Massage cushion Best in test

As usual, when it comes to gadgets in health care and well-being, Beurer is a leader in most categories. So do Massage cushion. On the other hand, there are a couple of upstarts who have started to be sold in Europe and who have also received a good rating.

We have looked at several different tests online that are usually individual product tests to be able to produce a list of the best massage cushions. We have also taken into account customer reviews that are available at various online stores. Our best in the test is based on test results, customer reviews, price, features, and more.

HoMedics Gentle Touch Gel Deluxe Shiatsu Neck,

On contrary, it benefits both short and tall people as the backrest massages a larger area, which means that it reaches further up to the neck and head.

HoMedics Gentle Touch Gel Deluxe Shiatsu Neck is a massage cushion that has been a test winner in several product tests and has also received very good customer reviews.

The model is very popular and for those who are interested in a massage cushion that covers the entire back and neck/head, this is the best choice.

Shiatsu massage with a body scan

Best in test winner The Beurer MG300 uses the latest technology that allows the massage pad to scan the user’s back. In this way, the massage is adapted to the user and the massage is then optimal.

This is an extra-large massage cushion that reaches over the entire back, even for taller people. It provides both back massage, but also neck massage with the help of four rollers that move up and down. What the movement pattern looks like varies slightly depending on which program you have chosen.

Beurer massage cushion has three different programs that are completely automatic and with these programs, you can then also choose to massage only one place. This is what we call point massage and is especially interesting if you have pain in a particular place on the back or neck. With point massage, you can step on the massage cushion with the help of the control in order to hit right with the kneading rollers.

automatic shutdown

The HoMedics Gentle Touch Gel Deluxe Shiatsu Neck switches itself off after 15 minutes and this is to protect the user, but also so that the motors in the massage pad do not overheat. After these 15 minutes, the user and the massage pad should rest for a while. If more massage is required, just run the program again after a short rest.

The massage cushion comes with light and heat functions that can be appreciated by most people as the heat helps one to relax properly so that the cushion can do its job.

The cover over the massage cushion is washable in a washing machine at a maximum of 40 degrees, in addition, there is a hanging hook so that the massage cushion can easily be stored hanging in e.g. wardrobe.

Specifications & benefits of best in a  test winner HoMedics Gentle Touch Gel Deluxe Shiatsu Neck


  • Three different programs for the best massage
  • High back that reaches all places, even in taller people
  • Massages both back and neck
  • Scans of the back so that the massage is optimal for anyone
  • The cover is washable in a washing machine, a maximum of 40 degrees. There is also a hanging hook for easier storage
  • The backrest is 86 cm high and 47 cm wide
  • Power of 60 watts

Beurer MG295 – Second best option

  • 4.1 out of 5 on Amazon UK after 100 customer reviews
  • Recommended by the Danish TestMagasinet

Beurer MG 295 is another fairly popular massage cushion that has received very good customer reviews and has also received good ratings in various product reviews. Among other things, the Danish TestMagasinet has the product from recommendations.

With the Beurer MG295, you can sit back after a stressful day and get a complete shiatsu massage to soften the tense muscles in the back. You can choose whether you want a rolling massage over the entire back or if you want a point massage in a special place.

A perfect shiatsu massage cushion

Shiatsu is the type of massage that comes from Asia that is mostly about finger pressure over the back. This massage art originates from Asia and is today very popular in both Asia and the western world.

Shiatsu massage gives a soothing but also a very relaxing feeling that helps especially tense muscle groups. The massage involves using finger pressure such as the fingers, thumbs but also palm.

Beurer MG295 mimics this old massage technique in a very believable way and this particular massage technique is also suitable for people who have not received many massages through life. Perfect even for beginners or people who do not like hard massage.

Easy to control through the hand control

The hand control on the Beurer MG 295 is easy to use and is of course intended to be simple as this cushion is designed for use by both younger and older people. With the hand control, you have full control over which program you want to use and with the control, you can select the time of the desired massage session. From 5 to 15 minutes, where 15 minutes is the longest.

After the desired time, the massage pad closes by itself to protect both the user, but also the massage pad so that it does not overheat. Like all other massage cushions, it is recommended to take a break between sessions.

With the hand control, you can choose to continue with point massage and if you find a place on your back that needs an extra massage, you can choose to only take a massage in one place.

Specifications & benefits of the Beurer MG295


  • Four different massage programs
  • Opportunity to choose point massage in places where you have extra pain or are stiff
  • Get amazing shiatsu massage
  • Massage for both back and neck
  • Automatic shutdown after 15 min
  • Detachable cover that can be washed up to 40 degrees
  • Effect 60 watt

Medisana MC 825 – Akupressurmassage

  • 4.3 out of 5 by German Amazon after 800 customer reviews

The Medisana brand was not directly a well-known brand in Sweden if we only go back a few years, but today Medisana is a very established company in Sweden. Medisana is also not a new brand and the fact is that Medisana has been selling health care products for over 25 years in Germany.

One of Medisana’s best massage cushions is, among other things, the model MC 825 and which has also received very good customer reviews with a rating of 4.1 / 5 at German Amazon.

Heavyweight with a lot of power

Medisana MC 825 is not a simple massage pad that only has a couple of massage points, on the contrary, MC825 is packed with a number of different massage points. If you are looking for a massage cushion that can really give shiatsu massage then this is a model that probably fits in very well.

Something we and others also seem to like is that there are also massage points in the seat cushion itself, so-called acupressure massage. This is something that many manufacturers miss with their massage cushions, unfortunately.

There are two massage heads for the head and shoulders, then two rotating massage heads for the upper / lower / whole back. The massage heads also have a built-in heating function that can be controlled with the help of remote control.

A massage cushion with heat, shiatsu massage, and also acupressure massage, a combination that is very unusual when we look at other massage cushions on the market.

Specifications for acupressure massage Medisana MC 825

  • Weight 5.9 kg
  • Shiatsu massage
  • Acupressure massage
  • Heating function in all massage heads
  • Massage program for 15 min
  • Massage also in the seat cushion itself

Beurer MG320 – Good premium choice

  • 3.8 out of 5 stars German Amazon after 80 customers have tested the massage cushion
  • Top ratings at Swedish stores from regular customer reviews

The massage cushion Beurer MG 320 is a good alternative in the premium segment and on German Amazon, the model has received an overall customer rating of 3.8 out of 5 stars. Even in Swedish stores that support customer reviews, the model has received a good customer review.

Compressed air massage on the sides

The Beurer MG 320 massage cushion has a massage function that all models in our best in test lack, which is compressed air massage on the sides. Whether this massage function is important, we leave unsaid. Even if the compressed air massage does not have a direct effect on the muscles, it is still a type of massage for relaxation.

The best thing about the massage cushion, however, is the classic shiatsu massage from Beurer, which is still considered to be top class compared to other manufacturers. In the back part, there is a 4-massage head that rotates in pairs and at the neck, there are two rotating neck massage fingers. Like other Beurer models, this massage cushion supports point massage or a complete shiatsu massage program.

For those of you who have never tested a massage cushion, there is a demo function and when it is used, the cushion tests all massage modes. While the demo function is running, the controller shows which parts are used to more easily learn how to use them.

But no massage cushion is complete without a working heating function, which of course the Beurer MG 320 delivers. The heating function is selectable, ie you do not need to sweat during hot summer days. The massage cushion is also equipped with a timer function where you can choose between 5, 10, or 15 minutes of massage. Be sure to let the massage pad rest after 15 minutes of use to avoid overheating.

So what distinguishes this model compared to e.g. best in test winner Beurer MG300? Not very much. If you value compressed air massage highly, it can be worth the cost, otherwise, we think the test winner is more affordable.


  • High rating from customers who tested the massage cushion
  • Unique to the model is compressed air massage for the middle and thigh area
  • Shiatsu massage and spot massage
  • Heating function and timer function with automatic shut-off (5, 10, or 15 min)
  • The flexible hand control clearly shows which parts are used
  • Suspension hook for storage in cabinets
  • Proper and flexible fastening straps

Medisana MC810 – For the car or the office

  • 3.7 / 5 on German Amazon after 47 customer reviews

If you are looking for a slightly cheaper and simpler massage pad for e.g. the office or the car, the Medisana MC 810 is a very competent massage cushion. For a fairly low price, you get a massage cushion that you can take with you to the office but also when you are out driving your car.

Medisana MC 810 has received a relatively good rating if we look at customer reviews from e.g. German Amazon.

Massage cushion that can be used in the car

After all, the best thing about the Medisana MC 810 massage cushion is the ability to use it directly in the car when you are out driving. As there are only 12 volts in the car, an adapter is included that can be connected to one of the cigarette sockets in the car. Of course, it can also be connected to the regular mains at home or in the office.

The massage cushion has four different massage zones in the back and in the seat, which are controlled by nine different massage programs. These nine massage programs are selected using the control, which can also adjust different intensity levels on the existing programs.

Medisana MC 810 also has a heating function that can be used with the various massage programs and you also have the option of only using the heating function without any massage.

Cheap massage cushion from Medisana that uses a very good material for easier cleaning.

Specifications for Medisana MC 810 massage cushion

  • 9 different massage programs
  • The massage programs can have 3 different intensity levels
  • Can be used in the car using the included 12-volt adapter
  • Good material that is easy to clean
  • Heating function with or without massage
  • Simple remote control
  • Weight 1.4 kg
  • The massage comes from 6 vibration motors

Medisana MC 830 – Shiatsumassage

  • 3.6 / 5 at German Amazon after 46 customer reviews

Medisana MC 830 is a full-size massage cushion that provides “real” shiatsu massage through rotating massage heads and vibrations in the seat cushion. The massage cushion from Medisana is a relatively popular product on the German Amazon which has also received a relatively high rating for its low price.

Shiatsu massage from German Medisana

Just like the best in the test winner Snailax Shiatsu Massage Cushion the Medisana MC 830 provides a shiatsu massage that is created through rotating massage heads. The rotating massage heads are specially made with the help of a gel material that will give a more pleasant and softer massage.

You also have the option of choosing which massage zones you want to use and you can choose between three different zones. You also have the opportunity to choose the intensity that the different programs should use when you get a massage.

This massage cushion from Medisana also has a heating function that you can choose to use or not. In addition, the massage heads have infrared heat which helps to dissolve severe muscle tension.

Specifications for Medisana MC 830 massage cushion

  • Size: 105 x 43 x 13 cm
  • Weight 3.4 kg
  • Shiatsu massage with rotating massage heads
  • Vibration massage in the seat cushion itself
  • The infrared light that helps to dissolve muscle tension
  • Velcro straps to be able to attach the massage cushion to a chair or similar
  • Three different massage zones to choose from
  • Three different intensity levels
  • Optional heating function during massage

Beurer MG 280 – Yoga & stretch massagedyna

  • 4.4 out of 5 stars on German Amazon after over 50 customer reviews

Beurer MG 280 is a new type of massage cushion with several features and functions that we have not seen before with traditional massage cushions. The model has received a top rating from the customers who have had time to test the massage cushion and only on the German Amazon does the cushion have an overall customer rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars.

An innovative massage cushion where you can actually lie down

Traditional massage cushions do not allow you to lie down during the massage itself, but with the Beurer MG 280, it is a must as the function would not otherwise have worked. So what really makes the massage pad so unique? Beurer MG 280 is among other things equipped with 7 self-inflating air chambers that work to stretch out different parts of the body. Above all, it is about stretching out the neck, shoulders, and lower back.

The best thing about the massage cushion is the different massage programs that enable exercises/massage that is almost similar to what we see in yoga. One program focuses on the extension of the lumbar spine and shoulders with rotating movements. Another works to stretch the entire spine while another is intended for relaxation. We recommend watching the short video a little further down which shows how it all works.

In addition to inflatable air chambers, the massage cushion is also equipped with vibration massage and heating functions that can be combined with various massage programs. This is without a doubt one of the most interesting massage cushions in a long time, although it may not completely replace the traditional massage cushion.


  • Top marks from customers who have tested the massage cushion
  • A massage cushion where you should actually lie down
  • Self-inflating air chambers that stretch the body
  • 4 different massage programs, Spin, Recovery, Stretch, and Relax
  • Both vibration massage and heating function can be combined with the massage programs

Buying guide – How to choose the best massage cushion

Choosing the best massage cushion is of course a cost issue and unfortunately, more expensive massage cushions are usually better for several reasons. This is not always true when we look at products in other product categories, but when it comes to massage cushions, more expensive is usually better.

In this guide, we will tell you what you should keep in mind when looking at a new massage cushion for use at the home, the office, or even in the car.

A cheap massage cushion or not?

The more expensive options usually have stronger engines, more programs, better materials, larger massage zones, and so on. But as usual, the wallet controls what we can afford to buy and in some cases, it is actually worth saving for something better.

Even if you can get hold of a fairly okay massage cushion for around a thousand kroner, they can still not be measured against e.g. best in test winner Beurer MG300 XL or MG295. Depending on how often you will use the massage cushion, it may be worth saving a little extra to buy a more expensive model.

If you also have real problems with back pain or the like, we also recommend the more expensive alternatives, so that you really get the massage you need. Especially models with shiatsu massage are something we recommend.

If, on the other hand, you only want to use the massage cushion as a little extra relaxation/well-being during the evening, the requirement is not as high. Then a massage cushion that uses e.g. vibrations can be extra interesting as these can be used longer without the engines getting too hot. Most massage cushions that use rotating massage heads can only be used for 15-20 minutes at a time, otherwise, there is a risk that they will overheat.

Heating function in the massage cushion

The heating function is almost a must when you are looking to buy a massage cushion and it is even better if the function can be selected for the various massage programs. It is also good if the heating function can be switched off and is optional whether it should be on or not.

Namely, there are times when the heat really gives a great effect e.g. when muscles are very tense and have difficulty relaxing. A warm back massage during the winter is also one of the best things about the heating function. While in the summer it is not at all as interesting.

The best heating function is from so-called infrared heat and is also the technology that most massage cushions use. Infrared heat also goes into the depths of the muscles and is the technology most used in various massage devices.

Rotating massage heads or vibration massage?

Rotary massage heads that provide shiatsu massage or similar massage techniques are definitely the best option for deep-tissue massages. It is even better if the massage heads move up and down from the upper back/neck to the lumbar region. It is also advantageous if the remote control also has a pause function that allows the massage zone to be concentrated on a specific point on the back.

Then there are of course exceptions such as. massage cushions for the car seat that only use vibration motors. The reason for this is of course that the power source is limited in this case and then only vibration motors are the only option. But for many people, vibration massage goes a long way for e.g. a relaxing trip in the car or for a timeout at home on the couch.

Compressed air massage for better relaxation

More and more massage cushions are starting to receive compressed air massage, which are inflatable pillows that usually sit at the waist and at the thighs. Compressed air massage is something that can be very effective if it is implemented correctly, but the question is how good is it for massage cushions?

Today’s massage cushions that use simpler compressed air cushions at the waist and thighs give an increased / better feeling of relaxation compared to models that lack this function. However, you should not expect compressed air to give you any benefits other than just relaxation. It is simply far too simple in the current situation and is not a function that we have valued highly in our best in testing massage cushions.

But the pressure from the airbags still gives a small effect on the feeling from the massage and makes the shiatsu massage feel extra luxurious. If the goal for the massage session is to be able to feel increased relaxation and well-being, the compressed air massage definitely works.

Massage cushion for car seats

It is not entirely common with massage cushions that can be used in the car as there are only 12-volt sockets in the car. But there are still a couple of models that come with a 12-volt adapter, such as. Medisana MC 810. This massage cushion can be used both in the home/office but also in the car with the help of a 12-volt adapter.

On the other hand, this type of massage cushion only uses vibration motors and can thus not give a real shiatsu massage that kneads. But many people think vibration massage is enough for most minor ailments or if you just want to get some relaxation.

Frequently asked questions about massage cushions

Why do massage cushions have automatic shut-off?

It is not at all uncommon for massage cushions to have an automatic shut-off function. The function is not for the massage pad to turn off because you have forgotten, but they are there to protect the components that are sensitive to overheating. The motors in the massage pad can actually overheat during excessive use. Therefore, there is usually an automatic shut-off after 15 to 30 minutes, depending on the model and brand. Usually, the manual says how long a session should be before the massage cushion needs to rest.

This function is also available on other massage devices such as e.g. foot massagers and massage cushions.

Which brand is best?

There are actually two major brands here in Europe that really compete with each other, which are Beurer and Medisana. Both brands have several very good massage cushions and in terms of price, they are about the same. Medisana may be a bit cheaper but the difference is marginal. Beurer has the best models right now based on independent tests and customer reviews with e.g. Beurer MG300 XL, but also Beurer MG295.

But can you get hold of e.g. Medisana MC 825 at a cheaper price, it is still a fantastic massage cushion with several good massage programs. It is also strong with its rotating massage motors.

How important is it that the massage cushion has a shiatsu massage?

Shiatsu massage is what most people know and is most popular when it comes to massage cushions. There are also other alternatives which with e.g. Medisana MC 825 which also offers acupressure massage which is very popular. The best massage program is the one that suits you best individually.

Massage pad for the car?

Sure, there are massage cushions for car seats, but they are quite unusual. Medisana MC810 Shiatsu massage cushion is the only cushion we have in our best test that comes with a 12 V car adapter. There are certainly more options on the market if you look for, how they perform we leave unsaid.

How long can I use the massage cushion?

Most people probably dream of sitting in the massage cushion for a whole day and relaxing. But it is not recommended for several different reasons. First of all, it is not recommended to undergo too long a massage as the muscles can instead become overworked. In addition, the massage pad cannot be used for too long due to the risk of overheating. Now most models have overheating protection, but if you want to be afraid of your expensive massage pad, you should follow what is in the manual regarding use time.

Other massage cushions we have also considered

Today, it is not particularly difficult to find a good massage cushion at a relatively low price. There are several models that cost just over dollars 1,00 and that deliver relatively good massages. On the other hand, cheap massage cushions have smaller massage programs and maybe a little fewer features.

Below we list massage cushions that we found when we did our examination of massage cushions. All massage cushions simply do not fit and we prefer products that excel in both product reviews and customer reviews. Below you will find models that we considered but that was not really included in our selection of the best massage cushions.

Medisana MM825

Medisana MM825 is a massage cushion that is very different from what we have in our best test. The massage cushion provides massage over the whole body in the form of vibrations and you can lie directly on it. But it can be seen more as a relaxation cushion than just a massage.

The model has received relatively good customer reviews, but many complain that it is not so comfortable to lie on. After all, that is what many are looking for. Other things consumers complain about are the noise level and that it is somewhat weak.

Beurer MG 315

Beurer MG 315 is a new massage cushion for 2021 and we are waiting for both independent tests and customer reviews to come on the model. The new massage cushion from Beurer is in the premium class and costs almost dollars 300 depending on the store.

The model has a couple of news such as e.g. adjustable width of the massage rollers. It is equipped with three different massage programs with deep shiatsu, rolling, spot, and swing massage. Unfortunately, we are still limited to 15 minutes of massage before it automatically shuts off to protect the electronics.

Beurer MG155

Another massage cushion with vibration massage has received fairly good customer reviews in both marketplaces and stores. But the vibration massage in the Beurer MG155 leaves little to be desired. It is simply not strong enough to give a real massage. The only thing that really makes the cushion something relevant is the ability to use it in the car.

The price of the Beurer MG155 is similar to what we see in models that offer good massage with rotating massage heads and therefore it is difficult to justify the model.

So we chose the best massage cushions

When it comes to independent testing of massage cushions, we are very limited unfortunately and there are really only a few product reviews/comparison tests to use. Therefore, customer reviews have been extra important this time, but the models usually have a large number of customer reviews.

So which massage pad won our test? The Snailax Shiatsu Massage Cushion is without a doubt one of the best massage cushions on the market in terms of price, functions, features, and customer reviews. But more and more brands such as Medisana are starting to take up the fight against Beurer and the question is whether Medisana will not go after Beurer in the future.

Medisana MC 825 is also a very interesting massage cushion that directly challenges the best in the test winner and which is also cheaper. It also offers features such as massage in the seat cushion and acupressure massage, which makes it extra interesting for many. It is good that other manufacturers are now starting to catch up with Beurer so we will see some healthy competition in the industry and hopefully we will see models with more advanced technology in the future.

When it comes to the price of good massage cushions, they are still quite high in price. If you want to buy a massage cushion that both gives a good massage and lasts longer, you can count on approximately Dollars 2,00.

For many, this is still a fairly large investment, but there are cheaper alternatives that, despite their low price, can provide a good massage. An example is Medisana MC 810 which only costs around Dollars 50.

State-of-the-art massage cushion that provides a cruel back massage

It may be hard to imagine that these massage cushions can give a really awesome back massage, but the fact is that these cushions do a fantastic job. They can also knead quite hard if you really like this.

The massage cushion from OBH Nordica provides a proper shiatsu massage that travels up and down the entire back. One works with circulating movements that knead deeply, while the other gives a rolling effect that gives a certain calm.

There are six different programs to choose from via the manual control that comes with it. The programs are full massage, upper back, lower back, and these areas are divided into shiatsu and rolling massage.


With OBH Nordica 6076, you get the opportunity to try a massage cushion that has a proper heating function. This provides a quick warm-up in the back and which helps oneself and the muscles to relax faster. In this way, the massage becomes much more effective and you get the best result.

The massage cushion from OBH Nordica also has the option of point massage, which most people would like. This is especially useful when you feel stress in the back in a particular place and which you would like to treat further.

Do you want to be able to get a shiatsu massage at home? Then there are a couple of good massage pads that are strong enough to give this type of massage.

Of course, it is not possible to compare an electric massage cushion with a real masseur, but many massage cushions are still quite effective and models such as. After all, the Beurer MG300 kneads quite hard.

Massage pads usually have a small extra “pad” or piece of fabric that can be folded away to choose how hard the massage should be.

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