How do I buy the right massage mat?

Are you planning to buy a massage mat? But you don’t know yet which one is right for you? In this article I will discuss in detail what you should pay attention to when you buy a mat. Among other things, I will discuss the most important functionalities. To write this article I have also extensively tested a number of massage mats. In this article I share my experiences. I hope you enjoy reading this article.

1. What is a massage mat?

A massage mat is a mat on which you can lie and at the same time you are massaged. We can divide massage mats into two different types:

Lana form mat

1.1 Electric massage mat

This massage mat contains motors and these create vibrations that massage your body. The more expensive models also have massage heads. These heads make circular movements and in this way they perform a shiatsu massage. My advice is to opt for the electric massage mat if you really want to relax.

1.2 Non-electric massage mat: nail mat

A non-electric massage mat is also called an accupressure mat or nail mat. The mat has thousands of dots. When you lie on it, these points come into contact with the nerve points of the body . In this way the nerve points are stimulated. These nerve points are in connection with the energy channels of the body. Because you lie on the plastic points, you will experience a slight pain and that is good. The brain senses these pain signals and in response, your brain releases endorphins. Thanks to these hormones, you will feel happier and more relaxed. So it helps very well with stress. In addition, the blood circulation is also stimulated and this ensures that it also works very effectively with back pain.

What is a nail mat?

1.3 Which type of massage mat do I choose?

My advice is to choose the electric massage mat if you want to relax purely. It also helps with muscle pain and stress.

I recommend the nail mat if you really suffer from back pain. In addition, this is the best choice if you want to stimulate blood circulation. If you want to provide your muscles with extra energy, the nail mat is the better choice. Another advantage is that the nail mat is also cheaper.

In this article I mainly focus on the electric massage mats. In particular, I will discuss what you should pay attention to when buying an electric nail mat. In the review section, however, I do deal with a number of nail sizes. However, if you want to learn more about nail sizes, I would like to refer you to the nail mat buying guide . Would you like to learn more about other massage devices? Then also check out this buying guide about the best massage devices .

Shiatsu massage mat

2. What should I pay attention to when buying an electric massage mat?

You should pay attention to the following properties when purchasing an electric mat. I give a brief explanation of what it is and why it is important for each characteristic:

  • Body parts: always check which body parts the electric massage mat can massage. Most can massage the back and legs. However, I advise you to choose a mat that also massages the back and neck.
  • Zones:  always buy an electric massage mat where you can set the zones. This allows you to focus the massage on one specific part of the body. My advice is to always choose a mat with at least three different zones, namely the lower back, upper back and legs. In addition, it must of course also be able to give a full body massage.
  • Intensity:  always choose an electric mat where you can adjust the intensity of the massage. My advice is to choose a mat that has three intensity settings. You can adjust the speed of the massage to your wishes.
  • Foldable: can you fold the electric massage mat and does it come with a handy storage bag?
  • Type of massages:  most electric massage mats only give vibration massage. It is a relaxing treatment that helps against minor muscle pain and stress. However, if you want to massage your muscles well, it is important to look at a massage mat that performs a shiatsu massage. This massage also reaches and massages the deeper muscles. This also loosens difficult muscle knots well. The shiatsu massage is very effective for back pain, neck and shoulder pain.
  • Electric massage mat with heating system:  I always recommend that you buy an electric massage mat with infrared heat function. It provides an extra relaxing feeling and it also helps very well against muscle pain. The muscles are loosened more easily and therefore muscle knots disappear faster.
  • Cushion + how does it feel: does the electric massage mat have a cushion? Of course that just feels a bit more comfortable. In addition, I advise you to buy a mat with a thickness of 10 cm so that it feels nice and comfortable.
  • Read the reviews:  my advice is always to buy a massage mat that has good reviews. The chance is less that you make a bad purchase.

3. Health Benefits Of A Massage Mat:

A massage has many physical and mental health benefits. Below we discuss the main advantages.

  • It helps with stress
  • It lowers blood pressure
  • You have a better night’s sleep
  • It helps with back pain
  • It helps with muscle pain

Most economical:
Joca massage mat

Tips when using a massage device
Top four of the best massage mats of the moment

Below I will discuss the best massage mats of the moment. I made the selection based on massage mats that have the best reviews on I will discuss the unique functionalities and the advantages and disadvantages of each product.

1. Shiatsu massage mat van Tecktake 

The Tecktake is the only electric massage mat that gives a shiatsu massage.

  • It gives a wonderful shiatsu massage for the back, neck and shoulders
  • The legs are massaged by giving a vibration massage.
  • including remote control
  • Five adjustable massage zones
  • It is made of soft material
  • It features three intensity settings
  • The cover is unfortunately not washable

Did you know that the Tecktake is the only electric massage mat that gives a shiatsu massage ? A shiatsu massage is a lot more effective because your muscles are also massaged really well. With this massage, even the deeper muscles are effectively treated. I recommend the Tecktake if you suffer from muscle pain in the back, shoulders and neck.

So the Tecktake is truly unique. All other electric massage mats are limited to giving a vibration massage . With the Tecktake, the shiatsu massage is given in the back, shoulders and neck. The Tecktake does this through the massage heads that are in the device. These heads make circular movements and in this way it imitates the movements of a masseuse. The massage heads are powered by the motors incorporated in the device.

The legs are massaged by giving a vibration massage. What is nice about this electric massage mat is that the whole body is massaged wonderfully. After the massage you will notice that you are much calmer and the muscles are more flexible.

What is also nice about the Tecktake shiatsu massage mat is that it has a heating system. You can activate the infrared heat with the remote control. It provides even more relaxation and it feels even better.

2. Lebol acupressuur mat

What makes the Lebol mat unique is that it is provided with 8200 nail tips. In addition, it comes with many extras such as a nail ball and treatment plan. 

  • It is equipped with 8200 nail tips (unique)
  • You will receive a free treatment plan so that you get the most out of the lebol acupressure mat.
  • It is made of sturdy memory foam.
  • Includes nail ball to treat the tricky spots.
  • Includes Spotify playlist for matching music.
  • Works very well against stress, back and neck pain, fatigue and insomnia.
  • It comes with a pillow for extra comfort.

Do you have back pain, stress or sleeping problems? Have you ever considered an acupressure mat ? The Lebol mat is then a very good choice. By lying on this, the nerve points are stimulated by the platic dots on the mat. The nerve points are connected to the energy channels of the body. By stimulating these points, the blood circulation in the body is stimulated. It has many health benefits such as:

  • It will make you calmer and sleep better.
  • Helps with neck, shoulder and back pain.
  • Reduces stress
  • You feel more energetic
  • It loosens tired muscles

What makes the Lebol mat unique?
Nowadays there are so many accupressure mats to buy. The lebol clearly distinguishes itself from the other mats.

Nail tips
The lebol massage mat has 8200 nail tips . It is a lot more than other mats. On average, these have between 4000 and 6000 dots. The advantage of more dots is that the pressure points are stimulated even better.

It comes with a nail
ball Lebol supplies a separate nail ball . With this ball you can also treat the body parts that are more difficult to reach.

Many extras
You get a complete build-up plan for free in the form of an ebook. This ebook explains how you can get the maximum result from the lebol massage mat. In addition, lebol also supplies an extra pillow , which provides extra comfort.

3. Lanaform massage mat with heating system

The Lanaform is equipped with a heating system that warms up your body. In addition, the neck and shoulders are also massaged. 

  • It massages your legs, back, neck and shoulders
  • It features three intensity settings
  • It has a wonderful heating system.
  • Including remote control.
  • It comes with a Dutch manual
  • Works well against back pain and it provides a relaxed feeling.
  • The electric massage mat is foldable.

Are you looking for an electric massage mat with a heating system ? The Lanaform is then a very good choice. You can activate the heat using the remote control. The mat is wonderfully warmed up while you are being massaged. It ensures that your muscles are warmed up faster, so that the muscle pain disappears faster. It also has a calming feeling and therefore works well against stress.

What is also very nice is that the Lanaform is offered for a competitive price . This electric massage mat is sold at for a price of 69 euros . When we look at the competition, this mat is therefore a bit cheaper. In addition, you also get more options in return. Most electric massage mats are limited to massaging the back and legs. The Lanaform also does this but also massages the neck and shoulders. In this respect the Lanaform is unique compared to the other mats.

What’s also nice is that you have four adjustable massage zones . So in addition to the full body massage, you can choose to massage one body part. You can choose from the neck + shoulders, upper back, lower back, legs and full body massage. You can also easily set the intensity with the remote control. You can choose from three different modes.

3. Jocca mat 

Are you looking for the most affordable electric massage mat? Then choose the Joca. In addition, this mat has good positive reviews on 

  • The Jocca massage mat massages your entire body
  • It feels wonderfully comfortable thanks to the soft memory foam.
  • It is equipped with infrared function.
  • Easily adjust the settings with the remote control.
  • Four adjustable massage zones (lower back, upper back, legs and neck + shoulders.
  • Increases blood circulation and helps against muscle pain.
  • The Jocca massage mat gives a vibration massage.

Are you looking for a cheap electric massage mat ? The Joca mat is the cheapest electric massage mat available at The Jocca is sold for a price of 53 euros and is therefore a lot cheaper than other mats. However, the quality of the massage is good. It gives a complete body massage and you can also activate the heat function. A disadvantage of this electric massage mat is that you cannot adjust the intensity of the treatment.

The mat has many useful features. For example, it is possible to set the massage to a specific body part. You can choose from four zones: upper back, lower back, legs and neck + shoulders. You can easily set this up using the supplied remote control. For more information about this product, read the full review we wrote about the jocca massage mat.

5. What are the health benefits of a massage mat?

When you enjoy a massage every day, it has many health benefits. For example, it reduces stress, muscle pain, back pain and it makes your muscles more flexible. Below I will briefly discuss how the daily use of a massage mat can contribute to better health:

A massage helps with stress and headaches

5.1 It reduces stress

When you enjoy a massage daily, you will notice that it is a good form of relaxation. The vibrations of the rolling massage heads release serotonin, which reduces anxiety and depression. It can also help people think more clearly because they are relaxed.

5.2 It reduces muscle soreness

A massage can be good for healing damaged fibers by increasing blood circulation in the body. Due to the increased blood circulation, more oxygen and nutrients are also transported. This allows the tissue to recover and reduces muscle soreness.

5.3 How does a massage lower your blood pressure?

Massage mats can also help lower high blood pressure. This is because the vibrations release nitric oxide, which aids in vasodilation and lowers blood pressure.

5.4 How can you fall asleep better by using a massage mat?

Having a massage mat can help with a good night’s sleep. Serotonin hormones are released during the massage. The hormone ensures that you are less troubled by depressive feelings and fears. So it ensures that you become calmer in your head. It also releases melatonin, which is a hormone that makes you sleepy.

5.5 It helps with back pain

Massage mats can help with your back pain. The massage will make you feel calmer, because endorphins are released. These are the chemicals that make you feel euphoric and relax your muscles. The tension on your spine is thereby reduced and the pain decreases.