Westinghouse S500 massage chair Review 2023

With the continuous improvement of everyone’s consumption level, this Westinghouse S500 massage chair that originally appeared in many TV dramas has already entered our homes, not for the purpose of putting on a facade. Choosing the right massage chair can indeed bring a different experience to our lives.

Office workers come back from a tiring day and lie on the massage chair, which can relieve physical and mental exhaustion. The general massage equipment only massages a certain part, but the massage chair can massage the whole body in a short time. For office workers who are struggling, For the aging family elders, and the petty bourgeoisie who pursue a quality life, the massage chair is simply an artifact.

I believe that 80% of the people in front of the screen who first come into contact with massage chairs are in the waiting rooms/terminals of train stations and airports. They can massage for ten minutes for a few dollars, but it is time to feel comfortable. Do you have the urge to want to? Move the big guy home? But you get what you pay for. The massage chairs in the waiting rooms/terminals of railway stations and airports must not be used as a purchase standard and reference. When choosing a massage chair for your family, you must keep your eyes open.

Westinghouse S500 massage chair

In fact, the above are some of the purchase points I summarized when choosing a massage chair, but they are not necessarily suitable for everyone, just for reference. In fact, this Westinghouse S500 massage chair was prepared to reward me for the previous year, but it has only been delayed until now. The price is in the early $1400, so it meets my budget.

My community has only been built for more than two years, so the dimensions of the unit door, elevator, and entrance door are all suitable for most “big guys” to enter the house. The whole process of entering the house is also very smooth. This massage chair does not have For the parts that need to be installed, just stick the Velcro on the headrest and cushion, and leave the rest to the courier.

Let’s Discuss in Detail About Westinghouse S500 massage chairs:

1. The weight of this big guy is 90Kg, so it is really not easy to move it by one person, but with unilateral casters, it is acceptable for one person to move in a small range. If you change rooms, at least two people are required.

2. Let me introduce this big guy to you in order from top to bottom and from outside to inside. First of all, the head pad on the top is not a massage part, it is to make it more comfortable to lie down during massage. There are two Velcro on the back of the head pad to adjust the up and down angle, which can be adjusted according to your own needs. In addition, it is detachable and convenient for subsequent care.

3. The bottom two bulging are three-layer shoulder airbags, which will be automatically adjusted according to the actual situation of the body shape. We only control the strength, and the adaptive system about the body shape will make a judgment. This shoulder airbag has 3 layers. I compared the massage chairs on the Internet, and most of them are 2 layers. This 3-layer design will obviously be more docile than the 2-layer massage. Especially for girls with thin shoulders, if there are not enough layers of airbags on the shoulders, there will be the problem of not being able to massage their shoulders.

4. There are arm airbags on both sides below, and the entire massage chair will not miss the position of the arm when massaging, which can be said to be comprehensive.

5. The necessity of control has been mentioned earlier. Some people need to stop immediately because of a temporary need to deal with the massage. The shortcut operation area in front of the right hand can quickly control the entire massage chair. The middle button is the emergency pause button, the upper and lower two buttons can be adjusted up and down, and blind operation can be realized. This design is quite intimate, even if the airbag is pinched, it can be operated without pulling out the hand.

6. There are also airbags located at the waist and buttocks, which means that the entire back and buttocks will be lifted during the massage, and will not lie on the chair empty, giving the body good support. I have experienced many massage chairs offline. Basically, there are no waist and hip airbags. In fact, after a long time in the office, the fatigue of the waist and buttocks is no less than that of the cervical spine, so proper waist and hip massage must be provided.

7. By the way, there is a large control screen above the right armrest. The advantage of the large screen is that it can be easily operated by middle-aged and elderly people. The fonts are large and the screen is clear. All the controls of the entire massage chair are concentrated on this. Not only can you set the massage technique, massage strength, massage width of the movement, etc., but you can also perform manual program massage for different parts according to your own preferences, and you can freely DIY settings to meet the needs of a family.

8. According to the official introduction, the whole massage chair can satisfy even a fat man weighing 200 jin. Take the actual situation of my family as an example. My height is 178cm and my weight is 70Kg. When using it, I need to adjust my legs with my feet. The height of 163 does not need to be adjusted again, which can meet the needs of families of different heights.

9. In addition, there are airbags on the calves and feet, and the feet are still fully wrapped, which means that the entire foot can be fully squeezed and massaged by the airbags, and when used in winter, the heat is not easily lost, and there is a feeling of hot compress on the soles of the feet. In addition, three rows of rollers are added under the feet, which is as comfortable as scraping the soles of the feet.

10. Then, the leather covering the surface was disassembled, so that the actual cooperation between the movement and the guide rail can be seen more intuitively. It can be seen that the 3D movement combined with the SL guide rail with a length of 130cm provides a comfortable solution to meet the needs of the body from above. The next massage needs, combined with kneading, tapping, beating, and other massage techniques, to create a very good massage experience.

11. Through the following sets of motion pictures, we can see that the advantages of the 3D movement can not only imitate human hand massage but also adjust the strength according to the needs, so as to better relieve the fatigue of body parts. In addition, the durability of the stainless steel movement is much better than that of some plastics or other materials, and problems such as aging and deformation will not exist.

12. The whole massage technique and airbag have been discussed. In fact, there is still a very interesting function left, that is, the zero-gravity mode can be realized, and the whole person can be held up like a child. Although this is not a new technology, the whole person is in the This angle of massage is undoubtedly the most comfortable, relaxing the body and also relaxing the mind.

13. The zero-gravity mode is very suitable for taking a nap, relaxing before going to bed, etc. It can quickly relieve the pressure on the body and relax the whole body and mind.

14. In addition to the zero-gravity mode, you can also adjust the angle of the backrest and legs according to your needs, so as to achieve your most satisfying and comfortable massage posture.

3. Summary

For this Westinghouse S500 massage chair, if the space in the home allows and the budget is sufficient, you can really put one at home and do a full-body massage every day after getting off work or before going to bed.

The massage on the buttocks and waist is the most amazing to me. The technique is similar to that of the massage shop. The difference is that the intensity and technique of the massage can be adjusted according to the needs. The masseur may only choose the intensity and length of the massage according to how much you pay. .

In addition, the massage chair can be pressed at any time, and the massage master has to make an appointment! Of course, except for the waist and hip massage, the overall massage experience of this Westinghouse S500 massage chair is good. Several members of our family want to press it after getting off work or during daily leisure. Haha, it depends on who can take the lead and enjoy it earlier!

As for the appearance, this massage chair is very versatile in the home, and it is also a good-looking sofa when it is not massaged. By the way, some friends may pay attention to the cleaning problem. The whole massage chair is basically made of PU leather, and it will be clean by wiping it with a slightly damp cloth every day. If you are more sophisticated, you can buy a special leather cleaner.

Finally, the price of the Westinghouse S500 massage chair is about $1400, and the price/performance ratio is still very good. This massage chair can basically meet the relaxation and health care needs of the old, middle, and young generations of a family. Whether it is me, my daughter-in-law, or my old father and mother, you can find a suitable way to relax and relieve fatigue on this massage chair. For me, choosing this Westinghouse S500 massage chair is the final choice. correct!

1. Selection points

1. Price

After the massage chair can enter the house, you must consider the price. Search the price of a cat and a certain east massage chair. There are thousands to tens of thousands, and the price is less than $700. Personally, it is not recommended to buy it. Generally, It is a wooden skeleton and uses ball massage. It is actually an old-fashioned massage cushion replaced by a chair.

Don’t be fooled! During this year’s 315 parties (International Consumer Rights Day special party for consumers’ friends), a low-priced brand massage chair was also exposed, using wood as the frame of the massage chair, this problem cannot be ignored. In the case of a sufficient budget, it is recommended to choose more than $1200 for this large massage chair, after all, you get what you pay for. In addition, after all, it is a major home appliance, so it is right to choose a big brand.

After all, it is a big piece. In addition to the local tyrants who buy it casually, ordinary people choose carefully and choose the principle of cost-effectiveness. The expensive ones cannot be bought, and the low-priced ones are afraid of unreliable quality, so we choose a middle price. , about $1400 is the most suitable.

2. Massage method

Looking at the classification of the massage chairs of a cat and an east, they can be divided into 2D and 3D according to the movement. Both of these two are extended from 1D. 1D is the ball rotating massage mentioned above. , anyway, it is moving, most of the railway stations are like this, the short-term experience is not bad, it will really hurt after a long time.

2D is better than the previous generation. It can not only move but also massage techniques such as tapping and tapping.

At present, the 3D movement is the most popular and the best experience in the market, but I want to remind everyone that there are many inside stories about the 3D movement, such as metal material and plastic material. According to the data, it is found that some big brands also cut corners. The appearance is so beautiful, but after disassembling, the manipulator is actually made of plastic material. If the user is heavier, it may even be deformed, which is a great hidden danger.

So before this purchase, I specifically asked the Westinghouse customer service for the material of the movement and confirmed that it was made of stainless steel. After receiving it, I was still worried. I opened the leather case in front of the courier to confirm that it was really stainless steel, and the old brand is indeed confident.

As for the movement of 4D or even 8D, these are basically nonsense. The so-called 8D of some brands is that 8 1D balls work at the same time. This is playing a word game. The current iteration of massage chairs is still in the 3D movement. On the level, 4D and above are generally marketing gimmicks, and 8D can be said to be pure flickering.

The other is the airbag. The function of the airbag is equivalent to that of the two palms squeezing your body, so the airbag must be present, and the covering position must be satisfied. The waist, hip, shoulder, and calf must be covered. There are many airbags. There are also more massage locations.

In addition, a properly designed airbag module will generally be upgraded in terms of size, shape, number of layers, etc. according to the massage part. For example, in the shoulder airbag, the 3-layer massage is more docile than the 2-layer massage. In addition, the adjustable intensity level of the airbag is also related to the massage experience, and the multi-level intensity adjustment can meet the needs of different families.

3. Heating mode

Just like we like to soak our feet and take a hot bath, lying on the massage chair after taking a bath at night, massage and hot compress is a great enjoyment! Especially in winter, lying on a warm massage chair is really comfortable enough to fall asleep. Hot compress has a certain effect on promoting blood circulation. When massage is combined with a hot compress, it will make the massage more comfortable and relieve fatigue and pain better.

4. Intelligent control

Today’s massage chairs are more diversified in intelligent control, such as small button remote control, large touch screen, mobile APP control, voice control, and so on. Personally, I prefer a large touch screen, which is convenient, easy to understand and easy to operate. Mobile APP and voice control are also very popular now, but most of the elderly at home will not use it ~ massage chairs are generally used by the whole family, so the large screen control is still the first choice.

There are also some massage chairs with a Bluetooth speaker module, which can be connected to a mobile phone to play music, comics, novels, etc. during a massage, which is also one of the highlights of choosing a massage chair.

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