The 10 best comfortable office chairs for smart working

The introduction of computers in every workplace has certainly made many practices much simpler and faster, reducing the time for many office jobs. On the other hand, it has forced us to spend more and more time sitting at a desk, leading us to accuse often and willingly cramps and pains, and causing discomfort that could become serious if neglected.

If you too fall into this category of workers and you recognize yourself in this description, our advice is to evaluate the purchase of a chair designed to ensure the right posture.

These office chairs are the perfect solution for any inconvenience caused by spending several hours in a sitting position. But where to buy excellent and quality office chairs? Let’s find out the answer to this and many other questions in our 2020 buying guide!

How to choose the most suitable office chairs for you

You may never have thought about it, but if you suffer from back and joint pain a lot, probably one of the main causes is your posture when sitting at your desk. Or, it could simply be because you spend a lot of time in a sitting position. Precisely for this reason, buying an ergonomic chair, which can ensure the right support for your body, is a wise decision that will surely help you get better.

Before proceeding with the purchase and venturing to investigate all the office chairs on offer, you must evaluate your height and that of the desk at which you sit most often. In this way, you can opt for a model that allows a greater number of adjustments, and you can really adapt the backrest to your needs.

To identify the best office chairs, the basic requirements for choosing are certainly the possibility of changing the seat height and the inclination of the backrest. The latter should measure at least between 30 and 50 centimeters). In this way you will be able to insert the chair more comfortably under the desk and find yourself at the right distance from the shelf, keyboard, and mouse, avoiding finding yourself in uncomfortable and often harmful positions.

Another aspect to consider is the possible presence of the armrests. They are as useful as they are underestimated, often and willingly. If you usually need some freedom of movement, you should not only prefer a model with wheels but also avoid the armrests, which could be an obstacle and also be quite uncomfortable. If, on the other hand, you use the computer, the armrests represent a valid support for your forearms, and buying a model that also allows you to adjust them in height is certainly a wise idea.

Regardless of the use, you will make of it, at work or at home for your passions, the chair must be comfortable in every station. Cold or hot should therefore not be a particular problem for your new chair. For this reason, you may prefer an eco-leather chair, perhaps equipped with fabric inserts that are able to avoid excessive sweating. The best fabric is certainly the breathable one, which ensures good heat dispersion and therefore makes the chair cool even in the hottest seasons. However, this would not be possible in the case of materials such as leather or leather.

Also, one of the main reasons that determine the cost of office chairs is the type of materials used as well as the number of adjustments available. Especially if you have a few kilos too much, a good office chair must have a sturdy frame, preferably made of steel, carefully assembled and fastened wheels and padding that supports the loins and, in general, even the most robust people.

On the market, however, you will also find some more particular chairs. They will prove to be perfect if you need a specific product, perhaps because you suffer from more serious problems related to the back or joints. In this case, on the market, you can find ad hoc chairs, made with accessories that may appear unusual. but which are particularly suitable to help you assume a correct posture.

Some of these accessories, which you will surely have already seen around, are the knee rest, but also various and any additional supports for the back, with different alternative seats or with rocking support. The latter may seem like a really strange choice, as it resembles the old grandmother’s chair, but it will prove to be perfect for preventing the pelvis from remaining stationary for too many hours at a time. This is very important, especially if you have no way to move often or go to the gym at least three times a week to stretch your muscles.

However, it is always necessary to take into consideration the fact that chairs of this type should not help you relax, but rather prevent you from assuming incorrect physical attitudes and harm to your back and posture. For this reason, a model that is too comfortable is probably not the best choice, even if at first it may seem the opposite because the tension generated by an inadequate posture tends to accumulate more when you assume an excessively comfortable position. Obviously, you do not notice it at the moment, but this could contribute to back pain, pain in the neck area, and other even more serious discomforts.

If you are unsure about this, there is no better solution than to consult a doctor and explain your needs. It will certainly give you more information about the posture to assume, and what to do to make the many hours spent in a sitting position more bearable.

Now that you know how to choose your new chair, let’s take a look at some last useful tips, which will help you always get the best out of your chair.

Recommendations for use

Now let’s see some last tips, which will help you to always use your new chair for the office or for your domestic passions in the best possible way.

First of all, one of the first things that a chair of this type must guarantee is the correct support for the lumbar area. This is definitely the first way to avoid back pain or to cushion it if unfortunately you already suffer from it. Often we tend not to give weight to such a thing but, over the years, these small unheard discomforts can also evolve into chronic pain or into real pathologies. The same goes for the discomfort related to the cervical area, often the origin of the worst headaches of your life, but unfortunately still very underestimated by many users. If you already suffer from these problems, it is always good to consult a doctor first, who may suggest additional therapy to do, in addition to buying the right chair for you.

To make a speech more generally, a perfect chair must be above all ergonomic. Basically, when you sit down, your body should feel enveloped and welcomed as if in a warm and comfortable embrace! Possibly there should also be a good headrest that ensures the necessary support to the neck, and that helps us to stay with the back straight, well supported on the backrest. In some cases, you may want to purchase single pads compatible with almost any office chair model on the market, to add thickness to the one already in your chair. However, try not to overdo it: a pillow that is too thick could still cause bad posture.

Obviously, in order to best accommodate you, the chair must be able to support your weight, whatever it is, this means that the frame of the chair must be strong, sturdy. First of all, you need to check the maximum load that the chair of your choice can withstand, especially bearing in mind that the cheapest models, in the best of cases, can support 100 kg. For this reason, it is good to focus on frames that can cope with greater loads. Some models do not exceed 110 kg, but by looking carefully and patiently, and spending a few tens of euros more, you will surely be able to take home a chair capable of withstanding weights up to 150 kg or even 180 kg! Watch out for the wheels: if they are stable and sturdy, then the chair can really hold the weight indicated on its characteristics.

The chair must obviously also be adjustable in height, to meet the needs of more or less tall users. Cheaper chairs may experience problems after a while, such as dropping abruptly or breaking suddenly. Also for this reason it is good to always focus on leading brands in the sector and quality materials.

As for the materials, many prefer real leather, but such a chair is really very expensive and could prove uncomfortable in the warmer seasons. There are ecological materials that allow you to not give up on elegance, including eco-leather. If it is of good quality, it will also be breathable. Fabric inserts can contribute to the breathability of the product. The padding, on the other hand, covers the upholstery and is essential to give comfort to the armchair. It must be thick enough and able to adapt to the weight of the body. Obviously, it must also be hypoallergenic and non-toxic, but you shouldn’t have big problems with this: almost all the chairs now on the market have passed all the safety and health tests imposed by European standards., therefore the possibility of running into poor and toxic materials is very rare.

TecTake 800030 Revision

TecTake is the mega online store dedicated to those who want to have at hand, and with a click, different types of products in one place, in a practical and fast way. The store, therefore, offers many types of products, from solutions for the home to those for the office. They could not, therefore, miss the excellent cheap but super comfortable office chairs!

In particular, this TecTake 800030 is a chair, but above all, an executive office armchair, equipped with resistant wheels.

There is also very thick padding, which makes the seat immediately softer and more comfortable. It is therefore perfect at work, as even in moments of greatest stress you can rely on its comfortable and comfortable structure, almost like a hug.

Although among the office chairs the TecTake models have lower prices, therefore, they always prove to be up to the situation. In particular, this model is equipped with comfortable ergonomic armrests that will support your forearms, avoiding unnecessary tension in the arms and back. There’s no shortage of five castors, designed so they won’t scratch your floor.

The backrest is unfortunately not reclining, but the chair proves to be able to adapt to the weight of your body anyway. There is also a safety spring that allows you to adjust the height, which also varies by several centimeters.

The icing on the cake, however, remains the particularly sporty style and design of this chair, which is almost reminiscent of the seat of a powerful racing car, thanks also to its colored inserts. These fabric inserts are used not only to enrich the look of the chair but also to fight sweating on the hottest days, and better support the lumbar belt.

It is a really easy chair to assemble, and in a few minutes, it will be ready to offer you all the comfort you deserve and need to work peacefully or dedicate yourself to your passions!


  • Sporty design
  • Fabric inserts
  • Easy to assemble


  • Non-reclining backrest

Songmics OBG51B Review

Songmics proves to be an excellent leader not only in the sale of various objects but also in the distribution and sale of office chairs. This is demonstrated by this model of an ergonomic chair, as simple as it is functional. Let’s see what makes it one of the best-selling chairs of this 2020 and appreciated by many users in Italy and beyond!

Thanks to the possibility of using the backrest and the duly padded armrests, the chair offers you all the comfort you want and need during the often stressful and debilitating working hours. the product, therefore, offers you all the benefits of a normal ergonomic chair, but it is perfect if you are not ready to give up a more traditional-looking padded backrest. This composition of elements also makes the chair look much more professional and elegant.

Any chair, to be comfortable, must adapt perfectly to the physical conformation and needs of those who are using it. That’s exactly what happens with this Songmics armchair! Thanks to the possibility of individually adjusting each of its components in height, the chair will become a comfortable armchair perfectly tailored to your body. You can then choose whether to have greater height support or particular back support.

Flexibility is, therefore, greater with this chair, making it a product of great value, particularly recommended for those who, for work or for pleasure, really spend many hours in a sitting position.

It should be emphasized in particular that this chair is able to support a maximum weight of 180 kg. It’s really an important factor, as so many other competing chairs can barely hold between 100kg and 110kg. Surely it is therefore a chair ready to accommodate and offer its comfort even to users with a few extra kg.


  • Ergonomic backrest
  • Great convenience
  • Super adjustable


  • Not super easy to assemble

Songmics OBG22B Review

The German brand of young formation but with considerable initiative, since 2012 Songmics has been dealing with providing different types of solutions, dedicated to everyone and appreciated even by the most demanding users. Surely a brand that has come a long way, and that over time is continuing to grow surprisingly. A nice discovery!

Among many cheap office chairs, this proposal by Songmics turns out to be an elegant and decent-quality solution. You can safely use it even for hours, sitting at the computer or engaged in any other activity, enjoying its comfort.

The materials chosen for the realization are obviously of high quality, in pure Songmics style. They have been specially selected to limit the final cost of the product, without however affecting its quality and sturdiness.

It is therefore a padded chair in the most critical points, such as the lumbar area and the upper part that accommodates the head and neck. It is entirely covered in eco-leather, or more precisely a synthetic plastic that imitates the aesthetic characteristics of the leather but is easier to manage and wash. You will therefore be able to achieve elegance and style, but without worrying about the maintenance of the fabric.

The armrests are also equipped with padding and have been set at the right height, so as to offer rest to your elbows and always leave your shoulders in a relaxed position, avoiding unnecessary and harmful tension.

You can obviously adjust the height according to your needs, from a minimum of 45 cm to a maximum of 55. The backrest is high and enveloping, it will give you a very comfortable feeling of an embrace.

It is obviously a chair designed for any consumer, even the most robust. In fact, it can withstand up to 150 kg of weight, and thanks to its wheels you can move it anywhere with ease. With it, your comfort will always come first, in any situation, in the office or at home!


  • particularly comfortable
  • sturdy faux leather
  • supports up to 150 kg


  • Not reclining

SixBros H-8365L-2/1323 Revision

Located in Germany, SixBros is one of the most complete and largest mega stores on the web. From products for your children to furnishing solutions for the home or office, you will find everything in it. Obviously, this is a catalog full of high-quality products, designed for the consumer, and guaranteed even after purchase.

Among the best-selling office chairs, especially considering the really aggressive cost and the quality of the materials with which it is made, there is this Office model by SixBros. Let’s take a look at its features together!

First of all, the seat and back are in mesh fabric and synthetic leather, a material that will allow you to be comfortable and at the same time not to sweat in the warmer seasons.

The armrests are made of plastic, at the right height to support your elbows, and the chair is able to support a maximum weight of 120 kg. Not bad, definitely a product suitable for any type of consumer!

But what makes this office chair excellent is not only the advantageous price! Its rocking system is fully adjustable, according to individual needs and weight. Meanwhile, the cross-shaped pedestal of which the armchair is dated is complete with five wheels. They give this SixBros chair maximum stability.

The type of wheels chosen for this chair makes it ideal for use on hard floors (marble and tiles) and on carpets. In the case of more delicate floors, such as parquet, we recommend the purchase of dedicated wheels, which will avoid and prevent scratches of all kinds.

In summary, this office chair is comfortable and ergonomic, as well as super advantageous. The assembly is simple and intuitive, and it will be ready to offer you its convenience and comfort in a few minutes. Run to try it!


  • Very economical
  • Practical to use and assemble


  • The backrest may be too stiff
  • Not recommended for floors that are too delicate

RACEMASTER 540040311a Review

Quality and robustness are the watchwords on which the entire Recemaster catalog is based, a brand entirely dedicated to furnishing solutions for the office and home. Chairs, sofas, and other furniture are carefully designed and manufactured by the best experts in the sector, to offer every consumer a guarantee of durability and resistance over time.

The same goes for the office chairs of this model, which are great for their prices. The Racemaster GS Series chairs always guarantee very high quality and a lot of comfort. Let’s take a closer look at this particularly interesting model, one of the best-selling office chairs on the offer of the year.

Their comfort is due to the imitation leather covering, with mesh fabric inserts that are as comfortable as they are functional. The structure of the chair is therefore finely quilted, and available in different shades.

There are the headrest and the relative armrests, both curved with integrated cushion covers. The same padding is present in the back of the chair, which therefore appears entirely ergonomic, and will allow you to always receive all the support you need in the lumbar area.

The structure of the chair is complete with double and smooth wheels, which guarantee stability and safety. Obviously, you can adjust the height of the chair or even just the backrest to your liking thanks to the gas piston, SGS approved. Obviously, the chair can handle up to 100 kg of weight in absolute tranquility and safety, without ever missing a beat and proving to be more than comfortable and welcoming.

The chair weighs a total of 15 kg. The seat height ranges from 38 kg to 48 kg, and the maximum weight supported is 100 kg. The seat width, on the other hand, is 49 cm, roomy and welcoming. The diameter of the wheels is 70 cm and thanks to their smooth confirmation they are able to move on any floor, including parquet, without scratching it.


  • Available in different colors
  • Quilted fabric inserts
  • Ergonomic backrest


  • Extension in height not to the maximum