Have consumers researched facial tanners and written a review about them?

You probably ended up on this page because you are curious whether the Consumers’ Association has conducted research into facial tanners? We understand that very well because it gives you a better idea of ​​which facial tanners are of good quality.

Unfortunately I have to disappoint you because the consumer association has never researched facial tanners. The consumer association has therefore not written any reviews about this.

Nor do we know whether they will do so in the future. When the consumer association decides to test a facial tanning bed and write a review about it, we will update this article.

Fortunately, we have done a lot of research into facial tanners for our website. In the past year we have tested many facial tanning beds and we therefore have a lot of experience with this product.

In this article we will discuss which functionalities you should pay attention to when buying a facial tanning bed. Based on our experiences, we have also compiled an overview of the best facial solarium of the moment.

What does the consumer association do?

The Consumers’ Association is an organization that defends the rights and interests of consumers. The organization was founded in 1953. The consumer association’s expert conducts thousands of investigations into products every year.

They publish the studies in the digital consumer guide. You can only view this guide if you are a member of the consumer association. The costs of membership vary between 3 and 9 euros per month.

When you have taken out the more expensive membership, you are also entitled to financial and legal assistance. If there are any uncertainties about the warranty or conditions, you can contact the lawyers of the consumer association.

Best facial tanners of the moment

Below we have compiled an overview of the best tested facial tanners of the moment. We have compiled the selection based on our experiences and based on how popular these products are on bol.com based on the number of positive reviews. Want to learn more about facial solariums? Then read the extensive facial zone bed advice guide that we have written.

What should you pay attention to when buying a facial tanner?

To make a good purchase, it is important to know which functionalities you should pay attention to when purchasing a facial tanner. That way you get a better picture and you know which functionalities are important to you. Below we discuss the most important features of the product.

Tanning field (very important)

With the tanning field, we mean which part of your body is tanned by UV radiation. The cheaper facial tanning beds only tan your face. The luxury facial solariums are often somewhat larger because they have larger UV lamps. The browning field is therefore much larger. These tanners not only tan your face but also your neck and shoulders.

Does the facial tanning bed have side panels that are foldable?

Of course you also want the side of your face to get a nice even brown. For the best optimal results, we recommend that you buy a facial tanner that has side panels. The side panels also contain UV lamps and these focus on the sides of your face. This way your entire face will be nicely tanned and you will achieve the best result.

The side panels make the facial tanner a lot bigger. Fortunately, you can fold the side panels, making it much easier to store.

Does the facial tanner come with sunglasses

Unfortunately, some facial tanners do not come with sunglasses as standard. It is important that you always wear sunglasses because the UV radiation is not good for your eyes. I therefore always advise you to buy a tanner that comes with the glasses.

Can you adjust the height and angle?

Another point that may be important to you is whether you can adjust the height of the tanner. It is useful if you place the tanner on a low table, for example.