Facial cleansing – cleanses pores and skin from impurities, acne and inflammation

Face cleaning facial Cleansing -30%  , as familiarity with our beautician and   fitokosmetsevtikoy Laboratoires Mansard , will not only remove the black spots, pimples, blackheads and restore the relief of the dermis, but also will contribute to the normalization of the sebaceous glands. Professional cleaning is a fundamental treatment that removes stagnant and inflammatory elements and opens pores. Facial cleansing … Read more

Fungus laser treatment

Fungus treatment with a laser is the elimination of the pathogenic environment of the affected nail plate by intense heating with a laser beam. It is recommended to visit a dermatologist for laser treatment of nails 1-2 times a month,  depending on their initial state. The result of the procedure will be visible as the nail plate … Read more

Biorevitalization – biological transformation of the skin

The main mechanism of skin aging is a decrease in the content of water in it, which is bound and retained by hyaluronic acid. Its production in the body is carried out by fibroblast cells, which stop dividing with age. After the introduction of drugs based on hyaluronic acid and amino acids, the result of bio … Read more

Endosphere face therapy – the # 1 procedure in anti-age therapy

This is a natural rejuvenation of the face and décolleté, based on mechanical action without radiation and without heating. This is hardware rejuvenating massage. Endosphere facial therapy is designed to prevent aging: oval modeling and elimination of signs of gravitational ptosis,  relieving muscle spasms, leveling the muscle layer and tone of the facial muscles,   elimination … Read more

Lip Augmentation

HA injections into the lip area are primarily an anti-age procedure that improves the quality of the lip skin. You can apply contour plastics from the age of 18. Indications: elimination of congenital lip asymmetry; correction of very thin and naturally inexpressive lips; correction of post-traumatic lip imperfections; moisturizing and smoothing vertical wrinkles around the … Read more

Radiesse for the prevention and correction of ptosis

 Filler Radiesse is a natural lifting filler to replenish volume and stimulate new collagen, which provides a prolonged lifting of the facial contours.  Why people choose Radiesse: long-term correction of tissue ptosis (sagging); does not give puffiness; replenishment of volumes; stimulates the process of skin rejuvenation by triggering the activation of fibroblasts; prevention of age-related ptosis … Read more

Hirudotherapy – treatment of many diseases without medication

3D tour Hirudotherapy or leech therapy – allows you to stimulate the metabolism of the selected area and blood circulation in it. During a bite, leeches release biologically active substances into the human blood, which affect the hemostasis system and improve the microcirculation of the selected zone. Hirudotherapy is used in cosmetology for skin rejuvenation, and in … Read more

Laser removal of papillomas

Benefits of laser removal:  Non-contact procedure. Leaves no scars. Instant aesthetic effect. Has no complications from an infection. No bleeding due to vascular coagulation. Attention! Dermatologist consultation  550 ₴   225 ₴ on the day of laser papilloma removal. Dermatologist consultation + dermatoscopy 700 ₴  350 ₴ Removal of papillomas with a laser is a modern and quick way to cleanse the … Read more

What is important to know before removing a mole?

The feasibility of removing a mole (nevus) is determined during dermatoscopy, which allows you to identify pathologies and avoid complications.  Signs of degeneration of moles or a signal for consultation with a dermatologist: The appearance of a pronounced asymmetry of the birthmark  An uneven edge (usually moles are even and smooth). As soon as you … Read more

Eye mesotherapy

Mesotherapy around the eyes is a cosmetological procedure, the implementation of which consists in the introduction of vitamin mixtures with bioactive substances into the upper layers of the dermis and epidermis. A quick and maximum effect is guaranteed by the fact that point injections are injected directly into the problem areas. the skin around the … Read more