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How do you buy the best massage device that suits your needs?

Do you suffer from pain in your shoulders, back, neck or legs? Buying a massage device can be a smart investment. A massage device is a lot cheaper than regularly visiting a massage parlor. Buying a massage device is a one-time investment. The costs vary between 30 and 250 euros depending on the type of device you buy. A massage device works very effectively for a faster recovery of the muscles, reducing muscle pain and stress.

In this article, I will discuss in detail the best massage devices and which types there are. In addition, I give you extensive and clear advice on what you should pay attention to when buying a massage device.

What is a massage device and how does it work?

With a massage device, stuck and tense muscles are loosened, so that the muscle pain decreases. A massage device loosens the muscles because it has massage heads that make rotating and up and down movements. These movements increase blood circulation in the body.

Due to the increase in blood circulation in the body, more essential nutrients and oxygens are transported. The effect of this is that the muscles are supplied with more oxygen and nutrients. In addition, waste products are removed from the acidified muscles.

A massage device helps with many different types of physical and mental health problems such as

What are my experiences with a massage device and how does it help me?

For relaxation and a full body massage:

I enjoy a massage almost every day. I have a busy life and I mainly use the massager to relax after a long working day. I mostly use the Medisana MC825 because this massager gives a full-body massage.

The device massages my upper body but also my thighs and buttocks. This full-body massage really relaxes me. After the massage, I notice that I feel a lot calmer and because of that I fall asleep faster.

Before exercise and faster muscle recovery:

I also use it before and after exercise, but then I use another massage device, namely the massage gun. I myself use the Northwall massage gun, but I have also tested many other massage guns for this site. It is ideal for loosening the muscles before exercising. I notice that my muscles are more flexible, which means I perform better. After exercise I also use the massage gun because it ensures that my muscles recover much faster.

Reviews of the best massage devices of 2022

I have made a selection of the best massage devices of the moment. I made the selection based on my experiences. In these reviews I have selected different types of massage devices that are made for a specific body part or that give a full body massage. In each review I briefly discuss the main features of the product and its advantages and disadvantages. I hope you enjoy reading the reviews about these massage devices.

1. Medisana MC825

Choose the Medisana MC825 if you are looking for a massage device that can give a full body massage.

Most important features:

  • The best and most popular massage device of the moment.
  • Three adjustable intensity settings.
  • The Medisana MC825 massages your back, neck, shoulders, buttocks and thighs.
  • It has an infrared heat function.
  • Adjustable massage zones
  • Very effective in relieving back pain, muscle pain and stress.
  • You get a remote control with it.

Are you looking for the massage device that can give the most relaxing massages and has the most options? I advise you to consider the Medisana MC 825 massage pillow. The big plus of the Medisana MC 825 is that it massages a very large part of your body at the same time. It massages your back, shoulders, neck, buttocks and thighs.

Massage zones:
As I mentioned, you also have many adjustment options with this massage device and in this respect it clearly distinguishes itself from the competition. For example, you can set the massage zone and you can choose from three different options: lower, upper back, neck and shoulders and full body massage.

The Medisana MC 825 performs a shiatsu massage for massaging the back. You have the option to set the intensity and you can choose from three different settings. The massage device performs an accupressure massage for the waist and thighs. The focus is on massaging the specific pressure points.

Infrared heat and intensity
The Medisana MC 825 is also user-friendly to use, mainly because you get a remote control. Thanks to the remote control, you can quickly and easily adjust the settings such as adjusting the infrared heat, the type of massage and the intensity.

The Medisana MC 825 is one of the most popular massage devices at the moment. This is also apparent from the number of positive reviews on For more information,

2. Northwall massage gun

The best massage device for athletes (promoting faster muscle recovery). It is also perfect for people who are looking for a massage device that you can take with you everywhere. The Northwall massage gun works with rechargeable batteries.

Most important features:

  • Very compact and including a luxury storage case
  • Effective for faster muscle recovery, injury prevention and back pain relief.
  • You can massage any body part with the Northwall massage gun.
  • It comes with eight massage heads (unique)
  • The massager has 9 intensity settings.
  • At the back, you will find a nice touchscreen with which you can read the settings.

Wireless massage device
I can actually recommend the north wall massage gun to anyone who is looking for a compact massage device.
The device weighs 1.3 kilograms and you can also use it wirelessly for many hours. The massager has rechargeable batteries that last up to 10 hours. It really makes the Northwall unique from other massage guns. Enjoy a wonderful professional massage anywhere with this device.

Ideal for athletes
The Northwall massage device is also ideal if you regularly do intensive sports sessions. The device performs a powerful tapping massage that penetrates deeply into the muscles, so that the deeper muscles are also well loosened. This is important with a massage gun! My advice is to use the Northwall both before and after exercise. When you use this massage device for sports, you promote the flexibility of the muscles and they are warmed up well. After exercise, the Northwall massage gun is of course also of great added value because it ensures faster muscle recovery.

Adjustable massage experiences
What I also like about this device is that you can completely adjust the massage experience to your wishes. With the Northwall massage gun you get 8 different types of massage heads. We also call them attachments.
Each massage head is specifically made to massage a specific body part or muscle group. That way you get the most out of this massage device. At the back you will also find a touchscreen and with this you can read and adjust the settings. For example, you can set the intensity of the treatment via the touchscreen.

Want to learn more about other massage guns? Then take a look at the massage gun advice guide I wrote. Click on this link for an extensive review about the Northwall massage gun.

3. Happy feet: massage device for the feet.

The most popular foot massager at the moment. The happy feet massager has a rating of 4.8 stars out of 30 reviews.

Most important features:

  • Very effective for tired feet and legs.
  • You can also use it to massage other body parts such as the back and legs (see the photo).
  • It stimulates the blood flow in the lower body and waste products are better removed.
  • It gives an effective shiatsu foot massage.
  • You can activate the infrared heat and you can also set the heat (unique).
  • It features 15 different intensity settings.
  • You get free leg cream with it.

What makes it unique?
Are you looking for a foot massager with a very good price-quality ratio? The happy foot massager can then be a very good choice. What makes the Happy Feet foot massager unique compared to the competition is that it has 15 different intensity settings.

Infrared heat function
In addition, it also has an infrared heat function where you can also choose from 8 different heat settings. In this area it is really unique because no other foot massager can do this. The infrared heat function is also super healthy because in combination with the shiatsu massage that this device gives, it promotes better blood circulation in the feet and legs. Thanks to the better blood circulation, you will notice that your legs and feet have much more energy after the massage.

You can also massage other body parts.
Another advantage is that you can use the device to massage your back. You place the device against the chair back or the couch and then you can enjoy a wonderful back massage. You can massage your legs by lying on the bed or the couch, for example. Then place the device under your upper and lower legs and you can enjoy a wonderful leg massage.

The happy feet massager is therefore multifunctional and you can use it to massage multiple body parts. In this area it also clearly distinguishes itself from other foot massagers because they are limited to just massaging the feet.

4. Lifegoods massage device

The Lifegoods massage belt is the most popular massage device sold on The device has 4.6 stars out of 250 reviews. You can use the massager to massage any part of your body.

Most important features:

  • Gives a full back massage
  • Also massages the neck, shoulders, waist and thighs.
  • Shiatsu, vibration and acupressure massage
  • Infrared heat function
  • Most popular choice on
  • including remote control
  • Works very well for back pain, muscle pain and stress.

The Lifegoods massage device clearly distinguishes itself from other devices. The device is equipped with two arm loops and at the ends of which there are two handles in which you can place your hands. So you can put pressure yourself and massage specific muscle groups in a more targeted way. We also call this type of massage device a massage belt. The arm loops give you much more flexibility and control over the massage, which is why it clearly distinguishes itself from other types of massage devices.

The Lifegoods massage device can massage all body parts
What the Lifegoods massage device also clearly distinguishes is that you can actually massage any body part well. With this massage device you can, for example, massage the following body parts:

  • Neck, shoulders, and back: place the massage band over your neck and shoulders and you can apply pressure through the handles. That way you can perform a very good neck and shoulder massage.
  • Legs: lie down on the couch or on the bed and place the massage band under your legs and then enjoy a wonderful shiatsu leg massage.
  • Feet: place your feet on the massage belt and then give a wonderful shiatsu foot massage.
  • Arms: you can also massage the arms by placing them on the device.

Eight massage
heads As I mentioned before, the Lifegoods massage device gives a wonderful shiatsu massage. However, the quality of the shiatsu massage is better than with similar massage devices. The main reason is that this massage device is equipped with 8 different massage heads. The advantage of this is that several muscles are massaged at the same time. By applying force, you have a major influence on how deeply the massage penetrates into the muscles.

In addition, you also have the option of three different intensity settings with which you can set speed. You can therefore completely adapt the Lifegoods massage device to your needs.

For more information about this massage device, I would also like to refer you to the review I wrote about the Lifegoods massage cushion .

5. Brellavio nail mat: non-electric massager

The Breallavio is the best-selling nail mat at the moment. The nail mat is a non-electric massager that works very well in reducing back pain and stress. It also helps to improve concentration and promote sleep.

Most important features:

  • The brellavio nail mat is equipped with 8000 pressure points
  • You also get a nail pillow with it.
  • You get a free topper with it.
  • Very effective in reducing stress and improving concentration.
  • It gives your body extra energy.

The Brellavio nail mat is a non-electric massager. So it works in a completely different way than electric massage devices. We also call the nail mat a shakti mat or acupressure mat. The Brelavio nail mat is very effective for back pain, reducing stress and improving concentration. It also gives your body more energy.

How does the accupressure technique of the Brellavio nail mat work?
I will briefly explain how the nail mat works. There are 8000 pressure points on the Brellavio nail mat, which we also call nail points. When you lie with your body on the nail mat, the nail tips come into contact with the nerve points of your body. The nail tips feel sharp and that results in the pressure points of your body being stimulated. It gives a slightly painful feeling and that pain signal is passed on to the brain via the nerves.

In response to this, your brain starts producing endorphins. They are also known as natural pain relievers. In addition, these hormones ensure that you become calmer. Due to the production of these hormones, pain complaints such as back pain are greatly reduced. In addition, it ensures that stress hormones such as cortisol are removed from the body. In this way, the Brelavio nail mat also helps to reduce stress and improve concentration.

You get a nail
cushion for free. With the nail mat from Brellavio you also get a nail cushion. With the help of the nail pillow you can also effectively treat the pressure points of your neck and shoulders. A lot of stress has accumulated in this part of the body, so I always recommend using the nail cushion in combination with the mat.

Use the nail mat for 10 to 20 minutes.
For the most effective result, I recommend that you lie on the Brellavio nail mat for 10 to 30 minutes daily. Especially when you use it for the first time, it will hurt a bit at first, but when you get used to it, it turns into a relaxing feeling. For more information about nail mats, I also refer you to this information guide . In this guide I go into detail about what to look for when buying a nail mat.

What different types of massage devices are there?

Today there are many different types of massage devices available. I always make a distinction between electric and non-electric massage devices. In this article the focus is on electric massage devices. My advice is to opt for an electric muscle massager in most cases because they do all the work for you. It is therefore also the most relaxing because you hardly have to do anything yourself.

Below I will discuss the different types of massage devices.

Massage pillow

Are you looking for a massage device that can give a full body massage and do you not want to spend too much money on it? The massage cushion is a very good choice in this case. The big advantage of this type of muscle massager is that it massages the entire back, seat, thighs, neck and shoulders. Do you suffer from stress or do you really want to relax, then the massage cushion is the best choice because you really don’t have to do anything yourself.

In addition, smaller massage cushions are also available. The big advantage of the smaller models is that they are a lot more compact. Some work wirelessly, such as the Lifeproducts massage cushion . Its disadvantage is that the small massage cushion can only massage one body part at a time.

Which body parts can I massage?
Back, neck, shoulders, buttocks and thighs.

Massage chair: the most luxurious massage device

Does the budget play a slightly less important role and do you want your entire body to be fully massaged? You could then consider buying a massage chair. It is by far the most luxurious massage device. However, you do get a lot of quality in return. Also read my extensive buying guide about the best massage chairs of the moment where I discuss this product in detail.

Which body parts can I massage with the massage chair?
The entire body is massaged with the massage chair (head, neck, shoulders, back, arms, buttocks, legs and feet).

Massage gun : the best massage device for athletes

Are you looking for a muscle massager that you can easily take with you everywhere? I can advise you the massage gun. We also call it a massage gun. The big advantage of a massage gun is that it is compact and also works wirelessly.

The device also gives much more powerful massages, which also loosens the muscles in the deeper tissue. It is therefore perfect for people who often exercise intensively because the powerful massages make it very effective for faster muscle recovery. The massage that this muscle massage device gives is the tapping massage. With this type of massage, the device makes rapid up and down movements.

What is also a big advantage of this muscle massager is that it comes with different types of massage heads. Each cup has a special function and is designed to massage a specific body part or muscle group.

Which body parts can you massage with the massage gun?
You can actually massage any part of the body except the feet and head.

Foot massager : the best choice for tired feet.

A foot massager is a device that is specially made to massage your feet. These devices are often available in two different forms:

  • Closed shape: with this type of foot massager, you place your feet in the device. Then your entire foot and ankles will be massaged. It is by far the most effective foot massager. The disadvantage of this type of device is that it is a lot bigger and weighs more.
  • Open form: you place your feet on the foot massager. Then the massage focuses on the soles of the feet. This device does not massage the top of the feet. In addition, it also does not massage the ankles.

A foot massager is very effective in promoting blood circulation, giving your feet and legs energy again.

When the foot massager can perform a foot reflex massage, it can solve even more health problems such as menstrual pain and migraine pain.

Would you like to learn more about this type of massager? Also check out the foot massager advice guide I wrote.

Foot bath: the best massage device to clean your feet.

The foot bath is very similar to the foot massager. The big difference is that you naturally use water in a foot bath. The massage device creates a wonderfully relaxing bubble massage and that works well in reducing stress. It also ensures that your feet and lower legs are cleaned wonderfully. A foot bath is effective for rheumatic complaints and muscle cramps. For more information about foot baths, I would like to refer you to this page .

Leg massager: works very effectively for tired and restless legs.

A leg massager is specially made to promote blood circulation in the lower body. They work effectively in a faster muscle recovery of the legs. In addition, it works very well for restless and tired legs. Leg massagers are shaped like cuffs. You place your legs in the cuffs and then the legs are massaged by performing a compression massage. The device contains air cushions.
By blowing air into these cushions, it performs an air compression massage. For more information, check out this advice guide I wrote about leg massagers .

Massage mat : the most economical massage device that can give a full body massage.

Do you want to relax and are you looking for a massage device that can give a full body massage but you don’t want to spend too much money?
The massage mat can then be a very good option. For example, you place the mat on your bed, sofa or chair and then your entire body is massaged. The disadvantage of the massage mat is that most limit themselves to giving a vibration massage. This massage feels very relaxing but does not penetrate the deeper muscles. For more information, take a look at the massage mat advice guide.

The massage belt: the best massage device for your back, shoulders and neck

The massage belt is especially useful if you want to massage the back, neck and shoulders. The band is placed around the back. At the ends of the massager there are handles with which you can put pressure with your hands. In this way you can massage and loosen the body parts very effectively. The big advantage of this type of massage device is that it can perform shiatsu massages.
The muscles in the deeper tissue are also massaged very well with this massage device.

Which body parts can I massage with the massage belt?
The lower back, upper back, neck and shoulders. In addition, you can also empty the band on your legs and that way it can also massage your lower and upper legs.

What should you pay attention to when buying a massage device?

How do I buy the massage device that suits my needs? In this section I hope to give you a good answer to this question. I will discuss the most important functionalities that you should pay attention to when buying a muscle massage device.
This way you get a better idea of ​​which functionalities are important to you when buying a massage device.

Do I choose a portable massage device or a device that gives a full body massage?

Below I will briefly discuss the advantages and disadvantages of compact and larger massage devices

Advantages and disadvantages of a small and compact massage device?
An important question to ask yourself is whether you choose a portable muscle massager or a large massager such as a massage chair that can give a full body massage.
For example, if you do a lot of sport and you want to increase the device everywhere, I would opt for a compact massage device such as the massage gun.

The device works wirelessly, so you can use it anywhere. In addition, it is compact and light, so you can easily transport it in your backpack.

A big advantage is that you can massage every part of the body well with this muscle massage device. However, due to the compactness of the device, you can only massage one body part at a time. I think this is a drawback myself. In addition, you have to hold the massage gun in your hands and you have to make the movements yourself.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a large massage device?
The big advantage of a large massage device is that several body parts are massaged at the same time. I can tell you that this really feels a lot more relaxed. It gives a much more relaxed feeling and that way you can relax a lot more. If you really want to reduce stress, I recommend that you buy a large massage device such as a large massage cushion, massage mat or massage chair.

A second advantage is that several body parts are massaged at the same time and that you do not have to make the movements yourself. You just have to enjoy and relax doesn’t that sound nice to the ears?

The disadvantage of a large massage device is that you can transport it a lot less easily. In addition, you must always connect the massage device to the electricity network.

What type of massages can a massage device provide?

Another important point to pay attention to is what type of massages the massager can give. Of course, it is first important to know what different types of massage there are and what the benefits are. Below I will discuss the most important massages that a massage device can give.

Shiatsu massage

The shiatsu massage originates from Japan and has been around for hundreds of years. It is one of the most popular and effective treatments. A massage device imitates the movements of a professional masseuse by buying the massage that is included in the device.

The massage heads make rotating and downward movements. In addition, the heads also make kneading movements. In this way, a massage device performs a shiatsu massage.

If you are looking for a massage device that can perform a shiatsu massage, it is best to choose a massage cushion, massage chair or massage belt.

A shiatsu massage is very healthy and helps with many health problems such as muscle pain, back pain, sciatica, stress reduction, arthritis and sleeping problems. Check out this link for more information about the effects of shiatsu massages.

Vibration massage

The vibration massage is a lot less powerful than the shiatsu massage. Almost every type of electric massage device can perform this massage except the massage gun. In this type of massage, the device generates vibrations and thus performs a vibrational massage. It is above all a very relaxing massage to unwind. The massage does not feel powerful and focuses mainly on the muscles that are less deep.

If you are looking for a massage device that can also massage the muscles in the deeper tissue, you should look carefully at whether the device can also give other massages such as a shiatsu or tapping massage.


The only massage device that can perform the tapping massage is the massage gun. You hold this type of massage device in your hands and then you move it over the muscle groups. The tapping massage is performed by the up and down movements of the massage heads.

The quality of the tapping massage strongly depends on how deep the tapping movements go. We also call it the amplitude. For example, if a massage gun has an amplitude of 16mm, that is much better than an amplitude of 8mm. This means that the tapping movements go much deeper and therefore muscle knots are loosened much better.
In addition, the tapping movements also penetrate much deeper, so that the deeper muscles are also massaged well.

Kneed massage

In particular, massage cushions, massage chairs and massage belts are able to perform kneading massages. With this type of massage, the massage heads in the massage device make kneading movements. Thanks to these movements, the muscles are loosened and blood circulation in the body is promoted.


Some massage devices can also provide roller massages. The roller massage is mainly found in foot baths and massage cushions. These devices contain electric massage rollers. The roller massage works very well to stimulate the blood circulation in the body. Because of the rolling movements, the blood circulation is strongly promoted.

Choose a massage device where you can adjust the intensity.

If the massage feels too soft or too powerful, it is of course super handy that you can adjust the intensity of the massage. I therefore advise you to always choose a massage device with an adjustable intensity. That way you can completely adapt the massage to your wishes and you can enjoy optimally. My advice is to always opt for a device with at least three positions.

Choose a massage device with infrared function

The reason why I advise you to choose a massage device with infrared heat function is because it loosens your muscles even faster. The infrared heat promotes blood circulation in the body. The effect of this is that more oxygen and nutrients reach the muscles, so that the muscle pain disappears faster.

It not only helps with muscle pain, but it also promotes a wonderfully relaxed feeling. Especially during the cold winter months it really feels wonderful when the muscles are warmed up in combination with the massage movements.
A massage device with infrared function also helps very well in reducing stress and depression.

For more information about infrared massage devices, I would also like to refer you to the infrared massage device page .

Does the massager have an overheating protection?

Of course you want the massage device to last as long as possible and not to break easily. I therefore always advise you to buy a massage device that is equipped with an overheating protection. This means that if the device gets too hot, it will switch off automatically. This prevents the massage device from burning out. So always check whether the device is equipped with this protection.

Does it come with a remote control

It is always handy if you get a remote control with the massage device. It greatly increases the user-friendliness because you can quickly and easily adjust the settings. For example, you can change the intensity, activate infrared heat or adjust the type of massage. It is especially useful with a foot massager if you get a remote control. You no longer have to bend backwards to change the settings.

What are the health benefits of a massage device and what are my experiences?

If you regularly use a massage device, it is super healthy for you. In this part of this article I will discuss the most important health benefits of a massage device. In addition, I also tell you what my experiences are with various massage devices.

Relieving muscle pain

A massager is very effective in reducing muscle pain. How this a massage device this then? A massage device has massage heads that make rotating movements. These movements increase blood circulation in the body. The effect of this is that the muscles receive more oxygen and important nutrients, so that the muscle pain disappears faster.

In addition, the muscles are also loosened and muscle knots disappear. After a massage of 15 minutes you will notice that the muscle pain is a lot less.

A massage device helps with a better night’s sleep.

Did you know that a massage device helps to promote a better and deeper night’s sleep? During the massage, your brain produces the endorphins and serotonin hormones. It makes you a lot calmer. My advice is to use the massager about half an hour before going to bed. After the treatment you will notice that you are less tense and can therefore sleep much easier and deeper.

A massage device helps to reduce back pain

You know that feeling when you wake up in the middle of the night with back pain? A massage can certainly help with back pain. If you are looking for a massage device to reduce back pain, I recommend that you buy a device that can perform a shiatsu massage. The shiatsu massage is powerful and also penetrates into the deep muscles and this is important.

The type of massage device that you can buy best for giving back massages is the massage cushion, massage belt or massage chair. Also view the back massage device page for more information about resolving back pain.

A massage device helps to reduce stress

Did you know that you can completely relax during a massage? You will especially notice this when you suffer from stress and restless feelings. During the massage, the tense muscles are loosened, so that the muscle tension is greatly reduced. In addition, the brain produces endorphins during the massage. It is a hormone that makes you happy and calm. We don’t call the endorphin hormone the happiness hormone for nothing. The production of these hormones reduces stress because the amount of cortisol hormones also decrease. The effect of this is that the nervous system also comes into balance and therefore the restless feeling in the body also decreases.

A massage can help reduce headaches

If you suffer from headaches, a massage can certainly help. As I mentioned earlier, endorphins are produced. In addition to making you happier, these hormones are also natural painkillers. Due to the production of endorphins, the headache will decrease. A massage that is very effective in reducing the headache is the foot reflex massage. Also check out this article that takes a closer look at how massage can help reduce headaches .

It helps in lowering blood pressure

If you use a massage device every day, this can be very beneficial for lowering blood pressure. As I mentioned before, a massage works very well in alleviating stress. High blood pressure is often closely related to stress. During the massage, endorphins are produced and at the same time the stress hormone cortisol is removed from the body. It ensures that the stress level in the body decreases and therefore the blood pressure also decreases. A massage device can therefore certainly contribute to lowering blood pressure, but only in combination with sufficient exercise and a healthy diet.

It improves posture and makes the muscles more flexible

If you often enjoy a massage, it is very good for promoting better posture. The movements of a massage device ensures that muscle tension in the muscles decreases significantly.

After the massage treatment you will notice that the muscles feel a lot more flexible. Due to the increased flexibility, you also have fewer pain complaints and the posture improves.

A massage device can prevent injuries

You can certainly use a massage device for sports. Your muscles are then more warmed up and more flexible.
This is precisely how you can avoid getting an injury. A massage device that I can recommend is the massage gun.
The big advantage of this type of massage device is that it is compact and works wirelessly. In addition, the massage is powerful enough to loosen the muscles well. With this type of massager you can actually massage almost every part of your body except your head and feet.

Tips on how to best use a massage device

As I mentioned earlier, there are different types of massage devices that can work in a different way. I can therefore not give you an exact explanation of how you can best use a massage device. However, I can give you some good general tips.

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