What is important to know before removing a mole?

The feasibility of removing a mole (nevus) is determined during dermatoscopy, which allows you to identify pathologies and avoid complications. 

Signs of degeneration of moles or a signal for consultation with a dermatologist:

  • The appearance of a pronounced asymmetry of the birthmark
  •  An uneven edge (usually moles are even and smooth). As soon as you notice the appearance of irregularities, growths, or teeth, you should not delay a trip to a specialist
  •  Color, norm – from light beige to dark brown. In this case, it is not so much the color that is important as its uniformity. If colored blotches (dots or streaks) appear on the birthmark, then this is the first call to pay close attention to it.
  • The size, larger the mole, the more likely it is to develop into melanoma. Spots with a diameter of more than 6 mm are especially susceptible to this tendency, therefore, if you have such neoplasms, you should regularly visit a dermatologist in Kiev
  • Growth dynamics, if your neoplasms change their structure (they begin to peel off, bleed, etc.), then you should not delay the consultation of a dermatologist.

Dermatologist’s office

Duration of the procedure
Laser removal of a mole (20min)

Mole removal in one session – once and for all!

In recent years, more and more people have come to medical centers and clinics with the desire to get rid of new growths on the skin. If you want to remove a mole, which causes a certain concern, you need to see a specialist. Doctors-dermatologists diagnose the neoplasm and decide on the need for surgery. The mole is removed using local anesthesia using the following methods:

• Laser beam – it penetrates to a predetermined depth and affects a specific area. With a surgical laser, a layer-by-layer removal of the nevus occurs. At the same time, trauma to healthy tissues that surround the mole is minimized.

• Electrocoagulation – Neoplasms are removed using a special apparatus – an electric coagulator. At its end there is a loop that is heated by an electric current. The electrocoagulation cauterizes the mole, redness appears in its place, which heals within 10 days. This method allows you to remove nevi in ​​areas requiring special delicacy – on the arch of the eyelid or in the corner of the eye.

• Radio knife – the essence of the technique is that the tissue is dissected by high-frequency radio waves and the nevus cells are sterilized. As a result, the radio knife does not damage healthy skin, and there are almost no traces of mole removal on the affected area.

Contraindications to cosmetic removal of nevi depend on the method chosen. Laser exposure should be avoided in case of progressive skin diseases, malignant tumors. The electric knife also cannot be used with poor blood clotting, viral infections. In the case of the presence of malignant tumors, they are removed with a scalpel.

What are moles and should they be removed?

Such skin formations look quite harmless, but they can cause a lot of inconvenience to a person. They affect the skin in places that are inconvenient for access, cause discomfort, and provoke complexes and fear for their health. The most practical, quick and painless way to get rid of various neoplasms is laser removal of moles. This is the safest and most gentle procedure that has practically no contraindications. Today, many people live with moles that do not harm their health. However, this is not always the case. The main danger of moles is that they are capable of malignant transformation. And these are huge health risks. Laser removal of dangerous moles can prevent a negative outcome. After the procedure, you can be calm about yourself and your future.

Reasons for laser removal of moles:

The presence of benign neoplasms on the body is the scourge of the 21st century. According to statistics, the number of people with a tendency to this type of skin disease is constantly growing every year. The reason for this may be bad ecology, viruses, a weak immune system, etc. Fortunately, modern methods of treating skin lesions allow you to quickly and effectively cope with the disease. Consultation with a dermatologist regarding the removal of a neoplasm is needed in such cases:

• The appearance of pronounced asymmetry of birthmarks

• An uneven edge, overgrowth or appearance of teeth in small or large moles

• Color inconsistency. If blotches (dots or streaks) appear on the neoplasm, it is worth contacting a good clinic

• The larger the mole, the more likely it is to develop into melanoma. Spots with a diameter of 6 mm and more are susceptible to this trend.

• Changes in the structure of moles. If they start to bleed or peel off, do not delay the visit to the dermatologist.

Some important recommendations from dermatologists:

The main advice that dermatologists give today is to reduce the time spent in the open sun in the summer. UV rays often cause the appearance of melanomas, provoking their growth and cell degeneration. Also, do not get carried away by visiting tanning salons. At the same time, it is important to carefully monitor the condition of your moles, and if any changes appear, visit a dermatologist without delay. Timely treatment of a nevus can prevent serious health problems and will be cheaper than cardinal methods of dealing with the disease.

Diagnosis and removal of moles in our center are carried out for residents of Kyiv and other cities of Ukraine. The cost of the procedure depends on the chosen method. You can make an appointment and find out the prices for laser wart removal by phone. Welcome to our clinic!