Lip Augmentation

HA injections into the lip area are primarily an anti-age procedure that improves the quality of the lip skin. You can apply contour plastics from the age of 18.


  • elimination of congenital lip asymmetry;
  • correction of very thin and naturally inexpressive lips;
  • correction of post-traumatic lip imperfections;
  • moisturizing and smoothing vertical wrinkles around the lips;
  • restoration or emphasizing the contour of the lips;
  • fashion addition of volume to the lips;
  • elimination of age-related defects: drooping corners of the mouth, deep wrinkles.

Lip augmentation safety:

  • first of all, this is the use of high-quality, high-tech, and certified medical products, since this guarantees the absence of adverse reactions to purified hyaluronic acid;
  • conditions of the medical office;
  • practicing doctors;

Long-term hydration of lip tissues

If you are a supporter of natural-looking, moisturized and well-groomed lips, Regenyal Idea Lips Lip Correction Filler is your choice.

  • suitable for absolutely everyone for the purpose of long-term moisturizing of the skin of the lips,
  • increases tissue turgor,
  • lips acquire juiciness and a well-groomed aesthetic appearance,
  • restores the relief of the tissues and contour of the lips,
  • lip filler looks natural and soft,
  • when using a plastic lip filler, the face looks harmonious.

Differs in its versatility, plasticity and regenerative properties. Suitable for those who do lip contouring for the first time.

Modern trends in lip styles

New generation dynamic filler Filorga Art Universal

How is it different from other fillers?

The unique formula of Filorga Art Universal, in which 3 types of hyaluronic acids are combined, each of which gives the lips its own effect:

  • models the shape taking into account the anatomical features of the patient;
  • creates volume;
  • moisturizes the lips is evenly distributed in the injection area – due to this, the result looks natural.
  • 3% lidocaine in the composition will make the administration of the drug comfortable and painless.
Duration of the procedure

Lip augmentation to naturally highlight the natural beauty

The desire for external attractiveness is characteristic of every person, but especially women. Her self-confidence depends on whether she feels the admiring glances of men, whether she admires her reflection in the mirror, and whether she receives compliments. Nature has endowed each woman with unique traits that may differ from each other. For many, sensual and expressive lips are the standard of female attractiveness. Unfortunately, nature has not endowed everyone with them. Modern medical cosmetology helps to bring them into their ideal shape. With the help of lip augmentation and contouring, you can get rid of existing flaws and bring your lips to the desired perfection.

In addition to actually increasing the volume of the lips, the services of medical cosmetology are resorted to to resolve a number of problems that cause some factors of imperfection in appearance. Upper and lower lip surgeries help qualified cosmetologists:

  • Correct the shape of asymmetrical and disproportionate lips. It is this shortcoming, in the opinion of many women, that is the first to catch the eye and cause inconvenience.
  • Give the lips expression and distinct contours. With the help of contour plastics, you can give your face a neat look. Distinct lip contours make it easy to apply makeup and help you achieve the perfect aesthetics.
  • Raise the corners of the lips. This deficiency is most often associated with age-related changes. The drooping of the corners of the lips can be accompanied by a decrease in their elasticity and volume.
  • Get rid of scars and scars. Such defects pretty much spoil the appearance. Cosmetics give only a temporary and unstable effect. The plastic helps to completely mask, fix and remove them.
  • Give volume. In cosmetology, modern, safe fillers are used, injections of which help to make the upper or lower lips fuller and more sensual.

Eloquent photos with the results of the procedures performed make it possible to verify the effectiveness of lip contouring, to compare the visual effect before and after the correction. The cost of the procedures depends on the choice of the drug and the degree of the necessary intervention, but taking into account the qualifications of the staff, the quality of work and the result achieved, we can assure you that the cost is affordable and leaves other clinics behind. Beautiful, sensitive, expressive lips adorn every woman. Do not deny yourself the pleasure of arousing sincere admiration for your appearance from other

The best conditions for lip contouring:

Among the priority conditions in lip plastics for our specialists, the first places are:

  • Preserving the natural beauty of our clients and focusing on the merits of their appearance
  • Use in work only the highest quality, repeatedly tested material
  • The atmosphere in the clinic of coziness and comfort for the best well-being of our clients
  • Maintaining the professionalism of practicing specialists at a decent, constantly high level
  • Development of innovative techniques for contour plastics

How is the procedure going?

Before carrying out the procedures, experienced specialists will conduct the necessary consultations, where, based on the level of the condition of the lips, they will give recommendations for the necessary correction to achieve the desired result, as well as warn about possible contraindications.

Immediately before the start of the procedures, anesthesia is carried out at the client’s choice, to eliminate discomfort when injecting the filler gel. Correction devices are used only of the highest quality to achieve long-term results and the absence of allergic reactions. The drug is based on g. To. Is guaranteed to be safe, since it contains substances similar to those found in the human body.