How do you find the best massage gun / massage gun for your needs?

You know that feeling when you have muscle pain after exercise? A massage gun is a very effective way to get rid of muscle pain. It is also called a massage gun. With a massage gun you can massage the painful areas very specifically . In this article I’ll tell you exactly how to find the best massage gun that suits your needs.

 A massage gun ensures a faster recovery of the muscles . Because the blood circulation is stimulated during the massage, more oxygen and nutrients are transported to the muscles, allowing the muscles to recover faster.

Nowadays there are hundreds of massage guns for sale? Unfortunately, there are also many massage guns that are of less good quality. How do you find the best massage gun that suits you?

Top 5 best massage guns of the moment

Below you will find an overview of the best massage guns of the moment.

Northwall massage gun:

Best price-quality ratio

  • The highest rating on (157 ratings | 4.9 stars)
  • 20 intensity settings
  • Four heads

Sanbo massage gun:

Most economical choice

  • Includes handy phone app
  • 30 intensity settings
  • Six heads

Musqler massage gun:

Choose this one for the most powerful deep tissue massage

  • Battery lasts up to 8 hours
  • 30 intensity settings
  • Eight heads

Macura massage gun:

The most portable solution (light and very strong battery)

  • Battery lasts up to 11 hours
  • Very light (1 kilo instead of 1.5 kilo)
  • Including storage case


Most user-friendly massage gun

  • Including very educational E-book
  • Touchscreen
  • very quiet

1. Frequently asked questions about massage guns

Here I have compiled an overview of the most frequently asked questions that people have about massage guns / massage guns.

A massage gun is a device that you hold in your hand and therefore you can massage your muscles in a very targeted manner. It is therefore also called a massage gun or hand massage device . A massage gun performs a vibration or tapping massage, which loosens the muscles and promotes blood circulation.

On this important point it clearly distinguishes itself from other massage devices. You have full control yourself and that is also because you can place separate attachments on the massage gun. Each attachment has a different massage function. For example, you can use the U-shape head specifically to massage your back effectively.

A massage gun works so effectively because the device gives a powerful vibration or tapping massage . It makes deep up and down movements that deeply massage the muscles. During the massage you have the option to adjust the intensity. This stimulates blood circulation in the muscles, giving them the necessary oxygen and nutrients.

At the same time, waste products that cause muscle pain are removed from the body. In this way, the acidification of muscles decreases and the muscles can recover faster. The vibrations also loosen stuck muscles.

Due to this effective treatment, a massage gun can work very well in treating many health complaints such as: 

  • A faster recovery of the muscles:  the blood circulation is stimulated, so that many more important oxygens and nutrients go to the muscles. The muscles get the necessary oxygen again, so that the muscle pain decreases much faster.
  • Injuries occur: when you use a massage gun for a training session can injuries be prevented . The muscles become more flexible and the risk of injury decreases.
  • Reducing stress: because the muscle tone decreases and endorphin hormones are created works very well with the reduction of stress . You will notice that you are calmer after you have been massaged.
  • It ensures a better night ‘s sleep Due to the production of endorphins hormones and because the muscle tension decreases, the nervous system also stabilizes. You will notice that you have fewer stimuli, which makes it easier to fall asleep. If you want to sleep even better and deeper, you could also consider a weighted blanket .
  • It has a positive effect on blood circulation in the body. Better circulation also makes for a stronger immune system.
  • It strengthens the immune system:  during the massage white blood cells are produced and that ensures a stronger immune system.

For more information about how massage guns help with various health complaints, check out this part of this extensive article .

2. Reviews of the best seven best massage guns/massage guns

In recent years I have extensively tested many end-end massage guns and wrote reviews about them. I have put together the selection based on my experiences and the experiences of other people who have bought them massage guns.

1 Northwall massagegun 

The best massage gun with the best price-quality ratio. The Northwall is the best rated massage gun on It has 187 reviews and a 4.8 star rating. 

  • The device has 20 different intensity settings. The highest setting goes up to 4200 vibrations per minute.
  • The Northwall massage gun is the most popular massage gun at the moment.
  • It comes with a case
  • It comes with 4 massage heads
  • Very quiet (20 to 30 decibels)
  • The weight is 1.1 kilos. This makes the Northwall lighter than other models.
  • The battery lasts up to 9 hours.

This massage gun makes up to 4200 vibrations per minute.
You know that feeling that the muscles feel sore after exercise. Perhaps you are looking for a massage device that can allow the muscles to recover faster after exercise. The Northwall massage gun can then be a very good option. The massage gun is specially designed for athletes.

The Northwall is equipped with a strong motor that can make up to 4200 knocking movements per minute. The Northwall massage gun is really unique in this area. No other massage gun can generate 4200 knocks per minute.

Thanks to the strong motor, this massage gun can also reach deeper tissues and can intensively massage the calf muscles, for example.

Intensity is adjustable
The Northwall is equipped with a user-friendly LED display on which you can see the settings. Below the screen you will find a – and + button to set the intensity of the massage.

The Northwall massage gun clearly distinguishes itself from other hand massage devices in this area because this model is equipped with 20 different intensity settings.

Depending on the intensity, the motor in the Northwall massage gun can make between 1200 and 4200 vibrational movements.

Rechargeable batteries
The batteries of the Northwall massage gun can be used for a long time without having to recharge them. With a full battery, the massage gun lasts up to 9 hours. However, the battery life strongly depends on the intensity you set.

It takes about 3 hours to recharge it. Due to the strong battery, you do not have to charge the Northwall often because the massages do not last longer than 10 minutes.

The Northwall comes with four different types of massage heads. Below we briefly describe the four massage heads:

  • Round massage head: for massaging the large muscle groups
  • Flat massage head: for a wonderfully relaxing body massage
  • Ball head: for massaging the joints.
  • U-shaped head: for massaging the spinal cord.

Who is the Northwall suitable for:
People who exercise regularly and want to recover their muscles faster after an intensive sport session. I also recommend it to people who suffer from stress and muscle pain. Thanks to the strong motor, the muscles in the deeper tissue are also effectively massaged and this is very important.

2 Musqler massagegun

Choose this massage gun if you are looking for a device that can give very powerful percussion massages.

  • The musqler massage gun has 30 intensity settings
  • The battery lasts up to 7 hours.
  • Comes with no fewer than eight attachment cups (unique!)
  • Perfect for allowing your muscles to recover faster so that you can exercise even more often.
  • Very effective for muscle pain
  • Comes with a luxury case

Unique: 30 intensity
settings + touch screen Do you know how the Muscqler massage gun differs from other models? It is the massage gun with the most intensity settings. The muscqler massage gun is equipped with 30 different speed settings. It is a great advantage because it allows you to adapt the massage to your situation.

Very portable because it doesn’t weigh much
A big advantage of the Muscqler massage gun is that the device also weighs only 1.1 kilos and is quite small. Add to this the fact that it also comes with a luxury case so that you can safely transport the Muscqler.

Eight different massage heads
What makes the Muscqler unique is that it comes with eight different types of massage heads . Most providers supply four to a maximum of massage heads. The massage heads in particular have an enormous influence on the quality of the massage.

3. Fitgun

It comes with an extensive manual with many useful tips that will help you get the most out of the Fitgun.

  • It helps with muscle pain, back pain, neck and stress.
  • The Fitgun comes with a special ebook so that you get the most out of the device.
  • You can choose from 20 different speed settings.
  • The Fitgun is very quiet
  • A touch screen on the back.
  • It performs a powerful percussion massage. Your muscles will therefore recover faster after a heavy workout.
  • The battery lasts up to 5 hours. Ideal if you want to use it often in the gym.

What makes the Fitgun unique from other massage guns is that it comes with an information ebook . I can tell you that the ebook is really very valuable. The ebook contains all tips on how to best use the Fitgun before and after training. This way you really get the most out of the massage gun . The Fitgun therefore distinguishes itself in this area because no other manufacturer provides an E-book.

What is striking about the Fitgun is that it comes with 6 different types of attachments . Each massage head has a different function.

What makes this massage gun unique compared to other massage guns is that it is a lot quieter. The Fitgun produces between 20 and 30 decibels of noise.

4. Maicura massage pistol

The best choice if you are looking for a massage gun that lasts a long time in terms of battery. The battery lasts up to 11 hours.

  • The battery lasts up to 8 hours (unique)
  • It comes with six massage heads
  • 20 speed settings
  • Available in the colors black, white and blue.
  • It has a nice touch screen
  • Includes beautiful storage case.

The Maicura massage gun is in the middle segment in terms of price. The massage gun is for sale at for a price of 119 euros.

Does the Maicura massage gun also distinguish itself from other models from the same price category for this price? Yes, it certainly distinguishes itself on a number of specifications, such as:

  • Massage heads : The Maicura comes with six massage heads. Most massage guns in this price range only have four cups.
  • Strong battery: The Maicura has a much stronger battery than other models. The battery lasts up to 11 hours and that is really unique.
  • Tocuhscreen: in addition, the Maicura has a beautiful touchscreen.

5. Tunturi massage gun 

The lightest massage gun that doesn’t feel so heavy in your hand. 

  • The massage gun is less heavy than other models. The Tunturi weighs 1 kilo.
  • Includes four attachments
  • It generates 1200 to 3200 vibrations.
  • Knocks have a depth of 14mm (amplitude)
  • The massage gun with the best reviews on It has 4.9 star.
  • The massage gun is very quiet (40 decibels)

The Tunturi massage gun is one of the best rated massage guns on It has a rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars based on 50 reviews. So it certainly says something about the quality.

Deeper massages thanks to an amplitude of 14mm
I also tested the Tunturi massage gun and I can tell you that massage feels nice and powerful.
The depth of the knocking movements goes up to 14 millimeters, which is a lot more than other massage guns.

Most massage guns from the price category of 100 euros have a depth of 10 mm. The four millimeter difference does make a difference in how well the deeper tissue muscles are massaged.

A lot lighter than other massage guns
What is also nice about the Tunturi is that this massage gun is a lot lighter than other models. The massage gun weighs 1 kilo and is on average 500 grams lighter than other massage guns.

I can tell you it just feels much more comfortable. Especially in places that are more difficult to reach, such as the back.

6. Sanbo massage gun

Choose the Sanbo massage gun if you are looking for a very cheap massage gun with many unique specifications. The massage gun is for sale at for 89 euros. 

  • It comes with six different heads
  • It features 30 intensity settings
  • It has a nice touchscreen.
  • With the Sanbo APP you get the most out of the massage gun.
  • Comes with a luxury case

As far as I’m concerned, the Sanbo massage gun is unique when I consider the price. The massage gun is sold at for a price of 89 euros. The Sanbo massage gun clearly distinguishes itself from other products in this price category.

Below I give a summary of the points on which the Sanbo massage gun is unique:

  • 30 intensity settings: it has 30-speed settings and that makes the Sanbo really unique in this price range. The speed settings range from 2400 rpm to 4000 rpm vibrations per minute.
  • When you buy the Sanbo massage gun you can install the Sanbo app on your phone . This APP is very useful because it provides many useful tips and valuable exercises.

The above points are the most unique functionalities on which Sanbo distinguishes itself from other providers. For more information, see the Sanbo massage gun review .

7. Theragun g3 is a professional massage gun

The Theragun G3 is a massage gun that is specially made for the avid and professional athlete 

  • The massage is much more powerful than other massage guns because the depth of the tapping movements go up to 16mm.
  • It features two rechargeable battery. No other massage gun has this.
  • Two intensity settings (1750 and 3200 beats per minute).
  • Adjustable arm so that you can also massage the hard-to-reach parts of the body,
  • It comes with a carrying case
  • The device is more expensive than other massage guns.

Why is the Theragun Pro’s massage so much more powerful? 
When we look at the specifications beforehand, the Thergun G3 Pro seems less good than other massage guns. For example, it only has four speed settings and the maximum number of vibrations per minute is 2400 vibrations.

I can tell you this isn’t right at all. This massage gun is even better and much more powerful than other massage guns. The main reason is that these massage guns make much deeper and longer tapping movements. The movements penetrate much deeper.

The Theragun G3 Pro has a depth of 16mm . It is also called the amplitude. When we compare this with other massage guns, it clearly stands out from the rest.

Most have an amplitude of 10mm. Even when the number of vibrations is much higher, the massage gun is still less powerful than the Theragun G3 Pro with less vibrations.

Due to the deeper amplitude, knocking movements go deeper and that is much more important than the number of vibrations. In addition, it is also because the massage power of the Theragun Pro is 30 kilos!

It is therefore the main reason why often only professional athletes and extremely fanatical athletes choose the Theragun G3 Pro . They are looking for a very powerful massage and this is exactly what the Theragun G3 Pro gives. For this powerful massage you pay a really high price tag. The Theragun Pro is available for 600 euros and with this it is really a lot more expensive than any other massage gun.

Adjustable arm
What also makes the Theragun Pro unique compared to other massasge pistols is that it has an adjustable arm. The advantage of this is that you can reach and massage hard-to-reach body parts such as the back much better.

Handy app
Another unique point is that Theragun has developed a special app. In this app you get very good guidance on how to best use the Theragun Pro. In addition, you will find many different types of exercises in this app. You get the most out of the massage gun.

An extra battery 
What I also really like is that the Theragun Pro comes with an extra battery. The Thergagun also distinguishes itself from other providers in this area.

4. What should you pay attention to when buying a massage gun? 

Today there are hundreds of different types of massage guns available. The tricky part is that the massage guns differ greatly in quality and price. How do you find a good massage gun that suits your needs?

In this part of this article I explain exactly which options / functionalities are important. It is important to read this carefully because that way you know what to look for.

4.1 How do you determine how good the massage is? 

The quality of the massage that a massage gun gives has to do with a number of factors such as:

  • The types of massages that the massage gun can perform.
  • The intensity of the massage and the number of vibrations per minute.
  • The amplitude of the massage .
  • The different massage cups.
  • Read the reviews of people who have bought the massage gun to get a better idea of ​​the quality.

Below I will elaborate on the various factors that determine the quality of the massage.

The type of massage: tap and vibration massage

Massage guns can actually perform two types of massage, vibrating and tapping . I always recommend that you buy a massage gun that can give a tapping massage. In particular, the cheaper massage guns cannot perform a tapping massage.

During the tapping massage, the massage gun makes striking movements, which stimulates the blood circulation even better. This is precisely the intention because this promotes muscle recovery.

In addition, the throbbing movements also penetrate deeper, so that the muscles in the deeper tissue are also massaged well. The vibration massage is less effective and penetrates less deeply.

If you are planning to buy a massage gun, I advise you to pay attention to this. My advice to choose a massage gun that can perform a tapping massage.

The intensity of the massage

What of course has a major influence on the quality is the intensity of the massage. The intensity of the massage is indicated in the number of vibrations that the massage gun can make per minute. Most massage guns can have between 1200 to 2400 vibrations . The more expensive models can even generate 3800 vibrations per minute.

With most massage guns you can also set the intensity. This means that you can adjust the amount of vibrations per minute. I always advise you to buy a massage gun with at least 5 intensity settings . The advantage of a large number of intensity settings is that you can completely personalize the massage to your needs.

The depth of the tapping movements: the amplitude

How good the massage is depends very much on the amplitude. So what exactly is this? The amplitude actually means how deep (length) the tapping movements of the massage gun go. A massage gun with a depth of 16mm therefore goes deeper than a model with an amplitude of 8mm. The higher the amplitude, the better the massage gun can massage the deeper muscles. The tapping movements are longer and deeper, so that the tapping massage penetrates deeper into the deeper tissue and a percussion massage is performed.

The depth of the tapping movements therefore has such an enormous influence on the quality of the massage. The hard-to-reach muscles are effectively massaged and this promotes faster muscle recovery and prevents injuries.

A massage gun with a lower intensity can be better because of the deeper tapping movements.
I would even dare to say that the depth is actually more important than the intensity of the number of vibrations per minute. If the tapping movements go deeper, it has a much greater influence on how effective the massage is.

When the intensity is high but the tapping movements do not reach the deeper tissue muscles, the higher intensity has much less effect.

A massage gun that can generate a maximum of 2400 vibrations per minute but has an amplitude of 14mm is therefore much more effective than a massage gun that generates 3200 vibrations with an amplitude of 8mm.

My advice: 
My advice is really to check very carefully what the amplitude of the massage gun is. It is the most important advice I can give you in this article. The problem, however, is that many manufacturers producing cheaper massage guns don’t give up. It therefore seems that the cheaper massage gun is just as good as a professional massage gun.

Especially because it is something technical and more difficult to explain. It is precisely this point that determines the quality. You will find many different massage guns on in particular, but they do not indicate the amplitude. Of course you can always contact the producer about this.

Another good advice I can give you is to read very carefully the reviews of people who have bought the massage gun that you are interested in. You get a much better idea of ​​what other people think about the quality of the massage.

How many and which attachments are supplied with the massage gun?

A massage gun always comes with different attachments . We also call an attachment a massage head . So you place the attachments on the massage gun.

A massage gun comes standard with a round head. However, I recommend that you buy a massage gun that has multiple attachments. Thanks to the massage heads, you can massage a specific part of the body in a very targeted manner. Below I briefly explain the most popular attachments:

Large convex attachment 

The head with the round shape is best used to massage the large muscle groups .

fork head

If you want to massage your back, it is a smart plan to place the fork head on the massage gun. This head is specially made to give back massages and to massage the spine.

ball head

Do you want to massage the trigger points and the muscles in the deeper tissue? In this case, place the ball head on the massage gun. In addition, you can also use the ball massage head to massage the joints.

Flat head

With the flat head you can actually massage all body parts. I recommend using this head if you want to massage your entire body.

Pneumatic head

If you want to massage the bones effectively, use the pneumatic head.

Small round head 

Place the small round head on the massage gun to massage the small muscle groups with great precision. This massage head is also perfect for effectively massaging the small muscles in the deeper parts.

4.2 How do you choose a massage gun that you can easily transport?

Of course you want to be able to easily take the massage gun with you wherever you go. A number of points that play an important role here are the strength of the battery. In addition, it is useful if a case is included so that you can easily transport it and store the massage gun safely.

How long does the battery last and how quickly does it recharge?

A massage gun is actually a lot more portable than other massage devices. They are compact and you can also use all massage guns wirelessly because they all work on rechargeable batteries. A point that is important is how strong the battery is.

With some massage guns you can only use the battery for 2 hours and with others up to 10 hours. So the difference is very big. The big advantage of a massage gun with a stronger battery is that you have to charge it much less often.

Some massage guns also come with an extra battery. So pay attention to this.

In addition, it is also important to know how quickly the battery is fully charged again. Some recharge in 1 hour and others take 4 hours.

Do you get a sturdy storage case with it? 

Some massage guns come with a nice storage case . Especially people who want to take the massage gun to the gym or on vacation really benefit from this.

You can then safely store the massage gun and all associated accessories such as the massage cups . You won’t lose everything so quickly. The massage gun therefore also remains in good condition and breaks down much less quickly.

Choose a massage gun that makes less noise so you can use it everywhere

Do you want to be able to use the massage gun everywhere and do you not want to bother other people with the sound the device makes? For example, it is not so nice if you are watching a movie with your girlfriend and the sound of the massage gun is disturbing.

If this is important to you, I recommend that you always check how much noise a massage gun produces. Most massage guns produce between 30 and 50 decibels of noise. So always check the specifications to see how many decibels the massage gun produces.

4.3 How easy is the massage gun to use?

Of course you would like a massage gun that you can use easily, but what should you pay attention to? Below I briefly indicate which points play a role in the ease of use of the massage gun.

Touch screen

First of all, I recommend that you always choose a massage gun that is equipped with a touch screen. On this screen you can immediately see the intensity level and how full the battery is.

In addition, you can easily adjust the intensity via the touchscreen. It is also useful if the buttons are large enough. All of this has a significant impact on how user-friendly the device is.

Some massage guns do not have a screen and this just works much less easily.

How heavy is the massage gun and is it comfortable to hold? 

Always check the weight of the massage gun . To massage your body, you often use the massage gun for 10 minutes or more.

It is therefore important that the massage gun does not feel too heavy because you have to hold it in your hand all the time.

I advise you to choose a massage gun that does not weigh more than 1.5 kilos . So always check the weight before you buy a massage gun.

In addition, you naturally want the massage gun to feel comfortable in your hand. So take a good look at how the grip of the massage gun is. The thickness of the handle largely determines the ease of use.

Not only the weight plays a major influence on the user-friendliness. Also the design of the massage gun. I want to say that it is very important that the design should be nicely distributed in terms of weight .

Dutch manual

Always check whether the manual is in Dutch. It’s so nice. In addition, difficult medical and technical terms are sometimes used. It is a lot easier to understand if the manual of the massage gun is in Dutch.


Some massage guns come not only with a manual but also with an ebook. This ebook gives super useful tips and advice on how to get the most out of the massage gun. Knowing that also determines the ease of use.

With which health problems can a massage gun help?

If you regularly use a massage gun, it is very good for your health. I notice that strongly myself. I have much less muscle soreness after exercise. In addition, I use the massage gun when I feel tense. After the massage I feel calmer. Below I will discuss the most important health benefits of a massage gun.

Faster muscle recovery and reducing muscle soreness

The massage gun is the most effective massage device for faster muscle recovery. Especially people who regularly exercise intensively will really experience the benefits of this. The powerful tapping massage increases blood circulation .

The effect of this is that more important nutrients and oxygen can reach the muscles. Because more oxygen enters the muscles, the amount of lactic acid also decreases, which greatly reduces muscle pain. Lactic acid in particular causes acidic muscles and therefore muscle pain. In this way, a massage from a massage gun certainly helps to relieve muscle pain .

It helps very well against stress

I often use the massage gun after a long busy working day. I have also experienced that I am a lot calmer after a massage. If you suffer from stress, I can advise you to massage the muscles where you feel tension and restless feelings. A massage therefore helps very well in reducing stress .

The underlying cause is that the tense muscles are loosened, causing the muscle tension to decrease . In addition, the body produces endorphins during the massage . It is also called the “feel good” hormone. You will be happier and more relaxed.

At the same time, the endorphins also ensure that stress hormones such as cortisol are removed from the body. Due to the production of the endorphin hormones and the decreasing muscle tension , the nervous system is also brought to rest. It leads to a sharp decrease in mental unrest and a calmer mind.

Better sports performance and prevent injuries 

I play a lot of tennis myself and I notice that my muscles are more flexible when I use the massage gun for tennis. The muscles are completely loosened by the powerful massage of the massage gun. This makes it easier for you to make more flexible movements, which of course improves sports performance.

Because the muscles are more flexible, the chance of injuries is also smaller. In this way a massage gun contributes to the prevention of injuries.

It improves your sleep

Massages help you fall asleep faster. If you want to sleep well and get the most out of the massage, I advise you to use the massage gun half an hour before you go to sleep. Your nervous system is also stimulated during the massage.

It ensures that a signal is sent to the brain. In response to this, the brain produces endorphins and melatonin hormones. The endorphin hormone makes you relaxed so that the nervous system comes to rest. This makes it easier for you to fall asleep.

Also take a look at this article which is about how a body massage has a positive influence on a good night’s sleep.

It improves the immune system

A massage gun helps improve the immune system . A massage gun does the lymphatic system to excite . The lymphatic system is responsible for removing waste products and body fluids. The lymphatic system prevents you from getting sick more quickly.

Lymph nodes are stimulated during a massage . In response to this, the lymph nodes start to create new immune cells, including white blood cells . In the lymphatic fluid, the immune cells are distributed throughout your body through the bloodstream.

Your immune system is strengthened by the production of these immune cells . In this way, a massage gun can help strengthen your immune system.

For more information about how massage helps to strengthen the immune system, I would also like to refer you to this English article .

Important questions

Below is an overview of other questions people have about massage guns.

Some massage pistols are €50 and for others you pay €800. The main difference between the cheaper and the more expensive massage gun is how deeply the massage can massage your muscles. It is also called the amplitude. Check that very carefully. We recommend that you choose a massage gun with a minimum amplitude of 12mm.