Real Relax Massage Chair Favor 03 Review Feb 2023

If you are looking for a sleek and affordable version, then this is the perfect one. It offers you the opportunity to save money. The reduced cost can attract anyone due to the impressive and one-of-a-kind layout. But you also need to consider features rather than just cost.

Actual Real Relax Massage Chair boasts of its small features offering relaxation and pain relief, and when you are not too picky, then it is possible to choose this one.

It is possible to buy this merchandise under For those who present things, they can consider another version with additional features. However, the general performance of the massage is excellent. Read the essential features and review below.

 I bring you an informative review regarding the Favor-03 Plus Massage Chair from the reputed brand of Real Relax.If you want to benefit from an intense massage, Actual Relax will offer it to you at a minimum price of less than 1000 dollars. With a three-decade warranty and other features like weightlessness, Actual Relax would be well worth the purchase price.

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Real Relax Massage Chair Reviews  2023: Why Purchase This Product?

real relax massage chair favor 03 review

Before reaching the nitty-gritty of the Favor-03 Plus Massage Chair, I want you to know a tad bit more additional information about the Real Relax brand.

Although Real Relax has been around since 2014, it has managed to garner considerable goodwill in this short period, and that’s mostly because of its consistency in supplying exceptional massage chair models that keep getting better with every new release.

Real Relax Favor-03 Massage Chair 

The Real Relax Favor-03 massage chair is just another version that allows you to relax the whole body. You are able to focus on several different areas of the human body. In any case, it boasts of having many features that you cannot find in additional massage chairs.

Its design makes it totally simple to use. The lowest cost seat has been used and verified to operate efficiently and therefore; you don’t have to worry if you want it in your home. Remember to weigh your needs before you put in your pocket. You can get this high quality massage seat for less than $1000. Read the essential features and review below.


  • Simple to assemble
  • Included is a Zero Gravity feature.
  • LED light strips that change colours are trendy.
  • Bluetooth speakers built-in
  • There are six auto modes available.


  • The intensity in the lower back area is a little excessive.

Manageable Assembly, Use & Care

This massage chair reached my doorstep in two large boxes, thankfully at the same time. It did not take more than 60  minutes for me to assemble it. Mind you that I am not the numerous tech-savvy or the best DIY’er around; I am sure my husband would have created it in less than 30 minutes. So full points to Real Relax for making it so comfortable to assemble.

I enjoyed the thoughtful inclusion of little features like the two back wheels. Although it weighs around 200 pounds, carrying it from one place to another did not feel like an uphill climb.

Another win-win aspect of this chair is how comfortable it is to clean and maintain it. Thanks to its top-notch PU leather, you can fast wipe it with any damp cloth every now and then.

Stretch function

The stretch function ensures that the space between the vertebrae is enlarged, which reduces the pressure on the nerves. This is an attempt to reduce muscle stiffness.

This function is based on the chiro massage concept.

3D massage

The 3D massage of this chair has the special property that it can follow the shape of the back. In addition, it adapts the intensity to the shape of the spine and it is possible to set the intensity of the massage from very relaxing to very intensive.


The pillow is adjustable and can therefore be adapted to the height of the user.

When the pillow is moved backward, space is freed up for the neck massage. This massage intensively massages the neck muscles and is experienced as very pleasant and relaxing.

Shoulder massage

Thanks to the 4 airbags on the upper arms and the intelligent massage hands, the shoulders and chest are intensively stretched.

Arm massage

By means of the 28 airbags, 14 on each side, at the arms and shoulders, these are fully massaged. The arm and shoulder massage is a combination of pulse massage and pressure retention, so this chair offers a rhythmic pulse-point massage for complete relaxation of the arms, hands, and fingers.

Thigh massage

Thanks to the airbags at the height of the thighs, this chair gives an intensive thigh massage. This massage stimulates the acupuncture points

Infrared heater

The back heating of this chair not only provides a pleasant and comfortable feeling but also has an important function. For example, the heat for extra relaxation of the muscles and for stimulation of the blood flow, which promotes the removal of waste.

Footrest extension

The calf massage in the footrest stimulates acupuncture and thus promotes blood circulation in the legs. The footrests can be adjusted to the height of the user, up to a maximum of 23 centimetres.

Foot sole massage

This chair has a unique foot massage with rollers. This provides an intensive massage and will feel just like a professional foot massager giving you a massage.

Foot and calf bags

The feet, ankles, and calves are fully enclosed and massaged using 38 airbags and pressure massage. This massage reaches acupuncture points and is equipped with magnetic fields, which have a positive influence on the blood cells (blood cells).

Massage range

Thanks to its large massage range, this chair treats almost the entire back.

Trigger Points

The back massage is aimed at relaxing the muscles in the back. In addition, the pressure of the massage stimulates the trigger points on the back.


One of the most important reasons why I picked this massage chair as my recommendation is its versatility. You can choose from five auto modes – Relax, Sleep, Stretch, Neck, Waist, and Sport. I am a huge fan of the Sport and Relax modes.

With its eight massage rollers for your neck and 50 strategically positioned airbags, you can rest assured that you will get a full body massage experience that’s second to none! And that’s not all; you can select from three levels of speed and intensity.

I am relatively short at 5′ 6″ and my husband is relatively tall at 6’2″. I was happy to see that the footrest can be adjusted to accommodate him comfortably.

Value for Cash

real relax massage chair favor 03 reviewI know that paying hundreds of dollars on a massage chair is not a decision you can take in a heartbeat, but I can ensure you that the Favor-03 Plus packs sufficiently nifty features to justify its price tag.

You will appreciate the brilliant inclusion of the Zero Gravity massage function and heat-assisted massage for your lower back. Even its Zero Gravity component has three levels – Initial, Comfort, and Deep. Apart from that, you also get built-in Bluetooth speakers and color-changing LED light ribbons on this model.


Every aspect of this massage chair indicates that the engineers at Real Relax kept durability and longevity as their topmost priority while designing it. Be it the high-power engine that powers it, the silent air pump that supplies ultra-quiet massage experiences, or the high-quality foam that provides unmatched nicety.

And it’s not just the chair that’s durable, but also its stylish remote controller. It does not feel flimsy at all, which is a welcoming transformation from most of the other massage chairs out there.

What Could’ve Been More useful?

Being an all-out perfectionist, I was surprised when I could not find any considerable flaw in this massage chair even after operating it for over three months.

Best Massage Chair According To The Buying Guide

How to choose the best massage chair below? Reading this review may be insufficient, it is essential that you know how to select or buy the ideal massage seats. Here is exactly what you need to do. A massage chair is a big investment. But with so many styles and layouts available, selecting the ideal version can be an overwhelming undertaking. The best budget massage seats should offer a mix of useful features and build quality. In this informative article, review the best features and everything you need to consider before making that final purchase.

The Benefits Of Budget Massage Chairs

There’s a common misconception that the best massage chairs have to be expensive – however, that’s not the case. If you’re on a tight budget, it’s always possible to find a version that includes all the features you want. A few of the benefits include:

Can be Customized

A massage chair can be customized to target specific muscle groups. If you want a deep tissue massage, just press a button and enjoy the moment. It’s sometimes great for athletes who want to relax their muscles after a workout. In addition, the seat allows you to find a massage of the whole body. For this reason, you can find exactly the same satisfaction that you expect in a massage parlour.

Can Replace Furniture

Although a massage chair offers a welcome escape from the stresses of everyday life, you may be wondering if it can replace your regular furniture. The easy answer is yes. You can use a seat to relax when watching TV. The best budget seat offers a fancy padded seat, and you can turn it on if you need gentle massages. For many people, a massage chair can be a luxurious piece of furniture.

Gives Control In The Massage

Unlike a trip to your masseuse, a massage seat lets you choose how long you plan to work with it. And depending on what you need, you can switch between different ways. It is possible to opt for tapping, rolling or chopping.

For example, the Actual Favor 03 version runs for longer intervals. Other people use body-sensing technologies to gauge body dimensions and personalize the massage.

Saves money

For those looking for spa treatment and supplies, a massage chair can be a great investment. It’s not only a convenient and inexpensive option, but a solid investment well worth making. The best massage seats under $1,000 will reduce the trips you take to the spa, saving you more money in the long run. Even better, you can use the seat whenever you want.

Types Of Massage Chairs According To Your Choice

The best massage chairs feature a contemporary technological layout and come at an affordable price.

Full Body Massage Summary

A massage chair includes vibrating elements that provide micro-massages to stressed muscles. The best version is equipped with airbags that compress the shoulders as well as four trunk massage colonies. Either way, you’ll find 8 ram air bags that provide gentle compression to relieve tension.

The seat will also help massage the hip and waist area. You will find two massage clamps and compression side airbags. A normal massage seat will even have 24 airbags and 2 points in the calf. Ultimately, you will locate a foot area with a built-in heater.

Massage chairs are said to be the ultimate in comfort and cover many areas such as arms, legs and other areas of the human body. Some models are equipped with modern technologies to ensure you have a memorable encounter.

And the best thing is that you can find a massage seat with all the aforementioned features for much less than

Shiatsu Massage Seats

These seats use an ancient Japanese method to exert pressure on various areas of the human body such as the elbows, palms, feet and knees. Some are equipped with clamps that mimic what is used in Western spas.

The shiatsu massage chairs have an automatic body scan function and another activating air massage of the calf, seat and foot area. Moreover, you can choose how long you want to enjoy the massage. These chairs are fantastic for anyone looking to relax and eliminate body aches. If you want to touch all the pressure points of their human body, you can’t go wrong with a real full body massage shiatsu massage chair.

Reclining Massage Chairs

If you are looking for a surefire way to eliminate that stressful atmosphere, you need to buy a reclining massage chair. This can allow you to reactivate the whole body, improve blood circulation and reduce pain.

A substantial number of massage seats include a reclining feature. The kind of sensation you feel could be compared to lying on a desk and enjoying a full body massage. When looking for a reclining seat, you need to check whether it is a manual or automatic reclining mechanism.

If you don’t need to keep pushing a lever every time you want a massage, then you should get an automated massage chair. Of course, the energy commands can allow you to exit and enter if you’re not feeling well. You can try a version such as the Esright Massaging Reclining Seat.

Zero Gravity Massage Chair

Zero gravity massage seats feature technology invented by NASA. They are designed to provide total comfort to the throat and spine. Additionally, the chair increases blood flow since the legs are in an elevated position. When you achieve this posture, you reduce the strain on the sore vertebrae and muscles of the cushions.

A weightless seat can let you eliminate the human body and psychological pain. The fact remains that gravity subjects our bodies to extreme stress on a daily basis and wears down the muscles. Don’t let tension and exhaustion wear you down. It is possible to use weightless seats such as Actual Relax Favor 03 and OOTORI to undo the consequences of stress.

Relaxation Guides When Using A Massage Chair

When buying a massage chair, you want to check out different settings before you get used to it. And once you know what each feature works, you are able to find the best version for you. If you use a massage chair for pain relief, you should seek advice from your doctor.

When using a massage chair, you should think of it as a mattress. The very first step is to gently hold your head against the headrest. Then you need to hold the waist firmly in the thickest part of this seat. The key here is to put the upper body in upright form with the body in a flat position.

How you place back issues too. You have to press hard against the seat cushions. It may seem a little deep, which means you have to drop the body in the seat. You would like the seat to take your whole body without too much work.

Before starting the massage, you must ensure that your body is completely relaxed. Another important tip to mention is to see everything you eat and drink. While doing the massage you should not eat, drink or talk. It’s your second, and that means you want to have the best experience possible.

Don’t forget your own legs. To make sure your legs aren’t cramped, you can use leg extensions. It really is a big one and if you buy a seat with an extendable footrest. Next, you need to take a close look at the shoulder area. And when you put your preferences in the control panel, you should keep your arms relaxed.

Consider Manual And Automatic Applications

As soon as you explore the existing programs of this seat, you can customize the settings to your liking. Although a manual program may look like an automatic program, you must choose the manual first. You can choose parameters such as frequency, duration, intensity and variety of the massage.

As soon as you get used to manual applications, you can use automated applications. Once you press the button, a new screen will appear where you can trigger unique practices. You need to make sure exactly what each button represents.

Before you begin, you can choose how long you want the massage to continue to get the most out of your experience. Then you have to press a button to bend your back and raise the footrest. The best massage seats below 1000 will have sensors that can work on vital areas of the human body such as the head, shoulders, and upper and lower back. And when you’re done, you just press the button and then you’re off.

Consider All Features When Buying The Best Massage Chairs

The features of your massage chair will choose the overall experience you anticipate. Each seat is unique, so you need to choose the one that suits you best.

Knowing your needs is imperative. Since these are high-ticket items, you’ll need to weigh more long-term demands. Is there any concern that we would like a future massage treatment? Also, consider the possibility of other consumers using the seat over time. Knowing what you need will allow you to narrow down several seats and select the one that suits your needs.

You should consider a number of functions needed to get a massage chair. Are you interested in back massage? And the body? Please check available standard massage methods and other features. Massage chairs often have MP3 players, extenders and heated components.

Types Of Accessible Massages

The best chair should provide basic remedies such as kneading, stress, rolling, shiatsu, rapid percussion, and Swedish massage. At a simple level, a massage seat should provide shiatsu. Others have grippers that work on particular muscle groups to relieve stress. Those that include airbags emulate muscle compression that you might not get in a spa. This is really a great feature for people who want to massage their arms, arms and neck.

Massaging Seat Size

Before buying a massage chair, you need something that contrasts with your height and weight. You need to go through the specification information to make sure what you are buying is right for you. Perhaps the best strategy is to figure out where you need to put the chair. Would you like to keep it from the bedroom, living room or balcony? If you want a device that you can move from one space to another, you need to pay attention to reliability. Do you need a seat that you can move yourself or do you need extra assistance?

Choice Of Controls

A massage chair should have buttons located within easy reach. Can you decrease the rate or stop the massage with the push of a button? Be on the lookout for a convenient and user-friendly control panel.

Ranking Of Chairs

A massage chair has different functions such as a recliner, swivel, footrest, rocking performance, etc. Those known as weightlessness will disperse weight evenly to relieve stress in your body. This way you can be assured of a deeper and more relaxing massage.

Rollers And Airbags

All of these are important parts of a massage chair. They do the trick to use the tension in your body. As they come in different shapes and sizes, they mimic getting a massage from a specialist.

Treatment Chair Warranty

These days it’s always nice to be safe. Warranties for massage seats vary widely. Some vendors offer extended warranties for an additional price, but others do. A massage chair’s warranty will depend on the design you select – a few include a 1 year warranty while others offer a 5 year warranty. A warranty gives some confidence that the item will last for many years to come

Chair Location

Consider where you will place the seat. Keep in mind that the massage seat tilts and many have a stretching leg. The footprint of a normal massage chair is vital. Some need about 20-7 feet in the wall.


Consider that a massage seat has many moving parts and depending on the usage you have to start looking for something that will last a long time. You will probably be using the seat for a very long time, so you want a sturdy chair. Consider the quality of the material. Can it be made from cheap materials? The quality of the substance will let you know if the seat is durable or not. The best massage chair should feature a sturdy construction that can stand the test of time. Also, the customer support staff should be ready to help you with any issues.

Choice Of Recline And Heating

Even if you are on a tight budget, it is still possible to get a massage chair with heating. A fantastic example is the Actual Relax Massage Recliner.

Choice Of Massage Power

Before buying a massage chair, you should read the testimonials to understand how other men and women view the chair. Some seats have faster casters, while others are too powerful. Keep in mind that the performance of a massage seat beats the design.

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