Movement trainer: Pedal trainer for arms and legs

The movement trainer is an ergometer-like device that enables leg or arm training while seated. It is mostly used in rehabilitation or therapy, as it can be operated at 0 watts and therefore even with very little muscle strength.

Furthermore, passive training is also possible with the movement trainer, since a motor is built into most of the devices. This then supports the cyclist’s movement, which can induce muscle activity.

Leg trainer under the desk

Do you train your legs at the same time while working in the office? This works out. There are special desk-office chairs, bicycle training devices, which are relatively bulky and expensive.

It is easier to choose a pedal training device for under the desk. With such an under-table bike, every office chair can be transformed into a piece of sports equipment.

In contrast to a desk bike, with pedal trainers you have the choice between bicycle or elliptical training equipment. In addition, a pedal movement trainer can also be placed on the desk in between to train the arms.

This can prevent frequent desk arm and shoulder problems, as the arm trainer targets other muscle groups. Many arm and leg trainers which are also suitable for seniors,

Arm and leg exercise bike for seniors

To train with the movement trainer, simply sit on a chair or bench. Patients or people with disabilities can also remain seated in a wheelchair to train with the pedal trainer. The legs are put into the mounting loops on the pedals like on an ergometer and the pedaling movement is started.

To use the pedal trainer as an arm trainer, you can place it on your desk or other table and exercise your arms in an upright posture. Some exercise trainers for seniors are also equipped with rubber bands so that arms and legs can be trained at the same time.

Depending on the muscle strength and the desired intensity, the resistance of pedal training devices can be adjusted in stages.

Unfortunately, cheap models usually only have an adjustment screw which does not allow the intensity to be adjusted adequately, even for seniors. Usually the highest resistance level is still too easy. Better quality pedal trainers with magnetic braking are better.

Exercising after a stroke

The movement trainer is often used as a therapy supplement after a stroke. In this way, the patients can be brought back to controlled movements through the movement trainer training.

The supported concentricity also prevents the patient from engaging in an incorrect sequence of movements, which is referred to as so-called assistive training.

Buy movement trainer cheap

As part of the provision of aids by health insurance companies, the costs for a simple arm and leg trainer can sometimes be partially or completely covered. It is particularly worthwhile for seniors to ask the health insurance company for a subsidy.

From time to time there are also simple ones. If you want to use the arm and leg trainer for fitness training, you can order the movement trainer cheaply in well-known online shops.