What is the best massage chair of 2023?

Are you looking for a massager that can give the most complete body massage? A massage chair is of course by far the best choice you can make. A massage chair massages your entire body. It massages your feet, legs, buttocks, lower back, upper back up to your neck and even your head. So it gives a full body massage. No other massager can match the relaxing massage experience of a massage chair. The big question is of course: how do I buy a massage chair that best suits my needs and fits within my budget? In this buying guide we advise you as best as possible about this. We have made a selection of the best shiatsu massage chairs and we have tested them extensively. Among other things, we will discuss the main advantages + disadvantages of each model. In addition, we describe in detail which functions massage chairs can have. This way you get a good idea of ​​which functions are important to you and you buy the massage chair that best meets your needs.

Professional massage chair on wheels

Are you looking for a professional massage chair that you can move easily? Then this massage chair on wheels might be a good choice

Professional massage chair
  • Easy to move thanks to the wheels
  • It performs an automatic body scan and based on this scan, the chair gives a massage based on your physique.
  • It features built-in bluetooth speakers
  • Heat function + five intensity settings + 10 different massage programs
  • You can set the massage per body part
  • With the purchase of this professional massage chair you will receive a free massage gun .

Are you looking for a professional massage chair that you can move easily? The Ture shiatsu massage chair may well suit your needs. There are wheels at the bottom of the chair that make it easy to move. The Ture shiatsu massage chair is a very luxurious chair with many unique functionalities:

  • Comfortable pillow: it has a lovely pillow which of course provides extra comfort.
  • Airbags: As with most more expensive seats, this model is also equipped with airbags. The airbags ensure that your arms, shoulders and legs are enclosed. In this way, these body parts are massaged in the best possible way.
  • Massage rollers: the backrest is equipped with massage rollers that can give a vibration, kneading and shiatsu massage.
  • Lichaamsscan: every time you boot the device analyzes the body. Based on this analysis, the massage chair gives a personal massage based on your height.
  • Zero gravity:   it means that you can adjust the backrest and footrest at an angle of between 115 and 175 degrees.
  • The Ture massage chair can give a full body massage from your head to your feet. In addition, you can also specifically set which body parts you want to massage. For example, if you only want to massage your back, you can set that quickly and easily.
  • The possibility to put together your own massage program.
  • The chair is equipped with a beautiful sound system . Relax even more during the treatment by listening to your favorite music during the treatment. Connect your phone to the bluetooth system via bluetooth and then you can enjoy your favorite music.

Real Relax F3 chair massage chair

The chair massage chair with the best price-quality ratio

Chair massage chair
  • This electric massage chair massages your feet, legs, buttocks, back, arms, neck, shoulders and head.
  • It features three intensity settings
  • The possibility to put together your own massage program.
  • Infrared heat function
  • Unfortunately, this chair massage chair does not have a bluetooth speakers

Are you looking for the massage chair that has a very good price-quality ratio? The Real Relax F3 is then a very good choice. The Real Relax is a cheaper massage chair, but has many luxurious functionalities. The chair has a zero gravity function. It means that the chair can be placed at an angle of 127 degrees so that your legs are above your heart. It has a very beneficial effect on your blood circulation.

Another big advantage is that this chair gives a full body massage from your feet to your neck. The back and feet are massaged by means of the massage rollers. The device also has 50 airbags and these ensure that your shoulders, arms, neck and legs are massaged effectively.

During the massage you have the option to set the intensity of the massage. So always enjoy the perfect massage that best suits your wishes and state of mind. Do you want your body to be warmed up? No problem. You can easily activate the infrared function and you will notice that the heat flows along your body. In addition, you can also set the temperature of the heat quickly and easily with this device. We think this is a great advantage and not many other shiatsu massage chairs offer this.

Relax even more by listening to your favorite music during the massage. The Real Relax F3 has speakers. With the phone you can easily connect via bluetooth and enjoy your favorite music during the massage.

Vida XL massagefauteuil

A very affordable and beautiful massage chair

  • The massage chair has a beautiful appearance
  • It comes with a remote control with which you can easily set everything.
  • It has an adjustable backrest so that you can lie completely flat and it actually also functions as a massage mattress.
  • It can give a shiatsu, knead, knock and vibrate massage
  • Unfortunately, the chair is not equipped with wheels.

The Vida XL massage armchair is a beautiful chair that does not really have the appearance of a massage chair. The massage relax chair is also a lot cheaper than other massage chairs. The chair is offered at Bol.com for a price of 184,- and is therefore a lot cheaper than other models that are often above 700 euros. How is it possible that this model is so much cheaper? The reason is that the Vida XL massage chair is not equipped with airbags and your body is therefore not completely enclosed.

The Vida XL offers five different types of treatments, namely the shiatsu, knead, knock and vibration massage. In addition, you can set the intensity and activate the heat using the supplied remote control. With the remote control you can also select which body part you want to massage such as the neck, back, shoulders and legs. You can also set it to massage all body parts.

A big advantage is that you can adjust the backrest and therefore you can even lie completely flat. It actually becomes a kind of massage mattress. Can you imagine falling asleep during the massage? It can happen after a long working day because because you can lie down, the massage feels even more relaxing. With this massage armchair you can relax wonderfully.

What we like about this massage armchair is that it does not have the shape of a massage chair. It is a beautiful piece of furniture that will probably fit better in the decor of your home. In addition, you can also rotate the chair 360 degrees, which is of course also a nice additional advantage.

Black cheap massage chair from Vida XL

A beautiful black shiatsu massage chair that is offered for a competitive price. 

Cheap massage chair
  • The chair is offered for a price of 205 euros and therefore a very affordable price tag
  • It gives a wonderful complete body mass (neck, legs, back, buttocks and shoulders).
  • It comes with a remote control.
  • You can easily adjust the massage duration.
  • You can set the intensity for each body part.
  • Unfortunately, you cannot rotate the chair 360 degrees.

If you don’t like the creamy color of the massage armchair above, this black chair might suit your interior and wishes better. This beautiful black massage armchair is offered at Bol.com for a price of 205 euros. So it is really a bargain when you compare it with the prices of other models.

The massage points are spread over the entire device, so that your entire body is massaged wonderfully. Would you like to enjoy a massage lying down? No problem. With the remote control you can easily adjust the backrest and footrest. In addition, you can use the remote control to set the duration and intensity of the massage.
What we like about this massage armchair is that it also has a beautiful design.

Real Relax TC730 Massage Chair

Most luxurious massage chair with some very unique features. 

Luxe massagestoel
  • The Real Relax TC730 gives a full body massage: back, neck, head, shoulders, legs, arms and feet.
  • This massage chair has a body scan function (personal massage experience)
  • The backrest and footrest are fully adjustable.
  • The Real Relax TC730 is provided with microfiber leather so that no bad odors and bacteria are left behind.
  • It has four intensity levels and you can turn on the heat function
  • The massage chair gives a shiatsu, knead, vibrate and roll massage

Are you looking for a massage chair that can really give a full body massage? Then look no further because the Real Relax TC730 is the luxury massage chair that suits you. This shiatsu massage chair massages your back, arms, shoulders, neck, head, buttocks, legs and feet. The TC730 is a zero gravity chair. When you switch on the zero gravity function, the device places itself at an angle of 127 degrees. The legs are therefore higher than the heart. This position has the following health benefits:

  • The legs are above the heart and that has a very beneficial effect on blood circulation. Improved blood circulation ensures that your tired muscles regain energy.
  • The tense muscles are released much faster. So it helps enormously with muscle pain.

A unique functionality of this massage relax chair is that the TC730 has a unique body scan. At the start of the massage, it analyzes your body measurements and based on that, the TC730 optimizes the massage experience. With this model you can always enjoy a personalized massage.

The Real Relax can give four different massages, namely the shiatsu, knead, vibration and roll massage. During the massage you can also set the intensity of the massage per body part. You can also set the infrared heat. It ensures that your body is warmed up wonderfully.

The massage relax chair is equipped with four different massage programs, namely refresh, relaxtion, crade and soft. The refresh massage program is perfect for the morning, for example, because this massage program is designed to give you extra energy. In addition, with this luxurious massage relax chair you can also compose your own massage programs and this is really unique.

The TC720 features microfiber leather. It has the great advantage that no bacteria and foul odors are left behind.

Vida XL massage desk chair

The best massage desk chair to enjoy a massage while working 

Massage office chair
  • The backrest and footrest are fully adjustable
  • Easy to assemble
  • The perfect massage chair for your work
  • It features 14 moving massage heads that fully massage your back.
  • Unfortunately, it does not massage your neck, shoulders and legs.

You know that feeling when your muscles are tired after a long day at work? With the Vida XL massage office chair you can completely relax and your muscles get new energy. The massage chair comes with a user-friendly remote control. With this remote you can set the following, among other things:

  • Intensity: setting the intensity. In addition, you can set the intensity per body part.
  • Determining the duration of the massage
  • Set whether you want a full body massage or whether you want to massage a specific body part.
  • Can you activate the heat function with the remote control.

A big advantage is that your leg support and back support can be adjusted to your height. So everyone can enjoy a wonderful massage. The Vida XL massage office chair is made of artificial leather. This makes the chair feel wonderfully soft and comfortable. In addition, you can easily clean the chair.

The chair gives a vibration massage on your back, shoulders and neck, and legs. After the massage you will notice that you are completely relaxed and ready to go again.

What should you pay attention to when buying an electric massage chair?

To buy the right massage chair that best suits your needs, it is important to first have a good idea of ​​all the functionalities that electric massage chairs have. When you have a good idea of ​​this, you can better determine which functions are important to you. In this part of this buying guide, we discuss in detail what you should pay attention to when buying a massage chair.

What massages can an electric massage chair perform?

A very important question that you should ask yourself is which massages the massage chair should be able to perform. It is therefore always important to check this carefully. Below we will discuss all the different types of massages that a massage chair can perform:

  • Shiatsu massage: One of the most popular massage techniques is the shiatsu massage. This massage comes from Japan. The purpose of a shiatsu massage is to bring the body back into balance by stimulating the energy flows. The effect of this is that the self-healing capacity of the body is stimulated. A professional masseuse performs a shiatsu massage by making twisting movements with the fingers, palms and elbows. A massage chair imitates the movements of a masseuse by using the air cushions and the massage rollers. We always recommend choosing a model that offers the possibility to give a shiatsu massage.
  • 3D massage: in a 3D massage, the massage rollers and the air cushion are combined with each other. The air cushions work with air so that the entire body is covered. Then the massage rollers move from left to right and from top to bottom. In this way, a 3D massage provides much more depth than a normal massage. In general, the feeling of a 3D massage is much more similar to the massage of a real masseuse. So it is a wonderfully relaxing massage that feels a lot nicer than a normal massage.
  • Muscle Tension Massage: Many massage chairs can be given a muscle tension massage. It is also comparable to a yoga massage. The purpose of this type of massage is to stretch your muscles. During the muscle exertion massage, the device uses the airbags so that your body and muscles are warmed and stretched. We especially recommend using this massage after you come back from exercise, for example. We also recommend this massage when recovering from injuries.
  • Roller massage: the roller massage is the treatment that has the most positive effect on stimulating blood circulation. The chair incorporates rollers that move from top to bottom and from left to right.
  • Air Compression Massage: Most manufacturers have incorporated airbags into the seat. We also call this massage a compression massage. During this massage, the airbags are inflated and deflated. So it ensures that the airbags put pressure on the body parts and muscles. The airbags are used to massage all different parts of the body such as the arms, legs , back, feet and back. In general, a seat with multiple airbags gives a better experience. With most massage chairs you can adjust the intensity of the air compression massage. This way you always enjoy a massage that perfectly matches your wishes.

Do you have enough space to place a large massage chair in your home?

The more expensive massage chairs take up a lot of space. So determine in advance in which room you want to place it. It would be nice if the massage chair does not fit in the room where you would like the chair. In addition, it is important to ask yourself whether it fits well into the interior of your home.

Does the shiatsu massage chair suit your height?

There are many different types of massage chairs on the market. We always recommend checking whether your body fits well in it. It could just be that you are not tall enough and that the chair is actually too big for you. To prevent this, it is always important to try out the device.

Are you looking for a portable and collapsible massage chair?

Unfortunately, there are no portable and collapsible massage chairs on the market. Massage chairs are way too big and unfortunately you can’t fold them either. Fortunately, there are models that have wheels that make it easier to move the chair to another room. Another alternative is to opt for a massage cushion . A massage cushion is a cheaper version of a massage chair. A large pillow can also massage your entire back, neck, shoulders and buttocks. In addition, these pillows are a lot smaller and therefore more portable.

The possibility to set the intensity of the massage?

Do you think the massage feels too soft or too strong? That is why it is so important that you can adjust the intensity of the massage. We always recommend choosing a massage chair / armchair where you can adjust the intensity. Our advice is to choose a model with at least three intensity settings. This way you can be sure that the massage does not feel too hard or too soft. It can also happen that you want a softer massage in your neck and that the massage needs to be more powerful in your back. In this case, we advise you to buy a model where you can adjust the intensity per body part. These massage chairs / armchairs are more expensive, but of course you get a very personal and better massage experience in return

Which parts of your body can the electric massage chair massage?

A very important question that you should ask yourself is which body parts you want to have massaged. The cheaper massage chairs are often armchairs and they look like normal lounge chairs. These massage armchairs often massage the entire back and seat. The big advantage is that these massage armchairs are a lot cheaper than luxury massage chairs. The price of a massage armchair is between 150 and 400 euros. On the other hand, you will of course not get the most complete body massage as that of a luxurious electric massage chair. The luxury massage chairs are a lot bigger and really look like a massage chair. These models are also a lot more expensive and the prices for such massage chairs are around 1000 euros. However, these luxurious massage chairs give the most complete body massage. Literally all parts of your body are fully massaged. The most important question is of course whether you are willing to spend that much money on such a luxurious massage chair.

Below we will briefly explain how the device massages the different parts of the body:

  • Arm massage: a massage chair massages the arms through the airbags that are inflated and inflated. In this way it massages the arms
  • Leg and Foot Massage : The more expensive massage chairs can also massage your legs and feet . At the bottom of the seat are also airbags that perform an air compression massage. This way these body parts are massaged
  • Head and Neck Massage : Most inexpensive massage chairs can perform neck massage through air compression. However, the luxurious massage chairs can also perform a head massage. This massage targets the muscles on the sides of the head. In general, this massage feels very relaxed.

Does it have an infrared heat function?

We always advise to buy a massage chair that has an infrared heat functionality. By activating the infrared heat, the device spreads the heat over your entire body. This will make the massage feel even more relaxed, especially during the cold winter months. The infrared heat quickly warms up your body and therefore your muscles. The effect is that your muscles loosen up much faster:

  • Because the muscle tension decreases, you will notice that you get more inner peace and the inner tension decreases.
  • The muscle pain disappears much faster because the muscles are loosened.

Therefore always choose a massage armchair or massage chair with an infrared function.

Can the massage chair perform a body analysis scan?

The more luxurious massage chairs can perform a body analysis scan. When you use the device, it always analyzes your body. The analysis is performed by means of sensors that measure the height and width of your body. In addition, the sensors analyze the curvature of the spine. The massage chair then optimizes the massage programs based on your body width and height. This way you can enjoy a very personal massage experience. Unfortunately, the massage armchairs do not have this functionality. In that case, we recommend that you opt for a luxury massage chair. In this situation it is always important to check whether the electric massage chair has this functionality.

Shiatsu massage

Does it have massage rollers?

The more expensive massage chairs are often equipped with massage rollers that massage the back . These massage rollers move from top to bottom and from right and left. Massage rollers are best imitated the movements of a professional masseuse. The massage rollers provide a very relaxing effect. It also improves blood circulation in your back.

Do you opt for a shiatsu chair with a zero gravity function?

The more expensive massage chairs of on average above 2000 euros have a zero gravity function. However, what exactly does this mean? When you activate this functionality, the massage chair will lean back based on your weight in such a way that the device does not have to support its own weight. Because your entire weight will be on the seat. The effect is that the pressure on your legs and back disappears. The weight is distributed evenly. It ensures that the massage is even more comfortable and the pain disappears faster.

Zero gravity massage

Massage programma’s

An important point to consider when buying a massage chair is whether pre-installed massage programs come with the device. These programs often combine several massage techniques and functionalities. You have programs that are specially made to relax your body, to remedy muscle pain and injuries. It is therefore always important to check how many and which massage programs are supplied with the massage chair. With the more expensive massage devices, you can also set the massage programs yourself. It means that you can, for example, set the techniques, body parts and the intensity of the massage. Then you can save it as a separate massage program.

Auto power-off function

It is important that it has an automatic shutdown function. When the chair gets too hot, it switches itself off automatically. This way you prevent the device from breaking. Of course, it also has a huge beneficial effect on the life of the device. So always check whether the massage chair has this function.

Does it have a cup holder?

Some massage chairs come with a cup holder. We think this is of course a great advantage because you can enjoy your favorite drink during your massage.

Does it have a bluetooth system and is the chair equipped with speakers?

The more expensive massage chairs have a bluetooth system. The big advantage is of course that you can connect to the bluetooth system with your phone. You can then enjoy your favorite music during the massage. In addition, some models also have a connection to connect your earbuds. This way you can completely shut yourself off from the world and enjoy a massage in the moment.

Does it come with a remote control?

We always recommend buying a massage chair that is equipped with a remote control. With the remote control you can adjust the settings of the device much easier and faster and, for example, select the treatment program.

Does it have wheels?

Are you looking for a portable solution? We advise you to buy a massage chair that has wheels. You can then easily move the chair from one room to another.

What are the advantages of a luxury massage chair?

A massage chair has of course many great health benefits. Below we briefly discuss all the advantages of a massage chair:

It helps to reduce stress:

A massage chair helps enormously in reducing stress. When people suffer from stress, the muscles tighten and this has a negative effect on the nervous system. It creates a tense and stressed feeling because stress hormones are produced. With a massage chair, your entire body is completely massaged. Thanks to the massage, the muscles are loosened and the muscle tension is greatly reduced. You will notice that after a massage you are much calmer and therefore feel much less stressed. When you regularly enjoy a massage you will notice that you are much more relaxed. It has been scientifically proven that the production of the stress hormone “cortisol” is greatly reduced.

Your muscles recover faster

Massage chairs help in a faster recovery of the muscles. It is therefore ideal for the avid athlete. Blood circulation is stimulated during the massage. It ensures that nutrients can reach the muscles faster, providing them with new energy. In this way, your muscles recover faster from an intensive sports session and you can train faster.

It helps with back pain, shoulder pain and neck pain

You know that feeling when you suffer from back pain because you’ve been sitting too long? A massage chair can be of great help in relieving back pain, shoulder pain and neck pain. Thanks to the different massage techniques of a massage chair, muscle nodules are completely loosened. As a result, pain is often reduced quickly after a massage.

It improves the immune system

When you are enjoying a massage in your massage chair, your immune system is also strengthened. During a massage treatment, the body produces white blood cells. White blood cells make your body stronger and make you more resistant to diseases.

It makes you happier

During a massage, your body produces endorphins. We call endorphins the happiness hormone. It gives you more energy and makes you feel happier.

It helps lower your blood pressure

Did you know that a massage helps lower your blood pressure? When you regularly enjoy a massage, it helps enormously against stress. Because you are mentally calmer inside, this naturally also has a positive effect on lowering blood pressure.

Enjoy a massage 24 hours a day

The big advantage of an electric massage chair is that you can enjoy a massage 24 hours a day. Imagine that you suffer from back pain in the middle of the night. It is very handy that you have a massage chair in your house because you can always enjoy a massage. We are almost certain that the back pain has completely disappeared after a treatment with a massage chair.

A massage treatment with a massage chair provides more flexibility

Older people in particular will notice that they will feel much more flexible when they enjoy a massage on a regular basis. A massage has a very beneficial effect on blood circulation. Because the blood circulation is stimulated, the muscles will absorb oxygen faster. It ensures that your muscles get more energy and this of course also leads to more flexibility.

What are the advantages of a luxury massage chair?

We hope you enjoyed reading this comprehensive buying guide. Hopefully you now have a better idea of ​​which massage chair best suits your needs. It is of course possible that you still have certain questions about massage chairs. We have therefore listed the most frequently asked questions especially for you.

What is the price of an electric massage chair? And how much does the best massage chair in the world cost?

The prices of massage chairs differ greatly from each other. The cheap massage chairs cost between 200 and 600 euros. The prices of the more luxurious massage chairs also vary widely between 2000 and 20000 euros. The best massage chairs in the world even cost more than 30,000 euros. The bigger difference with the cheaper models is that the more luxurious variants give a full body massage (feet to your head). The cheap massage chairs are limited to giving a back and neck massage.

How long can I use a massage chair?

Our advice is to use a massage chair for a maximum of 20 minutes. If you enjoy a massage for more than 20 minutes, this can lead to muscle bruises and of course we don’t want this. It can also lead to inflammation and tissue damage.

Fortunately, most massage recliners automatically switch off after 20 minutes. In this way it is prevented that it gets too hot and in addition, the massage does not last too long. Our advice is to stretch your muscles after the massage. The waste products are removed more effectively and faster. It is also smart to drink enough water after the massage because this also ensures that the waste products are effectively removed.

Can I use a massage chair when I am pregnant?

We do not recommend using a massage chair when you are pregnant. There is a chance that certain pressure points will be massaged during the treatment, thereby stimulating a premature delivery. The chance is of course extremely small, but that is no reason not to advise against it. If you want to do it anyway, we always recommend that you contact your doctor first.

Can I use a massage chair if I have a pacemaker?

We always advise against using an electric massage chair in this situation. If you do want to use it, we always recommend that you contact your doctor first.