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Real Relax Favor-X1 Massage Chair Review 2022

Real Relax Favor-X1 Massage Chair
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Color Black
Maximum Weight Recommendation 400 Pounds
Brand Real Relax

The Real Relax Favor-X1 Massage Chair will provide you with a full-body massage that will help you relax both your body and mind. Your massage will be as awesome as possible because of the 3D robot hands, Bluetooth speakers, heated seats, and so much more. You may enjoy that pleasure for a fraction of the price of other massage chairs on the market. The Real Relax Favor-X1 Massage Chair helps back pain by reducing pressure on the spine, relaxing the entire body, relieving muscle tension, and much more.

The body scan feature of the Real Relax Favor-X1 Massage Chair allows you to tailor your massage experience and ensure it is exactly what you need. The robot hand rollers allow you to relax from head to toe by providing a full body massage. The sophisticated body scan quality makes you feel like you’re in the spa every day, getting a massage tailored to you, but at a bit of the cost. The Favor-X1 Massage Chairrelieves pain, relaxes the body and mind, and improves blood circulation, among other things.

In relation to this item

  • Automatic human body detection using SL-track
  • 6 automated programs pre-programmed, one-button zero gravity design
  • The massage and airbag pressure can be adjusted to three different levels of intensity.
  • Airbag massage for the shoulder, armrest, thigh, and calf.
  • Kneading massage with your feet
  • Built-in Bluetooth and a waist heating function
  • Limits for height and weight: 6.1 feet and 400 pounds, respectively.


Real Relax Favor-X1 Massage Chair has 3D robot hands massage from neck to hip is designed with the SL track.

Real Relax Favor-X1 Massage Chair


Real Relax Favor-X1 Massage Chair will automatically scan your body and customize the massage areas to fit your needs based on your height and body shape.

Real Relax Favor-X1 Massage Chair


Turn on the power and connect the Real Relax Favor-X1 Massage Chair” Bluetooth” to listen to music while getting a massage.

Real Relax Favor-X1 Massage Chair

Massage for the Entire Body

Favor-X1 Massage Chair delivers a full-body airbag massage, airbags are placed on your shoulder, neck, back, waist, hip, legs, and feet.

Function of Heating

The waist heater helps to built-in and promotes blood circulation

Massage of the Feet

Foot anxiety and soreness are relieved by both roller and airbag massage.

In the absence of gravity

A zero-gravity design with just one switch makes you feel weightless.

Real Relax Favor-X1 Massage Chair

Hand of a 3D Robot

Human touch massage involves emulating human hands by gripping, kneading, and squeezing.

Real Relax Favor-X1 Massage Chair

Stretch Massage in Thai

The body obtains systemic stretch and decompression when done in a rhythmic movement of moderate rocking.

Customer questions & answers:

Where can I send it to be fixed if it breaks?
If it breaks within a year, you’ll send me apart, but you don’t offer labor repairs, so I’ll have to try to fix it myself. It’s no surprise that you don’t provide any information on your warranty on your website and don’t answer when contacted. I’m unable to contact customer assistance. To me, it appears to be a huge con.

Is there enough room in the foot compartment for a 30.5 cm foot? If not, could you suggest another model?
Yes, it will fit men’s sizes 12 and higher.

Is this a US-made chair?
No, it’s made in China.

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