The restorative nap to make up for lost sleep

Having to help the other, even at night, when the interventions are frequent, that often means saying goodbye to a rhythm of 8 hours of sleep per day. It is therefore essential to take a regular break. “You have to find time (1:30 to 2 hours) to take a nap. It won’t be a  quick nap.

But a nap to recover from the sleep time that has become insufficient at night, explains Sylvie Royant-Parola, the doctor at the Sleep Center at the Château de Garches clinic.

For this nap, it will be necessary to favor an isolated room, as quiet and dark as possible, in order to fully recharge the batteries. ”

Fragmented sleep: what to do?

To combat fragmented and fractional sleep, you need to take a nap, okay. But when to sleep? “The easiest way is to adjust to the patient’s rhythm of rest. Say to yourself “When he sleeps, I sleep.” “Because the main thing is to ensure a  restorative nap.

Maintain your body and mind to continue helping

In order to be able to support the patient as best as possible, it is also necessary to maintain regular physical activity“It can take the form of a gymnastics class, at home or in a club, a brisk walk of a few tens of minutes, in particular, to expose yourself to the light,” suggests Sylvie Royant-Parola who is also president of the Morphée network. For her, the key is not to remain confined to home.

Staying in physical shape also means clearing the mind. “The mental interview makes it possible to cut off the continuity in which the person is installed, especially if he is very close or very close to the patient. ”

Sleeping pills can sometimes help you sleep better

The issue of sleeping pills also deserves to be addressed, because it will inevitably arise one day or another. “If we have to stay on high alert, it’s a bad idea,” announces Sylvie Royant-Parola. Because that exposes to make mistakes, which could endanger his life and that of the patient.

When you wake up unexpectedly on a sleeping pill, you may find yourself in a state of confusion and then not remembering what you have done. »Bad idea, then? Not necessarily.

“If it allows you to disconnect, it’s a good alternative. We can use it when we have managed to take the famous break and have found a relay. If we are too pressurized in everyday life, the sleeping pill will have the ability to get out of it, which can be good. ”

Cuts to make up for lack of sleep

Relatives who come to the aid of sick people in the long term must protect themselves as much as possible, until going to allow themselves a break of one week, for example by entrusting their child .

“You have to be able to rely on relatives, an institution, home helpers , to agree, first of all, a real night’s rest at least once a week and fill in the fragile sleep ,” advises Sylvie Royant-Parolawho goes even further: “

To draw energy in the long term, you have to put your pride aside, not to feel guilty for abandoning the other, who is in good hands. And air out for a week, away from everyday life, to draw new energy. As a general rule, it is difficult to last more than six months without taking care of your sleep. ”