What is the best neck massager?

In this buying advice guide we provide a lot of useful information about neck and shoulder massage devices. We have made a special selection of the best neck massagers. We also discuss in detail which functions you should pay attention to. We hope you enjoy reading this guide.

Skyx product

Neck massage devices that come out best in the test 

Below is an overview of the best neck massage devices of the moment.


  • 16 different intensity settings
  • Five types of massages
  • Work wirelessly
  • Specially made for neck massages.

Intex PureSpa Greywood Deluxe

  • Massages every body part
  • Five heads
  • 30 intensity settings
  • 7 hours of wireless use
The best tested massage cushion

Intex PureSpa Greywood Deluxe

  • Massages the neck, shoulders, back, thighs and buttocks.
  • including remote control
  • Three intensity settings
  • Effective for back pain, neck pain and stress

How do you buy the best neck massager?

In this section of this buying guide, we will discuss in detail all the options available to neck massagers. We briefly indicate the advantage of each functionality. This way you as a reader get a better idea of ​​which functionalities are important to you.

1. Can I set the intensity of the massage?

We therefore always advise you to buy a neck massager with which you can adjust the intensity of the massage. You cannot adjust the intensity with the cheaper massage devices. Our advice is to buy a shiatsu neck massager that is equipped with at least four different positions.

2. Which massages can a neck massager give?

Before you buy a neck massager, it is important to know what type of massage it can provide. Below I will go into more detail about the different types of massages.

2.1 Shiatsu massage:

We always recommend choosing a massage device that can give a shiatsu massage. With a shiatsu massage , your muscles are massaged in a powerful way. The shiatsu massage is performed by means of the massage heads. These heads make rotating up and down movements. The purpose of a shiatsu massage is to promote the self-healing capacity of the organs and to bring the body back into balance.
As indicated, a shiatsu neck massage is powerful. The muscles in the deeper tissue are therefore also well massaged.

2.2 Kneed massage:

The kneading massage is the most powerful massage. It stimulates blood circulation, giving your muscles renewed energy. When more blood manages to reach your neck muscles, they are supplied with the necessary nutrients and oxygen.

Vibration massage

2.3 Vibration massage:

A vibration massage is a less powerful massage that has a very relaxing effect. In this technique, only the top layer of the muscles are massaged. Choose this massage if you want to relax.

3. Does the neck massager have an infrared heat function?

Do you want your tight muscles to be released even faster? We recommend that you buy a neck massager that is equipped with an infrared heat function. With most massage devices you can turn on the infrared heat during the massage. The infrared heat then spreads through the massage heads over your neck and shoulders. The infrared heat has several advantages:

  • It improves blood circulation
  • It is very effective against muscle pain
  • The heat calms the body and therefore helps against stress.

4. Auto power off function

Of course you want to be able to use the neck massager well for a few years. We therefore always recommend buying a model that is equipped with an automatic switch-off function. When the massage device gets too hot, it switches off automatically.

Do you want to massage other body parts? Take a look at my article that I wrote about the different types of massage devices .

Reviews of the six best-tested neck massagers:

Below you will find an overview of the best neck massage devices. We discuss the unique properties for each model. We also explain for which people the device is suitable. We hope you enjoy reading these reviews.

1. Fambz infrared neck massage device

Why is an infrared neck massager useful? The infrared heat improves blood circulation in your neck muscles. 

Fambz nekmassage apparaat
  • Reduces stress , neck, shoulders and back pain.
  • The device has 16 different positions , so you can always enjoy the perfect massage that suits you.
  • It gives six different types of massages namely a shiatsu, knock, knead, compression, vibration and acupressure treatment.
  • Enjoy a massage anywhere because it works on rechargeable batteries

Do you find it difficult to fall asleep because of a neck pain? The Fambz massage device can then be a very good choice. Thanks to the infrared heat and the powerful massage, the neck muscles are well loosened. What is unique about this massage device is that it has 16 intensity settings . The big advantage of this is that you can always set the perfect intensity that suits your needs.

Most neck massagers are limited to giving a shiatsu and vibration massage. The Fambz goes a lot further and can give five different massages. Below we briefly discuss the different types of neck treatments:

  • Shiatsu massage: we advise to select the shiatsu massage in case you suffer from neck pain.
  • Compression and acupressure: Want to boost blood circulation in your neck muscles? In this case, it is best to opt for acupressure or compression massage. In addition, these treatments also help headaches.
  • Knock and vibration massage: if you suffer from a stiff neck, we recommend that you select the knock or vibration massage.

You can switch on the infrared heat during the massage . Let yourself be pampered and completely relax during an infrared massage treatment.

2. Treatcare neck, back and shoulder massager (highest rating)

Best massage device against stress

Opbergtas voor het treatcare nektoestel
  • The massage device lasts a lot longer because it is equipped with overheating protection .
  • Comes with a carrying bag so you can easily take it with you wherever you go.
  • Keep your hands free thanks to the shiatsu comfort belt .
  • It massages your neck, back and shoulders very effectively.
  • It features three intensity settings
  • It gives a wonderful relaxing shiatsu massage

Did you know that stress is stored in your neck muscles ? When you enjoy a daily neck, back and shoulder massage, it can greatly help to drastically reduce your stress. The treatcare gives a powerful shiatsu massage that loosens your muscles well. Because the muscles are loosened, you will notice that your head becomes calmer.

Unlike most devices, this model is equipped with an overheating protection . The big advantage is that it has a significant positive impact on the life of the device.

An advantage of this massage device is that it is equipped with a shiatsu comfort belt . So you don’t have to put pressure on the tire with your hands. All you have to do is sit comfortably.

3. Northwall massage device (targeting your muscles)

The best massage device to massage your muscles in a targeted manner 

Krachtige shiatsu massage met een massage pistool
  • The massage device is equipped with 30 different positions
  • With this device you can very effectively massage all body parts.
  • Seven different massage heads are included.
  • It comes with a rechargeable battery that can last from 3 to 5 hours.
  • The perfect solution for muscle recovery and relaxation.
  • It is equipped with a beautiful LCD touch screen.

Are you looking for a massage device that really focuses your neck, shoulder, back and leg muscles can effectively massage ? The northwall massagun is a very good option. You hold the massage gun in your hand and then you can massage the painful areas very effectively. With this massage gun you can actually massage all body parts of your body effectively.

A very big advantage of this device is that it is equipped with a very strong battery . The battery can be used for 3 to 5 hours without recharging.

The device has a very strong motor that can make between 1200 and 3200 vibrations per minute. You can choose from up to 30 different intensity settings.

The northwall massage gun comes with different attachments. Below we briefly describe which functions these massage heads have:

  • Round head: is intended to help the muscles recover faster. After an intensive workout, you can also use the round head to prevent muscle soreness.
  • Spine head: aims to release the stuck back muscles.
  • Ball Head This head is specially designed to loosen muscle knots.
  • Flat head: you use this head to perform deep tissue massage .

4. Lifeproducts massage device for neck pain

The best choice if you want to take the massager with you everywhere (120 minutes rechargeable battery)

Lifegoods massagekussen
  • It has a charging battery that lasts up to 2 hours.
  • With this massage belt you can massage almost every part of your body besides your neck.
  • It comes with a car adapter so you can also enjoy a massage in the car (use it only during a break).
  • Neck pain is a thing of the past thanks to the effective shiatsu massage.
  • It features three intensity settings. You can also activate the infrared heat.

Are you looking for a shiatsu massage cushion that you can take with you everywhere? The Lifeproducts massage device is then a very good choice. The shiatsu massage cushion has rechargeable batteries so that you can enjoy a massage on vacation, at work or outside. The battery is also quite strong because you can use the neck massager wirelessly for two hours .

A big advantage is that you can also massage your back, shoulders and legs with this shiatsu massage cushion . Place the massage pillow, for example, around your back, neck or shoulders. The handles are at the ends of the strap. By putting pressure on the handles with your hands, you can very specifically massage the pain points in your neck, shoulders and back.

5. Medisana MC 825 shiatsu massagekussen 

The Medisana MC 825 is a massage pillow that gives a full body massage.

Medisana MC825 heeft twee massagekoppen die de nek masseren
  • The massage pillow gives a complete body massage (back, shoulders, neck, buttocks and thighs)
  • It gives the most relaxing massage experience.
  • You can set the intensity for each body part.
  • Easy to wash with the removable cover
  • The massager can give kneading, vibration, knock and a shiatsu massage.
  • Easily adjust the settings with the remote control.

Are you looking for a massage device that massages your back, shoulders and seat in addition to your neck ? The Medisana MC 825 is then a very good choice. The massage pillow gives a full body massage.

A big advantage of this large massage pillow is that it comes with a remote control . With the remote control you can easily and quickly select the massage program, infrared heat and the intensity. In addition, with this shiatsu massage cushion you can also set which body parts you want to massage. We find that very useful.

The device is equipped with four different types of massages namely the vibration, roll and knead, shiatsu massage . If you would like a relaxing massage, we recommend the vibration massage. For a more powerful massage, it is better to opt for the shiatsu massage.

Why are neck massages healthy?

A neck and shoulder massage has of course many health benefits. The benefits will only increase if you enjoy a daily neck massage. Below is an overview of the most important benefits.

1. It reduces stress

A neck massage is very helpful in relieving stress. Did you know that the shoulder and neck muscles are one of the places where stress accumulates the most. It results in tense muscles and muscle knots. By massaging the neck muscles, the muscles are loosened and the muscle knots disappear. In addition, a massage stops the production of cortisol hormones and stimulates the production of endorphins.

2. It reduces muscle soreness in the neck

A neck massager can reduce or even completely eliminate muscle pain. During the massage, the blood circulation in your neck muscles is increased.
The shoulder and neck muscles therefore receive more oxygen and nutrients. The effect of this is that the muscle pain disappears faster.

Health benefits of a neck massage

3. It reduces headaches and migraine attacks

Did you know that a neck and shoulder massage can help reduce headaches and migraine attacks? Tensed neck muscles and headaches are closely related. By massaging the tense muscles, the headache often also decreases.

4. It’s good for your blood pressure

A neck massage is good for your blood pressure. It really helps in reducing stress. Stress and high blood pressure are closely related.

5. You sleep better

After a massage you will notice that you have a much better night’s sleep. Because the muscles are much less tense, you feel much calmer. It certainly helps with a good night’s sleep.

What different types of neck massage devices are there? 

Nowadays there are many different types of massage devices that can effectively massage that neck. Below you will find an overview of the most popular neck massage devices.

1. Massage gun: massage your neck muscles very specifically

A massage gun works very effectively against shoulder and neck pain. You hold the device in your hand and then move it over your neck. The big advantage of this type of massage device is that you can massage the painful parts of your neck very specifically. In addition, the massage gun gives powerful massages. The advantage is that the muscles in the deeper tissue are also well massaged. For more information about massage guns I would like to refer you to this page .

2. Massage pillow:

A massage cushion has many similarities with a massage chair. Most massage cushions give a full body massage and you don’t have to do anything yourself. You place the massage device on a chair or on a couch and then you can enjoy a massage. In addition to massaging your neck, these devices can often also massage your back, shoulders and legs.

3. Massage band

A massage belt has two handles. Place the strap over your neck + shoulders and hold the handle with your hands. By applying more pressure, the massage feels more powerful.

The most frequently asked questions 

We hope you enjoyed reading this complete buying guide. Of course, you may still have some questions. To help you on your way, we have prepared an overview of the most frequently asked questions.

1. What is the price of a massage device that can perform neck massages? 

The prices of neck massagers vary widely. It strongly depends on which type of massage device you choose. The price of a massage pillow and a massage gun is between 50 and 120 euros. However, if you plan to buy a massage chair, you pay a minimum of 500 euros.

2. How do I choose the best neck massager that best suits my needs?

To give a good answer to this, it is first important to ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do I choose a portable massage device? Are you planning to take the massager everywhere with you? In that case, choose a small massage pillow or a massage gun. Both massage devices do not weigh much and are not large.
  • Do I only want to massage my neck or do I also want to massage other body parts? In this case, it is better to opt for a large massage cushion or massage chair. These devices give a full body massage. In addition, you don’t have to do much yourself because the device makes all the movements.