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irest a710 massage chair review 2022

Many friends are both familiar and unfamiliar with massage chairs . Familiar means knowing this thing, as well as the appearance and general functions of massage chairs. Then why is it unfamiliar? When it comes time to buy it, it is a little confusing when it comes to what features and points should be paid attention to. Today, I will take a good look at how to choose this massage chair to be the most reliable.

First of all, you need to know whether the massage chair is suitable for you or not?

The massage chair uses mechanical parts in different positions to achieve the effect of massaging the whole body by rolling and squeezing. Let’s first take a look at the people who are not suitable for massage chairs, first see if they are suitable or not, and then see how to choose.

Where is the focus of choosing a massage chair

If you want the massage chair to simulate the feeling and strength of human hand massage as much as possible, you must first understand the three core components of the massage chair: the movement, the guide rail and the airbag.

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