Cross trainer for the home

With a market share of around 70 percent, the cross trainer has become a top seller among exercise bikes. But elliptical machines do not only have health benefits.

If you trust the judgment of Stiftung Warentest , cross trainers also prove to be extremely quiet, energy-saving and can be folded up in a relatively space-saving way. Various programs can be called up via the display and trained in a wide variety of methods.

Cross trainer training with TV video running tracks

When exercising with the cross trainer, the feet are in constant contact with the ground, which is why the movement cannot quite be compared to jogging.

This achieves a softer appearance, which is gentle on the joints and is also ideal for older people and for losing weight. The heel does not hit with every step, which increases the load on the ball of the foot and results in more effective leg and buttock training.

By using the arms in the opposite direction, the shoulders and arm muscles are also mobilized and trained. Walking backwards is also possible. As a result, other muscle groups are again stressed, the use of the arms is reinforced again and the ball area is relieved.

Cross trainers with a TV streaming function are particularly interesting. These can make training enormously more interesting with a tablet or smart TV. The video running routes through different landscapes give you an incentive to train more on the treadmill.

Cross trainer for weight loss

With the cross trainer, almost all areas of the body are stressed, which boosts the fat metabolism even after a short training period.

In this way you can burn a lot of calories and burn a lot of fat. The work of the heart is improved and the circulatory system is strengthened.

The dynamic movement with both legs and arms is a lot of fun and can be easily combined with music. For optimal health improvements, we recommend training 3-4 times a week, each lasting at least 30 minutes.

Cross trainer put to the test

In terms of costs, it should be mentioned that the cross trainer is not the cheapest, but also not the most expensive variant of the exercise bike.

The price range is between 200 and 5000 euros, but unfortunately no reasonable device is available for less than 500 euros. A usable cross trainer with exact pulse measurement and load control through the integrated training computer is available for around 900 euros.

The most popular manufacturers are Kettler, Buffalo, Christopeit or Reebok. Stiftung Warentest has tested a number of cross trainers. You can read the interesting test results and purchase recommendations here.

Cross trainer test criteria

As many criteria as possible must be observed in the cross trainer test. When buying a cross trainer, the following factors and product properties should be taken into account:

  • How cheap is the cross trainer?
  • How stable is the cross trainer? Is it made of high quality and does it have a long shelf life?
  • How is the cross trainer handling?
  • How is the training on the cross trainer? Is the sequence of movements flowing?
  • What is the sequence of movements on the cross trainer? Like jogging, walking or elliptical?
  • How is the training computer? Does the cross trainer have multiple programs and functions?
  • What are the health benefits of training on the cross trainer?
  • What is the safety like on the cross trainer?

Cross trainer test winner in comparison

Most of the time, you can rely on the test winner of a test report, e.g. from Stiftung Warentest, without any problems. Nevertheless, it can be very helpful to read through some testimonials and reviews from customers. Such experiences can be seen in great detail in online shops like Amazon .

In the test by Stiftung Warentest (January 5th, 2007) , the devices from Christopeit, Kettler and Schmidt achieved the best results. The Christopeit Sport CS5 No. 99255 was the test winner among the tested cross trainers with a low price of 249 euros and a good grade of 2.3.

Discounter cross trainer put to the test

Discount stores such as Aldi or Lidl regularly have cross trainers or other exercise bikes in their range. These devices are usually quite cheap, but still have good workmanship and quality. However, the test often showed that it is difficult to get spare parts for these discount stores. This is easier in the sports shop or when ordering on the Internet, which is why the test winners usually come from there.