Sports massage: the perfect treatment for athletes

Sports massage is a method of massaging the muscles after exercise. This is very important because then you can exercise more often and more intensively. For example, if you have muscle pain after playing tennis, exercising or running, a sports massage can help you recover much faster.

In this article I will give you a lot of useful information about sports massages. I will also explain what it is and why a sports massage is so effective. I hope you enjoy reading this article.

What is a sports massage and what is its purpose?

A sports massage is used to prevent injuries and to promote recovery after a sports activity. It can also be used as a preventive treatment. It is performed on muscles that have been overworked or overextended during a period of intense activity.

For example, the masseur rubs and kneads the muscles of the shoulders, arms, neck, back, buttocks, hips and legs to help them recover after strenuous activity. After the massage you will feel energized, refreshed and relaxed.

How is a sports massage performed?

A sports massage is often prescribed to improve circulation and prevent injuries. Its purpose is to get the athlete to his peak performance. They use deep tissue and trigger point techniques to release tension and increase blood flow and flexibility.

Trigger point techniques are also used to relieve pain and restore range of motion. Enabling athletes to perform at their best during a competition.

Can you also give a sports massage yourself?

You wouldn’t expect it, but you can also give yourself a sports massage and even in a very effective way. If you want this, I advise you to buy a massage gun.

The big advantage of this massage device is that it is specially made for athletes who want their muscles to recover faster. You move the device over the body parts that you want to massage and that way you can perform a sports massage in a very effective way.

The massage gun gives very powerful massages so that muscle knots in the deeper-lying are loosened well. It ensures that the blood circulation is stimulated so that more nutrients reach the muscles. This allows your muscles to recover faster.

What a great advantage of a massage gun is that it always comes with various attachments. Each attachment has a different function. For example, you can massage the back very effectively with the forkhead.

You can precisely adjust the massage to your specific wishes by means of massage heads. It makes the massage gun unique and perfect for sports massages. In addition, you can also set the intensity with these devices so that you can completely personalize the treatment in terms of strength.

Another big advantage of a massage gun is that you can use it everywhere, including before and after a training session. The massage gun works on rechargeable batteries that last on average up to 8 hours.

Massage guns that I have had very good experiences with are the Northwall and Sanbo massage gun. For more information, take a look at the massage gun advice guide.

What are the benefits of a sports massage?

  • Muscle recovery: when you exercise, you put a lot of strain on your muscles. If you don’t treat the muscles after exercise, they will feel sore and tired for longer. It helps relieve this muscle soreness by increasing blood flow to the muscles and reducing inflammation. This allows the muscles to absorb the nutrients faster and recover from the effort.
  • Balance the body chemistry : The massage balances the body chemistry as it increases blood flow and energy levels. It helps to remove toxins from the muscles and joints. This is due to the increased blood flow to the parts of the body. The increased blood flow also causes the blood pressure in the body to drop.
  • Improving the Immune System: It helps to improve the immune system as the massage helps to improve blood flow which is essential for your immune system. If you have poor circulation, you are more prone to infections and diseases. It also improves your immune system because you are more active after the massage.
  • Increase blood circulation: By relaxing the muscles, blood circulation is increased during a sports massage. It also allows more oxygen and nutrients to reach the muscles so they recover faster.
  • Promote a better night’s sleep: A massage before going to bed is very helpful in improving sleep. A massage helps to reduce stress in the body and that ensures that the muscles relax. You will feel more comfortable while you sleep.
  • Reduce headaches: It can help reduce headaches because it strengthens your neck and back muscles. This will help relieve pressure on your head and relax your neck. It also reduces stress, which in turn reduces headaches.\
  • Improve Posture: By stimulating the muscles through deep massage techniques, a sports massage helps to reduce back pain, stiffness and postural problems. It helps to keep the spine straight while improving posture.

How can you prepare yourself for a sports massage?

  • Drink plenty of water as it helps the body absorb nutrients.
  • Have a full stomach as this will help prevent cramps.
  • Also, avoid strenuous exercise when preparing for a sports massage.
  • This helps prevent muscle fatigue and muscle soreness. It is recommended to take a short walk or do some light stretching exercises to relax your muscles.
  • Rub lotion on your skin before going to the massage room. This helps to open your pores.
  • Thoroughly hydrate your feet before going to the massage therapist. This will help remove any dead skin cells from your feet.
  • Wear loose-fitting clothing so that you can move freely during the session. You can also wear loose-fitting clothes after the massage session. This helps prevent friction on your skin.
  • Try to avoid drugs or alcohol prior to the session. If you took drugs before or after a sports massage, the results of the massage would not be as good. The body does not get the relaxation it needs after a massage if you use drugs.
  • Leave a towel by the door to wipe your feet with if you start sweating

How do you find the right sports massage masseur?

  • Check out the reviews on the internet before choosing the right sports massage parlor. Go for the ones in good standing.
  • Ask friends and acquaintances about their experience with a massage therapist.
  • Check out the website so that you get a good idea of ​​the services and the person who gives the massage.
  • Determine your goals and what do you want to achieve with the massage. You may want to lose weight, relieve muscle tension, or even treat an injury. Check out the sports massage services offered by the sports massage parlor. Ask if the sports massage therapist offers other services such as prenatal care, pregnancy massages, and other treatments that may be helpful to you.
  • Choose a massage therapist with whom you click.
  • Ask about the therapist’s method

Which people benefit from a sports massage?

  • People with injuries because the tension in the muscles is reduced and the muscles are loosened. The effect is that the pain is reduced and the healing process is accelerated.
  • People who have muscle stiffness after a long period of sitting because the muscles are loosened and the joints are opened.
  • Athletes: It relieves pain, strengthens muscles, increases flexibility, improves coordination and balance and improves performance.

How many sessions are needed to achieve real results with a sports massage?

Most athletes need between 3-5 sessions. This number may vary depending on your condition. Sometimes athletes need fewer or more sessions, depending on how their body responds to the treatments.

Why do you feel a slight pain after a sports massage?

After a sports massage, the muscles are tense again and they have to release their tightness through stretching. It takes a while for the muscles to release again. That is why you have a short-term pain after the massage.

What is the price of a sports massage?

The price varies quite a bit depending on what type of sports massage you want, where you live, duration of the massage, how many sessions you need and your specific needs. On average, this massage costs between 40 and 70 euros.

What are other alternative massages to help your muscles recover?

Below is a list of alternative massages that are also very effective for faster muscle recovery. Click on the massage for more information about the specific treatment.