Laser removal of papillomas

Benefits of laser removal:  Non-contact procedure. Leaves no scars. Instant aesthetic effect. Has no complications from an infection. No bleeding due to vascular coagulation. Attention! Dermatologist consultation  550 ₴   225 ₴ on the day of laser papilloma removal. Dermatologist consultation + dermatoscopy 700 ₴  350 ₴ Removal of papillomas with a laser is a modern and quick way to cleanse the … Read more

What is important to know before removing a mole?

The feasibility of removing a mole (nevus) is determined during dermatoscopy, which allows you to identify pathologies and avoid complications.  Signs of degeneration of moles or a signal for consultation with a dermatologist: The appearance of a pronounced asymmetry of the birthmark  An uneven edge (usually moles are even and smooth). As soon as you … Read more

Eye mesotherapy

Mesotherapy around the eyes is a cosmetological procedure, the implementation of which consists in the introduction of vitamin mixtures with bioactive substances into the upper layers of the dermis and epidermis. A quick and maximum effect is guaranteed by the fact that point injections are injected directly into the problem areas. the skin around the … Read more

Japanese Massage Chairs Review 2023

Japanese Massage Chairs

Many of the top 500 companies in the world’s top 500 Japanese Massage Chairs rankings are Japanese brands. Japanese companies engaged in the massage equipment industry such as Panasonic, Fuji, Inada, and Sanyo are well-known in the world. The world’s first Japanese massage chairs is a wooden massage chair invented by Fuji in 1954. Today, I will … Read more

Westinghouse S500 massage chair Review 2023

Westinghouse S500 massage chair

With the continuous improvement of everyone’s consumption level, this Westinghouse S500 massage chair that originally appeared in many TV dramas has already entered our homes, not for the purpose of putting on a facade. Choosing the right massage chair can indeed bring a different experience to our lives. Office workers come back from a tiring day … Read more

7 Best Massage Chairs – Getting a Massage After a Great Day at Work Can Be Very Relaxing

7 best massage chair

Whether you are a person who works long hours on your feet day by day or someone who experiences muscle or joint pain due to a chronic illness, the idea of ​​getting a full body massage whenever you want sounds like a dream. We have been thinking about this recently, but paying for professional massage therapy … Read more