Elliptical trainer for at home in the test

What is the difference between a cross trainer and an elliptical trainer? Cross trainer is simply the generic term for fitness equipment that moves legs and arms at the same time. Elliptical trainers are a further developed, high-quality piece of sports equipment with a more natural sequence of movements, ie “cross trainers with an elliptical … Read more

Cross trainer for the home

With a market share of around 70 percent, the cross trainer has become a top seller among exercise bikes. But elliptical machines do not only have health benefits. If you trust the judgment of Stiftung Warentest , cross trainers also prove to be extremely quiet, energy-saving and can be folded up in a relatively space-saving way. Various programs … Read more

Abdominal trainer

A nice six-pack is not only a great eye-catcher, but also the most impressive sign of physical fitness. In addition, the abdominal muscles form the center of the body and stabilize posture and movement in every situation. Therefore, the training of the abdominal muscles should not be neglected. Abdominal trainers are the best and, above … Read more

Movement trainer: Pedal trainer for arms and legs

The movement trainer is an ergometer-like device that enables leg or arm training while seated. It is mostly used in rehabilitation or therapy, as it can be operated at 0 watts and therefore even with very little muscle strength. Furthermore, passive training is also possible with the movement trainer, since a motor is built into … Read more

Exercise bike test – fitness equipment for home in comparison

Fitness equipment comparison – which exercise bike for home is best?  The term “exercise bike” as a fitness device is very broad. This primarily includes all fitness equipment that improves endurance and can also be used at home without any problems. The ergometer , cross trainer and treadmill are the most popular exercise bikes on the market. Even with this exercise equipment for … Read more

Best cross trainer of 2023

Best cross trainer

Cross trainers are among the most popular fitness equipment for the home. And that’s not for nothing, because with this handy device you train your entire body. Fitness, muscle building, weight loss, with the best cross trainers in this top 5 you will achieve your personal goals. The range of cross trainers is large and that is … Read more

Best rowing machine of 2023

Best rowing machine

Do you want to buy a rowing machine and are you curious about the best rowing machine that suits your sports style? Then you are in the right place in this article. Discover the top 5 best rowing machines and finally read our buying guide. Here we give you a number of tips about what … Read more

Best exercise bike of 2023

Best Exercise bike

Do you want to be sporty at home? Then an exercise bike comes in handy. With this fitness bike, you train your condition and get in better shape. The great advantages of cycling on an exercise bike: never suffer from bad weather conditions and get on and off whenever you want! So, do you like … Read more