Massage Chair Buying Guide 2023 – Full Detailed Guide

Chair Component

  1. Pillow
  2. Shoulder massage part
  3. Back cushion
  4. Hand and arm massage department
  5. Seat cushion
  6. LED lights
  7. Footrest

Set up a massage chair

Installation location.
• Make
 sure there is enough space to recline.
• Do not expose the massage chair to direct sunlight or high temperatures, such as in front of a heat source, as this will cause the synthetic leather to discolor or harden.
• Place the device on a mat to prevent damage to the floor.
• When placing a cushion under the device, the size of the cushion should be large enough to cover the area that the device touches and the area where the leg rest may touch the floor, as shown in the figure above.
• Install the device near a power outlet.

Preparation before use

Check the space around the product.
Make sure that there are no people, pets, or other objects near the product. Make sure that there are no foreign objects at the seams of the product. Before sitting on the product, make sure that there are no foreign objects between any two parts of the product. Do not put your hands, arms, or head between the backrest and the back cover.
Do not place pets on the product (such as the back cover, backrest, and armrests).
Turn on the product power
Push the power connector into the electrical socket until the end.
Insert the power plug into the power socket until the end. Turn the switch to the “I” position
Make sure that the massage roller is retracted.
If they are not, press the NO button to return them to the retracted position.

How to use


product operation guide
Turn on the power, turn the switch to the “I” position, the chair enters the idle mode, the backrest angle reaches the highest position, and the pedal angle reaches the lowest position. In idle mode, only five functions can be operated: ON/OFF, tilt, tilt, tilt leg, tilt leg.

Start/Stop control button
Press this button once, the LCD backlight and ON/OFF button will light up. Press any massage function button to start the massage function of the chair. This will also start the timer function. Press this button again to stop all massage functions, and the massage rollers, backrest, and leg rest will return to their original positions.

Pause Pause
button When the massage chair is in massage mode and the user wants to temporarily pause, press the pause button, and all massage functions will stop. The “Pause” button will flash, and the countdown of the set time will also be paused. Press the pause button again to resume the original massage function, and the countdown of the set time will continue.

3D adjustment
Press 3D+/3D- to adjust the 3D roller forward/backward respectively. There are 3 different levels for adjustment to suit different massage intensity requirements.

Automatic program

If one of the automatic programs is activated, the chair will automatically scan the shoulder height. The theme will automatically enter the shoulder adjustment, and the user can manually adjust the shoulder height position to the desired comfortable position before the automatic program starts. The
following are the available automatic programs:

  1. Neck/shoulder
  2. strengthen
  3. relax
  4. Thai
  5. recover
  6. Sleep

Tilt leg/ Tilt leg
Foot pedal angle adjustment control buttons
These two control buttons can adjust the massage angle on the footrest.
Press the tilt leg or tilt leg control button once, and the foot pedal will start to move; when the foot pedal reaches the desired comfortable position, press the button again to stop it.

 zero gravity 

In Zero Gravity by default, press this key to start the zero G1 function, press this key again to start the zero G2 function, and press this key again to return to the idle position.
Note: If you press this button while moving to zero-G1, the massage chair will stop at the latest angle. If the zero-G button is not pressed when moving to zero-G1, the massage will stop at the preset zero-G1 angle. The same conditions apply to the zero G2 function.

Backrest tilt/tilt

Massage chair angle adjustment control button
These two controls! The button can adjust the tilt/tilt angle of the backrest separately. Press the tilt or tilt control button once and the backrest will start to move. When the backrest reaches the desired comfortable position, press the button again to stop it.

Manual massage function
Kneading, Tapping, Swedish, Shiatsu, tapping, rolling
Press this button to activate the rhythmic kneading manual massage function for a full back massage with moderate intensity. Each time you press this button, the manual massage function will change in the order of kneading> tapping> Swedish> acupressure> tapping> rolling => stop.

Manual massage function direction

When the manual massage function is running, press this key to switch the rhythm mode of manual massage between 1 and 2.

backrest adjustment button-5 speeds adjustable. After the manual massage function is turned on, each time you press the button, the speed can be adjusted from weak to strong.

Width adjustment
Back massage width adjustment button-3 levels available. After
activating the tap, clap, shiatsu, or scroll functions, the user can touch the button to adjust the massage width. There are 3 levels available (narrow, medium, and wide).

Partial or Partial Back Massage
This button allows the user to select a point massage for any part of the back.
Press this button once to activate the point massage at the desired location.
Press this key again to switch to some functions.

massage position adjustment buttons for partial and partial massage.
When the manual or automatic shoulder scanning cannot meet individual needs, you can manually fine-tune the shoulder height position by pressing the up’ down button within 10 seconds of the sound. Once you find a suitable position and release the key, the final position will be locked.
Note: During the partial or partial massage, you can also use these two buttons to adjust the massage position.

Each time you press this button, the thermal massage function will change in the order of mechanical heating>knee/leg heating>mechanical/knee/leg heating>stop.

Whole-body air pressure massage
Whole-body air pressure massage
Press once to start the whole body air pressure massage, press again to stop the function.

Manual air
setting Air squeeze
Each time you press this button, the manual air massage function will change in the order of EGREST>ARMREST>SHOULDER=STOP.

pressure intensity adjustment button-5 levels of intensity can be adjusted.
After activating the air pressure function (automatic and manual), press this button to adjust the intensity in the loop.

Start/stop control buttons for the casters and casters
Press once to activate the casters, and press again to stop the casters.
End the operation After
use, please press the “ON/OFF” button, the massage chair stops running, and the massage roller returns to its original position; then switch the power button under the chair to the “O” position and unplug the machine from the power socket.

  • Important safety instructions
  • When using electrical appliances, you should always follow basic precautions, including the following:
    Please read all instructions before using (this equipment).
  • Danger
    To reduce the risk of electric shock:
  • After use and before cleaning, be sure to unplug the product from the power outlet immediately.
  • Do not use pins or other metal fasteners on this equipment.
  • Check the covering carefully before each use. If the covering shows any signs of deterioration, such as cracks, blisters, or cracks, discard the device.
  • Warning
  • After plugging in the power source, do not leave the device unattended. Unplug the power plug from the socket when not in use and before putting on or taking off parts.
  • When a child, handicapped or disabled person uses this product on or near it, close supervision is necessary.
  • Use this equipment only for the intended purpose described in this manual. Do not use accessories not recommended by the manufacturer.
  • Do not operate this equipment if the power cord or plug is damaged, does not work properly, falls or is damaged, or falls into the water. Return the equipment to the service center for inspection and repair.
  • Do not carry the device by the power cord or use it as a carrying handle.
  • Never operate the device with the vents blocked. Keep the vents free of fluff, burrs, or the like.
  • Do not use it outdoors.
  • Do not operate in areas where aerosol (spray) products are used or where oxygen is being used.
  • To disconnect, turn all controls to the off position, and then remove the plug from the socket.
  • Keep children away from extended foot supports.
  • Only connect this equipment to a properly grounded outlet. See grounding instructions.
  • Use heated surfaces with care. May cause severe burns. Do not use it on insensitive skin areas or places with poor blood circulation. The unconscious use of heat by children or incapacitated people can be dangerous.
  • Do not operate under blankets or pillows. It may cause overheating and cause fire, electric shock, or personal injury.

Keep these instructions

  • Safety Precautions
  • When using a massage chair, you should always follow basic precautions to reduce the risk of electric shock, burns, fire, or personal injury. Please read the following precautions before using the massage chair.
  • Ensure that the power plug is firmly inserted into the correct power outlet to reduce the risk of short circuits and fire.
  • It is strongly recommended to use a surge protector to prevent damage.
  • Do not use the massage chair in places with high humidity such as sauna steam rooms, swimming pools, bathrooms, air conditioners, or heaters.
  • Do not use the massage chair outdoors and avoid direct sunlight.
  • If you do not use the massage chair, please turn the power switch to the OFF position and unplug the massage chair from the power socket to avoid damaging the massage chair when there is electricity. Tages/surges can cause serious damage.
  • When children or the disabled use massage chairs, they need to be closely and continuously supervised.
  • No more than one person can use the massage chair at the same time.
  • The massage chair should be used in accordance with the instructions in the instruction manual. Do not use any accessories other than those recommended by the manufacturer.
  • Do not try to stand or sit on the backrest, armrest, or footstool to avoid accidents, injury, or damage to the chair.
  • Avoid falling asleep while using the massage chair.
  • Always keep the massage chair clean and do not insert any objects in or around the gaps of the massage chair.
  • Do not move the massage chair by pulling the power cord.
  • Make sure that there are no children, pets, or other obstacles behind or under the massage chair.
  • If you find any tears or tears in the fabric of the massage chair, please contact the service department and stop using the massage chair immediately.
  • This massage chair is specially designed for family use and should not be used in a non-residential environment.
  • If you have any questions about whether you should use this massage chair, please consult your doctor.
  • If you are pregnant, receiving any medical treatment, using medical electronic equipment such as a pacemaker, or experiencing any of the following conditions, please consult a doctor before using the massage chair: malignant tumor, heart disease, back pain, abnormal or curved Backbones, osteoporosis or acute disease.
  • If you feel pain while using the massage chair, please stop using the best massage chair immediately and consult your doctor.
  • Do not use the massage function on swollen or inflamed parts of the body.
  • Do not use the massage chair for more than 30 minutes at a time.
  • Do not use the massage chair where aerosol (spray) products are used or where oxygen is given.
  • This massage chair is a non-professional product, designed to provide a comfortable massage, and should not replace proper medical treatment.
  • Never operate the device with the air hose being inflated when it is blocked. Keep the vents free of lint, hair, and any other obstructions.
  • Frequently check the skin in contact with the heating area of ​​the device to reduce the risk of injury. If the heating pad malfunctions and generates extreme heat, it may cause severe burns.
  • Improper use may cause burns. If this is the case, immediately turn off the chair and remove the plug from the socket.
  • Remove all sharp objects, such as keys and pens, from your body and pocket.
  • Keep children away from extended foot supports (or other similar parts).
  • Don’t get wet-don’t use pins.
  • Never remove the cover.

Note: This lipstick is very soft, it is recommended to put it into XNUMXmm or XNUMXinch when applying) The
user’s weight is usually limited to 220 pounds. For people weighing 220 pounds or more, product operation may produce more noise and the fabric cover may wear out faster.

FCC Radiation Exposure Statement: (mobile device)

To avoid the possibility of exceeding the FCC radio frequency exposure limit, the distance between the human body and the antenna during normal operation must not be less than 20 cm (8 inches).

FCC statement

The operation must meet the following two conditions: This device may not cause harmful interference.

This device must accept any interference received, including interference that may cause an unexpected operation.

This device has been tested and found to comply with the limits for Class B digital devices in Part 15 of the FCC Rules. These limits are designed to provide reasonable protection from harmful interference in residential installations.

This equipment generates, uses, and radiates radiofrequency energy, and if it is not installed and used in accordance with the instructions, it may cause harmful interference to radio communications.

Industry Canada announcement
This device complies with Industry Canada’s license-free RSS standard. The operation must meet the following two conditions: This device may not cause interference.

This device must accept any interference, including interference that may cause the device to operate unexpectedly. Changes or modifications not expressly approved by the party responsible for compliance may void the user’s authority to operate the equipment.

Synthetic leather cleaning
wipe synthetic leather with a soft, dry cloth. Do not use chemicals such as thinner, gasoline, and alcohol to clean the product. When using commercially available leather care products (cleaning cloths), please follow the instructions for use.

If the synthetic leather is very dirty, wipe it with the following method. Put a soft cloth in water or hot water containing 3% to 5% neutral detergent and wring it out. Wipe the surface of synthetic leather with a soft cloth.

Use a cloth soaked in clean water and wrung out to wipe off the cleaner. Wipe with a wrung soft cloth.

The synthetic leather is air-dried naturally. If the stains on synthetic leather are difficult to remove, immerse a commercially available melamine foam sheet in a neutral detergent, and then use a wiping product. Do not use a hairdryer to dry the surface.

The surface of synthetic leather can be dyed with the color of the fabric; therefore, be careful when wiping the product with denim or colored cloth. Synthetic leather may be discolored, so the area in contact with the hair dye should be covered with a towel.

Cleaning of plastic parts
1) Dip a soft cloth in water or neutral detergent, wring out and wipe the plastic parts.
• Do not use chemicals such as thinner, gasoline, and alcohol to clean the product.
2) Wipe with a cloth soaked in clean water and wrung out.
• Wring the cloth dry before wiping the remote control with a cloth.
3) Let the plastic parts air dry naturally.


This page summarizes the most common problems you may encounter when using this product. If you cannot solve the problem with the following information, please contact the service center immediately.

If the problem you are experiencing is not listed, please try the following suggestions:

  1. Turn off the product and unplug it.
  2. Wait 60 minutes.
  3. Plug the product back into the recommended socket and restart it.

Grounding instructions

  • This product must be grounded. If it fails or collapses, grounding provides a path of least resistance for the current to reduce the risk of electric shock.
  • This product is equipped with a power cord with an equipment-grounding conductor and a grounding plug.
  • The plug must be inserted into an appropriate outlet, which is properly installed and grounded in accordance with all local codes and regulations.
  • Danger-Improper connection of the equipment grounding conductor may cause an electric shock hazard.
  • If the product is not suitable for the socket, please consult a qualified electrician or maintenance technician, and ask a qualified electrician to install a suitable socket.
  • This product is used in a nominal 120V circuit and has a grounding plug as shown in the figure below.
  • Make sure that the product is connected to an outlet with the same configuration as the plug. Do not use any adapters with this product.

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