Massage Guns Review 2023

Today , I will explain the truth of the effects of massage guns, the scientific basis of research , myofascial release, small face / diet effects , eight massage gun effects , and disadvantages .

Massage gun has no effect! ?? ⇒ You can expect more effects than a normal massager!It will be difficult to get rid of all the physical problems with one massage gun.

However, as a result of various verifications, we came to the conclusion that we can expect more effects than ordinary massagers .The truth about the massage gun effect

How to choose a massage gun “Check 5 points”

1. Frequency

First of all, the frequency (power) that is the heart of the massage gun. Basically, a maximum of 3,000 revolutions per minute is sufficient . Having said that, I have the impression that such strong vibration is not necessary for the feeling of use when actually using it. If anything, it is easier to use if you can finely adjust the frequency .

2. Head type

It is enough to have 3-4 types of head attachments . As you can see when actually using it, because the frequency (power) of the massage gun itself is strong, the head with a sharp tip is too stimulating or tickling, so there is not much opportunity to appear. Round round type, versatile flat type, bifurcated type, and pointed tip type are sufficient when you want to stimulate with pinpoint. You don’t need more than 10 types of heads at all .

3. Quietness

If you use it at night, the operating noise is also important . Basically, there are many models of massage guns that are excellent in quietness . It is said that the desired sound level in daily life is 40-60dB, so you will not feel “noisy” unless it exceeds 60db .

4. Lightweight

The weight of the massage gun itself is also important , isn’t it? There is no problem if it is a small and lightweight type, but if it exceeds 1 kg with a full-scale massage gun, it will become quite difficult to handle. With 820g BODYPIXEL Muscle Gun and 680g MYTREX Revive, I think that anyone can use it without any problem.

5. Driving time / charging time

If the continuous use time is too short, it will be troublesome, so check it before purchasing. There are many massage guns for about 2 to 4 hours. Those who also care about the length of charging time need to check. The average value is about 3 hours. Also, I’m grateful for the massage gun that shows the remaining battery level on the display .

Word of mouth from overseas celebrities and famous athletes ignited popularity, and it quickly became a very popular health appliance all over the world.

It’s such a topical massage gun, but what is the effect?

You can expect more effects than a normal massager!

There are several factors that can be expected to be effective for massage guns, but we will explain them in detail from the next chapter.If you would like to see the recommended massage gun ranking as soon as possible, please click here.

Effect of massage guns 

I will explain the effect of massage gun .

The massage gun is one of the innovative massagers developed for muscle recovery.Since its invention in 2008, it has grown into a favorite tool for healers and many athletes around the world to treat and recover muscles and fascia.

Massage guns are known to produce the same results as deep tissue massages and tapping methods such as acupressure, massage and deep tissue massage.The biggest advantage is that you can get the most efficient massage effect in a short time.

Whether you’re an athlete, fitness enthusiast, or suffering from stiff shoulders or back pain in general, it’s a tool that makes it easier for everyone to manage their health.

Massage guns, which are booming overseas, especially in the United States, have been in high demand in Japan in recent years, and there is no doubt that they will become popular.

Scientific basis for massage guns effect

→ It was reported that a mouse experiment by Harvard University published in 2021 revealed that massage cancer not only accelerates recovery but also strengthens muscles .

In addition to normal fatigue recovery, it has been suggested that it may greatly contribute to improving athletes’ performance → Why does massage have a muscle healing effect? The mechanism is clear

In addition, research reports have shown that tapping therapy (percussive therapy), which is a function of massage guns, is effective in preventing or reducing muscle pain after training.

It has also been shown to be as effective as massage therapy.Comparing the effects of vibration therapy and massage in the prevention of delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS )

The same principle, the Swedish massage technique, tapping, was also found to improve the athlete’s overall agility and performance with a 5-minute treatment.Effect of massage tapping method (taportment) on physical fitness (English)

In Europe and the United States, chiropractors and physiotherapists sometimes use massage guns as an auxiliary tool for treatment, so it can be said that the effect is highly reliable.

Fascia release effect when using massage gun

Due to the recent boom and marketing, we often see advertisements for massage guns that claim ” fascial release effect “.In my view It has the effect of releasing fascia, but it is more suitable for trigger point therapy.

I feel that Fascia release is intended to loosen the fascia that covers the muscles, so stretching or light massage is recommended as the primary release method.If you use items, a tool that can capture the fascia over a wide area, such as a foam roller, is better.

Foam roller

The massage gun uses vibration to approach the stiffness and tension in the deep part of the muscle.This is suitable for trigger point therapy, which stimulates and loosens the stiffness (trigger point) that causes pain.

Of course, it also has the effect of loosening the fascia in the process, and since the trigger point appears in the fascia, it also has the effect of releasing the fascia.

The word myofascial release feels like it’s walking alone, but it’s no different from relaxing your muscles with a massage or stretching, so you don’t have to think too hard.

However, what is known as a fascial release technique is that it can be a mild massage or stretch, or, to a lesser jargon, a “strain / counterstrain”.

Can you lose weight with a massage gun? Verify small face / diet effect

Unfortunately, it can be said that the long-term small face effect and diet effect of using a massage gun cannot be expected.If there is a massage gun that claims to have a slimming effect, it’s not credible.

Even the famous EMS belt can be expected to have some muscle treatment and rehabilitation effects, but the current situation is that there is little scientific evidence to show a dramatic increase in muscle strength and fat burning effect.

However, using a massage gun will loosen the fascia and muscles and improve the flow of lymph, which may have the effect of partially removing swelling and making it look slender .

By applying a light vibration to the face and neck, you may be able to expect a temporary small face effect.

There is an effect that looks slender temporarily, but considering the long-term diet effect, it is necessary to firmly work on aerobic exercise, muscle training, and dietary restrictions.

Eight effects of massage guns

I will explain the eight effects that can be expected by using a massage gun.

  1. Prevention and recovery of injuries and improvement of athletes’ athletic performance

Vibration from the massage gun helps improve muscle contraction.As a result, the muscles and fascial tissue become loose and relaxed.The main purpose of massage is to relax the muscles and relieve tension in the body.

This eliminates fatigue substances and shortens muscle recovery time.Deep tissue massage with a massage gun also releases fluid and tension in the deep muscles and improves blood and metabolic circulation.

The effect improves the supply of nutrients and oxygen and improves blood circulation throughout the body.Improving circulation and blood circulation helps prevent problems caused by muscle and cell adhesions, and increased production of nutrients and fluids helps rapid tissue repair, helping to prevent and recover from injuries.

It also helps prevent overtraining due to its sedative effects on the nervous system.The massage gun makes the muscles more flexible and healthy, so you can expect to improve the performance of athletes.

  1. Vibration healing and pain relief

The vibrations of the massage gun help improve blood and lymph circulation in the body and help the muscles produce more oxygen and nutrients.

The result is faster recovery, better range of motion, less pain, and less muscle fatigue.Due to the advanced vibration effect of the massage gun, it can be expected to relieve the symptoms of stiff neck, stiff shoulders and back pain, and alleviate the pain.

  1. Rehabilitation effect

Massage is known to be one of the most effective rehabilitation therapies because it not only speeds up the recovery process but also prevents re-injuries.

The massage gun acts as a complement to the standard injury rehabilitation process and promotes healing and recovery of atrophied muscles due to trauma or illness.Improving circulation to muscle and fascial tissue helps to make the damaged area more flexible and heal faster.

  1. Release of lactic acid

Lactic acid is formed when the body’s oxygen levels are low, and the body begins to supplement it by converting the newly formed lactic acid into energy.

This often happens during strenuous exercise, and lactic acid tends to accumulate in the bloodstream faster than it burns out.This can cause tiredness, nausea, and muscle spasms.

Massage guns can help release lactic acid and other toxins from the muscles to the surrounding tissues.This helps reduce the risk of muscle pain that occurs after prolonged exercise due to the accumulation of lactic acid.

  1. Increased blood and lymph flow and improved swelling

Massage guns massage deep tissue, speed up blood flow, and stimulate nerve receptors involved in vasodilators.Lymph works to remove waste products and toxins from body tissues, and the flow is done by the contraction of muscles.

This means that people with low muscle activity may have adequate lymphatic circulation.If this does not improve, it can also cause lymphedema. Using a massage gun helps improve circulation throughout the lymphatic system and is also effective in improving swelling.

  1. Activates the nervous system and muscles

The nervous system stimulates and regulates muscle activity to maintain body homeostasis.All muscle activity is notified to the nervous system.

Massage guns help stimulate receptors in the sympathetic nervous system, causing vasodilation of the skin and muscles, thereby releasing tension and helping to relax the muscles while improving mobility.

  1. Improved range of motion

Massage guns work on muscles, connective tissue, tendons, ligaments, and joints, all of which work together to increase mobility.Continued use of the massage gun will make the joints more flexible and less prone to tension and sprains.

Relaxed muscles, fascial tissue, and improved blood circulation work together to improve body flexibility and range of motion.

Improved range of motion brings additional benefits such as improved athletic performance and improved stimulation of the body’s natural lubricants, helping to keep the body flexible.

  1. Benefits of wellness and mental health

Besides relaxing the muscles and relieving pain, massage guns have many health benefits.These include improving mood, improving sleep, and improving immunity.It also helps with depression, anxiety, fibromyalgia, gastrointestinal disorders, and stress-related insomnia.

Disadvantages of massage guns

Regarding the disadvantages of massage guns, there is a slight possibility of ” rubbing back ” due to overuse, but if you keep in mind how to use and precautions, there is not much problem.

Effective use of massage gun and precautions [Professional commentary on how to repel pain] ← Please refer to this article.

After that, there are some drawbacks such as “heavy” and “difficult to loosen the back”, but it can be covered depending on the choice of massage gun and how to use the head, so it is important to find the most suitable one first.


In this way, massage guns, which have become very popular in recent years, can be expected not only to be a temporary boom, but also to have a high effect on the mind and body. Of course, one massage gun does not improve all the problems, but it is very convenient to have one in the family.

[Authentic] Massage Guns Recommended Ranking BEST3

First of all, BEST3, a full-scale massage gun . Three high-spec, easy- to-use and cospa’s strongest massage guns . If you are looking for a full-fledged massage gun, there is no doubt that you can choose one of these.

Theragun Pro G4 by Therabody

Theragun Pro G4  has sold more than 1 million units worldwide and is the No. 1 massage gun in terms of performance and cost performance at this stage . Attention should be paid to the fact that fake massage guns are widely available on Amazon today .

By purchasing from the official website , you can now purchase at the lowest price with a 15% OFF coupon for a limited time . You can also get a warranty period of up to 2 years by posting a review .


  • Lightweight, quiet, display and excellent ease of use
  • Warranty period up to 2 years
  • 20 levels of strength adjustment
  • PSE mark acquisition product
  • The feeling of loosening of the muscles is amazing
  • Battery replacement is also possible and can be used for a long time


  • I was a little worried about the vibration noise
  • I felt a little heavy

Recommended points

  • Performance and cost performance overwhelming No. 1 at this stage
  • Over 1 million units sold worldwide
  • 1 year product warranty + 2 year warranty with review posting
  • All aftercare is in Japan
  • 20 levels of strength can be adjusted
  • Easy to use on display
  • Lightweight & small handy type is also available and recommended for everyone.

Massage gun details

  • Product Name: Theragun PRO G4 Standard Set
  • Manufacturer: Theragun
  • Price: $570
  • Power supply: Battery-powered (replaceable)
  • Continuous use time: Up to 4 hours
  • Body size: 25.5 x 18.0 x 7.6
  • Body weight: 820g
  • Head attachment: 6 types
  • Frequency: 1750/2400 rotations per minute (20-step adjustment)
  • Operation sound: 60-70 db
  • Package contents: Main unit, lithium-ion battery, charging adapter, attachment x4, Japanese manual, storage case

After thoroughly comparing the reviews, performance, and cost performance of various sales sites, I purchased Theragun Pro G4 Massage Gun standard set. Definitely recommended.

Hyperice Hypervolt Plus Bluetooth Massage

It is a massage gun made by a Hyperic that is No. 1 in  Amazon sales rankings and word-of-mouth evaluations (* manufactured in China). Performance and ease of use are slightly inferior to Theragun Pro , but it is lightweight, powerful and highly recommended! If you don’t want to lose, Mitrex is the rule.

Recommended points

  • Recommended for those who are a safe domestic manufacturer and do not want to lose
  • Items from the popular health equipment brand Hyperic
  • Top monopoly on sales ranking and word-of-mouth evaluation for Amazon.
  • Lightweight and powerful


  • The only domestic manufacturer (capital and production in China)
  • PSE mark acquisition product
  • Guaranteed (6 months after purchase)
  • Sold over-the-counter at major mass retailers
  • The price is less than half of the original (Hyperbolt)
  • With carry case


  • There is no instruction manual on how to use it
  • It takes time to charge
  • Battery cannot be replaced

Massage gun details

  • Product name: Hyperice Hypervolt
  • Price: $229
  • Power supply: Battery operated
  • Continuous use time: 2 hours
  • Charging time: 3 hours
  • Manufacturing and assembly: China
  • Body size: 11.3 x 6.8 x 8.7 inches
  • Body weight: 680g
  • Head attachment: 5 types
  • Frequency: Maximum 3300 rotations per minute (5-step adjustment)
  • Operation sound: 62-69db
  • Package contents: Main unit, USB cord for charging, storage case, AC adapter, attachment x 5, instruction manual, stopper rubber for attachment (spare)

Opove Massage Gun

It is a popular opove massage cancer in the United States and Europe. Unique color development such as camouflage pattern is fashionable. The degree of cherry blossoms in word of mouth is a little high, but the reliability of the brand is not low.


  • Camouflage pattern is fashionable
  • Japanese instructions are solid
  • Simple and easy to use
  • 1 year product warranty
  • PSE mark acquisition product


  • Power adjustment is only 3 steps
  • Weighs 1 kg

Recommended points

  • Cumulative sales of 250,000 units in the United States
  • Fashionable color development such as camouflage pattern
  • Word of mouth on Amazon has a high degree of cherry blossoms, but there are many sales records in the United States and Europe, and the brand reliability is high.

Massage gun details

  • Product name: opove M3 pro Max
  • Manufacturer: opove
  • Power supply: Battery operated
  • Continuous use time: 3 hours
  • Charging time: 3 hours
  • Manufacturing and assembly: China
  • Body size: 13.43 x 10.16 x 4.09
  • Body weight: 1kg
  • Head attachment: 5 types
  • Frequency: Maximum 3200 rotations per minute (3 step adjustment)
  • Operation sound: 45-55db
  • Package contents: M3 Pro main unit, Japanese instruction manual, storage case, charging adapter, attachment x5

[Small and lightweight] Massage guns recommended ranking BEST3

Next, we recommend BEST3, a compact and lightweight massage gun that is very popular with women because it has many fashionable designs . Although its performance is inferior to that of a full-scale massage gun, it has a fashionable and cute design and is about the size of a smartphone, so it is convenient to carry. However, there are many inferior products and counterfeit products, so it is a good idea to choose the one you like from the three reliable ones below.

Theragun Mini Massage Gun

Theragun is compact and lightweight massage gun is fashionable and luxurious, and is the most recommended . Considering the specs of 370g, maximum 3000 rpm (adjustable in 5 steps), and 5 types of attachments, this is more advantageous than the body pixel muscle gun HANDY. The usage time is 4 hours, but the rest is a matter of design preference.

Theragun Mini Massage Gun

Massage gun details

  • Product name: Theragun Mini Massage Gun
  • Manufacturer: Theragun
  • Price: $180
  • Power supply: Battery operated
  • Continuous use time: Up to 4 hours
  • Body weight: 370g
  • Head attachment: 5 types
  • Frequency: Maximum 3000 rotations per minute (5-step adjustment)
  • Package contents: Main unit x1, Attachment x5, USB cable (C type), Japanese manual, Case

Percussion Massage Gun Mini Massage Gun

A small massage gun developed by the fitness brand “uFit” from Japan. It is also used by many athletes and influencers, including former professional table tennis player Jun Mizutani . It features the power to generate vibrations of up to 3,200 revolutions per minute . It has the highest level of strength among small and lightweight massage guns . By giving a certain amount of weight to 500g, it is designed to be more stable and less tiring for the arm.

Massage Gun Mini Massage Gun

Massage gun details

  • Product name: Percussion Massage Gun
  • Manufacturer: Sovoncare
  • Price: $31
  • Power supply: Battery operated
  • Continuous use time: Up to 6 hours
  • Body weight: 500g
  • Head attachment: 4 types
  • Frequency: Maximum 3200 rotations per minute (4 step adjustment)

Addsfit Mini Massage Gun

A cute small massage gun with a soft pink rounded design. Although it is super lightweight at 460g, it has sufficient strength with a maximum of 3,000 rotations per minute (4 step adjustment). There are pink and gray, and some have many head attachments, but a standard set of four attachments is sufficient. By purchasing from the official website , you can now purchase at the lowest price with a 15% OFF coupon for a limited time .

Addsfit Mini Massage Gun

Massage gun details

  • Product name: Addsfit Mini Massage Gun
  • Manufacturer: Addsfit
  • Price: $50
  • Power supply: Battery operated
  • Continuous use time: Up to 6 hours
  • Body weight: 460g
  • Head attachment: 4 types
  • Frequency: Maximum 3000 rotations per minute (4 step adjustment)
  • Package contents: Main unit x1, Attachment x4, USB cable (C type), Japanese manual, Case

[Cheap] Massage Guns Recommended Ranking BEST3

As you can see from Amazon, the inferior and counterfeit products of Chinese manufacturers are outlawed. We strongly recommend purchasing from a reliable seller, as there are some reviews such as “it broke down immediately” and “it is completely useless”. Products that are ranked high or have an unbelievably high word-of-mouth evaluation are mostly Sakura reviews from Chinese manufacturers, so if you are uncertain, please check with ” Sakura Checker “.

Since it is a device that actually touches the body, some caution is required, and if it breaks immediately, there is no source or child, so I would choose a massage gun from a reliable manufacturer. The following 3 units are reliable manufacturer products, so you can rest assured .

RENPHO C3 Massage Gun

After all Renpho C3 Massage Gun is highly recommended in terms of performance, ease of use, and cost performance. With this SE standard set, you can buy it for less than $70 , so this is recommended for those who feel that PRO is a little expensive. The strength is also perfect with a maximum of 3100 rotations (6 steps) per minute.

RENPHO C3 Massage Gun

Massage gun details

  • Product Name: Renpho C3 Massage Gun
  • Manufacturer: Renpho
  • Price: $70
  • Power supply: Battery operated
  • Continuous use time: Up to 4 hours
  • Body weight: 840g
  • Head attachment: 5 types
  • Frequency: 2100-3200 rotations per minute (6 steps adjustment)

Mebak 3 Massage Gun

If you have a super cheap massage gun for $100 ,we recommend Mebak 3 Massage gun. Although it is a little difficult to hold and use, it is lightweight at 620g and boasts a maximum strength of 3500 rpm (3 steps) per minute. The reliability of the manufacturer is also high.

Mebak 3 Massage Gun

Massage gun details

  • Product name: Mebak 3 Massage Gun
  • Manufacturer: Mebak
  • Price: $100
  • Power supply: Battery operated
  • Continuous use time: Up to 4 hours
  • Body weight: 620g
  • Head attachment: 7 types
  • Frequency: 2300 to 3500 rotations per minute (3 step adjustment)

HoMedics Massage Gun

Although the degree of cherry blossoms is a little high, Homedics is well known as a manufacturer of health equipment. The strength is a little weak, but considering the design, 3 types of color development, and performance, the cost performance is not bad. The mini type is also quite good.

HoMedics Massage Gun

Massage gun details

  • Product Name: Homedics Massage Gun
  • Manufacturer: Homedics
  • Price: $100
  • Power supply: Battery operated
  • Continuous use time: up to 3-7 hours
  • Body weight: 650g
  • Head attachment: 3 types
  • Frequency: 1200-2800 rotations per minute

5 popular and recommended manufacturers of massage guns

Although it overlaps with the above ranking, we will introduce the popular and recommended manufacturers of massage guns. The original manufacturers and manufacturers that are popular in Europe and the United States are heavy and expensive, and the specifications are not good for that, so I have the impression that they are struggling in Japan.


HYPERICE, whose advertising tower is Naomi Osaka, is the most well-known head family. Speaking of the originator, it is the hyper bolt of this manufacturer. It’s expensive and heavy, but it’s good for those looking for peace of mind and celebrity.


Although it is produced in China, MYTREX is a safe domestic massage gun manufacturer with high word-of-mouth evaluation. It is a massage gun maker that can be recommended for those who do not want to lose.

3. opove

Lightweight, high performance, stylish, reasonable and very popular manufacturer is opove. Although it is a Chinese company, it can be said that it is a reliable manufacturer because it has a sales record and popularity in the United States and Europe. If it looks good on Instagram, it would be opove.

4. Therabody

A massage gun called THERAGUN from Therabody is explosively increasing its popularity by utilizing overseas celebrity influencers. The triangular shape is unique and fashionable.


With over 1 million units sold worldwide and tie-ups with famous influencers, BODYPIXEL is definitely a massage gun maker that is likely to become popular in the future. Considering performance and cost performance, it is the overwhelming No. 1 recommended massage gun maker at this stage.

Eight effects of massage guns

I will also briefly explain the effects of massage guns. The following eight effects can be expected from the use of a massage gun.

Effect of massage gun

  1. Injury prevention and recovery and improved athletic performance
  2. Vibration healing and pain relief
  3. Rehabilitation effect
  4. Release of lactic acid
  5. Increased blood and lymph flow and improved swelling
  6. Activates the nervous system and muscles
  7. Improved range of motion
  8. Benefits of wellness and mental health

The fascia release effect of the massage gun can be expected, but since the fascia release technique has long been recommended for stretching and mild massage, I personally use a trigger point massage to eliminate stiffness and pain. I feel it is effective. Of course, the fascia is released in the process of trigger point massage, so it can be said that it is effective for both.

Regarding the diet effect, lymphatic flow is promoted and temporary improvement of swelling can be expected, but please think that the diet effect from a long-term perspective cannot be expected.

The scientific basis for the massage gun effect, the fascia release effect, the diet effect, and the eight promising effects are explained in detail in this article.

How to use the massage guns and precautions

As mentioned above, I feel that massage guns are more effective in stimulating stiffness and trigger points pinpointly to reduce or eliminate pain, rather than myofascial release. Please refer to this article for details on how to find the trigger point that is causing the pain and how to use the trigger point massage with a massage gun.


Since massage guns can be expected to have various effects and can easily care for the body, they have become widespread from celebrities, athletes, medical professionals, and the general public all over the world, and have become a pandemic. However, due to its popularity, there are many counterfeit and inferior products on the market, so you need to be a little careful when purchasing.

Here are 10 of the strongest massage guns that we can definitely recommend. If you can find the one that suits you best, you can rest assured that you will not fail. By all means, improve your physical and mental health and quality of life with a massage gun.