Which brand of the home massage chair is better? The 10 best massage chairs recommended in 2023

All of us live a fast-paced life, and sometimes we cannot fully take care of our health and body. If we want to relax our body, there are many products that are very useful.

In order to reduce the pressure on the joints, you can quickly relax your body through massage. For those who do not want to go to a massage parlor, a good massage chair may be a good choice.

In this article, we reviewed the list of the 10 best massage chairs in 2021. Will help you choose the most suitable massage chair from the market.

1. OGAWA  massage chair

The OGAWA massage chair has a solid structure. This massage chair is specially designed with an SL type to provide maximum comfort.

The massage system can effectively massage all parts of the body, including the shoulders, hips, arms, and waist. The SL-shaped design of this massage chair provides comprehensive support from the neck to the back and all the way to the buttocks.The design of the OGAWA massage chair is related to the space of your room.

It has three stages of zero gravity position. The chair also uses the latest technology to automatically scan your body shape. The chair fits your body size, and this is how you can get a professional massage on this chair.

This massage chair uses a new air chamber massage system. These air chambers ultimately result in a high-quality massage. These air chambers are programmed to work alone and relieve your body muscles.

The massage chair also includes footpads. For convenience, it has a remote stand. This massage chair includes a total of five different types of massage techniques. All technologies are computerized and you can change them via remote control. In addition, there are six programs available.


  • The SL-Track shape is designed to support your entire body
  • Air chamber massage technology can massage sensitive areas of the body
  • The zero-gravity position requires some space in your room.
  • Double casters in the foot area
  • Computerized human body scanning technology can scan your entire body.
  • Five manual massage techniques
  • Six automatic programs for different messages
  • Equipped with heat therapy


  • A bit expensive
  • Need extra care during use.

2. OSIM massage chair

If you are looking for a new generation massage chair with all advanced functions and technologies, then OSIM will provide you with an exquisite full-body massage chair.

OSIM’s massage chair currently ranks among the best-selling massage chairs.

This chair contains top-notch components with durability.

OSIM compression massage chair is designed with roller technology, which can relax the entire spine including the lower back.

This chair focuses on all parts of the body and can release pressure points and relax your body after a few minutes of use.

The SL-Track design helps to support your lower back and quickly heal the pain in the lower back.

The chair can provide a deep massage similar to a person on the entire body (including sensitive areas). In just a few minutes, you will be completely relaxed.

The chair has a fully automatic function. There are four unique programs in total, and you can quickly change them. These procedures are intended to be used as physical massage therapists.

Air battery technology fixes your body to release pressure points. The massage chair can also stretch the legs, and the back muscles can quickly relieve stress. The chair scans your entire body and performs the corresponding work.


  • Constructed with 3 zero gravity positions
  • The uniquely designed Air-Cell technology uses airbags.
  • Fully automatic massage program with four hands
  • The computer’s built-in sensor automatically detects the length of your spine.
  • One hand-accessible remote control with all useful functions
  • User-friendly design makes it easy to use
  • 2 lower back heating pads to relax your lower back muscles
  • Reasonable price


  • Heavier
  • No pressure regulation

3. Panasonic massage chair

Panasonic’s massage chair is a multifunctional luxury massage chair designed with new technology. This chair can provide you with a full-body massage from head to toe in less than 30 minutes.

If you are living a stressful life, you should buy a relaxing massage chair to quickly eliminate physical stress.The massage chair also targets sensitive body parts and releases pressure points on the joints. If you are experiencing lower back pain, then this massage chair is perfect for you. Panasonic  This massage chair comes with four unique massage programs. You can change the program as needed. These programs target different body parts, so you can use the upgraded remote control that comes with the chair to adjust accordingly.

In addition, the massage chair also has an automatic mode, which can provide multifunctional massage. You can also use this chair in manual mode. In manual mode, you can adjust the roller speed and target area. In addition, the back of the chair is designed with heat therapy. You can use this heat therapy to reduce the pressure on your entire back, back, and buttocks. It has three zero gravity positions. The seat cushion is very soft, providing users with the ultimate comfort. Just sit on the chair correctly, turn on the automatic mode, and let the massage chair do the work for you. You will relax in less than 30 minutes.


  • Designed with three zero gravity positions, the space required is very small
  • Toe massage in less than 30 minutes
  • Equipped with 3D smart technology that can detect the length of the spine
  • The automatic mode provides multiple functions of massage.
  • Manual mode allows you to adjust the rollers and other components as needed.
  • S-Track rolling system
  • A total of four uniquely designed massage programs
  • Built-in heat therapy for lower back and legs
  • Everyone can afford it


  • A bit expensive
  • Need extra care.

4. FUJIIRYOKI Massage Chair

Fujiiryoki was originally a beauty-oriented and health-related manufacturer, and in 1954 was the first company in the world to mass-produce massage chairs. The company has spread this unique “Japanese massage chair culture” from Japan to all over the world and has contributed to improving people’s lifestyles and health management.

Since its establishment, Fujiiryoki has been committed to developing products that meet customer needs and is currently developing a wide range of products certified as home medical equipment.

The Cyber ​​Relax JP-2000 from Fujiiryoki, Japan is the world’s first 5D + AI massage chair.AI massage begins. Fujiiryoki collects wisdom. Gentle, deep, and penetrating. Try to get a sense of comfort beyond hand massage. 5D-AI mechanism.

AI dual induction carefully detects and predicts each body shape to optimize the massage effect. [Best in Class*] 45 pinching techniques and 31 airbags envelop the entire body to relieve the fatigue that plagues people today.

Various stretching menus can enhance the massage effect. Intensive care of the soles of the feet. “Foot Acupressure” is equipped with two types of heaters to make your massage time more comfortable and effective. “Dual heater”, a large number of menus, easy to operate.


  • Obtained Japanese medical certification
  • 5D-AI smart movement


  • expensive

5. American Westinghouse (Westinghouse) 3D massage chair

The Westinghouse 3D massage chair is a brand new massage chair available on the market. This massage chair offers a series of high-end features at an affordable price.

At present, it is one of the best-selling massage chairs on the market and has been well received by buyers.

The Westinghouse massage chair is designed with the latest 3D technology. You can adjust the depth of the rollers of the chair according to your weight. The chair has a built-in foot massager for the legs. There are eight airbags with six rollers on the chair.In addition, the massage chair has a Bluetooth remote control function.

The upgraded remote control allows you to quickly change the massage mode, program, and seating arrangement on the chair.It is also equipped with thermal massage technology. The chair consumes very low energy, so there is no big hole in the pocket.The massage chair has a built-in 3D sensor, which can automatically detect the size of the shoulder, the length of the spine and arrange the position by itself.


  • Zero-gravity position design brings ultimate comfort
  • Brand new 3D technology with five different levels
  • Wood heat therapy reduces back pain and relaxes the buttocks
  • Built-in foot massager
  • Advanced procedures for neck, shoulders, arms, entire back, legs, hips, waist, and feet
  • Equipped with Bluetooth technology to connect your smartphone and listen to songs


  • We did not find any shortcomings

6. Irest  massage chair

Irest provides a variety of massage chairs with new and advanced functions to make your massage experience more comfortable.

If you are looking for a reliable home massage chair, then Irest massage chair SL-Track massage chair. This massage chair is designed to meet all kinds of people and their needs.

3D iRest SL-Track Real Relaxation Massage Chair Comment on The material of this massage chair is soft and more comfortable. It is ergonomically designed to massage the entire body from neck to toe.

The one-button zero-gravity design makes the massage experience easier. Basically, this is a multifunctional massage chair equipped with an SL-Track system that can provide a full body massage in less than 30 minutes. There are upgraded airbags on both sides of the chair to place your hands on the seat. A total of six massage programs are designed for your entire back. According to your requirements, you can change the mode.

Body shaping technology can automatically adjust the body on the massage chair.The chair is not only used for a back massage, with this Irest massage chair, you can also massage the head, shoulders, buttocks, and feet. All these massage procedures are uniquely designed to provide you with a relaxing massage. Using the remote control, you can easily change the program and customize the chair.


  • Adopt a new generation of SL system design
  • A 3D massage chair can work automatically
  • One-button zero-gravity design provides maximum comfort
  • The computerized human body scanning technology will adjust according to your body size
  • The massage chair is equipped with Bluetooth technology


  • The function of the chair is a bit complicated
  • A bit expensive

7.  INADA massage chair 

The Inada massage chair is manufactured by the Japanese manufacturer Inada and was established in 1962. Their massage chairs combine Shiatsu massage techniques and Japanese engineering techniques.

 Their chairs are already very popular. Inada is committed to providing customers with the best service through innovation, technology, and highly customizable massage chairs to meet everyone’s needs.

S999 is the latest heavyweight product launched by Daedalian in China. It is said that it includes many of INADA’s latest technologies, such as 8-axis artificial intelligence 4D manipulator, arm blood return massage, Ranger intelligent acupoint detection, 55° tilted roller axis, 252 airbag surrounding massage functions, etc. These are all INADA massages in the world. The world’s first advanced technology is considered a new masterpiece that can fully embody INADA’s technological innovation and ultimate products.Without going to Japan, you can also enjoy the “excellent fingering skills” of Japanese massage masters~SHIATSU!

The original meaning of SHIATSU in Japanese is: “Press with your fingers” to easily eliminate fatigue from the body and improve health. Equipped with 12 special massage heads that mimic the thumb, it is like a massage master who deeply presses and kneads behind the back to soothe the whole body.

Ultimate craftsmanship aesthetics, Japanese original medical-grade massage chair, the true research and development made by Inadasan, the father of the massage chair!

The application of these cutting-edge technologies of Daoda S999 certainly reflects Daoda’s long-term commitment to the development of top-notch massage chair products. In the Japanese massage chair industry, which is in the leading position in the field of massage chairs in the world, INADA Inada is regarded as one of the best.

It is not only the first brand in Japan to develop massage chairs, but also the only one that has obtained the rigorous Japanese medical equipment qualification certification. Professional massage chair manufacturer. INADA Inada’s pursuit of professionalism and quality in the research and development of massage chairs has become a benchmark force in the global massage chair industry.


  • A massage chair that joins medical procedures
  • FJT super chip
  • Imported from Japan
  • Ranger smart acupoint detection
  • Eight-axis artificial intelligence 4D manipulator
  • Manipulator equipped with airbag massage
  • Japanese style 3S stretch stretch
  • All-in-one machine free installation


  • The intensity in the lower back area is a little excessive.

How to choose the best massage chair?

When you buy a new massage chair, there are many factors to consider before making a final decision.Once you decide to buy a new massage chair, you must follow the following factors. Know your priorities First, you must figure out the requirements. Understand the exact needs, functions, and benefits of massage chairs?. Their prices are a bit high, and you may not want to waste money on devices that are not important at the moment. Know your budget

There are many massage chairs with different functions and functions on the market. From low-end to high-end products, you can find all types of massage chairs on the market. Before choosing any budget, set a budget first. There are special manufacturers who can provide quality massage chairs for many years. You must first understand the brand and its background.

A recognized brand provides high-quality chairs, please consider choosing a popular brand from the market. E-commerce sites are a good place to buy a new massage chair. You can find hundreds of massage chairs from different brands and manufacturers. E-commerce sites allow their buyers to post reviews about purchased products. Before making a final decision, you can read all the comments and feedback from the real buyer of the chair.

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