Real Relax Massage Chair Review 2023

Today I’m going to solve your problem of finding the right and cost-effective massage chair. I’m going to review the World’s Most Selling Massage Chairs in the market i.e Real Relax Massage Chair. Real Relax has introduced 3 series of its models:

  1. Favor Series (Best Selling Series)
  2. Platinium Series (Luxury Series)
  3. Zenart Series (Latest Models 2023)

Each series of Real Relax Massage Chair have the best model ranging from $900 to $1700 which is very affordable.

Finding the right Massage Chair can be a difficult and time-consuming task. There are chairs that don’t match your comfort level and others that don’t have the features you need.

A state-of-the-art massage chair can be a huge investment. Choosing the right massage chair is crucial. How to choose the best massage chair? It’s actually quite simple.

You just have to decide what you want. Then you will need to choose the features you desire. Don’t worry if you are unsure of the most important aspects, my Real Relax Massage Chair Review article will solve your tension.

This review will highlight all the positive and negative aspects of the Real Relax massage chairs, helping you decide if it is worth it. Let’s get started!

Here we’ll discuss 3 top-rated Real Relax Massage Chairs in detail:

3 Top Rated Real Relax Massage Chairs Review 2023 – Buying Guide


1. Best Buy Massage Chair – Real Relax 2020 Massage Chair (F3 Plus)

(World’s Most Selling Massage Chair)Real Relax Massage Chair Review

First, we would like to discuss the best buy massage chair with you. The Real Relax F3 Plus was chosen for this because it comes out the best in the test in terms of price-quality ratio. The chair is nice and soft and is made of artificial leather.

The chair is comfortable and is equipped with 50 airbags and 8 massage rollers, which makes it a great massage chair for the money.

The beauty of this electric massage chair is that it also has heating and you can even play music via your phone.

In addition to a massage, you can also enjoy your favourite music. A nice additional advantage. If you are not sure whether you prefer to be massaged upright or lying down, this is also the best choice for you.

With this massage chair, you can adjust whether you want it in the lying or upright position during your massage.

If you would also like to have the legs massaged in addition to your back and shoulders. Then that is also possible with the Real Relax F3 Plus. The weight of the chair is 70 kg and therefore a rather unwieldy device.

There are transport wheels under the chair so that you can move them easily. There are also 4 automatic programs on this chair and you can also set them manually. As icing on the cake, the remote control is included so that this chair offers you extreme ease of use.

Real Relax Massage Chair F3 is available in 2 descent colours:

Real Relax Massage Chair Review Real Relax Massage Chair Review
Black Khaki


  • 4 automatic programs
  • 8 massage rollers
  • 50 airbags
  • Listen to music
  • Lying and sitting is possible
  • including remote control


  • No real leather
  • Free log device
  • No stand-up function


As you can see, the Real Relax F3 Plus excels in all areas and that for an affordable price. It is therefore not for nothing that we have chosen it as the best buy. A massage chair with all the functions there is and is made of artificial leather. Top when it comes to price-quality ratio. So if you’re looking for the best deal on massage chairs, you’ve come to the right place.


2. Real Relax 2021 Full Body Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair Real Relax Massage Chair Review

This one makes the top four for its low price yet great massage features. The backrest has eight massage points for a full body massage. It also has two automatic massage programs that redefine the whole massage experience.

Real Relax 2021 Zenart model has a body scan function. When you set on it, this chair will automatically scan your body. This chair will adjust massage rollers according to your body physique.

Real Relax 2021 Full Body Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair has SL Track, which gives robotic hands massage from head to thighs.  This massage chair has 12 different massage techniques which provide real hand massage with robotic hands.

Real Relax 2021 new model massage chair has airbags for shoulders, legs, arms, and feet massage buy inflating and deflating.

Real Relax 2021 Massage Chair is available in 2 colors:

Real Relax Massage Chair Review
Black Green

This model has a back heating system to promote blood circulation in the body and increase metabolism. This massage chair has airbags and rollers for foot massage, which gives a scraping massage and unprecedented comfort and enjoyment.

This Real Relax massage chair has an extended footrest extension, which is adjustable from 5 to 6 feet. This massage chair also has Bluetooth, which allows listening to music during the massage.


  • It has built-in heating, vibration and air pressure functions
  • It is cheap and with excellent features
  • Easy to use
  • It has two preset automatic massage programs


  • Not fit for heavy person.


The Real Relax 2021 Massage Chair (Zenart Model) is really a good massage chair under &2000.


3. Real Relax 2021 Full Body SL Track Massage Chair (PS3100)

Most luxurious massage chair with some very unique features. 

Real Relax Massage Chair ReviewAre you looking for a massage chair that can really give a full-body massage? Then look no further because the Real Relax Massage Chair PS3100 is the luxury massage chair that suits you.
This shiatsu massage chair massages your back, arms, shoulders, neck, head, buttocks, legs, and feet. The Ps3100 is a zero gravity chair. When you switch on the zero-gravity function, the device places itself at an angle of 127 degrees. The legs are therefore higher than the heart. This position has the following health benefits:
  • The legs are above the heart and that has a very beneficial effect on blood circulation. Improved blood circulation ensures that your tired muscles get energy again.
  • The tense muscles are released much faster. So it helps enormously with muscle pain.

Real Relax 2021 Full Body SL Track Massage Chair is available in 2 colors:

Real Relax Massage Chair Review Real Relax Massage Chair Review
Black White

The unique functionality of this Real Relax Massage Chair is that it has a unique body scan system. At the start of the massage, it analyzes your body measurements, and based on that, the Ps3100 optimizes the massage experience. With this model, you can always enjoy a personalized massage.

The Real Relax can give four different massages, namely, the shiatsu, knead, vibration, and roll massage. During the massage, you can also set the intensity of the massage per body part. You can also set the infrared heat. It ensures that your body is warmed up wonderfully.

The massage relax chair is equipped with four different massage programs, namely refresh, relaxation, crade and soft. The refresh massage program is perfect for the morning, for example, because this massage program is designed to give you extra energy. 

In addition, with this luxurious massage relax chair you can also compose your own massage programs and this is really unique.


  • The Real Relax P3100 gives a full body massage: back, neck, head, shoulders, legs, arms, and feet.
  • This massage chair has a body scan function (personal massage experience)
  • The backrest and footrest are fully adjustable.
  • The Real Relax P3100 is provided with microfiber leather so that no bad odors and bacteria are left behind.
  • It has four intensity levels and you can turn on the heat function
  • The massage chair gives shiatsu, knead, vibrate and roll massage


  • This massage chair is not really portable.


The Real Relax Massage Chair PS3100 features microfiber leather. It has a great advantage that no bacteria and foul odors are left behind.

 Real Relax 4D Massage Chair Review 2023

Today, We will discuss Top-rated Real Relax 4D Massage Chair in detail. After experiencing the massage chair, I feel that the massage chair is really a good choice, especially for people like me who don’t like being touched by others, it is simply good news.

In addition, I also considered that my parents will come to live with us after they retire. We are busy in life, and our body is always in a state of excessive fatigue. So I planned to prepare the massage chair before our parents came to us.

Real Relax was leading brand of massage chairs. The model is Real Relax 4D Massage Chair. It is a relatively new product in terms of appearance and technology.

The volume of the Real Relax 4D Massage Chair is still very large, the materials and workmanship are very good, and the weight is not light. The net weight of the machine is 90kg. If you move it directly, it is impossible for one person to handle it.

Real Relax 4D Massage Chair wheels are arranged at the bottom, so that as long as the package is opened, the rest of the installation process can be done by one person.

Because of the large size, you must confirm the door distance with the customer service before purchasing. Generally, you can enter the door of the house, but if you want to put it in the bedroom, you need to confirm it, so as not to be unable to enter after buying it. In addition, the friends upstairs had better confirm whether they can enter the elevator.

Usually, a large part of space needs to be reserved on the back of the massage chair for angle adjustment of the massage chair. However, Real Relax 4D Massage Chair is based on an ingenious structural design and does not need to take up a lot of space. It can basically be close to the effect of sticking to the wall. For small-sized users, it is still very suitable.

Cleaning agent is provided for cleaning the massage chair. There is also a drag line board, which is used as an extension line of the socket, so as to avoid the embarrassing situation caused by the insufficient length of the own line.

At home, the overall style is still very harmonious.

When choosing the color of the massage chair, I chose a light color to ensure that it is consistent with the overall style of the home. The color is Champagne. The appearance is streamlined and simple, which looks like the first-class cabin of the high-speed rail. The actual experience proves that the large-volume package feels very good.

The side of the fuselage uses a golden streamlined decorative strip with a metallic texture, and the surface uses a fading surface design that often appears in car styling, making the entire seat look more textured. Moreover, the plastic shell part of the basic surface is made of polished plastic material, which will not hide dirt and dirt, and is very easy to clean. You only need to wipe it with a towel every day. The colors used on the inside and outside of the massage chair are basically the same, which looks very comfortable.

The interior of the massage chair is made of soft materials as long as it can be in contact with the user. There are two types of soft materials: cloth and special PU leather. When choosing materials, the materials of fabric and PU leather are also very close. The characteristic of PU leather is that it is soft, and it is not easy to age after a long time, and it is convenient to clean, just use the cleaning paste provided in the package to clean it.

The workmanship of this massage chair, from stitching to zippers, from the craftsmanship of the seat surface to the embroidery of the headrest, where the leather and fabric meet, the craftsmanship is very good.

The control panel of the massage chair uses a traditional handheld remote control in the form of screen + buttons. The overall Black color scheme, the main functions and modes are clear at a glance, the buttons are backlit, and the touch is relatively soft. When entering the corresponding mode, the backlight of the buttons will light up, which is also very convenient for the elderly at home to operate.

Top switch, timing and pause buttons. At the bottom is the adjustment area for various modes and massage parameters.

There is a storage area for the remote control inside the seat , which is a very considerate design. It allows the user to put the remote control into the storage area during use, so as to prevent the massage chair from accidentally being placed on the seat and accidentally starting the massage chair.

The headrest of the head needs to be turned up when using it, otherwise it will affect the experience of the head. It is connected by a zipper, which can be removed and cleaned directly, which is very convenient. The headrest is lifted on the left. The massage area on the inside of the airbag and the back of the head is made of very soft fabric, which feels very comfortable to the touch.


For users, the better the massage chair feels, the more comfortable it is. This Real Relax 4D Massage Chair has absolutely achieved the sense of wrapping, and it is not inferior in massage experience.

The Real Relax 4D Massage Chair is preset with 27 commonly used modes: drama chasing mode, dream mode, fatigue mode, queen mode, shoulder and neck focus, waist and hip pressure relief etc.

These 27 modes belong to the fully automatic massage mode, which can cover all parts that need to be massaged daily. After selecting the desired massage mode, the massage chair will scan the body curve. At this time, you can feel that there is a device on the back scanning up and down, and at the same time.

After scanning, it will directly enter the fully automatic massage mode. It is completely possible to customize a precise and accurate massage experience for the user who sits on it. The massage is accurate in every part during the massage.

The 4D management massage of legs and feet is a highlight of this massage chair. During the massage process, the legs are fixed by airbags, and then the raised point rollers on the soles of the feet massage the acupoints on the soles of the feet. You may not be used to the massage at first, and it is extremely itchy , but after using it once or twice, you will get used to this feeling.


Automatic Massage and Parameter Adjustment

Selecting the dream mode will simulate a rocking chair to shake, and then perform a massage. There is no noticeable swaying sensation.

There are default massage parameters during the automatic massage mode, but the parameters may not be suitable for everyone. You can manually adjust the massage intensity, air pressure intensity and massage speed for multiple adjustments. There is always one that suits you.

Spot Massage

The fixed-point massage function is very good. By moving the position of the massage point up and down by remote control, you can specify the position for custom massage, and fully realize personal customization.

Adjustment of Massage Techniques

There are 13 built-in massage techniques: kneading style, Swedish style, hammering style, shiatsu style, slapping style, and massage style etc. The algorithm is optimized by completely simulating the way of manual massage. Through the soft elastic silicone massage head, it can fully restore the The manual massage method, the whole massage process is more comfortable than the mechanical massage.

Manual Massage Parameter Adjustment

If you don’t need the whole automatic massage process, but only massage a certain part, you can use the manual mode. In the manual mode, you can adjust the massage technique, strength, speed, sitting angle, foot massage technique and other methods. Moreover, using the remote control to adjust the massage position of the back can realize fixed-point massage, and the massage technique can also be switched at will.

Because different people have different reactions to the intensity of the massage, if you feel pain during the massage, you can manually adjust the intensity of the massage to achieve the intensity that suits you. Of course, you can also directly set other parameters manually to customize your own high-level experience.

Sitting Angle Adjustment

The sitting angle of this massage chair can be adjusted, and the two arrows on the bottom part of the remote control can control the tilting angle of the massage chair.

You can adjust the angle of the massage chair according to your comfortable posture. Of course, there are also different angle settings in the process of automatic massage. For example, in the drama chasing mode, the massage chair will be adjusted to an angle suitable for watching TV. Watching TV at this angle will not be blocked, and you don’t need to look up to watch it, and you can watch your phone normally.

Timing Function

Before starting the massage, you can use the timing button on the top of the remote control to set the duration of the massage. This time range can be set to 5-30 minutes, with a gear of 5 minutes. The time interval is relatively reasonable. If you feel that one time is not enough, then do it again.

About Airbag Massage

Real Relax 4D Massage Chair has 36 built-in airbags, which are distributed on the left and right sides of the shoulders, arms, calves, and feet. The airbag massage has a very good wrapping feeling.

The airbags on the forearm, calf, and foot press the corresponding parts respectively, and the pressure of the airbag can be adjusted according to your own tolerance.

The airbag massage on the legs is very good for female users like LD who often wear high- heeled shoes . After all, wearing high-heeled shoes always holds the calf, and there is no sense of relaxation like sports and leisure shoes . For the sake of beauty, there are excusable circumstances. After the beauty, for the sake of health, it is recommended to give the calf and feet a comfortable massage to relax.

During the air pressure massage of the legs, the airbags will firmly grasp the feet and calves when they are inflated. The strength can be controlled by remote control, and the comfort level is still good.

Other Functions

Surprisingly, Real Relax 4D Massage Chair has a built-in Bluetooth speaker , which can be directly connected to a mobile phone for music playback. You can listen to your favorite music during the massage process, making it easier for you to relax. Regarding the connection of the Bluetooth speaker, when the massage chair is powered on, you can directly use the mobile phone .

Another very practical function is the waist heating function. This function may not be so obvious for male users, but it is very useful for female users, especially recently, the temperature has dropped sharply across the country, and it has started to snow overnight. For girls, keeping the waist warm is very important, and most girls may experience dysmenorrhea or irregular menstruation if the waist protection is insufficient. Therefore, this function of waist hot compress is very practical for female users. Waist hot compress + massage, you will feel very comfortable, at least that’s what LD said after using it.

The zero-gravity at the bottom of the remote control is mainly to simulate the 126-degree elevation angle in the weightless state in the space capsule. To put it intuitively, some parts of the human body are used as fulcrums to disperse the pressure on the spine and joints and achieve a state of complete relaxation. . Zero gravity is divided into three states, which can be distinguished by the color of the button on the remote control.

The height compatibility of this product is still very good, the calf area can stretch 18cm, even if the height is 180cm, it can be very comfortable to lie on.

The height of LD155cm sits on it and can completely cover all parts.

Regarding The Use of Noise

Many people are concerned about noise, because massage chairs in movie theaters and airports make a lot of noise. Real Relax 4D Massage Chair has achieved effective noise reduction technically through the mute device, and the measured noise control effect is not bad.

In the process of use, there is only a slight noise during the angle adjustment process. In normal massage scenes, there is no obvious noise. On the contrary, this quiet state can allow users to achieve a state of relaxation and complete massage. An immersive massage. Although there are some beeps during the massage, the sound is not loud. Even if someone is resting at home, it will not be affected by the massage process.

About Product Power Consumption

Thanks to the low-power chip developed by the Real Relax team, the power consumption of this product is super low. When used for 15 minutes a day, it consumes almost 3 kilowatt-hours of electricity in a month, which is equivalent to no money when rounded.

Use Summary

My personal favorite is the shoulder and neck focused massage mode, because sitting in the office for a long time and driving for a long time, the muscles of the shoulder and neck are always in a relatively tense state. Usually, when LD presses it with his hands You will feel pain on one side and cannot relax. One-click selection of shoulder and neck is a must-have operation for me when I sit on a massage chair. After long-term massage, it is really effective.

However, what LD likes most is to watch dramas while massaging, not to be too comfortable. In addition, LD also likes the heating function of the waist. Because she is very afraid of the cold, the temperature in Shanghai has just dropped, but the heater at home has been on for more than a month.

In addition, LD and my mother both have serious wealth bags, and often feel tired. Chinese medicine recommends massage for treatment. I usually let me press it with my hands. Under normal circumstances, I feel sleepy after a few minutes. A massage chair can be a great helper for me.

In addition to relieving fatigue, eliminating fatigue, and relaxing the body and mind, the massage chair is another feeling during the use process that it is particularly easy to help sleep. If you press on the massage chair for fifteen minutes, you will be sleepy with the massage. and sometimes you will even fall asleep directly on the massage chair. The probability of falling asleep is still very high.

At last

Everyone has a different opinion on whether or not you need a massage chair at home. At the beginning, I didn’t know about massage chairs, but then I asked some post-80s friends around me. Most of them are three-generation families. In fact, as long as the space at home allows, many people have already used massage chairs at home. . So buying a massage chair is not a coincidence. In addition, the number of sub-health groups is gradually increasing, and everyone pays more attention to health.

Massage is not exclusive to certain groups of people. If you have nothing to do, press the button to relax your muscles and bones, enjoy a piece of tranquility in the fast-paced city, and find your own world.

The above is the sharing of this time, I hope it can help everyone.


A Brief History Of Massage Chairs

While the history of therapeutic massage dates back over 5,000 years, the first attempt at taking the masseuse out of the equation with an electric massage chair, (also referred to as a robotic massage chair) was in 1954.

 Nobuo Fujimoto designed his chair from various scrap materials, and it was then brought to market in Japan by the Fujiryoki company.

Because of the deep tradition of shiatsu massage in Japan, it is estimated that 20 percent of Japanese households own a massage chair, making Japan one of the largest markets in the world for these devices.

Air massage was introduced in the 1990s. Probably the most compelling improvement over the years has been the increasing subtly and strength of the knead balls, which allow them to mimic the movements of the human hand for the most comfortable massage.


Today on the market there are many models of massage chairs, with different functions, designs, and price ranges.

Mainly they can be differentiated by the massage they offer, that is the number of motors, their position in the structure, and how it is possible to customize the vibration. In some chairs, the massaged points are independent of each other, allowing you to select the ones you want to activate.

The intensity can also be adjusted and so can the type of massage: pressure, shiatsu, wave, kneading, etc.The more sophisticated models also have a vibrating footrest for optimal comfort.

The materials and design of the structure can also be different, thus affecting the price range.

Types of massage chairs

First of all, let’s take a look at the different types of massage chairs. Two types can be distinguished. The treatment massage chair that you can fold and the electric massage chair.

Treat massage chair

A treatment massage chair is often a folding chair in which the person receiving the massage or treatment actually sits the other way around. This way the back is completely free and can be treated easily. The advantage of a treatment chair is that it can be easily folded and is easy to transport. For example, as a physiotherapist, you can easily do treatments at home or move the treatment chair at the practice where you work. However, this is not a massage chair that is suitable for people who just want a massage without needing someone.

Electric massage chairs

The next kind of massage chair is the electric one. These are often the more luxurious chairs where you can sit in and start a massage with the push of a button. There is a massage device built into these chairs. That is also the reason that you can get a massage when no one is around you. However, these chairs are often quite large. Of course not surprising if a whole massage mechanism has to be built into the chair. So you must have the space for it, but if you have a place in mind, it is a wonderful addition to your home to enjoy and relax after a long working day. If you are looking for a massage chair for your home, then electric massage chairs are the solution.

Why a massage chair at home?

Now you may be wondering, what are the advantages of a massage chair at home and why should I buy such a thing? First of all, as we just said, it is a great opportunity to relax when you come home after a long working day. It can also help you if you often suffer from, for example, a stiff back or neck. You sit down in your own massage chair and the stiffness is massaged out of your muscles. After this, you also don’t need anyone to do this. You just sit down and enjoy. Completely reborn!

The beauty of a massage is that the lactic acid is massaged from your muscles. This ensures that you will experience less muscle pain. This is the substance that causes muscle pain. Are you already convinced?

Real Relax Massage Chair Review & Buying Guide

Before we go into the actual massage chair models that are the best, it is good to take a look at what you should pay attention to when buying a massage chair. This way you can make a well-considered choice when purchasing and choose the massage chair that suits you best.

Lying or upright?

First of all, it is good to consider whether you have a reclining massage chair or rather one in which you sit upright. There are massage chairs for both options. What do you prefer? Keep in mind that the horizontal variant often also takes up more space. So consider whether the space outweighs the relaxation you get from a reclining massage chair.

Ease of use

Of course, a massage chair should also be a bit easy to operate. It is therefore important that you look at the functions that are on it and whether this can be operated with easy buttons. Is there, for example, a remote control so that you can easily operate everything from the chair.


Also, something to look out for when buying is whether there is heating in the seat. This is not always the case. You might think this is nonsense, but a heater also ensures that your muscles can relax during the massage.

So you have double relaxation. Do you already feel it? Nice heating in your chair, getting a little rosy after you exercise, and then also get a massage? Just close your eyes and enjoy. Delicious.

Massage programs

Okay, wake up again. The next thing we want to discuss is the massage programs that the chairs can have. Now it is often normal that there are some automatic programs on a massage chair that differ in hardness and speed of the massage.

You can often just manually set the speed and hardness. So if you want to have several programs on the chair so that you don’t have to think for yourself, this is something to watch as well. Also, check whether it is also possible to set things up yourself.

That way you can always tailor it to your own needs.

Maximum User Length

If you are quite tall, it is certainly good to also look at the maximum user length, which can sometimes be limited, so it is good to pay attention. This will prevent you from ingesting it and finding out that you are too tall for the device. Would be a shame.

Number of massage rollers and airbags

the last thing you should pay attention to when buying a massage chair is the number of massage rollers that are incorporated in the chair. By massage, the roller is meant the number of moving rollers. The more massage rollers in the chair, the more massage points there are where your muscles are massaged nicely. You can also immediately see whether, for example, your legs or arms are also being massaged. In terms of numbers, it is useful to have at least 5 massage rollers in the chair.

The airbags also provide a massage. The rule here is the more airbags, the more massage points you have. An average massage chair has somewhere between 30-50 airbags. Anything above that is the serious massage chairs.

Best massage chairs of the moment

Then we have really arrived at the actual massage chairs that it is all about in the end, the massage chairs themselves. We have different models from different brands that you can choose from, all of which are the best in a certain area.

If you haven’t read the buying guide completely, scan it again and see what the different massage chairs have to offer.


The Best Massage Chair, as seen, can have different characteristics and properties. This is why it may seem complicated to find your way around the wide offer.

Here are the four things you should know when choosing your Real Relax Massage Chair.

1. The price of a massage chair.

Massage chairs are expensive products because they have complex technologies and excellent manufacturing materials. Their prices vary based on the size, number, and type of massages available, design and additional properties.

The cheapest models start at 200 euros and offer basic functionality: massage only on the back, for example, and no accessories that facilitate use.

Between 500 and 900 dollars, we can find the mid-range, with more advanced models with different types of massage, usually selectable in the desired body part. They have a remote control, a more refined design and a heating function.

The high-end models can go up to 4000 – 5000 euros and are very sophisticated. The technology is at the forefront and the performances are professional.

2. Who will use the chair?

There are no major contraindications to using a massage chair but in some cases, you need to have the approval of your doctor. This includes, for example, those who suffer from osteoporosis or arthritis, pregnant women, those who have heart disease or have a pacemaker, and those who have blood circulation problems. In general, if you have any medical or medical conditions, it is best to consult your doctor.

3. Do you really need a massage chair?

Having a massage chair at home is a great convenience and allows you to enjoy moments of relaxation directly in your living room. Whenever you want, you can take away the stress of the day and relieve tension, without having to book a professional massage in the wellness centers.

4. The guarantee of a massage chair.

The vibrating chair is made up of many parts that must resist over time: the massage motors, the electronic part, the cushions, the mechanisms for reclining it …

Since the cost is not the lowest it is important to be covered by a guarantee should one of the elements break.

The type of warranty and its duration depends on the manufacturer brand: sometimes regular maintenance is also included and often lasts up to 5 years.

In the long run, it pays to be covered by a guarantee to be sure that your investment is not lost.


1. Is it worth buying a Real Relax massage chair?

The massage chair represents a considerable investment but at the same time brings many benefits. If you are used to getting professional massages in beauty centers, the investment will pay off in a short time. It is not a superfluous purchase as you might think, on the contrary, it brings physical and mental well-being. The muscles and circulation will benefit greatly, while those who use it will live a relaxing experience directly in their own home.

2. Can massage chairs hurt my back?

Vibrating armchairs are not dangerous but since the electric massaging motors stimulate the whole body, especially the back, you have to follow the directions carefully to avoid getting hurt. You must maintain the sitting position without being crooked and without trying to massage parts of the body that are not indicated. It is advisable to have comfortable and dry clothes, without buttons and zippers that can hurt us with the vibration.

Finally, you must pay particular attention if you already have back problems, seeking the advice of your doctor so as not to worsen the problem.

3. Can I use the massage chair every day?

Yes, the massage chairs are designed for everyday use. Obviously, you have to check the directions for use of each model to be sure that the manufacturer confirms this information.

4. Is it okay to sit in a massage chair for a long time?

Depending on the intensity and type of massage offered, the amount of time you can stay in the chair and the number of daily massages you can do may vary. It is recommended not to overdo it with intense massages so as not to overload the muscular system. For each model of vibrating chair, the manufacturer will suggest in a clear and detailed way the suitable indications for use.

5. Do the massage chairs really work?

The massage chairs really help to enjoy a moment of relaxation, bringing numerous benefits. Fatigue will be relieved, muscles will relax releasing tension and blood circulation will also be helped.

Also mentally you will notice relaxation and a lowering of stress levels. It all obviously depends on the quality of the chair and the types of massage offered.

Are Massage Chairs Safe?

Massage chairs are considered to be safe in most circumstances, but there are some conditions that may prevent you from enjoying one. In fact, the first time you practice any kind of alternative medical therapy at home, you should always check with your doctor.

If you’ve ever gone through physical therapy for a sports or accidental injury, massage was probably part of your healing regimen.

Many pregnant women wouldn’t hesitate to indulge in a relaxing massage to help their bodies cope, but at the same time wonder if the vibrations of the massage chairs could induce early labour.

Because every pregnancy is different, all manufacturers will advise caution before using their chairs, but most women experiencing normal pregnancies will get the green light from their obstetricians.

Massage is a proven treatment to reduce stress and anxiety. It may be a helpful supplement to many kinds of mental health programs, as well as stress-induced high blood pressure issues.

If you’ve ever gone through physical therapy for sports or accidental injury, massage was probably part of your healing regimen. While a massage chair will never take the place of traditional doctor visits, the use of the chair with your doctor’s supervision can definitely provide a boost to your overall health.


All of the above massage chairs reviewed in my article “Real Relax Massage Chair Review” are good for relaxation and back pain and each chair has special features that help a person get rid of back pain.

However, each chair has some of the special features that make the chair unique as we discuss in our article Real Relax Massage Chair Review.

Some chairs work on body posture, some on decompression of the spines and others imitate human massage., These different characteristics of the chair make each chair unique and allow for the best back support.

What should you pay attention to when buying an electric massage chair?

In order to buy the right massage chair that best suits your needs, it is important to first have a good idea of ​​all the functionalities that electric massage chairs have.

When you have a good idea of ​​this, you can better determine which functions are important to you. In this part of this buying guide, we will discuss in detail what you should pay attention to when buying a massage chair.

What massages can an electric massage chair perform?

A very important question that you should ask yourself is which massages the massage chair should be able to perform. So it is always important to check this carefully. Below we will discuss all the different types of massages that a massage chair can perform:

Shiatsu massage

One of the most popular massage techniques is the shiatsu massage. This massage comes from Japan. The purpose of a shiatsu massage is to bring the body back into balance by stimulating the energy flows. The effect of this is that the self-healing capacity of the body is stimulated. 

A professional masseuse performs a shiatsu massage by making twisting movements with the fingers, palms and elbows. A massage chair imitates the movements of a masseuse by using the air cushions and the massage rollers.

We always recommend choosing a model that offers the possibility to give a shiatsu massage.

3D massage

In a 3D massage, the massage rollers, and the air cushion are combined. The air cushions work with air so that the entire body is covered. Then the massage rollers move from left to right and from top to bottom.

In this way, a 3D massage provides much more depth than a normal massage. In general, the feeling of a 3D massage is much more similar to the massage of a real masseuse. So it is a wonderfully relaxing massage that feels a lot nicer than a normal massage.

Muscle Tension Massage 

Many massage chair scan be given a muscle tension massage. It is also comparable to a yoga massage. The purpose of this type of massage is to stretch your muscles. During the muscle exertion massage, the device uses airbags so that your body and muscles are warmed and stretched.

We especially recommend using this massage after you come back from exercise, for example. We also recommend this massage when recovering from injuries.

Roller massage

The roller massage is the treatment that has the most positive effect on stimulating blood circulation. The chair incorporates rollers that move from top to bottom and from left to right

Air Compression Massage

Most manufacturers have incorporated airbags into the seat. We also call this massage a compression massage. So it ensures that the airbags put pressure on the body parts and muscles.

In general, a seat with multiple airbags gives a better experience. With most massage chairs you can adjust the intensity of the air compression massage. This way you always enjoy a massage that perfectly matches your wishes.

Do you have enough space to place a large massage chair in your home?

The more expensive massage chairs take up a lot of space. So determine in advance in which room you want to place it. It would be nice if the massage chair does not fit in the room where you would like the chair. In addition, it is important to ask yourself whether it fits well into the interior of your home.

Does the shiatsu massage chair suit your height?

There are many different types of massage chairs on the market. We always recommend checking whether your body fits well in it. It could just be that you are not tall enough and that the chair is actually too big for you. To prevent this, it is therefore always important to try out the device.

Are you looking for a portable and collapsible massage chair?

Unfortunately, there are no portable and collapsible massage chairs on the market. Massage chairs are way too big and unfortunately you can’t fold them either. Fortunately, there are models that have wheels that make it easier to move the chair to another room.

Another alternative is to opt for a massage cushion. A massage cushion is a cheaper version of a massage chair. A large pillow can also massage your entire back, neck, shoulders and buttocks. In addition, these pillows are a lot smaller and therefore more portable.

The possible to set the intensity of the massage?

Do you think the massage feels too soft or too strong? It is therefore so important that you can adjust the intensity of the massage. We always recommend choosing a massage chair/armchair where you can adjust the intensity. Our advice is to choose a model with at least three intensity settings.

This way you can be sure that the massage does not feel too hard or too soft. It can also happen that you want a softer massage in your neck and that the massage needs to be more powerful in your back.

In this case, we advise you to buy a model where you can adjust the intensity per body part. These massage chairs/armchairs are more expensive, but of course, you get a very personal and better massage experience in return

Which parts of your body can the electric massage chair massage?

A very important question that you should ask yourself is which body parts you want to have massaged. The cheaper massage chairs are often armchairs and they look like normal lounge chairs. These massage armchairs often massage the entire back and seat.

The big advantage is that these massage armchairs are a lot cheaper than luxury massage chairs. The price of a massage armchair is between 150 and 400 euros. On the other hand, you will of course not get the most complete body massage as that of a luxurious electric massage chair.

The luxury massage chairs are a lot bigger and really look like massage chairs. These models are also a lot more expensive and the prices for such massage chairs are around 1000 euros. However, these luxurious massage chairs give the most complete body massage.

The most important question is of course whether you are willing to spend that much money on such a luxurious massage chair.

Below we will briefly explain how the Real Relax Massage Chair massages the different parts of the body as we review in this article “Real Relax Massage Chair Review”

  • Arm massage:a massage chair massages the arms through the airbags that are inflated and inflated. This way it massages the arms
  • Leg and Foot Massage:The more expensive massage chairs can also massage your legs and feet. At the bottom of the seat are also airbags that perform an air compression massage.
  • Head and Neck Massage: Most inexpensive massage chairs can perform a neck massage through air compression. However, the luxurious massage chairs can also perform a head massage. This massage targets the muscles on the sides of the head. In general, this massage feels very relaxed.

Does it have an infrared heat function?

We always advise buying a massage chair that has infrared heat functionality. By activating the infrared heat, the device spreads the heat over your entire body. This will make the massage feel even more relaxed, especially during the cold winter months. The infrared heat quickly warms up your body and therefore your muscles. The effect is that your muscles loosen up much faster:

  • Because the muscle tension decreases, you will notice that you get more inner peace and the inner tension decreases.
  • It reduces muscle pain faster.

Therefore always choose a massage armchair or massage chair with an infrared function.

Can Real Relax massage chair perform a body analysis scan?

Yes! Real Relax 2021 Full Body SL Track Massage Chair can perform a body analysis scan. When you use the device, it always analyzes your body. In addition, the sensors analyze the curvature of the spine.

The massage chair then optimizes the massage programs based on your body width and height. In this way, you can enjoy a very personal massage experience. Unfortunately, the massage armchairs do not have this functionality.

In that case, we recommend that you opt for a luxury massage chair. In this situation, it is always important to check whether the electric massage chair has this functionality.

Does it have massage rollers?

Yes, it has massage rollers. These massage rollers move from top to bottom and from the right and left. The massage rollers provide a very relaxing effect. It also improves blood circulation in your back.

Do you opt for a shiatsu chair with a zero-gravity function?

The more expensive massage chairs have a zero-gravity function. However, what exactly does this mean? When you activate this functionality, the massage chair will lean back based on your weight in such a way that the device does not have to support its own weight.

Because your entire weight will be on the seat. The effect is that the pressure on your legs and back disappears. It ensures that the massage is even more comfortable and the pain disappears faster.

Massage programma’s

An important point to consider when buying a massage chair is whether pre-installed massage programs come with the device. These programs often combine several massage techniques and functionalities.

With the more expensive massage devices, you can also set the massage programs yourself. It means that you can, for example, set the techniques, body parts, and the intensity of the massage. Then you can save it as a separate massage program.

Auto power-off function

It is important that it has an automatic shutdown function. When the chair gets too hot, it switches itself off automatically. This way you prevent the device from breaking. Of course, it also has a hugely beneficial effect on the lifespan of the device. So always check whether the massage chair has this function.

Does it have a cup holder?

Some massage chairs come with a cup holder. We think this is of course a great advantage because you can enjoy your favorite drink during your massage.

Does the massage chair have a Bluetooth system and speakers?

The more expensive massage chairs have a Bluetooth system. The big advantage is of course that you can connect to the Bluetooth system with your phone. You can then enjoy your favorite music during the massage.

In addition, some models also have a connection to connect your earbuds. This way you can completely shut yourself off from the world and enjoy a massage at the moment.

Does it come with a remote control?

We always recommend remote control massage chair. With the remote control, you can adjust the settings of the device much easier and faster and, for example, select the treatment program.

Does it have wheels?

Are you looking for a portable solution? We advise you to buy a massage chair that has wheels. You can then easily move the chair from one room to another.

What are the advantages of a luxury massage chair?

A massage chair naturally has many great health benefits. Below we briefly discuss all the advantages of a massage chair:

It helps to reduce stress

A massage chair helps enormously in reducing stress. When people suffer from stress, the muscles tighten and this has a negative effect on the nervous system.

You will notice that after a massage you are much calmer and therefore feel much less stressed. When you regularly enjoy a massage you will notice that you are much more relaxed.

Your muscles recover faster

Massage chairs help in a faster recovery of the muscles. It is therefore ideal for the avid athlete. It ensures that nutrients can reach the muscles faster, providing them with new energy. In this way, your muscles recover faster from an intensive sports session and you can train faster again.

It helps with back pain, shoulder pain and neck pain

You know that feeling when you suffer from back pain because you’ve been sitting too long? A massage chair can be of great help in relieving back pain, shoulder pain and neck pain.

It improves the immune system

During a massage treatment, the body produces white blood cells, which stimulate the immune system.

It makes you happier

During a massage, your body produces endorphins. We call endorphins the happiness hormone. It gives you more energy and makes you feel happier.

It helps lower your blood pressure

Did you know that a massage helps lower your blood pressure? When you regularly enjoy a massage, it helps enormously against stress. Because you are mentally calmer inside, this naturally also has a positive effect on lowering blood pressure.

Enjoy a massage 24 hours a day

The big advantage of an electric massage chair is that you can enjoy a massage 24 hours a day. Imagine that you suffer from back pain in the middle of the night. It is very handy that you have a massage chair in your house because you can always enjoy a massage.

We are almost certain that the back pain has completely disappeared after treatment with a massage chair.

Massage treatment with a massage chair provides more flexibility

Older people in particular will notice that they will feel much more flexible when they enjoy a massage on a regular basis. A massage has a very beneficial effect on blood circulation. It ensures that your muscles get more energy and this of course also leads to more flexibility.

What are the advantages of a luxury massage chair?

We hope you enjoyed reading this comprehensive buying guide. Hopefully, you now have a better idea of ​​which massage chair best suits your needs. It is of course possible that you still have certain questions about massage chairs. We have therefore listed the most frequently asked questions especially for you.

What is the price of an electric massage chair? And how much does the best massage chair in the world cost?

The prices of massage chairs differ greatly from each other. The cheap massage chairs cost between 200 and 600 euros. The prices of the more luxurious massage chairs also vary widely between 2000 and 20000 euros.

The best massage chairs in the world even cost more than 30,000 euros. The bigger difference with the cheaper models is that the more luxurious variants give a full body massage (feet to your head).

How long can I use a massage chair?

Our advice is to use a massage chair for a maximum of 20 minutes. If you enjoy a massage for more than 20 minutes, this can lead to muscle bruises, and of course, we don’t want this. It can also lead to inflammation and tissue damage.

Fortunately, most massage relax chairs switch off automatically after 20 minutes. In this, it prevents overheating. In addition, the massage does not last too long. Our advice is to stretch your muscles after the massage.

Can I use a massage chair while pregnant?

We do not recommend using a massage chair when you are pregnant. The chance is of course extremely small, but that is no reason not to advise against it. If you want to do it anyway, we always recommend that you contact your doctor first.

Can I use a massage chair if I have a pacemaker?

We always advise against using an electric massage chair in this situation. If you do want to use it, we always recommend that you contact your doctor first.

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