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Real Relax PS6000 Massage Chair Review 2022

Real Relax PS6000 Massage Chair
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Color Black
Maximum Weight Recommendation 400 Pounds
Brand Real Relax

In relation to this item

  • 8 preset automatic routines, one-button zero gravity design, SL-track, automatic human body detection
  • The massage and airbag pressure can be adjusted to five different levels of intensity.
  • Airbag massage for the shoulder, armrest, waist, thigh, and calf, handrest shortcut key control, USB charging port, and foot roll kneading
  • massage
  • Built-in Bluetooth and a waist heating function
  • Limits on height and weight: 6.5 feet and 400 pounds, respectively.

Robotic Hand Massage System SL-track

Real Relax PS6000 Massage Chair rollers are pushed from the head to the thighs by the SL-track, ensuring a full-body massage; Robot From head to thighs, hands inside the backrest interact with SL-TRACK to deliver a comprehensive massage to comfort and calm you. Up to 12 distinct massage styles are available with our robot-hand rollers.

Real Relax PS6000 Massage Chair

Heating from the back

With a heating system that promotes blood circulation and maintains a steady temperature, you may enjoy a safe and comfortable heating experience.

Real Relax PS6000 Massage Chair

Massage system for the feet

Real Relax PS6000 Massage Chair has Thai-style scraping massage is provided by the foot massage system, which includes airbags and rollers. It gives unparalleled pleasure and satisfaction, relieves foot stress, and enhances night sleep quality.

Real Relax PS6000 Massage Chair

Extension of the Footrest

PS-6000’s footrest mechanically stretches to accommodate the user’s particular leg length and comfortability. It can accommodate people ranging in height from 5.1 to 6.5 feet.

Real Relax PS6000 Massage Chair

USB charger and armrest controller

The user can control the shortcut keys on the armrest for easier access. Instead of pausing massaging to look for the hand controller, you may control the angle, mode, and on/off while enjoying the massage.

Bluetooth Speaker Built-In

With Bluetooth, the user can listen to their favorite music while massaging.

Scan of the Auto Body

After turning on, the device will automatically scan your body and customize the massage areas to fit your needs based on your height and body shape.

Customer questions & answers

When you turn the unit on, it simply scans your shoulders. Where is the method for detecting whole-body scans?
I don’t believe a full-body scan is available. It merely uses your shoulders to give you a broad notion of your body type and location. Once it determines where your shoulders are, you may manually raise or lower it using the up-and-down arrow on the key touchscreen pad to fine-tune its position before it begins the massage cycle you selected.

What is the SL length? track’s

It takes around 54″ to massage a 6’6″ from neck to buttocks.

What is the warranty on this item?
Thank you for contacting us. This product comes with a one-year manufactory warranty. Only the order ID must be provided by the buyer. If the attachment simply has an issue, we will resend the new component to you directly. If the new part does not fix the problem, we will send you a return label so you can ship the chair back to be replaced. However, we do not advocate for house repairs.

Is it made of leather?

Is there a hot foot massager?
No. There are only rollers, however, they are not heated.

Is there a way to massage the hips and buttocks using this?
Yes, it is correct.

Is self-assembly required?
No, it doesn’t work that way.

The United States Reviews:

Medina, Mervin

This chair is a fantastic deal!
It didn’t take any assembly, was delivered on time, was nicely packaged, and had wheels for easy transportation. It had two settings: automatic and manual. The auto mode’s pre-set programs are diverse and target many regions. You can target a specific area of your back during the massage if you use the manual mode. You may change the massage and airbag pressures to your preference. The “L” track pattern will massage your buttocks all the way down. I fell asleep the first 3-4 times I used this chair! It was fantastic! Very soothing. The provided little control tablet is really useful, and the chair also has its own set of controls.

Ortiz, Luis

This chair was purchased as a gift for my wife, and it is well worth the money. The delivery was superb, and the time was impeccable. To be honest, I had low expectations, but the quality and appearance in person are breathtaking! The foot rollers are amazing, and the lower back heating is excellent. My wife and I tried several seats at various expos and retailers, but this chair outperformed them all.

The massage settings, both auto and manual, are wonderful. With my eyes closed, I would suggest this chair to everyone. Every day after their individual sports, my entire family uses the chair; believe me, it makes a difference. Don’t forget to acquire the five-year warranty as well.


What a fantastic chair! There are numerous options. Before going to bed, I like to get a sleep massage. If there’s one thing I’d change about this chair, it’s the loud hum it emits, but the massage compensates for it. My husband and I both adore this chair, and we really appreciate the fact that it arrived already constructed.

Bradley, Jonathan

The controls are considerably easier to use and understand than most. The size of the chair astonished me; it’s as nice as any chair I’ve ever seen in a salon. Overall, I’m pleased with my purchase.

Serrano, Guillermo

Except for the fact that you can have a session longer than 15 minutes, I like practically everything. Everything else works out well for me. Thank you very much.

Ryan Coe

The chair was as stated, so far an excellent experience.

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