Eye mesotherapy

Mesotherapy around the eyes is a cosmetological procedure, the implementation of which consists in the introduction of vitamin mixtures with bioactive substances into the upper layers of the dermis and epidermis. A quick and maximum effect is guaranteed by the fact that point injections are injected directly into the problem areas.

  • the skin around the eyes is very delicate, thinned, located in the zone of active facial expressions and is often adversely affected. Expression wrinkles, dark circles and bags under the eyes look unaesthetic and cause a lot of problems, the skin ages faster, making the face visually older;
  • from almost 25 years old, small wrinkles become noticeable, and it is from this age that cosmetologists advise to carry out mesotherapy of the eyelids and eyes;
  • the procedure itself takes about 40 minutes;
  • carry out mesotherapy for 3 – 6 procedures at weekly intervals;
  • the natural appearance of the skin is restored and its rejuvenation occurs;
  • mesotherapy of this area is carried out exclusively by manual technique, without the use of hardware;
Duration of the procedure
60 minutes

Benefits of mesotherapy around the eyes

  • has a minimum of contraindications;

  • the immediate result with a long period of validity;

  • practically has no age restrictions;

  • painless and non-traumatic;

  • has a targeted effect on skin imperfections around the eyes and does not harm the body;

  • preparations do not contain any toxins;

  • excellent compatibility with many cosmetic procedures;

  • minimal risk of side effects.


  • age-related skin changes;

  • wrinkles;

  • drooping of the eyelids;

  • mimic wrinkles;

  • dark circles, pigmentation;

  • unhealthy skin color around the eyes;

  • puffiness and bags under the eyes;

  • rehabilitation after plastic surgery, chemical peeling.


  • malignant tumors;

  • pregnancy and breastfeeding;

  • diseases of the cardiovascular system;

  • blood clotting disorders;

  • infectious diseases, especially the herpes virus;

  • atypia of the skin and inflammation in the treatment area;

  • allergic reactions;

The method of carrying out mesotherapy of the area around the eyes

There is no need for special preparation for the procedure. Mesotherapy of the periorbital zone is reduced to a consultation with a cosmetologist, the selection of optimal cocktails for the introduction and performing allergy tests. After the procedure, you must refrain from visiting beaches and tanning salons, if possible, protect the skin around the eyes from direct sunlight and refrain from using cosmetics on the day of the procedure.

Conducting a mesotherapy session for the eyes

  • antiseptic treatment of the skin and, if necessary, application of application anesthesia;

  • marking for the introduction of the drug;

  • carrying out injections in certain places to the required depth;

  • injection sites are re-treated with an antiseptic;

  • a soothing cream is applied.

Consequences of the procedure and recommendations for care

  • the presence of swelling of the skin and redness (can last from several days to a week);

  • restriction of visits to beaches, pools, saunas;

  • abstaining from strenuous physical activity;

  • a ban on alcohol;

  • temporary refusal to use decorative cosmetics.

The effectiveness of mesotherapy for the area around the eyes

As a result of the introduction of meso-cocktails into the problem area, the effect of skin rejuvenation is achieved, the process of tissue regeneration is started, cell metabolism and cell synthesis are accelerated.

Often cocktails with hyaluronic acid are used for the area around the eyes. In this case, the active production of collagen and elastin is triggered, which contributes to a noticeable smoothing of wrinkles, and the duration of the effect lasts until the drug is completely removed from the body.

If vitamins are present in anti-aging cocktails, new wrinkles are not formed.

The effect of mesotherapy lasts up to one year.

The price of mesotherapy under the eyes will depend on the techniques used, the treatment area