Glass bottle: test & recommendations

Glass bottles are real all-rounders when it comes to packaging. Almost all liquids can be stored and transported in it, protected from air. Glass has the great advantage that it does not react with its filling. This makes it odorless and tasteless. It is also much more environmentally friendly than plastic and has a long … Read more

Pan set: test & recommendations

Whether you’re a master chef or a newbie to the kitchen, a good and reliable set of pans will help you cook a storm! To improve your cooking skills, having the best tools available is important, and pans are a must! They may be one of the most basic cookware in the kitchen, but pans … Read more

Grater: Test & Recommendations

If you enjoy cooking at home, you should definitely invest in a quality grater. With the right grater, not only will you get the right amount of ingredients to grind, but it’s also incredibly useful, and it comes in many different shapes and sizes. If you want to buy a grater, we are here for … Read more