Real Relax Favor-X1 Massage Chair Review 2023

When it comes to massage chairs, you may be more familiar with those brands that often appear in railway stations and shopping malls – Real Relax and iRest, but there are actually many good quality products.

For example, the Real Relax massage chair that I dug out from my research,  among several well-known massage chair brands in world, the price-performance ratio of the massage chairs with the same function is very high.

The Real Relax Favor-X1 Massage Chair will provide you with a full-body massage that will help you relax both your body and mind. Your massage will be as awesome as possible because of the 3D robot hands, Bluetooth speakers, heated seats, and so much more.

You may enjoy that pleasure for a fraction of the price of other massage chairs on the market. The Real Relax Favor-X1 Massage Chair helps back pain by reducing pressure on the spine, relaxing the entire body, relieving muscle tension, and much more.

The body scan feature of the Real Relax Favor-X1 Massage Chair allows you to tailor your massage experience and ensure it is exactly what you need. The robot hand rollers allow you to relax from head to toe by providing a full body massage.

The sophisticated body scan quality makes you feel like you’re in the spa every day, getting a massage tailored to you, but at a bit of the cost. The Favor-X1 Massage Chairrelieves pain, relaxes the body and mind, and improves blood circulation, among other things.

Guide Rail

What are rails? It is the distance and trajectory of the movement up and down, which determines whether the massage part is comprehensive. The earliest vertical up and down guide rails have been gradually withdrawn from the market due to their poor fit. At present, the massage chair guide rails are mainly divided into S type, L type and SL type.

S type: It is a guide rail for massage to the waist, and the distance is basically 60~80cm.

L type: It is a guide rail that can massage the buttocks. The distance between such guide rails is basically about 100cm.

SL type: It is a guide rail that can massage the thigh. The distance between such guide rails is basically about 120cm. Generally, only advanced massage chairs can be configured.

Real Relax Favor-X1 Massage Chair has 3D robot hands massage from neck to hip is designed with the SL track.


The movement refers to the massage manipulator in the back of the Real Relax Favor-X1 Massage Chair, which is currently mainly divided into 2D and 3D movements.The 2D movement can move up and down, and adjust the width of the left and right.

The massage head is controlled by three motors, namely the walking motor, the kneading motor and the tapping motor, so as to realize five routines of kneading, tapping, fluttering, kneading and shiatsu. Massage technique.

In addition to the basic functions of the 2D movement, the 3D movement can also adjust the amount of expansion and contraction before and after. For users, it is possible to adjust the intensity and depth of the massage to achieve precise massage movements such as shoulder and neck grasping, which is generally a must for high-end massage chairs.

A simple distinction is that 2D is a point and 3D is a surface. Real Relax Favor-X1 Massage Chair  uses a full-size alloy 3D movement.


At present, there are two popular massage methods for massage chairs, one is the manipulator simulation massage, and the other is the squeezing massage of the airbag.

There was a time when the roller massage was also popular, but the depth and breadth of the massage was not as good as the first two. , Now rolling massage is rarely used alone in advanced massage chairs, and is mostly used as an auxiliary function, or appears on some primary products.

Advanced products use more manipulator simulation massage and airbag squeeze massage.

Real Relax Favor-X1 Massage Chair is equipped with airbag massage, with up to 8.5 square meters of airbags, divided into 4 airbags for the upper arm, 8 airbags for the palm and arm, and 12 airbags for the lower body; there are up to 7 motors.

It can be massaged to: head, shoulders, arms, waist, buttocks, outer thighs, calves, soles, basically covering the parts that need massage at home.

Massage Program

Real Relax Favor-X1 Massage Chair has set 6 groups of automatic programs, namely:  whole body stretching, neck and shoulder relaxation.The mode I personally choose the most is neck and shoulder relaxation. This mode will specifically massage and tap the shoulder and neck area.

After each massage, I feel my shoulders are much more comfortable, and the shoulder muscles that have been tired after a day’s work have been greatly improved. So relaxing, this shoulder and neck relaxation is really suitable for working women.


A necessary condition for a high-end massage chair is to match the targeted massage procedures for different people’s body shapes. There are many body shape detection technologies on the market, including optocoupler detection, Hall detection, etc.

This Real Relax Favor-X1 Massage Chair uses infrared light-sensing two-way body shape detection technology, and the technology also optimizes the acupoint search algorithm.

For the elderly with osteoporosis, this massage chair will deliberately control the intensity in the massage program. While performing the soothing meridian massage of the body, it will focus on the shoulders and waists of the elderly who are prone to soreness, which is equivalent to a pleasant experience


Turn on the power and connect the Real Relax Favor-X1 Massage Chair” Bluetooth” to listen to music while getting a massage.

Function of Heating

The waist heater helps to built-in and promotes blood circulation.

Massage of the Feet

Foot anxiety and soreness are relieved by both roller and airbag massage.The Dynamic AIR leg lifting and rubbing smart component is the main feature of this massage chair.

Generally speaking, this function is only available on high-end models.During massage, the air bag will tightly wrap my leg, there is acupoint massage on the sole of the foot.

There are artificial hands on the calf. After 20 minutes of massage, the swelling of the calf will be relieved very well, and the feeling is very relaxed. Especially when wearing high-heeled shoes, I often get tired after walking all day.

No matter which mode of this massage chair, there are a lot of leg massage sessions, just lie down and relax.

Arm double-stage airbag massage

This massage chair also has a special massage method, which is the arm 2-stage airbag grasping and pinching massage method (his flagship model also has this function.

This massage method can more imitate the feel of a real person, using grasping and pinching techniques to quickly relieve muscle tension. Sore and swollen.

This function can imitate the human hand to knead the arm part, so that the arm can also be specially relaxed. Nowadays, the frequency of computer use by office workers is very high, and the incidence of hand diseases such as tenosynovitis is also very high.

It is also necessary to massage the arm muscles.

In the absence of gravity

This massage chair also has a double-speed space capsule function, which realizes a zero-gravity experience in the high section of the whole body, adjusts the body and legs to 127°, distributes the body weight evenly, and feels like the whole person is floating in marshmallows.

I’m about to fall asleep~ This posture can not only promote blood circulation and reduce fatigue, but also with the use of airbags, it can also achieve a real stretching effect, stretch muscles and bones, and improve posture.

Intelligent voice system

This massage chair is also loaded with the M control global intelligent voice system, which can control the strength, speed, seat back angle, program, etc. through voice, because it is not convenient to use the remote control when the hand wraps massage, with the intelligent voice system, It can perfectly solve this problem.

Hand of a 3D Robot

Human touch massage involves emulating human hands by gripping, kneading, and squeezing.

Stretch Massage in Thai

The body obtains systemic stretch and decompression when done in a rhythmic movement of moderate rocking.


  • 3D robot hands with FDA registration Ergonomic
  • Thai slack
  • Thai foot scraping massage
  • Zero-G
  • Armrest links
  • built-in vibration and waist heater
  • able to support heavy users
  • sound system


  • 6’1″ maximum weight
  • Short-track layout
  • may offer more choices


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