Real Relax MM650 Massage Chair Reviews 2023

Today’s massage chairs are so good that when it comes to high-end models from any manufacturer, you get the illusion that they are really being rubbed by human hands. If it becomes so wonderful and valuable, the price will naturally jump up, and the highest-end model of a major manufacturer will cost about $1000 t0 $10000

It’s a fairly expensive product, and it’s not something you buy often, so when it comes to buying a massage chair, many people may refer to reviews and reviews on the Internet. Before I bought it, I searched for a popular massage chair on the internet, and actually went to an electric shop to test drive the top ranking and recommended models.

At that time, there were many reviews on the internet before and after purchasing a massage chair, but there weren’t many reviews from people who had used it for several months. Some reviews such as “I bought it, but it was covered with dust without using it at all” and “I used it for the whole family at first, but now the laundry is piled up on the massage chair” I was a little worried.

No matter how recommended or popular massage chairs are, it would be sad if you bought them for a high price but stopped using them. So, it’s been half a year since I bought the massage chair, so I’ll review it immediately based on my impressions from that perspective.

First of all, there are some points to be aware of when installing. Since the massage chair is made of synthetic leather, it seems that the surface deteriorates significantly quickly in places exposed to direct sunlight. It is important to install it in a sunny place, even through the lace curtains.

And what is worrisome is the problem of sound when the massage chair is in operation. Since the massage chair sends and removes a large amount of air to the airbag, it makes a “push” sound.

Actually, it is the sound when this massage chair is in operation, but it does not feel so noisy in the home electronics mass retailer because there is a lot of noise such as BGM, but when I hear it in a quiet house, it is a decent loudness. right. I sometimes see reviews that say, “I was surprised that the sound was loud when I used it at home.”

However, this sound may sound a little loud to the person doing the massage, but it is not so noticeable to the people around. So even if your family is watching TV in the same room, you can rest assured that the massage chair will not make it difficult to hear the sound of the TV.

Also, some people may think of installing it in a position where they can watch TV while massaging, but basically the massage chair tilts the seat by reclining, so it is said that massage is done while watching TV. Things get harder. Of course, it is possible to massage with the seat raised, but it is not recommended because the effect of the massage will be diminished.

Another thing is that massage chairs are rarely installed in the middle of the room, but rather in one corner of the room. Downlights are often placed on the ceiling in one corner of the room. When you fully recline, if there is a downlight directly above, it may be quite dazzling and you may not be able to relax, so please refer to it.

Because of that, I later moved the massage chair to a place where the light of the downlight was not dazzling. As I mentioned at the beginning, what I really wanted when buying a massage chair was the reviews of people who had used it for several months. Immediately after purchase, reviews tend to be overrated because you think you bought an expensive massage chair, and after using it for a while, the appearance of the product may change.

In fact, half a year after I bought it, the way I use the massage chair has changed considerably, so I will leave a review of the second half of the year when I bought the massage chair.

Real Relax MM650 Massage Chair Review

The Favor-MM650 will provide you with a full-body massage that will help you relax both your body and mind. Your massage will be as wonderful as possible because of the 3D robot hands, Bluetooth speakers, heated seats, and so much more.

You may enjoy that pleasure for a fraction of the cost of other massage chairs on the market. The Favor-MM650 helps back pain by reducing pressure on the spine, relaxing the entire body, relieving muscle tension, and much more.

The body scan feature of the Favor-MM650 allows you to tailor your massage experience and ensure it is exactly what you need. The robot hand rollers help you relax from head to toe by providing a full body massage.

The sophisticated body scan feature makes you feel like you’re in the spa every day, getting a massage tailored to you, but at a fraction of the cost. The Favor-MM650 relieves pain, relaxes the body and mind, and improves blood circulation, among other things.


  • Simple to assemble
  • Included is a Zero Gravity feature.
  • LED light strips that change colours are trendy.
  • Bluetooth speakers built-in
  • There are six auto modes available.


  • The intensity in the lower back area is a little excessive.

In relation to this item

  • The one-button zero gravity design relieves back pain, relieves pressure on the spine, and completely relaxes your body and mind.
  • Through simulated shiatsu massage, airbags in all parts of the body can alleviate pain and reduce muscle tension.
  • Choose from 6 preset automatic programs or customize your massage with 3 intensities, 3 speeds, 3 airbag pressure, and 3 roller positions.
  • Only 8 inches from the wall is space-saving technology.
  • It will look great in a living room, home theatre, balcony, or office.
  • The Real Relax massage chair has a weight limit of 280 pounds and a height limit of 6.1 feet.

6 Auto Massage Presets

  • 6 Preset Auto Massage

Relax, Thai yoga, Strong, Stretch, Chinese, and Waist are six preset massage modes that you can try before deciding which one is best for you.

The hand width of the robot is adjustable.

Real Relax MM650 Massage Chair

The roller’s width can be adjusted, the range is expanded, and the massage can be customized to the body curve scanned by the body.

Airbag Massage for the Entire Body

Real Relax MM650 Massage Chair

Airbags on the shoulders, arms, buttocks, and legs with three levels of strength adjustment.

Heat Therapy for the Waist

To relieve sore muscles, place heating pads on the lower back at a temperature of about 45°C. Additionally, it improves blood circulation.

Scan Your Body Smartly

Real Relax MM650 3D Massage Chair scans your body data and places you in the ideal position for a customized massage.

Space-Saving Design

When you first sit in the chair, it will slide forward about 3.9 inches from the wall.

A chair that has already been assembled

We will send you a massage chair with everything you need, as well as a box. There’s no need to put it together; simply plug it in and relax.

Dimensions of the doorway

The armrest is removable, with a minimum width of 21 inches, a package width of 31.5 inches, and a product width of 30 inches.

Multifunction massage

Real Relax MM650 Massage Chair has Bluetooth multifunction massage, SL track, Robot hand, remote control, easy operation, and a more diverse massage experience

Customer questions & answers

Is it possible to massage your calf muscles?

Yes, this massage chair can massage both your calf and your feet.

Is there a touch screen or remote control on this? I’m perplexed because the first image depicts a touch screen, but the product video depicts a remote control.??

The photo you’re showing is of a new 3D model that includes a screen.

In the MM650, what time intervals can you choose?

Thank you for your interest in the real relaxed massage chair. It has a timer set for 15 to 30 minutes.

Is the foot rest pushed or automatic?

You must use your feet to push the footrest.

Reviews from the United States:

Thottam, Jameson

This is a chair that we adore. We initially noticed it online during the Black Friday sale and attempted to get it straight from Amazon, but Amazon informed us that it was out of stock (DISASTER)…….but a month later, we were able to order it directly from the Seller through Amazon again, and it was well worth the wait.

First, with the SL-track, heat, BlueTooth, zero gravity, 3D-rollers, and other features, the chair is one of the most affordable among its contemporaries. We looked at a lot of different designs and found that the aesthetic was a good match for our home (although they had many models to choose from so take your pick).

avid reader

We were hesitant to buy this chair because we couldn’t test it out first, but we took a chance and are glad we did. I enjoyed the chair at first, but I thought it didn’t reach the “points” where I needed relief. But after a few days of tinkering with the settings, we worked it out. We still have to modify our sitting positions to hit the spots, but it works. My wife and I now both like it! It was also a hit with the neighbors, who are eager to get their hands on one!

Horak , Abby

The chair arrived fully assembled and was simple to unload for two adults! Works well, this is my first massage chair, and the price is unbeatable! We found this product to be half the price of others we looked at, and it is a fantastic product. My spouse is 6’2 and he fits, but if you’re taller, I’d look for one that can accommodate you. The pressure can be adjusted from light to deep. The first time I sat in it, I set the pressure to the highest setting and was hurting the next day! Other than a minor issue figuring out how to alter the custom settings, I have no concerns. The remote appeared to be slightly different from what the manual said. Automatically connects to Bluetooth for music enjoyment!


I was initially concerned that the price was “too low” for a reason, but it has turned out to be a fantastic deal/steal so far. In almost every manner, I adore the chair. The only thing that might be an issue for taller individuals is that I am 6ft and would say that I am just on the “edge” of being comfortable, so anyone higher than 6′ 2″ would find the chair a little short.

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