[Latest in 2023] 14 Recommended Gaming Chairs Review 2023

“I want to concentrate on online games”

“I want a full-fledged chair!”

Recently, it has become possible to enjoy various games on smartphones.When it comes to enjoying more authentic games, it is common to use a computer or game console.

However, if you want to enjoy the game in earnest, you have to keep watching the monitor for a long time, and many people will feel stiff shoulders, back pain, and neck pain .

If this tiredness and pain disappears, you will be able to concentrate on the game and work as much as you want, so it will be more efficient than it is now, and sitting for a long time will not be a pain.

So this time, I would like to introduce a gaming chair recommended for people who often sit for a long time!Speaking of gaming chairs, ” AKRAcing ” and ” DXRACER ” are popular manufacturers, aren’t they?

It is known for its excellent sitting comfort, and the way you get tired is completely different from ordinary chairs .If you find it difficult to sit for a long time, please take a look at the greatness of gaming chairs in this article!

What is a gaming chair?

As a full-fledged gamer spends most of the day sitting in a chair, it is essential to have a high-performance chair that is as tiring as possible.In addition, there is a need for a chair that stabilizes the controller during operation and sometimes allows you to relax and take a break.

Gaming chairs can be said to be ” really high-performance chairs ” that firmly cover these points .In fact, many domestic and overseas game originators and Youtubers are using gaming chairs, and recently, due to the influence of remote work etc., it is becoming more popular with the general public .

Although it looks sporty like a racing seat, it has various designs and functionality, and even people who do not play games can easily adopt it, so it is highly evaluated by programmers and web designers .

What is different from a desk chair?

Many of the “desk chairs” that are often used in offices are comfortable to sit on and less tiring, but what is the difference between desk chairs and gaming chairs?

It looks completely different, but many people don’t know the specific difference, so let’s check the difference from a general desk chair here.

High functionality

Gaming chairs are designed on the assumption that you will sit for a long time , so the burden on your body, comfort, and posture support are calculated in detail.

Therefore, it is common to implement ” Lumber Support ” that supports the waist, ” Headrest ” that supports the head, and ” Recliner ” that allows you to take a relaxing nap .

Therefore, you don’t need extra force to maintain your posture, and you can naturally maintain the correct posture just by sitting down !

In addition, these functions casually wrap your body, giving you a sense of security and relaxation .

There are many things that can be finely adjusted to suit your body, so it can be said that the big difference is the comfort that makes you want to sit more once you sit down.

Design (bucket seat)

Most desk chairs have a calm color such as black or gray and have a relatively simple design .

However, many gaming chairs have a flashy design like a racing seat, and many of them have a black background with colors close to the primary colors such as red, green, and blue.

Originally, it is said that the material used for F1 race cars was used, and it has “stylishness” and “presence” that desk chairs do not have.

Of course, there are gaming chairs with a calm atmosphere such as black, but there are also people who say that “the colorful colors allow you to work without feeling a sense of work”, so it seems that you can expect the effect of increasing motivation. !!

As I introduced at the beginning, even though it is a gaming chair, it is not a “chair used only by those who play games”, but the great thing about gaming chairs is that anyone can feel comfortable sitting .

For example, it is best to use the 180 degree reclining function for a nap, or for people with back pain to use it as a daily use.Therefore, it is one of the very convenient items to have one at home .

Also, depending on your hobbies and profession, you can improve work efficiency by using a gaming chair, so please refer to the scene where you should incorporate a gaming chair.

Home study

Not only students but also many working people are studying to acquire qualifications and advance their careers.There are various ways to study, such as writing or online, but it is basic to sit down.

The more you concentrate on your studies, the longer you will sit, so the gaming chair will be a big success in such a scene!


Many offices have desk chairs, but it is also recommended to dare to use them as gaming chairs.

As with functionality, the monotone atmosphere may change completely and motivate you, or you may be able to work with a more positive feeling without the pressure of “work.”


Perhaps the most difficult thing about desk work is that you spend a lot of time sitting .This is not painful to sit for a long time, but it is painful to keep sitting, which puts a strain on your body .

Therefore, it is no exaggeration to say that those who work at desks need chairs that are as sophisticated as gamers. Poor posture leads to pelvic distortion and poor blood circulation, which is not only tiring but also greatly related to physical condition.

In particular, when working with a personal computer, it is easy to lean forward, and it may be difficult to stand up until a paragraph is reached, so I think it can be said that it is a profession that should use a gaming chair.


Gaming chairs are also recommended forpeople who work as painters, animators, and illustrators .Many creators who work for a long time in the same posture also suffer from back pain and eye strain .

If you use a gaming chair, you can take a break by knocking down the reclining while sitting down even when you cannot take your hands off.In addition, the movable armrests provide solid support, so I think that how you get tired will be greatly different for detailed work !

Convenient functions of gaming chairs and names of parts. Gaming chairs are very attractive because of their high functionality, but there are various parts to create that high functionality.

There are many parts that are not found in the table chairs and dex chairs that we usually use, so I would like to introduce the parts and functions that the gaming chair has.

It will be a point when actually choosing a gaming chair, so it is good to know the name to some extent ♪

Basic part

First of all, I will introduce the name of the part and what kind of effect each has.Even if it’s not a gaming chair, there may be many names that people who use a slightly special chair know.


The headrest is the part that supports your head when you sit down .It’s also mounted on car seats, but gaming chairs are designed to provide better neck and head support.

Since it fits on the back of the neck and allows you to take the same posture as when you are sleeping, you can work with as little load as possible on the neck that supports the heavy head .

Lumber support

Lumber support is a cushion that fits the S-shaped curve from the waist to the back .It is mounted at the bottom of the backrest and is generally curved.

Not only when you are sitting, but it also supports your lower back even when you are sleeping in a reclining position, so if you are prone to back pain or stooping, this is a part you definitely want to use!


The armrest is a so-called armrest .

Some gaming chairs do not have armrests, but the longer you sit, the better it is, and it helps to ease the weight of your arms and prevent you from leaning forward .

If you often work with your hands, choose a movable armrest that allows you to move your hands back and forth and left and right with your elbows resting!


A footrest is a footrest that can be pulled out from under the seat .Also known as an ottoman , this is convenient because you can play games while sleeping with your legs stretched, or you can easily stretch your legs when your legs are a little tired.

It can be stored under the seat when not in use, so it won’t get in the way.


A caster is a roller attached to the foot of a chair .If you have casters, you can easily move the chair together, so you don’t have to stand or sit down.On the other hand, if you don’t want to move the chair, you can fix it with a lock function, so it will be more versatile.

Convenient function

Now let’s talk about some useful features that are implemented in common gaming chairs.Just because it’s a gaming chair doesn’t mean it has any special features, but it’s a good idea to remember it along with the name of the part as a confirmation.

Reclining function (locking function)

The reclining function is a function that tilts the backrest of the chair to the back, and is also called the locking function .The angle that can be tilted depends on the product, but most gaming chairs can be tilted 180 degrees so that you can take a nap.

It’s also convenient when you want to take a break while working or stretch your back!

Height adjustment function

As the name suggests, the height adjustment function is a function for adjusting the height of the sitting chair.Also called the elevating function, it adjusts according to your height and desk height.

This is also implemented in most gaming chairs, but if you can’t adjust it, your posture may get worse, or the distance from your desk may not match, so you may not be able to fully realize the fascination of the gaming chair.

How to choose a gaming chair that suits you

A gaming chair that even people who do not play games can feel quite comfortable.

There are several popular manufacturers, but the gaming chairs that are actually on sale are quite different, and many people are wondering which one to choose when they look for it.

Even if you choose the one used by professional gamers or the popular gaming chair, it does not always suit you, and if you want to use it comfortably, choosing the one that suits you is the most important point . increase.

So here are some tips for choosing the right gaming chair for you.There are five basic points, and if you hold these five firmly, anyone can choose the gaming chair that suits you, so be sure to check it before you buy!

1.Does it fit your body?

Choosing a good chair is for your health anyway.So, the first thing to check when choosing a gaming chair is the fit .The point is whether you can wrap your body tightly when you sit down and fix it in a position that does not put a burden on you.

Without this fit, it might be easier when you first sit down, but over time you’ll lose your posture and eventually get tired …You don’t know what to buy a gaming chair for.

It’s best to sit down and check it directly, but you can’t do that at an online shop, so it ‘s a good idea to check it by referring to the shape of the chair, reviews, and reviews .

2.Sheet material and design

Appearance is also important , especially when using a gaming chair at home .

If it is too flashy, it will not be in harmony with other interiors and furniture and will float, and if you choose a design that is too refreshing, your body’s support will be weakened.

Therefore, it is a good idea to choose your favorite design while taking advantage of the high functionality of the gaming chair!Also, considering sitting for a long time, it is recommended to choose a material that does not easily smell .

Especially in the summer, it is easy to sweat, so it is necessary to use a sticker that dissipates the heat of the body well.Many gaming chairs, such as highly breathable fabrics and synthetic leather, are considered to be resistant to odors, so consider the feel you like when choosing them.

3.Reclining and armrest mobility

When you use a gaming chair, it will be easier to choose smoothly if you clarify to some extent what functional aspects you need.

For example, let’s think about how much you want to tilt the backrest if it is a reclining function, whether the armrest should be movable, and how it is preferable to move, while imagining the usage scene .

Also, some footrests are mounted on gaming chairs, but if you want a more solid feel, you may prefer an optional footrest, so you don’t have to force yourself to choose a multifunctional one. ..

4.Will you support your posture?

” Headrest ” and ” Lumber support ” support your posture when you sit down .

It is implemented in most gaming chairs, but it is no exaggeration to say that the hardness, shape, position, etc. are completely different depending on the product.

Also, the best position will differ depending on your body shape, height, sitting posture, etc., so it is recommended to choose one that suits your body or that you can adjust.

5.High cost performance

Gaming chairs are more expensive than ordinary desk chairs and dining chairs .Some items can be purchased for less than 10,000 yen, but if you want a certain amount of comfort and functionality, many items cost more than 30,000 yen.

Gaming chairs are said to have a high cost performance overall, so even if the price is high, you can expect even higher performance.However, if it is too expensive, it will be an economic burden, and if it is too cheap, it will be no different from a normal chair, let alone a cospa.

Therefore, it is a good idea to compare the functionality, the reviews of the people who actually bought it, and the price, and choose the one with the best cost performance for you .

Recommended gaming chair that is comfortable even if you sit for a long time << Chair type >>

Now, I would like to introduce the recommended gaming chairs. First of all, I will introduce chair type gaming chairs such as Aeron chairs used in offices and schools .

It’s a must-have chair for those who work on tall desks and tables, but some people just reuse the dining chair or use a table of just the right height as a chair.

However, posture and comfort are important for you to concentrate on your work, so it is recommended to prepare a special chair!

1.GTRACING Gaming Chair (GT901)

Gaming Chairs Review

It is a chair based on the highest class ergonomic design among the world-famous gaming chair brand “GT RACING” .

The three-dimensional three-dimensional molded frame firmly supports the head, shoulders, and waist, and the seat surface is made of high-resilience urethane that does not get tired even when sitting for a long time .

The headrest with different tastes is removable and the ottoman at your feet can be pulled out only when necessary, so you can use it only when you want to relax.

2.GTRACING Gaming Chair (GT002)

The height of the seat can be adjusted from 42 to 50 cm according to the body shape of the Japanese, and the 3D shape designed based on ergonomics gently wraps the body and firmly supports the head to the neck, shoulders, and butt. It is a gaming chair that disperses such body pressure .

Gaming Chairs Review

The lumbar support and removable headrest on the waist allow you to sit comfortably in a chair for a long time without getting tired.

On the design side, three-dimensional stitching is also applied with precise and delicate processing technology, and the balance between glossy PU leather and sharp appearance, blue and shaving color is a sporty and cool impression .

Gas cylinders and casters use parts certified by an international inspection agency called SGS, so we are also pursuing safety and security.It is sturdy with a load capacity of 136 kg, so it is also recommended for chubby people.

It comes with a one-year free parts replacement warranty, so you can purchase with even more peace of mind.

3.Gtracing Gaming Chair GTBEE-black

It is one of the most affordable and popular gaming chairs in Gtracing .

Gaming Chairs Review

With a simple operation, you can recline up to 165 degrees, so you can relax on your chair even during breaks during games and office work.

There is a one-year warranty for free parts replacement, so you can rest assured in case of emergency.

4.Herman Miller Embody Chair

A work chair that fits your body and can be used both in games and in the office.Herman Miller’s first work chair,designed to create harmony between the user’s body and the computer .

Gaming Chairs Review

The ergonomic design allows you to maintain a healthy posture that promotes blood flow .Work efficiency is also improved because you can work in a comfortable sitting position.

The stylish and lean design makes it a recommended work chair that fits not only in your home but also in your office space .

5. DXRacer Gaming Chair Racing Series OH/RW106/N, Black

DXRACER is a brand of gaming and office chairs that are active in global game events such as WCG, NTEL EXTREME MASTER, and NTEL EXTREME MASTER .

Gaming Chairs Review

DXRACER (DX Racer) deals with this, which features an ergonomic 3D frame, and the exquisite curves will fit any body.

In addition, I am confident in the elasticity of the armrests, and because it is made of polyurethane resin, the moderate softness comfortably supports my arms!

Reclining that heals the body after working for a long time can be tilted up to 150 degrees and freshened to improve work efficiency.By adjusting these at the same time, you will be able to experience maximum comfort.

Polyurethane resin is also used for the casters, so you can move as much as you want without damaging the floor .

6. Dowinx Gaming Chair

The ergonomically designed Dowinx gaming chair has headrests and lumbar support to reduce the strain on your lower back and back when you sit for long periods of time.

Although it is a gaming chair with many flashy colors, the LS-6689 series has a luxurious color such as brown, gray and wine red. that will not float in the office or study.

It is also possible to take a comfortable break by using the reclining function that tilts up to about 175 ° and the ottoman that can be stored normally.

The LS-6689 series uses a high quality sponge (5 inches thick) for increased breathability and can be used comfortably regardless of the season. .Since it is sold directly by the manufacturer, it comes with a one-year free parts replacement warranty.

7.E-WIN Gaming Chair

E-WIN’s gaming chair uses high-density, high-resilience urethane not only on the seat surface but also on the entire back surface .It will support your body well in any system.

In addition to being able to adjust to 8 levels of reclining from 85 ° to 155 °, it is attractive to be able to customize the height of the armrests and seating surface to your liking.

The ottoman is sold separately, so those who need it will need to purchase it separately.

8.Dowinx Gaming Chair

It is a gaming chair with a high design of fabric material, which is rare in gaming chairs .

In the summer, sitting for a long time can make you uncomfortable with leather material due to stuffiness and sweat, but don’t worry because the fabric is highly breathable .

Since it uses a coil spring cushion that is also used for luxury sofas, it will support your weight with just the right amount of spring.

9. SWOLOL gaming chair

SWOLOL’s gaming chairs, which are attractive at an affordable price, are available in colors that are popular with children, such as pink and blue .The casters made of nylon resin are gentle on the floor and quiet, so you can work in the middle of the night without worry .

Gaming Chairs Review

It has a weight resistance of 150 kg and comes with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty.

10. LUCKRACER Gaming Chair 

With a massage function that allows you to enjoy the game while being healed.The point is the design based on ergonomics !

The backrest and seat have a high height difference, and the thighs, hips, back, shoulders, and other surfaces that come into contact with the chair are gently wrapped and stabilized so that you will not feel any discomfort even if you continue to sit for a long time.

The thick armrests that firmly support your arms and the glossy black color scheme of PU leather are ideal not only for gaming chairs but also for office use .

If you put out the retractable footrest and tilt the back, you can take care of your tired feet and use it for relaxing time.

11.AKRACING Gaming Chair PRO 

Gaming chair that has gained a solid position in “e-sports”
The interior is designed with a metal frame, with a width of 550 mm and a backrest height of 950 mm, making it the most suitable for gamers.

This model has a hold feeling but is characterized by a comfortable seating, and the specially designed urethane foam disperses the pressure resistance firmly.

Therefore, even if you sit for a long time, the burden on your body is small and it reduces overwork!In addition, it is equipped with a 4D adjustable armrest that allows you to freely adjust the position of the armrest.

Since it can be adjusted to any position such as up and down, front and back, left and right, and rotation, you can arrange it in a position that suits your system and purpose more ♪

Recommended gaming chair that is comfortable even if you sit for a long time << Zaisu type >>

Now, I would like to introduce a sitting chair type gaming chair that can be used by placing it on the floor .Compared to the chair type, it does not take up much space and does not damage the floor, so this type is easy to take in.

Of course, it supports your sitting posture and also supports your waist and neck, so it is recommended when watching TV or movies, or when taking a nap.

12.GTRACING Gaming Chair Luxury Series 

Comfortable time with deeper 180 degree recliningAlthough it is a PU leather fabric, it has a matte finish, so it is a gaming chair with little flashy impression.

Gaming Chairs Review

Even if you set the chair in front of the desk, the chair rotates 360 degrees so you don’t have to pull the chair when you sit down .In addition to the tall high back that supports up to the head, the necklace fits perfectly along the curved part of the neck, reducing the burden on the neck .

Highly repulsive urethane is used inside, and it has excellent durability by adopting the bucket seat shape used for racing cars.You can relax and enjoy the game time while scratching the crossed legs that are unique to the sitting chair type.

13. AKRacing Premium Series Luxury Game Chair

Japan limited seat chair that follows the basic design of the gaming chair. This is a sitting chair that follows the basic design of AKRacing’s gaming chair.

Gaming Chairs Review

The cushion material uses a thick, high-resilience molded urethane foam that was originally developed, and is characterized by distributing body pressure and preventing fatigue from accumulating even when sitting for a long time .

In addition, because it is designed based on ergonomics (ergonomics), you will feel the comfort of a Japanese figure.A little different from other chairs is that it has a 360-degree rotary table .

Although you can’t move back and forth and left and right, you can easily rotate your body, so I think it’s perfect for people who often change their posture and direction !

The armrest can also be rotated, moved back and forth, and raised and lowered, so it is also recommended for work that moves your hands.

14.High Back Multi Reclining Game Zaisu “Solid”

You can always find your place with 3 reclining gears
This is a sitting chair type gaming chair developed for the purpose of posture support .

Because of its high variability and freedom, it can be used in various situations such as watching TV, operating smartphones, and reading books, in addition to games!

In particular, it focuses on “stability”, and by packing high-quality upper kneading on the backrest and seat surface, it seems that moderate elasticity and resilience are realized.

You can use the T-shaped part as a backrest, or conversely, if you sit with the T-shaped part in front, you can use it as an elbow rest.

Since the backrest and seat surface are equipped with three reclining gears, it can be adjusted in 14 steps according to the usage scene and body shape .

The honeycomb mesh used for the material is highly breathable, and it is a nice point that it does not get stuffy even if you sit for a long time.

It’s even more comfortable with this! Recommended chair mats you want to buy together

When using a chair, the burden on the floor and tatami mats is a concern.Many gaming chairs are equipped with casters, which is convenient, but many people are worried that they will get scratched.

However, the chair mat solves that problem !It can be said that it is an item that you should purchase together so that you can make full use of the gaming chair .

Chair mats are sold by various manufacturers, but the clear type polycarbonate material is recommended.

The clear type does not have the presence of a chair mat, it has the effect of making the entire room look wider, the polycarbonate material can be cut freely, and there is no vinyl odor, so it is safe for health.

Based on the above, we would like to introduce the recommended chair mats.

Sanwa Direct Chair Mat Polycarbonate 100-MAT005

Japanese chair mat that can be used for both Japanese-style rooms and carpets.This is a chair mat sold by Sanwa Supply, a manufacturer of PC peripherals.

As it is made in Japan with peace of mind , its quality is also certain.It uses polycarbonate, which has higher heat insulation than conventional chair mats, so you can use it safely on floor heating floors!

In addition, these mats often warp during use, but since they are made of hard material, they are less likely to warp and do not deform.Unlike PVC material, it does not have the odor peculiar to vinyl, so it is safe for families with small children and pets .

There are two sizes, 120 cm type and 150 cm type.Basically, you can’t cut it yourself, but you can choose the size according to the size of the room and the purpose of use, so you will be able to fit it in the room firmly.

90.9% of those who have used gaming chairs “should use it”, why?

Gaming chairs are a big purchase, so some people are wondering whether to buy them.Even if the price is a little high, it is an attractive item as a reward for improving your concentration and rewarding yourself .

So how many people have used the gaming chair during games or work?Also, do you feel that it is better to use a gaming chair?This time , we asked 2657 men and women nationwide about whether theyhave used a gaming chair and how they felt about using it!

7.4% “have used a gaming chair” during games or work.First, I asked “Have you ever used a gaming chair during games or work?”Of the 2657 people, 197 (7.4%) answered that they had used it.

So, have you ever used it during games or at work? 79 out of 197 people (40.1%) answered “game”, and 78 out of 197 people (39.6%) answered “work” .

Also, it seems that 40 people (20.3%) have used both “game” and “work”.90.9% feel that it is better to use a gaming chairNext, we asked people who have used gaming chairs, “Do you feel it is better to use a gaming chair?”

179 out of 197 men and women (90.9%) answered that they should use a gaming chair!From this, you can see that many people are satisfied with the function and comfort of the gaming chair.

It looks cool just by putting it in the room, so it’s now a must-have for gamers .On the contrary, there are a certain number of people who feel that it is better not to use it.If you’re buying an expensive item, compare the two reasons to find the right chair for you.

Reasons why gaming chairs are “better to use”

The most common answer was “less likely to hurt your lower back” in 80 out of 179 people (44.7%) !If you sit in a normal chair for a long time, you may get stooped and put a strain on your lower back and legs.

However, gaming chairs follow those habits.It’s ergonomically designed, so you can sit comfortably and comfortably for long periods of time.In addition, there are cushions on the waist and back that are not found in ordinary chairs, so you can rest comfortably.

In addition, the points that “the body does not get tired easily” & “the angle can be adjusted to your liking” were also attracting attention.For those who are suffering from back pain, the gaming chair is the perfect item.

Reasons why you shouldn’t use a gaming chair

The most common was 6 out of 18 people (about 33%) who were “easy to get tired” .If you’re tired easily, it’s possible that you weren’t sitting properly in your gaming chair.

It may be less tiring if you adjust your posture before using it and start using it.19% who have never used it have thought “I want to use a gaming chair”Next, we asked those who answered “I have never used it” if they had ever wanted to use a gaming chair.

Of the 2460 people, 468 (19%) answered that they “have wanted to use it.”We also asked when you’ve ever wanted to use a gaming chair.

When do you want to use your gaming chair?

When watching the drama from the first episode to the final episode. I think the high back will reduce the burden on the neck.I have more time to sit in a chair because of work at home, so I would like to use a comfortable gaming chair.

When I play a game on a PC, my butt hurts and sometimes it’s difficult to do, so I think it would be nice to have that time.When I watch it on TV, I want to give it a try when playing online games.

Not only when playing games, I spend a lot of time working on my computer during the day, so I’ve wanted to use it if it’s comfortable.

When I was working at my desk at work, it was a general office chair, so when I was working with a computer or documents for a long time, I wanted a comfortable chair. Gaming chairs have the image of not feeling stress even when sitting for a long time.

It’s convenient to have a gaming chair not only when playing games or at work, but also when you’re sitting for a long time at a glance in a drama!If you are interested, why not find a gaming chair that suits you?

What should I do if the shape of the chair does not fit?

If you are sitting and feel uncomfortable, your body size may not be correct .Before you buy, make sure you know the size that fits your body shape.

By stabilizing your body, you will not create an unreasonable posture.Just like in the game world, you can customize the chair to make it “your own” .Be careful of back pain and get the perfect gaming chair for you!

[Causes of back pain] Breaks are also important to concentrate on the game!

Have you ever felt ” backache ” when you noticed after focusing on the game ?Once you hurt your back, it’s hard to move your body.

Symptoms are more likely to occur when you are sitting for a long time, so be careful of those who are doing desk work.First of all, I will explain why back pain occurs .

1 Muscle tension caused by staying in the same posture for a long time

If you sit for a long time, keep standing, or keep an unreasonable posture such as the middle waist, the muscles of the lower back become tense, and over time, the muscles become tired, blood circulation deteriorates, and pain occurs in the lower back.

2 Weakness due to lack of exercise and muscle weakness

When the muscles of the psoas major muscle, gluteus maximus muscle, and gluteus medius muscle around the waist weaken, the lumbar spine is strained and causes low back pain. Since the abdominal muscles support the spine together with the diaphragm, if the muscle strength of the abdominal muscles weakens and it becomes difficult to maintain the correct posture, it will put a strain on the lumbar spine. Also, the pelvic muscles play a major role in maintaining posture. These weaknesses cause back pain.

3 Excessive movement and unreasonable burden

Excessive exercise causes muscles to become tired, gradually increasing tension and causing back pain. In addition, if you perform movements that apply excessive force to your lower back, you may have acute low back pain such as a tight back.

4 Major diseases that cause low back pain

Typical examples are lumbosacral contusions called tight hips and herniated discs caused by a part of the disc pressing nerves. In addition, spondylolisthesis caused by excessive exercise, spondylolisthesis caused by bone degeneration, lumbar degenerative spondylosis, lumbar spinal canal stenosis, and bones. Osteoporosis, which causes scabs, also causes back pain. Back pain can also occur in diseases such as kidney stones, urinary tract stones, uterine fibroids, endometriosis, depression and autonomic imbalance.

From this, it was found that four points are involved in the cause of low back pain.It is important to stretch and exercise moderately during the game and take a break once an hour.

Please refrain from sitting for a long time or taking an unreasonable posture as it is a major cause of strain on your lower back.Stretching and massage, which can be done while sitting , are also effective ways to relieve muscle tension.

If you feel that you are prone to back pain when using a gaming chair, please try these methods!This article is also recommended for people who are concerned about stiff shoulders as well as back pain .

Things to be aware of before purchasing a gaming chair

By the way, I have introduced various gaming chairs so far, but as you can see, it is a little big.

It’s true that it’s comfortable to sit in and has excellent functionality, but in a small space such as living alone, in a home with a lot of things, or in a newly built flooring, you may be worried about it.

Also, although it is not tiring, there are some disadvantages for some people, so here I have taken up the problem of the gaming chair .

It’s too late to regret it after you buy it, so make sure you understand the disadvantages before you buy!

It is necessary to secure a certain amount of space

Not only gaming chairs, but also dex chairs and highly functional chairs, these chairs are rather large in size and it is difficult to secure space for them.

Most of the seats are small and the backrest is large, and the legs are wide.

Moreover, when using reclining, it is necessary to secure enough space to stretch your legs, so it is difficult to use it in a small room with a lot of things.

If you don’t have enough space, the convenience functions will not be useful, and on the contrary, it may be difficult to clean or disturb your living space.

Therefore, before purchasing, it will be necessary to consider not only the actual dimensions but also the place and space to put it.

And when purchasing via the Internet or mail order, the packaging of the product will be even larger, so it is necessary to secure a receiving space at the entrance.

The weight puts a strain on the floor

As the size of the gaming chair is large, the weight is also heavy.Most of the general gaming chairs weigh around 20 kg, and some heavy ones weigh more than 25 kg .

Of course, it is considerably heavier than a normal chair, so it will put a burden on the flooring, tatami mats, and carpets at home.Especially in the case of flooring, it is easy to get scratches, so be careful.

Some have been devised to distribute the weight, but in the end they are still heavier than ordinary chairs.Therefore, if you use it at home, make sure to use a chair mat or lay something that can protect the floor .

Some people feel cramped

Gaming chairs have a big appeal of “reducing the burden on the body”, but for that reason they tend to fit the body a little.

With a large backrest, headrest, and lumbar support, it feels like it’s completely wrapped even if the body isn’t actually covered.Therefore, many people feel cramped or stressed until they get used to it.

It seems that even such people can use it comfortably if they get used to it, but it seems that some people have stopped using it since then due to the initial discomfort.

Therefore, it may be good to keep in mind that you may not always feel comfortable from the beginning .

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