Cancer therapy: what is the oncologist for?

The specialist treating a cancer patient is not the specialist of the affected organ but the medical oncologist. A medical team is formed: an attending physician, a specialist in the organ possibly affected, and a medical oncologist. Why is he a referring physician? Interview with Delphine Topart, medical oncologist at the Montpellier University Hospital. Hizy: … Read more

Covid-19: AFM-Telethon innovates to support families

From the start of the health crisis linked to Covid-19, the priority was to protect the most vulnerable. The AFM-Téléthon did this by setting up an innovative dedicated support service. Beyond the emergency response, it should improve the daily lives of thousands of families affected by neuromuscular diseases. Covid-19: an innovative support model AFM-Telethon offered, from … Read more

Ill spouse: how to get back to sleep?

At night, the care to be given to your spouse, or simply the effects of the disease, can disrupt sleep. Some ideas to improve the day, the too fragmented nights! The restorative nap to make up for lost sleep Having to help the other, even at night, when the interventions are frequent, that often means … Read more

For or Against Memory Activities?

With age, memory loss frequently occurs – from fading memory to serious Alzheimer’s type disorders. Should we offer the senior memory exercises or specific workshops to boost his brain? The opinion of Marie-Christine Gely-Nargeot, professor of psychopathology and neuropsychology at Paul-Valéry University in Montpellier. Stimulate memory: pros Preserve its activities and social relations “Memory is … Read more

Healthcare bed: which model to choose?

The choice of a medical bed is essential for the well-being and safety of the dependent person as well as those who help them on a daily basis. While most of the time it comes down to professionals, it may also require your involvement … In theory, if your parent has been hospitalized, the occupational … Read more

Polyhandicap: move and feel to better understand

The child is bougeaillon by nature! He grows, cognitively and cerebrally, by making lots of mistakes … And by the way, play and physical activity promote his main physiological functions. But what to do when the sensory or motor impairments of a disabled child limit their mobility? Physical activity and intelligence: it happens in the brain … Read more