Thai massage therapy

The Thai massage is one of the most popular massages in the world. It is also not surprising because this type of massage is very effective for various types of physical and mental health complaints. For example, it improves your posture, gives you extra energy and it is effective in reducing stress. In this article I … Read more

Foot reflexology massage: massaging the pressure points of your feet helps with many health problems

The foot reflexology massage is a massage that has been used for thousands of years. We also call this type of treatment foot reflexology. Its purpose is to balance the energy balance of the body by cleansing the energy pathways in the body. A foot reflex massage is a very effective massage to do this because … Read more

Ayurvedic massage through sesame oil

Many people have busy lives, which can lead to a lot of stress. When you are under a lot of stress, it can be very difficult to deal with. Especially when the stress transforms into chronic stress. An Ayurvedic massage can be an excellent remedy to reduce stress. It is an ancient massage that comes from India. Typical of … Read more