Laser removal of papillomas

Benefits of laser removal: 

  • Non-contact procedure.
  • Leaves no scars.
  • Instant aesthetic effect.
  • Has no complications from an infection.
  • No bleeding due to vascular coagulation.


Dermatologist consultation  550 ₴   225 ₴ on the day of laser papilloma removal.

Dermatologist consultation + dermatoscopy 700 ₴  350 ₴

Removal of papillomas with a laser is a modern and quick way to cleanse the skin of neoplasms, which are more commonly called “leg moles”. Most often, this cosmetic defect causes aesthetic discomfort if papillomas appear on the face or in the eye area, on the neck. They also resort to removal when papillomas appear on the chest, in the armpits, on the stomach and back, in the groin area.

Duration of the procedure
Laser removal of papilloma 5 min.

The essence of the procedure

Laser treatment of papillomas is a procedure during which a heat ray is non-contacting the area of ​​epithelial growth (neoplasm itself). The reason for the appearance of such formations is most often called the human papillomavirus, which manifests itself as a result of a failure of immunity or is transmitted from another person.

The laser acts pointwise, burning out only the papilloma itself, while not damaging the surrounding tissues and creating conditions for the coagulation of blood vessels. It is due to the safe local impact that the procedure has gained popularity and is considered atraumatic.

The laser beam is directed clearly to the center of the papilloma, where the tissue is burned out (evaporated). After the end of the procedure, if necessary, a plaster is glued to the place of laser removal of papilloma. In some cases, the patient is offered local anesthesia (in consultation with a dermatologist and in the presence of a low pain threshold).

Indications and contraindications:

The main indication for such a technique is the appearance of a large number of papillomas (moles) on the face (on the eyelid, cheeks, etc.) or on other areas of the skin. There are much more contraindications:

• Presence of skin diseases – acute, chronic.

• Pregnancy and lactation.

• Early age – as a rule, people under 18 are limited, but there are individual recommendations.

• A history of oncology (any stage or remission requires an individual approach to the treatment of papillomas with a laser).

Important: the malignant nature of papilloma is a direct contraindication. Violation of this point leads to skin cancer.

What result:

Laser treatment of papillomas practically does not have a rehabilitation period – all possible consequences disappear by themselves within two to three days. Cauterization is not a traumatic process, therefore, even in the presence of crusts, no difficulties are expected. In case of any problems arising during this period, you need to inform the cosmetologist who performed the treatment – this may require additional consultation and the adoption of certain measures.

The question of how much it costs to burn out papillomas with a laser is discussed during the initial appointment with a specialist at our clinic in Kiev. As a rule, the price for the procedure is affordable, it is possible and necessary to remove the education inexpensively and with high quality. Removing one mole is quick, only 3-5 minutes when it comes to performing the procedure correctly and using a high-quality device.

As a rule, the neoplasm no longer appears at the site of removal. However, even ideally performed cauterization of papillomas does not guarantee their formation in the future – an integrated approach and determination of the cause of the appearance of formations on the leg are important here.