Hirudotherapy – treatment of many diseases without medication

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Hirudotherapy or leech therapy – allows you to stimulate the metabolism of the selected area and blood circulation in it. During a bite, leeches release biologically active substances into the human blood, which affect the hemostasis system and improve the microcirculation of the selected zone. Hirudotherapy is used in cosmetology for skin rejuvenation, and in medicine as part of the complex therapy of many diseases.

Method of using leeches:

Treatment of diseases with the help of leeches is carried out by the doctor hirudotherapist Odintsova Karina Aleksandrovna “Master of the Golden Hands”. This title is awarded for the contribution to the development of visceral therapy in Ukraine and high professionalism, followed by the presentation of an honorary diploma and a memorial sign “Master of Golden Hands”.

Each hirudotherapy procedure uses special medical leeches that are grown in biological factories. Each individual that is used for the procedure has a quality certificate. Medicinal leeches are used once – after the session, they are disposed of. Therefore, they cannot be inexpensive.

Treatment with leeches is carried out in several stages:

• Installation on the skin in a specific area. The overlap points are not chosen randomly. They correspond to the reflex zones of oriental medicine. By biting through the skin, the leech activates the action of nerve fibers that carry impulses to certain centers of the brain.

• The release of special protein hirudin and other biologically active substances into the blood with the saliva of the leech.

• Mechanical removal of part of the blood.

The bite period can be somewhat painful, with a tingling sensation and slight discomfort.

Benefits of leech therapy:

Some patients take time to dare and undergo hippotherapy courses. But do not worry – a specialist hirudotherapist will carry out the procedure in such a way that discomfort will be minimized. This treatment has many advantages:

• Treatment is carried out without the use of any chemicals, which excludes their negative effects on the body. The procedure involves only those natural substances that the leeches themselves secrete when bitten.

• There is no surgical intervention. In some cases, for example, with complications of varicose veins, you cannot do without it. The leech procedure is not the only possible method of treatment, especially with advanced diseases, but it can become an alternative method for eliminating disorders at the initial stage.

• Availability to almost every patient. The price of a hirudotherapy session does not exceed the cost of many other methods of hardware, physiotherapy, and other treatment. In addition, in many cases, the effect of leech treatment persists for a long time.

• a Limited number of contraindications. This is very important, especially if the patient’s condition does not tolerate delay in starting treatment.

• Suitable for hypertensive patients. Treatment with leeches helps to successfully fight high blood pressure by unloading the vascular bed and thinning the blood. This is an additional advantage in the treatment of other diseases.

• A long period of rehabilitation is not required. After removing the leeches, the places of their attachment still continue to bleed for some time. But the wounds are small in diameter and heal rather quickly.

If you have doubts about the method of treatment with leeches, then you can sign up for a preliminary consultation with a hirudotherapist at our clinic and get all the necessary information.

Indications and contraindications:

Hirudotherapy refers to the methods of alternative medicine, but it has its own clear indications and contraindications. Treatment with leeches is used in the following cases:

• Conditions after a stroke

• Chronic hemorrhoids outside the stage of exacerbation

• Thrombophlebitis

• Deep vein thrombosis of the lower extremities

• Arterial hypertension

• Conditions after skin grafting

• Varicose veins

• Arthrosis

• Myodystrophies

• Gynecological diseases

• Urological diseases

Treatment with leeches is prohibited under the following conditions and diseases:

• Hemophilia

• Thrombocytopenia

• Acute thrombosis

• Anemias of various origins

• Hemolysis of blood

• Leukemia and leukemia

• Diseases of internal organs in the stage of decompensation

• Allergic reactions to hirudin and other substances secreted by the saliva of leeches

• Tuberculosis of any localization

• Oncological diseases