How do you find the best infrared massage device?

  • Hand massage device: choose this if you want to massage the painful muscles in a very targeted way.
  • Massage cushion: choose this if you are looking for a full body massage.
  • Foot massage device: most models give a shiatsu massage where your feet are wonderfully heated.

In the table below we have selected and tested the best infrared massage devices for you. In the table we also compare the infrared massage devices with each other by comparing the functionalities.

What is an infrared massage?

The infrared massager spreads heat infrared light over your body. It ensures that your body is properly warmed up. The light penetrates to the muscle cells in the deeper tissue. With an infrared massage, the cells in your muscles are made stronger. Infrared therapy uses specific light wavelengths that are spread over your body. A massage by means of infrared light is not a new treatment. This method has been used for centuries and has proven to be very effective in remedying various health complaints.

What are our experiences with infrared massage devices?

I have extensively tested many infrared massage devices. My experience with infrared massage devices is very positive. When I activate the infrared heat during the massage, it gives an extra relaxed feeling. Especially during the cold winter months it feels great when you just got out of the cold. My experience is that the muscles are loosened extra quickly by the infrared heat and that the muscle pain disappears faster as a result. Ideal for the relief of muscle pain. I also notice that I become much calmer during the massage. The massage in combination with the infrared heat gives a wonderfully relaxed feeling.

Is infrared therapy healthy for you?

Infrared radiation is completely healthy. Infrared radiation is electromagnetic radiation with a longer wavelength, which means that it contains less energy per photon. If you are looking for a device to improve your health and well-being, an infrared massager is a very good solution. Infrared massage has several benefits, such as helping with chronic pain, arthritis, migraines or even sciatica. An infrared massager is a device that is used for massaging the muscles in the deeper tissue in combination with infrared light.

The best infrared massage devices that have been tested the best.

We have selected and extensively tested the five best infrared massage devices for you. We briefly discuss the most important functionalities for each device.

1. Treate care infrared massage device

Do you suffer from stress and do you want to relax mentally? The infrared massage device from treatcare gives a very effective neck massage. You can also use the device to massage your back and legs. 

  • Reduces stress , neck pain and headaches.
  • It is a very versatile massage device . The device can perform a back, neck, arm, feet, and leg massage.
  • Do you think the massage feels too hard? No problem, it has 3 intensity settings .
  • Suffering from muscle pain? The device performs a wonderful shiatsu massage so that the muscle pain disappears quickly .

Are you looking for a portable neck massager ? The Treat Care massage belt is then a very good choice. It comes with a storage bag that makes it easy and safe to take it anywhere without it being damaged. The infrared points are distributed over the entire device. The big advantage is that you feel the infrared heat very well.

The treatcare is an infrared massage device that you mainly use to massage your back, neck and shoulders . You place the band around your body and then the device gives a wonderful massage. Do you think the massage feels too hard? No problem. The device has five intensity settings .

The Treatcare gives three different types of massages, namely a shiatsu, vibration and kneading massage . If you would like your muscles in the deeper tissues to be well massaged, we recommend the shiatsu massage. A viberation massage is a better option if you mainly want to relax and unwind.

2. Infrared massage cushion that fits well in your interior

An infrared pillow that always fits well with your interior. The cushion is available in 16 different colours. 

  • A beautiful infrared pillow that comes in 16 different colors
  • With this massage belt you can massage almost every part of your body besides your neck.
  • It comes with a car adapter so you can also enjoy a massage in the car (use it only during a break).
  • Neck pain is a thing of the past thanks to the effective shiatsu massage.
  • It features three intensity settings. You can also activate the infrared heat.

You have probably also noticed that many massage devices do not fit well into the interior. If you are looking for an infrared massage device that fits well in the interior , the Comfy massage cushion is a very good choice. The pillow does not resemble a massage device but a normal pillow. However, the cushion contains three massage heads that provide a wonderful shiatsu massage.

When you order this infrared shiatsu cushion at, you can choose from 16 different colors . There is therefore a very good chance that you will find the pillow that fits well with your interior.

With this device you can effectively massage multiple body parts . For example, you can place the pillow under your back , legs, neck and head. With this device you can actually massage every body part well. 

During a cold winter day you will be wonderfully warmed with this pillow. It is equipped with an infrared heat function. You will notice that the infrared heat loosens the muscles even faster. In addition, it also gives a wonderfully relaxed feeling and helps against stress. The infrared heat system is integrated in the massage heads. The heads make circular movements and in this way the infrared heat is spread over your body.

Another big advantage of this infrared massage device is that it also works wirelessly . It is equipped with a rechargeable battery that lasts up to an hour without recharging. Because the infrared shiatsu pillow is quite small, you can easily take it anywhere.

The material used for this pillow is microfiber . Microfiber is also often used in sofa chairs and armchairs. The advantage of this material is that it is very strong and therefore difficult to break. In addition, you can always enjoy a clean infrared massage cushion. The cover can be zipped off and washed, so hygienic, right?

3. Medisana MC825: choose this device if you want the most comfort

The massage device that gives the most comfortable massage experience. The device massages your neck, back, buttocks, shoulders and thighs at the same time. You can also massage a specific body part. 

  • The Medisana MC 825 massages all body parts at the same time
  • It is also possible to massage a specific body part .
  • Easily set the massage program and intensity with the remote control 
  • It features three intensity settings
  • It gives a wonderful shiatsu , vibration , knock and kneading massage
  • Activate the infrared heat during the treatment .

Are you looking for an infrared massage device that spreads heat over your entire body? The Medisana MC825 might be a very good choice. The device massages your back , shoulders, neck, buttocks and thigh. It also spreads infrared heat over these body parts. Of course you can also deactivate the infrared heat so that it only gives a massage. Because all your body parts are massaged at the same time and you don’t have to do anything yourself, we think the Medisana MC825 is the most comfortable device .

What makes the Medisana MC825 so unique is that in addition to a full body massage, you can also have a specific part of your body massaged. It is therefore possible, for example, to have only your neck and shoulders massaged. The infrared massage device can perform three different types of massages , namely a shiatsu , kneading and tapping massage. During the massage you can easily and quickly set everything with the remote control. We find that the device is much more user-friendly thanks to the supplied remote control. For example, it is possible to adjust the intensity, the type of massage and the duration of the treatment.

4. Lifeproducts massager: the most portable solution

Choose this device if you are looking for an infrared massage device that you can take with you everywhere. It has rechargeable batteries that last up to 2 hours. In addition, it comes with a storage bag.

  • It works wirelessly so no hassle with wires
  • It comes with a car adapter so you can also enjoy a massage in the car.
  • It helps very well against stress and muscle pain . It gives an effective shiatsu massage.
  • It is possible to massage almost any body part .
  • It features rechargeable batteries that last up to 2 hours .
  • Three intensity settings

Are you looking for an infrared massage device that you can use in the gym, for example? A wireless infrared massage device is by far the best choice. The Lifeproducts massage device works on rechargeable batteries , so you can enjoy a massage anywhere. The battery lasts up to 2 hours. In addition, you can safely store your lifeproducts infrared massage device. It comes with a storage bag.

Do you think the massage feels too hard? No problem. The infrared device has intensity settings . This way you always enjoy the massage that suits you best at that moment. During the massage you will enjoy a shiatsu massage . The shiatsu treatment aims to release your tight muscles. Thus, it helps in treating muscle pain. In addition, it also has a very positive influence on the self-healing capacity of your body. It makes your immune system stronger and it ensures that harmful waste products are effectively removed.

With the infrared massage belt you can effectively massage almost any body part. You tie the band around the body part you want to massage. Then it performs an infrared shiatsu massage. On the side of the device you will find four buttons with which you can adjust the settings.

Would you like to enjoy a massage in the car? This is possible with this infrared device. It comes with a car adapter . Only use this unit in the car during a rest break. Never enjoy a massage while driving. It can lead to dangerous situations.

What functionalities should I pay attention to when buying an infrared massager?

To buy the right infrared massage device, it is important to know which functions these devices have. Below we briefly discuss the most important functionalities of infrared massage devices.

1. Which massages can the infrared massage device give?

We always recommend buying an infrared massage device that can give the following massages:

  • Shiatsu massage: it is an ancient massage that originated from Japan. A shiatsu massage feels a lot more powerful than other massages. The purpose of this massage is to promote the self-healing capacity of the body. So it means that immune system is improved by this massage. An infrared massager performs a shiatsu massage through the rotating massage heads. The heads move from top to bottom and from left to right. Because a shiatsu massage is quite powerful, the muscles are well loosened. The effect is that the muscles regain energy because the nutrients and oxygens are more easily transported to your muscles. In addition, it ensures that waste products are removed faster and more effectively.
  • Vibration massage: our advice is to always choose an infrared massager that can perform a vibration massage. It is a relaxing massage that feels less powerful. An infrared massage device performs this type of massage by generating vibrations with the massage heads. It is a massage that is very effective against stress.

2. Which type of infrared massage device do I choose?

Infrared massagers are more popular than ever. Various infrared massage devices are offered on the market, such as a massage chair, massage gun, massage belt and shiatsu pillow. But how do you choose the device that suits you best?

  • Massage cushion / massage chair : we recommend these massage devices if you would like to enjoy a full body massage. The massage chair gives a massage from your feet to your head. A massage pillow is limited to the back, neck and shoulders. The advantage of a massage cushion is that it is a lot cheaper. For a massage cushion with infrared function you pay between 50 and 200 euros. For a massage chair you pay a minimum of 700 euros.
  • Massage belt: a massage belt is especially a lot more compact. Choose this infrared massage device if you are looking for a portable solution. A massage belt is made to massage your shoulders and neck.
  • Hand massage device: with most massage guns  you can also easily activate the infrared light function. We recommend this type of infrared massage device if you want to massage the painful muscles in a very targeted way. In addition, with this type of device you can effectively massage all your body parts.

3. Can I adjust the heat of the appliance?

Would you like to be able to adjust the temperature of the infrared heat? In that case, we advise you to choose a more expensive model. With the more expensive infrared massage devices you can adjust the heat. As a result, the treatment is even better suited to your wishes. This is often not the case with the cheaper models.

4. Does it come with a remote control?

Do you want even more comfort during the massage? It is then smart to choose an infrared device that comes with a remote control. With the remote control you can easily set the intensity and the massage program. It just works a lot more user-friendly.

The most frequently asked questions

Below I have listed the most important questions about infrared massage devices.

1. Can I use an infrared massager if I have diabetes?

Diabetics cannot use an infrared massage device because the nerve damage prevents them from feeling how warm the device is, so they can burn their skin unconsciously.

2. Can you use an infrared massager when you are pregnant?

My advice is not to massage your back and stomach with this device. The electrical impulses can stimulate the contraction of the uterus and cause premature contractions.

2. What is the price of an infrared device?

The price strongly depends on the type of infrared massage device you choose. For example, a massage chair costs above 700 euros, while a massage cushion costs between 40 and 120 euros.