an adjustable Velcro strap. Adjust the Velcro to the circumference of your leg. So it is suitable for every person.

As you have read, the Cincom is a very versatile calf massager with many possibilities. Our advice is to use the device daily. You will really notice that your legs will feel much more energetic.

RelaxLife quitmassage appraat

Are you looking for the most versatile calf massager? Then choose the RelaxLife. It gives a full foot, calf and ankle massage where you can adjust the intensity per body part. You can also choose to massage only the calves, for example (so very versatile).

  • The device gives a full air compression massage for your feet and legs. 
  • You can also set the massage on one body part. You can choose from ankles, calves and feet. 
  • You can choose from 6 different treatments: automatic, relaxing, holding, kneading, leg massage and foot massage
  • It helps enormously with pain in the feet, calves and ankles. It gives your lower body renewed energy. 
  • The ability to turn on the heat function
  • Easy to use thanks to the remote control
  • Comes with a Dutch manual

With this calf and leg massager you have much less trouble with tired feet.
Do your feet and legs hurt or do you suffer from swollen legs? The leg blood circulation device from Real Relax can remedy these health problems. During the treatment, blood circulation and lymph flow are stimulated. It ensures that waste products are efficiently removed through the bloodstream. The effect is that the leg muscles recover much faster from, for example, an intensive sports training. After a treatment with the Real Relax calf massager you will notice that the pain has disappeared.

In addition to massaging the calves, it also massages your feet.
What makes the RelaxLife leg and calf massager so unique is that it also gives a foot massage in addition to a lower leg massage. The device is very versatile, so you can use the remote control to adjust the treatment to your specific wishes:

  • It gives an air pressure massage where you can choose from three different intensity settings.
  • You can choose from six different treatment programs such as holding, kneading, shiatsu, relaxation, leg focus and foot focus.
  • You can set the intensity per body part.
  • You can activate the heat function during the massage.
  • In addition to an upper leg and foot massage, you can also set the massage to a specific body part such as the calves and feet.
  • The Relax Life comes with two leg cuffs. For example, do you only want to massage your left leg? It is possible because the machetes can be used separately.

Do you want to take the device to work or on holiday? No problem. The real-life device is lightweight. In addition, it comes with a storage bag so that you can easily transport it.

RelaxLife Deluxe Quitmassage app: luxe variant

Do you want to massage your entire lower body effectively? Then choose the luxurious version of the RelaxLife leg massager. It massages your thighs, lower legs and even your feet.

  • It is very helpful for muscle soreness, muscle recovery, restless feet and legs and swollen feet. 
  • It massages your thighs, lower legs and feet. 
  • With the remote control you can set the massage to a specific body part.
  • Three different intensity settings where you can also set the intensity per body part. 
  • It offers six different treatment programs.
  • Both wider and slimmer legs fit well in the adjustable cuffs thanks to the Velcro fastener. 

A leg massage device that massages your feet, lower legs, and upper legs
Are you looking for a massage device that can massage your lower body? Then look no further. The Relax Life Deluxe leg massager massages both your upper and lower legs. It also gives a wonderful foot massage. In contrast to the previous product from RelaxLife, the luxury version not only massages the lower legs, but also the upper legs.

What health problems does the leg and calf massager help with?
The RelaxLife compression massage device helps with the following health complaints:

  • Muscle pain in the feet and legs
  • Restless legs
  • Treating varicose veins
  • swellings
  • Edema

You can adjust the massage to a specific body part.
What makes this device unique is that you can also set it to massage your ankles, calves or feet separately, for example. You can also set the intensity of the massage per body part and activate the heat function. You can choose from three heat and intensity settings. In this way you can completely adapt the device to your wishes.

The real-life leg massager performs an effective compression massage. There are air cushions in the cuffs. When you start the massage, the device blows air in and out. In this way the legs and feet are massaged.

Adjustable cuffs: it fits well on both slimmer and wider legs.
The cuffs are adjustable so you don’t have to worry about it not fitting properly on your leg. With Velcro you can easily adjust the cuffs so that they fit well around your leg. Another advantage is that you can easily take RelaxLife with you because it comes with a storage bag.

With this device you can choose from 6 different treatment programs such as kneading, shiatsu, tapping, vibration and relaxing.

Sanbo massage gun

  • The best choice if you are looking for a small and portable massager to massage your calves and legs.
  • It has up to 20 intensity settings
  • Very small and compact, so you can enjoy a leg massage anywhere.
  • It runs on rechargeable batteries that last up to 6 hours.
  • It comes with six different head attachments

Are you looking for a compact massage device to massage your calves and legs? In this case, we recommend that you choose the Sanbo massage gun. The Sanbo massage gunis about 10 times smaller than leg compression massagers. For example, if you also want to massage your legs in the gym, the Sanbo massage gun is a much better choice. The disadvantage is of course that not the entire leg is massaged at the same time. You hold the device in your hand and then move the device over the places you want to massage. You have to massage each spot for about 1 minute. Then you move the device to another place. In this way you can also massage the legs and calves in a very targeted and effective way. Another big advantage is of course that you can actually perform a back massage, neck massage, and shoulder massage with this device.

It comes with six different heads.
To massage the muscles in the most effective way, the device comes with six different heads. You can easily place these attachments on the Sanbo gun. Each attachment has a different function. Below we briefly discuss the different attachments:

  • Narrow ball head: use to enjoy a relaxing massage
  • U shape head: to massage the back effectively.
  • Narrow round head: to effectively massage the leg and calf muscles
  • Flat head: to massage joints effectively.

The leg and calf massager has 20 different intensity
settings. Do you think the massage feels too hard? No problem. With this massage device you have the option to set the speed of the massage. You can choose from 20 different intensity settings. At the softest setting, the device generates 1400 vibrations per minute. At the highest setting, the Sanbo gun generates 4200 vibrations per minute. Do you want to know more about the Sanbo massage gun? Read our review about the Sanbo massage gun. Want to learn more about massage guns? Then take a look at this buying guide in which we extensively discuss our experiences about the best massage guns .

What type of massages can a leg and calf massager perform exactly:

Below we will discuss the different types of massages that a leg and calf massager can perform.

Compression massage

The most common treatment that a leg and calf massager performs is the compression massage. There are cushions in the machetes. Air is blown into the pillow by means of air pressure and in this way it performs a compression massage. A compression massage has the following health benefits:

  • It helps in better blood circulation.
  • It helps with stress


When you choose a massage gun, this device always gives a tapping massage. During a tapping massage, the device generates up and down movements. Every minute 2000 to 3000 vibrations are generated. The vibrating massage heads effectively massage the leg muscles. A tapping massage is especially effective for injuries and muscle recovery. The muscle pain disappears faster by loosening the muscles faster. The effect is that oxygen can reach the leg muscles, so that muscles recover faster.

The most important functionalities you should pay attention to when buying a leg and calf massager

How do I find the best leg and calf massager that best suits my needs? It’s a question many people have. It strongly depends on your wishes, but also what problem you want to solve with it. In this section of this buying guide, we will discuss in detail all the functions that leg and calf massagers can have. This way you know better which functionalities are important to you.

What types of leg and calf massagers are there?

There are two different leg massagers, namely a massage gun and a compression massager. With a massage gun you can massage the muscle groups very specifically. With a compression massager you massage both legs and feet. It is performed by means of air pressure. Below we take a closer look at both devices:

Leg/Calf Compression Massage Device

The leg compression massager is the most effective device to massage your ankles, calves, feet, and thighs. The operation of the device is quite simple. With a leg compression device, you place your entire leg in the device. With the more luxurious models, your feet are also massaged. The cheaper variants limit the massage to massaging only the lower legs such as the calves and ankles. There are cushions on the inside of the compression device. So your legs are surrounded by kisses. When you turn on the leg massager, it starts a compression massage. During this massage, the device blows air into the pillow, which goes in and out. In this way, pressure is put on your muscles and your calves, ankles and thigh muscles are effectively massaged. The compression generated by the device loosens your muscles and stimulates blood circulation. We recommend this device for the treatment of the following health complaints:

  • Improving blood circulation
  • It helps against stress
  • It helps to reduce edema.
  • It helps against headaches.

Massage gunvery effective for leg massages

A massage gun is a small massage device that you hold in your hand. Then you move the device over your calves, ankles and thigh. In addition, you can also massage your back, neck and shoulders with a massage gun. The motor in a massage gun is very strong and effective. Thanks to the strong motor, the massage also feels powerful. The advantage is that you can fully massage any spot in less than a minute. Unlike a compression massage device, it does not massage a very large surface. A plus is that you can massage the muscle groups very specifically. We recommend this device for athletes, for example. It helps enormously in a faster recovery of your muscles.

The ability to adjust the intensity of the calf and leg massager

Always choose a leg and calf massager where you can change the intensity of the massage. It can sometimes happen that the massage feels too hard, for example. Is it so nice that you can adjust the intensity? That is why it is always good to see if you can adjust the strength of the massage treatment. We always recommend that you choose a leg and calf massager that has at least three intensity settings. You can therefore always adjust the treatment to your wishes.

Does the device provide a full leg massage or is it limited to a calf massage?

What is important to consider is whether the device gives a full leg massage or not? Some devices are limited to massaging the lower legs. They massage the ankles, calves and sometimes also the feet. The more luxurious variants also massage your thigh and therefore provide a complete treatment. These models are often also a lot more expensive. So it depends a lot on your wishes and what health problems you have. So check this carefully before you make a purchase decision.

Does the cuff fit well around your lower body?

For an effective treatment, the calf and leg massager must of course fit well around your legs. It is therefore important that you can adjust the cuffs. You place your legs in the cuff and the pillows are in the inside. These pillows massage your legs by means of air pressure. It is therefore important that the cuff fits well around your calves and thighs. With kitten tape you can make the cuffs tighter or looser. It is also important that you can adjust the cuff around the calves and thigh separately.

Remote controleasily adjust in the settings

Always check whether a remote control is supplied with the leg and calf massager. It is an extra piece of comfort that will make the treatment a lot more relaxed. For example, with the remote control you can easily set the massage program and the intensity of the massage.

Can you activate the infrared heat during leg and calf massage?

Do you want the muscles to recover even faster from severe muscle pain in the legs? Infrared heat can help with this. Most leg massagers have an infrared heat function that you can activate. Thanks to the infrared heat, the heat spreads through the machete over your legs. The infrared heat in combination with the massage ensures that the stuck muscles are treated even more effectively. The effect of this is that muscles loosen up much faster and the muscle pain disappears faster. The heat promotes blood flow, making it easier for oxygen and nutrients to reach the leg muscles.

A tip is to choose a compression leg massager where you can adjust the heat. If it feels too hot, you can adjust the heat setting. This way you always enjoy the perfect heat temperature.

Choose a leg and calf massager that is equipped with overheating protection.

Especially in combination with the infrared heat, calf and leg massagers can sometimes become too hot. It is therefore important that it is fitted with overheating protection. When the appliance gets too hot, it switches itself off automatically. In this way, the device lasts much faster. By the way, you don’t have to worry about it turning itself off after 5 minutes. Depending on the model, the overheating protection is activated after approximately one hour. So always check whether the leg massager has this functionality.

Shiatsu massage:

Some leg and calf massagers can also give a shiatsu massage. The shiatsu treatment comes from Japan and is becoming increasingly popular in the west. The aim of the shiatsu massage is to balance the energy circulation in your body. During the massage, waste products are removed from your body and in this way your energy circulation is brought back into balance. A masseuse performs a shiatsu massage by making circular movements with the fingers, elbows and even knees. A leg and calf massager performs a shiatsu massage through the massage heads located in the machetes. The rotating massage heads imitate the movements of the masseur. With a calf and leg massage device, a shiatsu massage is often combined with an air compression massage. Air is blown out into the cushions while the massage heads make rotating movements. A shiatsu massage has the following health benefits:

  • Less stress: during a shiatsu massage, the body produces endorphins. They are also called happiness hormones. The hormones make you feel better and calmer. A logical effect of this is also that the stress decreases
  • Lower blood pressure: if you regularly enjoy a shiatsu massage, it has a beneficial effect on your blood pressure.
  • Stronger immune system: because your energy circulation is balanced and waste products are effectively removed, this also has a beneficial effect on your immune system. It is especially important in times of a pandemic to have a strong immune system.